A global scholarship at Cambridge University

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme is funded to the tune of USD 210 million, a donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. The scholarship programme is designed to nurture excelling applicants from foreign universities who want to enroll at an institution of higher education in the UK. As part of the terms of the scholarship, the university will seek to establish a global network of future leaders who will work together on improving matters the world over.

Cambridge offers financial aid to students for online degrees as well, however the Gates Cambridge Scholarship will focus on nurturing individuals on site. The candidate will demonstrate leadership skills and intellectual aptitude. One of the linchpins of the Gates Cambridge scholarship is that its enrollees are committed to improving the lives of others.

Yearly, 95 scholarships are awarded around the globe. Estimated 40 students are recipients of the scholarship, with additional 55 across the globe. The network amounts to 1,000 alumni worldwide. The candidates of the network may also opt for other forms of educations such as obtaining additional online degrees or enrolling in online colleges, however the largest part prefers onsite education.

In terms of eligibility, prospective candidates should match several criteria:

  • They must a citizen of a country outside the United Kingdom;
  • Applicants must be interested in full-time residential course, i.e. online studies are ruled out

More specifically, candidates are interest in either one of the following:

  • Post graduate course (one year in any chosen field, including, MaSt, Diploma, MBA Mphil, LLM
  • Research degrees are up for grabs for MSc and MLitt
  • The PhD has estimated duration of three years and is exclusively a research degree

There are courses that are plainly excluded from the scholarship, including undergraduate, a second BA degree, MMBChir Clinical Studies, MD studies, Part-time degrees and non-degree courses.

The deadlines for the scholarship vary according to country. Application takes place between 4 September and 11 October 2017. However, a second round is available, which again varies from country to country. Overall the second application deadline can be extended by either 6 December 2017 or 4 January 2018.

Additional information is readily available at the scholarships’ official website.

  1. I would request to do a PhD degree program in Psychology based on scholarship award for the year beginning 2019.I would like to be a residential student in your University.Please could you let me know about the possibility of this program?With high appreciation in advance.The reply at your earliest convenience.I am a Ugandan.

  2. I would like to do a Phd study in Psychology ,from the year 2019 on a scholarship program.Please I seek your reply.

  3. Am Ekwu Marvis Titi by name from Nigeria my first degree was obtained in Nigeria but it was had for me in taking MSC in public health and nutrtion and I plea for your help in order to fulfil my dream\’s thanks for taking your time to go true my massage .

  4. Am mutengu Tito from Uganda aged 30,I studied up first year at University but due to financial hardship I failed to complete. I seek assistance to fulfill my dreams of attaining high level of education.

  5. I am Daniel NaySan from Myanmar.
    I needs any scholarship for further study.I am weak finance and needs your grantful and consideration !


  7. I am so interested and greatful for a global scholarship at Cambridge university to study online degree I need your help so that to reach the goals thanks
    It\’s me Victoria from Tanzania

  8. I enrolled at Namibia University of Science and Technology doing my first year …I want a scholarship to persue in Bachelor of economics

  9. I have my student identity from Cambridge University. I am requesting for scholarship to pursue undergraduate program online.

  10. I am happy for your initiatives to invest in the leaders of tomorrow. That is those students that will make this world a better place to be.I am a teenage who is greatly passionate about the leadership of Africa and wish to be part in all the catalyst of revolution that will impact this suffering continent.

  11. I am grateful for the opportunities offered and I wish to be among those taking courses of higher leaning in your institution

  12. Thank you for this scholarship, so, my dauther Furaha Mitamo iss very intersted to study at your university. She has gotten her diploma in social technics
    Have a nice day
    Best regards
    From DRC
    Gervais YADE

  13. I\’m Ileene Jaizel Hangad from Bohol, Philippines, I want to be an Teacher someday but I don\’t have a Funds. Today I want this scholarship but I don\’t know how to apply. Can you give me the form? Just contact me through phone number 09176715898

  14. My name is Nahom Dejene. from Ethiopia.i need scholarship, to achieve my dream to be an architect. if there is an architecture department which stand with my dream dream, hear i am.

  15. To finance myself is my difficulty,because when I did my first degree, it was not easy. I don\’t have any sponsor from anywhere. My spirit to go further in education is so high but my flesh (finance) is weak.

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