Student Scholarship Program Offered by the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning

2018 does not cease to impress us continuing a long tradition of awarding outstanding students for whom winning a scholarship represents the difference between abandoning their blossoming future or changing it. A lot of institutions are supporting their dreams and one of them is the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning. Its mission is to provide graduates of blended and online programs with access to financial support which will allow them the opportunity to achieve their educational goals beyond high school.

However, the scholarship program is extremely competitive and what differentiates it from other scholarship programs is the focus on awarding scholarships to students who have proven the ability to embrace technology to improve their educational experiences both on the individual and academic levels. Rising graduates who meet the established criteria emphasized by the Foundation’s Committee will be taken in consideration for one-year, tuition-based awards to 4-year universities, community colleges, and as well accredited vocational programs.

The scholarships will be distributed as follows: up to $10.000 will be awarded to 10 scholars matriculating to 4-year institutions. Additionally, 20 scholars will receive an award of up to $5000 for their Ph.D. experience in any program of their choice. They also have the opportunity to apply for an additional award once they enter successfully their second Ph.D. academic year. Momentarily, the scholarship program offered by the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning is closed. However, you have the possibility to start the application process in October 2018 when the admission process will be opened.

School choice is extremely vital and empowers students. When family and why not, even friends, support school choice, they all become the advocates for the overall well-being of society. It is well documented and proven the fact that students who have access to schools that teach beyond the classic curricula and provide flexible learning arrangements obtain more than education. Growing into engaged citizens is a long-term process which is sustained through building critical thinking and gaining social skills.

The mission of the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning is to advance and improve availability and quality of blended and online educational opportunities. Students who wish to learn more about the foundation and check its updates from time to time are free to access the official website here http://www.blendedandonlinelearning.org. Good luck to everyone and a new 2018/2019 academic year full of accomplishments.

  1. My Name is Sophia henry I am in Jss two but my father don\’t have money to send me to school please sir I need your help sir

  2. I want you to help me for my School but I am in J s s two my father don\’t have money to send me back to school please Sir I need your help

  3. I\’m an Ethiopian and I need to learn my PhD program in aquatic science fishery and aquaculture with a full scholarship. Thanks for your help.

  4. I need a full scholarship in ASFA (aquatic science fishery and aquaculture);in PhD program. thanks for your help.

  5. GOODMORNING SIR/MA my name is judith udi please i am from nigeria ,studying RUSSIA language, IN RUSSIA after that i want to go fully on NURSING IN RUSSIA Please i need a help, for my scholarship,i lost my father in 2005,i only have my mum and siblings who are trying ,but in my nursing fully i will be going into in russia by GOD GRACE I need this scholarship please in 2018 please .GOD BLESS

  6. I am a person who always interested to learn and i am not apple payment and I would like to assist me please

  7. i am cameroonian schooling in belarus precisely minsk for 6 months now. the russian language is very difficult. i wish to change country to continue my studies either english or french. i dont have money for that. God bless you.

  8. I would really love to get a scholarship it will be a life changing for me and my mother but I don\’t think she can afford for my higher studies so am hoping I could get a scholarship for my higher studies I don\’t want to end my education because of financial problems.

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