Law Scholarships for International Students in USA, 2018

The price of education has been mounting at a heady pace throughout the OCED countries. Law being one of the degrees with highest income of return has normally seen its costs soaring steadily, leaving many talented students without the financial means to pursue a degree in law. As a result, a growing number of people have been turning to online degree programs and university online degrees, which, on some occasion have proved sufficiently informative and not as expensive.

In light of this trend whereby prices make it impossible for intellectually apt students to enroll, the University of Miami offers Scholarships for its international students. The successful candidates would be interested in obtaining a degree as part of the university’s LL. M. program. In order to make sure that nobody is left out of the consideration for the scholarships, the University of Miami automatically enter any successful candidate for its LL. M. program in a pool of students from whom the successful candidates are chosen.

In order to select winners, the University of Miami considers candidates based on their credentials upon application, academic achievements and promise. The award is granted to successful candidates each year. In addition the university considers partial scholarships on yearly basis. These partial scholarships are granted to candidates who manage to demonstrate outstanding academic performance. The number of the scholarships, again, varies based on how many candidates meet the criteria of the university and how many of those are considered as showing a lot of promise.

Still, the selection process may be more rigorous than that of any body offering university online degrees or online degree programs in general, however, it is only so because the University of Miami School of Law intends to cover all financial costs associated with the successful candidate(s) studying throughout the years.

In order to meet the criteria of the school, students must meet a number of criteria:

  • Students are applying for a postgraduate degree in law;
  • The Dean’s Scholarships are available to everyone who enrolls at the university, so students must not worry about applying for any scholarship separately;
  • This applies to students who are admitted to the international Arbitration LL. M. Program;
  • International students may apply

The deadline is 15 February, 2018.

  1. Hello, I\’m a Congolease i just want to improve my English in Teaching, in a nutshell, I want to continue my studies in MA Education (innovation in learning and Teaching) but no Means.

  2. Iam middle age of 48 years with vast experience in Public and Private organization in Papua New Guinea and really want to persue law degree

  3. Je suis bachelier et étudiant nigérien je voudrais bénéficier d\’une bourse d\’études internationale pour mieux performer dans le domaine du droit . dans l\’attente d\’une réponse et suite favorable recevez mes hautes salutations les plus distinguées.
    Merci d\’avance

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