“I am the Future” scholarship at Northumbria University, UK

Northumbria University is an international university perfectly shaped for brilliant international students who later make an important contribution to businesses and organizations across the world and in the UK also. Northumbria hosts more than 30.000 students with different cultural, religious, economic, and political backgrounds from 100 countries creating an ideal academic environment that meets all the requirements.

Northumbria is dedicated to supporting students and their performance, as well awarding 2 full scholarships and 3 scholarships worth 50% of year 1 international Ph.D. tuition fees to students who apply for a full Master’s program by November 15th 2017. In order to qualify for a full award scholarship, applicants must submit an online application for a place on a chosen program by November 15th 2017. The awardee must start the Ph.D. program in January 2018. The scholarship is available only for residents outside of the UK, or dependencies and the European Union.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, because it requires a separate application, students must produce a 30 second video which tells you why Northumbria University is a great place to prepare for the future of the student. The video must be uploaded on the official website where students will have to complete the form to submit their video which should be hosted in a public state on the Vimeo website. After the video is uploaded, the web address to the video must be copied in the web form here https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/international/fees-scholarships-discounts/scholarships-discounts-for-overseas-students/i-am-the-future-international-scholarship/

It is important that students have submitted an application for a place on a course and be in receipt of a student ID to upload their video. While the closing date for a program application is November 15th, the video must not be submitted later than November 24th 2017. The video can be submitted at “How to submit your video” section.

The full list of eligibility criteria established by the scholarship provider can be accessed here https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/international/fees-scholarships-discounts/scholarships-discounts-for-overseas-students/i-am-the-future-international-scholarship/ at the “Who is eligible for this scholarship section?”

If students are interested to find more info about the university and the scholarship are invited to check the official website. Also, students can send their requests er.international@northumbria.ac.uk. IMPORTANT NOTE! Additionally to the information above about the competition and an invitation to enter a video will be sent directly to students who are eligible and meet the established criteria.

We wish the best of luck to everyone!

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