BU Sport Scholarship Open to International and Domestic Students

Are you a talented athlete in search for a scholarship to your dream college? Based on your favorite and most practiced sport, there are diversified competitions where you can submit your application and be a winner. However, you must prove that you are excellent in your chosen sport. Whether you are a football player or a basketball player, there are universities which are rewarding student-athletes. One of these universities is Bournemouth University (BU).

BU is offering the BU sport scholarship and is accessible to high level sporting athletes who come to study at either undergrad or postgraduate level at Bournemouth University, UK. The BU Sport Scholarship provides the necessary funds to help you develop the sporting skills and even exceed them.

The scholarship is available for both domestic and international students and they can apply for up to £5,000 of funding which can cover their travel expenses, coaching, competition entry fees or support services. However, it is important to prove excellence in your chosen sport and be part of a Regional, National and/or International squad and compete at that level.

Once you become a BU athlete, you will represent BU in the BUCS programme (League and Individual), as well as themselves and/or their club at regional, national or international level. If you receive the BU sport scholarship, you will have to meet with the Sports Performance Manager. The Manager will assess how to manage the funds throughout the year, commit to attending 75% of training sessions, represent BU in sporting competitions be featured in marketing materials.

You will not be considered if you do not support your application by a reference from a High Performance Coach or National Governing Body coach. Hence, your couch needs to fill the following reference and submit it to the university. The reference can be found at this link https://app-eu.geckoform.com/public/#/modern/FOEU0230j5CcgvqD. In case you are applying for a sport that is outside BUCS program, you will have to provide that two references are sent alongside your application.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Scholarships are reviewed on a regular basis so the university reserves the right to withdraw, amend or introduce new scholarships at any time. Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability. Scholarship is awarded in your first year only, unless stated otherwise.

The application form for BU Sport scholarship can be found here https://app-eu.geckoform.com/public/#/modern/FOEU0230j5CcgvqD The closing dates for the scholarship are August 31st 2017 in case the course starts in September and November 30th 2017 in case the course starts in January.

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