International Students Have the Chance to Apply for the Overseas Partner Scholarship

Edith Cowan University, also known as ECU, is a reputable university whose activity was established in 1991. ECU has rapidly grown into a quality university, renowned internationally, with outstanding student satisfaction. If you are looking for a study place where career opportunities are limitless, ECU is the right choice. Both students and graduates are among the best in the world and bear crucial roles in their society. Diversity and determination are best valued here.

ECU offers the Overseas Partner Scholarship to International students who have completed a program at an articulated partner institution off-shore. If you are among the lucky winners, you will receive a 20% reduction in tuition fees for the whole duration of your chosen course at ECU. However, only international students who seek to complete their Bachelor’s degree at ECU can compete for this scholarship. Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, and New Zealand citizens are not eligible to apply.

How can you apply for the Overseas Partner Scholarship? First of all, the applications are made through an ECU’s authorized Education Agent. How can you choose one? The Agent is chosen based on your home country. Finding an authorized agent can be made here http://www.ecu.edu.au/future-students/applying/find-an-authorised-agent. In order to find the Authorized Agent, you need to select the International Agent locator, meaning your home country. Then you will have to select the city you are living in. Afterwards, a list with Authorized Agents will be displayed and their contact details. He/ She will assist you throughout the process. You do not need to fill a separate application. All qualifying applications to ECU will be automatically assessed for the Overseas Partner Scholarship.

How do you know you are eligible? Here are some guidelines which will help you understand if you should or should not continue the application process:

  • It is important that you have completed an eligible program at an articulated institution off-shore;
  • It is important that you are an International student and not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen;
  • It is important that you intend to study an undergraduate degree;
  • It is important that you will choose to study at ECU Joondalup, ECU Mount Lawley, or ECU South West (Bunbury).
  • It is important that you meet ECU’s academic entry requirements for the course that you have chosen.

Good luck!

  1. Hello! Im Hafsa abdirahman from somalia im student nursing i need to apply with you after graduation i can help me plz

  2. I\’d like to get this opportunity I am a citizen of Congo Brazzaville, and I\’d like to study abroad I have a bachelor degree in law

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