$12,000 International Research Scholarship, 2018

Are a graduate student from any developing country? Do you wish to embark on a research program on any subject related to food security, aquatic resources, or biological resources? You may want to apply for the IFS individual research grant for all eligible foreign students from unindustrialized nations in any part of the world. This student grant is open to pursue a research degree program in any chosen institution in an IFS eligible country.

Applications are called for from scientist with a fresh and promising career in IFS eligible developing countries to apply for IFS individual research grant. The IFS program main mission is to provide a platform of collaborative research, reshape capability of promising scientist as well as to support individuals. The scholarship board awards grant of up to $12,000 strictly on merit as they carry out research projects for up to 3 years.

This student grant is strictly for IFS individuals in developing countries to pursue a research degree program.

Application Deadline

Deadline for application can be seen on the scholarship website.

Study Subject

Applications are sought under 3 main disciplines;

  • Biological Resources in Terrestrial System (biodiversity, natural products, climate change, forestry, renewable energy and lots more)
  • Water and Aquatic Resources (research in water resources, freshwater, brackish and marine aquatic organisms’ environment and lots more)
  • Food Security and Dietary (research animal production, food production, food security, veterinary medicine and lots more)

Scholarship Benefit

Successful applicants are eligible to an about 3 year projected research supported by about $12,000 aimed for the purchase of basic research tools and equipment.

Eligible Nationality

Citizens of IFS eligible countries far wide in Africa and other continents: they include (Burkina Faso, Congo, Afghanistan, Benin, Cameroon, and Cape Town, Bangladesh, Sudan, Yemen, Gaza, Bhutan, Bolivia, Burundi Cambodia, Cape Verde, republic of Congo, Switzerland, Paraguay and lots more. Visit www.1fs.se/ifs-programme to view full list of eligible countries.

Scholarship can be taken in IFS eligible country.

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Citizens in the above named IFS eligible developing countries are eligible over the world.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge both in written and spoken aspect of the language of instruction of the research university- English Language
  2. Applicants must have a minimum of an MA/M.Sc. or equivalent academic degree.
  3. Must be as young as 35years of age (for men) and as young as 40(for women). However, applicants are still eligible if applicants required age birthday is on or after the closing date of the call.
  4. Must be a citizen of eligible countries as mentioned above.


Official Scholarship Website

Visit www.ifs.se/ifs-proramme to learn more about the grant.

  1. Good evening Sir/Madam I\’m Pelo from South Africa I\’m doing BA degree in University of South Africa,so I\’d like to know how can I apply for your scholarship or bursary?

  2. I want a scholarship I have the following qualifications at my A level, Accounting A, Economics A. Business studies B.

  3. Dear sir/madam

    Am from Swaziland one of the developing contries in Africa.Am already pursuing at University of Mpumalanga in South Africa am doing a forestry but my problem i dont have a schoolarship so am willing to get it.Please can u help me am realy interested.

  4. It\’s very good but do you consider other subject other than the ones you mentioned above??
    I would like to have the scholarship

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