International Circle of Scholars Scholarships at York University Canada, 2018

York University is prepared to grant $15,000 in scholarship money as part of its scholarship initiative to attract students from all over the world. The university is also offering online courses, not related to the scholarship however. As such, York University may be compared to online universities insofar as it bear resemblances with some of the online features it shares with such institutions. While college education online is gaining traction, York University offers its students to enroll in one of its many undergraduate degree programs, including arts, media, liberal arts, professional studies or environmental studies, along health, science, and engineering and general business studies.

In a word, the scholarship is estimated at $15,000 and it is given to two candidates. The scholarship is based in Canada. Students who successfully apply and get shortlisted need to meet several criteria:

  • They must be first-year or a full time undergraduate degree program students in any one of the abovementioned subjects (additional information about all available subjects can be found in the link at the end of the article);
  • Successful applicants will have graduated from secondary school two years ago at the outside;
  • Scholarships can also be awarded to international students;
  • This is not a form of college education online or an online university, to this end candidates must be present on-site when the year starts (100% class attendance is also a qualifying factor)

In order to apply, there are several steps you should apply:

  • First, applicants must put in writing why they should be the recipient of the scholarship;
  • Additionally, they need to fill a Student Financial Profile (SFP) for the year they are applying for;
  • Prospective candidates may feel free to add any sort of additional information that may favor them, such as reference letters;
  • To apply click here.

With the scholarships offered by York University every year, students may reconsider enrolling in online universities or seeking college education online. A variety of institutions of higher learning have a variety of ways to incentivize prospective academic candidate to actually apply themselves throughout their entire period of studies, starting in high school and obtain funding to further their intellectual development.

The scholarships provided by York are just one of the countless options available to everyone today.

  1. I am salimu from Tanzania i have been always looking out for who help me to studing out of my country,since i am suffering from financial to finacing my self in studing.

  2. I am kafeero from uganada …I have always been looking out for solutions to studying out side my country.. Its my prayer that I will be a part of those people to consider scholarships too.may God bless you..

  3. I have been attracted with your service ,as you play a part of helping the student who are from financial problem I would be happy if I will get this chance of studying outside the country because it was my dream since I was young and God bless you more this is Rehema mavere from Tanzania

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