The MEXT Scholarship Programs

Under the Japanese Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT) is awarding scholarships to international undergraduate students who would like to study at prestigious Japanese universities. The host institutions are the Universities in Japan.

Fields of study

Those who are interested to study in Japan as undergraduates ought to choose a field of study from Social Sciences and Humanities or Natural Sciences .

The social sciences are represented by:

A. Law, Politics, Pedagogy, Sociology, Literature, History, Japanese language and others.

B. Economics, Business Administration

Two important notes

1. Applicants who are interested to major in fields other than those that are listed above should expect difficulties in finding the universities that can accept them.

2. Will not be included any fields related to economics and business administration

The natural sciences are represented by:

A. Science (mathematics, physics, chemistry), Electric and Electronic Studies (electronics, electrical engineeering, information engineering), Mechanical Studies (mechanical engineering, naval architecture), Civil Engineering and Architecture (civil engineering, architecture, environmental engineering), Chemical Studies (applied chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, textile engineering), other fields (metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, maritime engineering, biotechnology).

B. Agricultural studies (agriculture, agricultural chemistry, agricultural engineering, animal science, veterinary medicine, forestry, food science, fisheries), Hygienic studies (pharmacy, hygienics, nursing), and Science (biology)

C: Medicine and Dentistry.

The value and duration of the scholarships

The MEXT Scholarship Pograms cover tuition and other fees, an allowance of 117,000 yen per month. Also, an additional monthly stipend of 2,000 or 3,000 yen may be provided to those undertaking study or research in specially designated regions, and travel costs to and from Japan. Read the instructions here: http://www.scholars4dev.com/5680/japanese-government-scholarships-for-international-undergraduate-students/

The MEXT scholarships will last for 5 years, from April 2018 to March 2023. It is included also the one-year preparatory education in the Japanese language.

Who is eligible to apply?

The applicants’ countries of origin have to have diplomatic relations with Japan. A Japanese applicant is not eligible. However, a person with dual nationality who holds Japanese nationality and whose place of residence at the time of application is outside of Japan is eligible to apply only if he chooses the nationality of the foreign country and gives up his Japanese nationality by the date of his arrival in Japan. The applicants must have been born between April 2, 1996 and April 1, 2001. The applicants have to learn Japanese and be interested in Japan, deepening their understanding of the country after their arrival.

Please check out the website for browsing completely the eligibility criteria and conditions of the scholarship. Access this page http://www.scholars4dev.com/5680/japanese-government-scholarships-for-international-undergraduate-students/ and read the instructions mentioned at the bottom of the page.

The application instructions

Since the application process is diversified from one country to another, accoring to the country in which the Japanese Embassy is located, you should address to the Japanese Embassy or consulate in your country. Here is a list with all of them acroos the globe: http://www.mofa.go.jp/about/emb_cons/mofaserv.html Track the embassy or consulate in your country. The deadline of the applications differ varies per country.

Good luck!

  1. mam im saidamen andoy basman from mindanao study BS NURSING at level 4 state university in the philippines im so glad to enter in your school mam


  3. I have completed metric with 821 marks out of 1050 ,and I also completed the F.S.C with 898 out of 1100 Please contact on my cell phone number 03351258159 . from Pakistan


  5. may name is mohammed ahmed ,
    i am holder of animal health in diploma program than i started proceeding may education in learning animal health as BSC in college of veterinary medince in jigjiga university- Ethiopian -somali . so i have been waiting for this opportunity and this was may dream to study may ms program in other countries those gives like this opportunity for the global/world students.
    thanks for your informing us and waiting good response for you

  6. Dear sir,
    My name is Loveline Besong. Thanks for this opportunity to obtain a scholarship. Am a single Cameroonian lady staying in South Africa. After Financing my studies up to Honors level with University of South Africa ( UNISA) with an above average pass, i got admission this year with Arden University in UK to do distance studies for Masters in Psychology( Counselling). At this level, I cannot afford the fees as a Nail technician. Am PLEASE waiting for this opportunity to do Masters. Presently,am doing voluntary counselling with Hope Baptist church Pretoria. My future plan is to become a qualified counselor to assist my community. Waiting to hear from you.
    kind Regards, Loveline.

  7. Hello am AYOM Chol am a student at Kochi Chuo high school in Kochi prefecture. I am from South Sudan. Am 17 years old and 201 cm tall in can play basketball. I would like to study in Japan and have a lot of skills so that I can help in solving problems affecting my country and my people in South Sudan
    I can speak Japanese now but not fluent because I have to learn more kanji that I don\’t know. I will really appreciate any help, thank you very much.

  8. my name is Thamsanqa Khanyile I really need to study at your university , because I have a potential and also a leader so I can be the next leader to my country (South Africa)

  9. Think you for accepting to get the schoraship will pay in UNICAF SCHORASHIP next,program of bachero\’s degree in finance and accountin,my name is mugabe boniface from Rwanda,so i\’m presure.

  10. Good day!
    I read and understand the requirements of scholarship. I am a 10th grader at this time and my birth date is August 30, 2001 which I think will hinder from applying scholarship. I do hope you can consider my birth date since you require until April 2001 only. I am from Philippines and i do fully understand that Japan and Philippines has a good diplomatic relationship ever.
    Hoping I can hear from you soon.
    Thank you and more power!

