Noplag is awarding a $3500 student scholarship

High-school students and university students, rejoice! Noplag gives you the possibility to win its $3500 student scholarship which will help you plan your budget allocated to support your study. The contest initiated by Noplag is called Noplag Scholarship Essay and it is open to students across the world.

The Noplag.com Company is offering plagiarism detecting services which are used by different customers. Today, more than ever, a high number of people are dealing with plagiarism, people who are working in the sphere of education where students as well as teachers have to submit their written papers to similarity checking.

The Noplag Scholarship Essay is a contest aimed to help students become successful where education is the key component. The $3500 generous prize should meet fully or partially the winner’s academic needs. At the same time, Noplag initiated this contest for students to test their writing skills and pump them up by participating to it.

What do you have to do in order to participate?

You must submit a creative, vivid, interested and engaging essay that will stand out before thousands of other essays written by your competitors. Here are some of the details about how to properly write it:

1. The following topics should be approached in the essay:

Famous educators, Home studying, Teacher Thoughts, Education for free, international virtual high school, time management approaches used in education and many more. Students are advised to consult the full list here: https://noplag.com/students-scholarship. At the bottom of the page, you will find all the topics proposed by Noplag.com

2. The minimum of words accepted are 700.

3. The essay must be written in English.

4. The essay should be typed and double-spaced. Font shouldn’t be smaller than 12 points Times New Roman.

5. The essay must correspond with the structure of the chosen essay type

6. The essay should contain an introduction with a thesis statement, paragraphs and a conclusion.

7. The essay must include standardized citations and a bibliography. The essay must follow the accepted standards regarding attribution of quotations, ideas of others, and arguments.

8. The essay must be original and can be checked here https://noplag.com/ using a plagiarism checker.

Please check the full lust of requirements here: https://noplag.com/students-scholarship at the bottom of the page. You can apply for the scholarship here: https://noplag.com/students-scholarship.

The essay should be submitted before August 31st, 2017. 3 winners will be announced by September 20th, 2017. The first place will be awarded $2500, the second $700 while the third will receive $300.

The best essay of the week will be posted weekly on Noplag’s blog, here: http://blog.noplag.com/

  1. I have just completed my essay. I did my best and I assure you that this essay was done properly. I have just completed a bachelors degree in education at Atlantic international university and my GPA was 3.92 and i owe Atlantic international university about $4800. If i happen to be given this scholarship i promise to do my best.

  2. To change this world from the world of refugees to the world of peace, justice, liberty and right of every human being born of a woman, it should be through education and I would be very grateful to change this world through my educational strategy for the better generation to come if I win this scholarship. Thanks

  3. I\’m going to pay for tertiary education tuition and help my family members. Who are still at secondary level to complete their courses

  4. waa it is great opportunity for me to study more about leadership, we are wake up to generation that leadership is real and we must have leaders who will prepare this generation to prepare the next generation of our children, to make our world beautiful place to call home in our live time,

    • Hello,

      Please be aware that we are not offering the $3500 scholarship but NOPLAG. Read more about the scholarship and the company in the article

  5. I need scholarship because I have no money to Continue my education…..now I\’m the student of B.s 1st semester In Geology

  6. I m Pascal NICITERETSE from Burundi precisely East Africa, i just want to know if before submitting the essay someone must be registered!

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