Monash University: Monash International Leadership Scholarship

Are you a student leader?

The Monash International Leadership Scholarship is the right program for you! The program is designed to give potential leaders who possess exemplary communication and leadership skills access to numerous opportunities as they grow while completing the selected degree. The Monash University is a leading public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. As a Monash International Leadership scholar, you might be invited to the Monash Minds. This program gives you the chance to apply for the Monash ethos of community service. The program is designed to hone leadership skills. Thus, you might be hitting two birds with one stone with one application and two programs! As a scholar, you will be featured in the marketing materials. Why? As a scholar, you are also an ambassador of Monash! Exciting?

Do you have what it takes to be the next Monash International Leadership scholar?

The first requirement is obvious, you must be an international student. The program is designed to give the prospective recipient the chance to mingle in a multi-cultural environment. Upon application, you must be commencing either a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You must not hold any other scholarship, grants, or support from other program both from Monash University or other organization. You could enroll to any program available except for Bachelor of Medical Science, Doctor of Medicine and Master of Business Administration. Also, you must not be a student of the Monash Pathway programs or a transferee.

Application is very competitive. Monash University only offers four scholarship grants. The selection will based on academic merits. It means that you should have stellar academic achievements such as honors and extracurricular activities for you to have better chance. Also, your 500 words essay will play a crucial role for your application. Monash University will determine your potential to be an ambassador.

Things to Remember

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It is important that before you apply for the scholarship, you must receive a full Monash course offer with no conditions. It is also important to remember that you could only defer within the same calendar year. You must sbumit separate application form for every period.

Once awarded of the scholarship, you need to remember that you should maintain a distinction average which is equivalent to at least 70 percent for each semester. Your participation is required on at least three promotional activities which may include attendance on events.

For round one, application closes on the 15th day of October. For round two, application closes on the 15th day of November. For round three, application closes on 15th of January. If you are accepted within these periods, you will commence on the 1st or 2nd semester of the following year. For round four, application closes on 15th day of March. For the fifth and sixth rounds, application closes on 15th day of April and May, respectively. You will commence on the 2nd semester of the current year.

The Perks

Your course fees are considered paid until you complete your degree. The award excludes accommodations, OSHC, and living costs. At least, it is a big savings on your part.

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