The £5000 International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship Offered by the University of Warwick, Coventry

One of the UK’s leading research universities, namely Warwick University, from its beginning, has sought to provide excellence in teaching and research. Its area of activity is expanded into 29 academic departments and more than 50 research centers and institutes, in 4 Faculties such as: Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences.

In September 2009, the new Medical School took its first 4-year postgraduate students and in summer 2004, the first 64 students graduated from school. One year later, the combined intake of the Warwick Medical School was 403 being the largest in UK. After 7 years, the university has been empowered to award its own medical degrees.

The Warwick University appreciates and supports humble beginnings. This initiative led to launching of the International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship available for 2018 entry. One scholarship worth £5000 will be applicable towards the tuition fees in the first year. The International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship is a competitive award which will be offered based on past academic achievements and experience, motivation for study, vision for the future, and extracurricular activities.

International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarships are competitive and will be awarded based on past academic achievement and experience, your motivation for study, extracurricular activities and your vision for the future.

Students can choose one of the following programs to undertake:

  • Biological Sciences BSc
  • Biological Sciences MBio
  • Biochemistry BSc
  • Biochemistry MBio
  • Biomedical Science BSc
  • Biomedical Science MBio

Students ought to complete a scholarship application http://bit.ly/2hLztsG so that they will be considered for an International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship. The closing date for the application is January 29th, 2018.

Before submitting their application for the International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship, they must have an offer to study on a School of Life Sciences BSc or MBio course starting October 2018. The decisions will be made also on entrants’ academic track record. The scholarship is available only for self-funded students only. In case students are in receipt of another scholarship, they must inform Dr Charlotte Moonan to Charlotte.Moonan@warwick.ac.uk). Only International students are welcome to apply for the scholarship.

For more info about the admission process and the International Life Sciences Excellence Scholarships, students are advised to consult the official website https://www2.warwick.ac.uk.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Only students who comply with the admission requirements and provide the necessary documents can submit their application.

  1. Please I had B3 in science at high school and graduate from Ghana western part. Please help me to get the application form for the scholarship

  2. I really want to study, to further my professional career. I asked to be given the opportunity by giving me the scholarship.

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