3 Great Full Ride Scholarships to Rid You of Financial Worry

If you’re looking to enroll with an offline or online degree for the first time or are you looking to further your education, the first thing you need to consider is cost.

Tuition fees are on the rise, but luckily there are steps you can take to get your education funded. What’s more, if you fully dedicate yourself to the cause you might be even able to score a full ride scholarship. What’s a full ride scholarship you might ask?

The vast majority of bursaries only cover tuition costs, but full ride scholarships are special because they also offer funds for covering things like room, board, book expenses, travel or supplies. Interestingly enough, such scholarships are sometimes pretty weird.

Take for example the Chick Evans Scholarship which can cover tuition and housing for four years for students who have been golf caddies for at least two full years.

Applicants need to demonstrate at least a B average in high school, as well as financial need, character, leadership and integrity.

The application also includes an academic evaluation by the school the student has attended, a caddie evaluation by the gold club’s manager, additional info about extracurricular activities, family and a 2-page essay detailing background and future plans.


Don’t like golf? Then take a lot at this grant instead. The J.P. Morgan – Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program also provides a great opportunity for students as it covers the full tuition, but also offers a paid internship at JP Morgan Chase, as well as a stipend of $750 for books and other expenses for ten students each year.

To be considered for the program, you will need to be a high school senior residing in New York City and send in info about your financial status, a resume of your community service involvement, as well as extracurricular activities, honors and prior internship experience. Students also need two recommendation letters.

Even if applicants need to divulge their financial information, this scholarship is not awarded based on financial need, but on merit. Only high-school seniors who have demonstrated leadership, maturity and initiative will be considered.


The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship is one of the most generous of its kind. It awards $40,000 per year over four years to cover tuition, living and book expenses and related fees.

The program is opened only to high-achieving high school students who are looking to enroll into college. The application process for this grant is a pretty lengthy one as applicants need to include high school grades, proof of participation in advanced courses, standardized test scores, several essays, letters of recommendations, as well as demonstrate financial need.


As you can see with a bit of research, students can find plenty of funding opportunities. Naturally not all of us are A+ students, so the scholarships we outlined above aren’t for everyone to apply to.

But what future college students need to understand is this – the wide range of available scholarships makes it possible for everyone to find a list of bursaries they can apply too. It’s all about being willing to devote your time to the search.

  1. hello I am 23years now and I have finally got e chance to study my forst degree. I was privileged to get a place at Eastern mediterranean university to study PR starting this august but i have failed to raise 50%

  2. I would really like a full time scholarship to study business administration. I really need it my brother and I are going to college.

  3. Am Achim A Ellie, from Sierra Leone
    I wants to read, bachelor in Agriculture Business Administration,
    as a full time student.

  4. Hello, I am Kitatta Samuel requesting for a scholarship to study a degree in radiography.I will be happy for positive consideration.

  5. Please i need a full scholarship to study Masters in Public Administration on the campus as full time internal student.I live in Papua New Guinea,South Pacific.

    Thank you.

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