Putra Business School – Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in Malaysia

Putra Business School (PBS), based in Malaysia, is a business school focused on building a generation of leaders with integrity who ponder about profitability as much as about society and the environment. Putra Business School, besides covering the typical business school subjects, is also offering a new perspective where humans are not only resources but as trustees of resources. PBS has also contributed by providing an alternative frame of thinking on leadership and business placing human relations in the center.

PBS is offering scholarships which are available for MSc, MBA and Ph.D. for professional MBA in Human Potential Management, Professional MBA in Marketing, MBA in Accounting, Specialized Master of Science and Specialized Doctor of Philosophy. The scholarship covers up to 100% of the tuition fee for full-time study.

Entrants must meet the following criteria: Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.50 for those who opt for a full-time scholarship or a minimum GPA of 3.30 for those who submit their application for a partial scholarship. Entrants must also provide a letter a referee from their Dean, lecturer or employer.

PBS is offering merit scholarships and research scholarships, each one bearing the same admission requirements. Both scholarships cover 100% of the tuition fee for a full-time study. However, for the research scholarship and the Specialized Doctor of Philosophy Program, students must submit an article to a Scopus indexed journal by the 3rd semester as a requirement for continuous funding in the 4th semester.

Only Malaysian students are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Students who are already receiving financial assistance from other bodies will not be considered. Students who are interested are required to consult the deadline calendar here http://putrabusinessschool.edu.my/closingdatesapplications/

Students who wish to learn more about Putra Business School and stay up to date about the scholarships offered are advised to consult the official website http://putrabusinessschool.edu.my

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