Flavor Research Bursary for Ph.D. Students Valued at $5000

“Flavor Research Bursary”, a unique research program offered by Giract has reached its eighth successful edition. The program aims to promote flavor research among Ph.D. students across Europe, students who will enter the annual competition for “best research paper” in the flavor area. 7 lucky winners will receive an invitation to Geneva to present their work and to attend the Annual Savory Flavor Conference.

Who is Giract? Giract is a Swiss company specialized in business research and consultancy with an emphasis on additives and food ingredients. Its fields of activity are chemicals and pharmaceuticals and associated technologies from packaging, medical engineering, biotechnology, and so one. Giract’s high class science based and commercially experienced team are trained to deliver the best results contributing to creating Giract’s reputation of working towards perfection.

Giract’s international view is an aspect in which the company has invested being considered an important link in the food ingredients and additives industry. The multilingual team that bears European, American, and Asian roots is providing the best expertise in the food, drink and fine chemicals sectors. Learning from the best gives to students a boost in their future careers.

The bursary awarded by Giract is used to offer to students that extra incentive stimulating students to make attractive and feasible projects which will be a legacy for the flavor industry as well as for those attracted to launch a career in this field. The bursary is offered to two groups of students across European research institutes and universities:

1. Students who are about to complete their Ph.D. program and are examining opportunities for their employment. The lucky awardee will win $5000 and have the chance to attend the Annual Savory Flavor Conference which is held in Geneva. The lucky winner will pitch his research paper idea in front of potential employers. Students who are about to complete their Ph.D. studies can download the full details and the application form here: http://www.giract.com/flavor-research-programme.php

2. Students who are about to start their Ph.D. courses during the 2017/ 2018 academic year. 6 lucky winners will be selected and awarded $3000 each. Besides the financial aspect, the winners will have the chance to visit during one week the laboratory of certain sponsor companies during the second year of their PhD studies. Some of the sponsor companies are: Nestle, Mcls Europe, Kerry, Givaudan, Biorgin, Lesaffre International and many more. The winners will be able to obtain a first-hand view of the Research & Development industry center. Students who are about to commence their Ph.D. academic year can download the full details and application form here: http://www.giract.com/flavor-research-programme.php

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