International Scholarship for Engineering Students

As an engineering student, learning is not really an easy task. It is an uphill task which most times might be frustrating. But a major frustrating factor is financial issues attached to university education. Students enrolled in online schools faces financial issues too. Internet courses are not always free. There are tuition charges strapped with learning in an online school.

As an engineering student, it is very necessary one seek for grant for school or any other form of external educational funding such as a bursary. Scholarships targeted at engineering students are not hard to find. The difficult thing therein is finding one that suits one’s needs. Students are not advised to just hop on and apply for any scholarship they see. It is very important they look up the criteria and other information and then decide if it is a good fit for them or not.

Engineering is a practical course and is hardly seen listed among internet courses but scholarships for engineering students are not hard to find. Appreciating engineering students with some financial aid is a common act among scholarship providers. One of such scholarships aimed sat engineering students is the Politecnico di Milano Unitech Scholarship Awards offered by UNITECH.

The scholarship is only open to all engineering students. Selection for this scholarship is based on academic achievements, language skills, CV, and motivations. The Politecnico di Milano Unitech Scholarship Awards is organized by the Unitech International Society, consisting of 9 technical universities and 20 companies.

Scholars of the Politecnico di Milano Unitech Scholarship Awards will undergo their internship in top-tier companies.

The scholarship application deadline is 22nd January, 2018. Scholars of the program will be awarded with the UNITECH diploma after earning their degree from Politecnico di Milano. Scholars of the Politecnico di Milano Unitech Scholarship Awards be informed of the exact worth of the scholarship by the Unitech International Society.

Selection Criteria

  • Students of UNITECH Academic Partner universities are qualified to apply for the Politecnico di Milano Unitech Scholarship Awards.
  • Applicants need to have a good command over the English language and the host’s language while applying for this scholarship because courses will be taught in English language or the host’s language. Candidates may visit the scholarship site to see their minimum scholarship requirements.
  • Applicants should not have been admitted into programs such Alta Scuola Politecnica, or IDEA League Challenge Program.
  • Applicants should check the website to see if they meet the specific requirements of the institution they wish to study in.


How to apply

  • Applicants are to fill the application questionnaire by downloading the form with Chrome browser and print in PDF file format after filling the form online.
  • Applicants should a passport photograph of 300kb max
  • A curriculum Vitae of 2MB maximum
  • Academic transcripts of 2MB max
  • Test score such as TOEFL, IELTS, or any other internationally recognized English test.


Scholarship Link

For more information, click here


Application Link

Click here to access the official application portal

  1. In chellah kings a Zambia, agricultural engineer studying home but fail to pay for my second semester of my first year of study.I look forward to hear from you soon if its only for international student or its also for those studying home.

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