  11. Thank you very much for your information about your sponsors /offer etc

    Am real embressed about it, so how can i get assistance for my PhD Sponsor?

  12. hello am Edigar from Kenya and would like to study human nutrition and dietetics in Australia please let me know if such a scholarship comes up.

  13. iam a South African interested to go and study nursing internationally would you please inform me when there is available Scholarship

  14. Good evening. I am a young Zimbabwean who has a dream of studying medicine abroad. Would you please inform me about any available scholarships abroad for international students

  15. Hopes this finds you well dear administration, I\’m a Liberian national willing to pursue an undergraduate degree in economics in Japan . recently,I have visited the Japanese embassy website in Liberia but unfortunately the time prescribed for submission of forms had expired. Please,I\’m looking forward to you to notify with a new scholarship for mext. Your regard. …..

  16. hey mr david,my names are Tembo maybin from Zambia.lookin
    g forward to study law,I will be glad if I will be considered. thanks

  17. hey mr david,my names are Tembo maybin from Zambia.lookin
    g forward to study law,I will be glad if I will be considered. thanks

  18. Hi Mr David. I have been going through the conditions and age bracket for is between born 1996-2001.unfortunately am born 1994 and sat for high school in 2013./due to lack of fee am yet to join any university

  19. I really appreciate your concern. Application for
    scholarship to study in business administration. Please
    help whenever necessary. Thanks.

  20. Am interested in studying masters in law could you help me get your scholarship so as I can continue with ma goals because my parents are not able to pay ma fees thou took ma bachelor studies under student loan

  21. Iam a holder of certificate in financial accounting, Malawi _Africa.please may you assist me scholarship to study business administration (finance) you assistant is more appreciated,iam coming from poor family and less privileged person,getting this opportunity is one way of solving my problem

  22. I really appreciate your concern. Application for scholarship to study in Bsc. Civil engineering. Please help whenever necessary. Thanks.

  23. I am Ignatius Edeh Emmanuel, I just graduated from the Nigerian Law school , I am interested in this scholarship so as to improve my legal mind

  24. hello, My name is Josephat from Tanzania.am high school leaver(may2017).Congratulations the government of Japan for your work of making the dreams of African student becoming true especially students from Tanzania,you need alot of support from our government by increasing more relations and giving us more opportunities,I like your work and am inspired in this work l wish to be your agent in order to support your Good work.

    my self am motivated with this educational scholarship I see like my dreams of studying super technology of Japanese becoming true,I love the general culture of Japan and Japanese language I like it alot.I wish if I could get an opportunity to study civil engineering i will be happy because i can afford well that course and my high school level I was taking(physics,chemistry and Advanced mathematics).
    I wish to apply for this scholarship,to further my education.waiting on your approval
    Thank you

  25. GOOD DAY!
    Kindly asking if you can help me with names of universities ,where i can get the scholarship to study Supply chain management/, Business Administration and how to apply for everything e.g Requirements needed.Yours faithfull

  26. hae am roben kaboi a kenyan resident kindly assist me okey i need to learn but i dont have any amount even visa anyithing due to family problem but its my pray if get assisted iwill work very hard to my level best and i will refund back kindly assist me my phone number is 0790802557

  27. my name is shaib agen, I\’m a medical student at Hubert kairuki memorial university in tanzania doing doctor of medicine in third year now (MD 3) but I have stopped from attending the lectures because of failure pay the tuition fee.help me how to get application form and other websites that I can get help to my problem, thank you looking forward for your help

  28. My name is Esperance Nshimirimana from Burundi.
    I wouldlike to apply for a scholarship that will enable me to undertake studies in Hygienic studies . I am really interested and I am very hard working.
    I hope I will be successfull.

  29. Dear Sir/Madam.

    My name is Kevin Mnyika, from Kenya.
    I wish to apply for a scholarship that will enable me to undertake studies is medicine and dentistry. I am really interested and I am very hard working.
    I hope I will be successfull.

    yours sincerely,
    kevin mnyika.

  30. I am looking forward to advance to degree soon in one of the natural sciences.Kindly requesting for your assistance on how to apply.

  31. okey how would assist me to join aviation flying school . My dream have been searching for a long then I decide to write unto you to see if I could get a support to study flying under schorlaship . Kindly concider my request on the

  32. Am very interested in the scholarship but how can I apply and where can I get the application form am from Zambia

  33. Dear sir or Madam I hole Hartley great you. As a student I wish to study in Japan and I will be glad if I\’m accepted thank you


  35. I am a student at nrc In lilongwe but stopped due to lack of funds.I would really appreciate if u give me this opportunity to study at your schools

  36. Bonjour,
    je suis a la recherche d\’une bourse d\’étude a l\’étreanger afin de poursuivre mes études. Depuis quelques temps maintenant je souhaite l\’avoir mais jusqu\’a présent rien encore. veuillez bien m\’aider a l\’avoir une bourse d\’étude financée.
    Merci cordialement.

  37. Hi I am Joy Ann Marie Balbasor.
    I am 18 years old and I am a graduating senior high school student from one of the mountainous school in Davao City which is the Binowang National High School. I am an honor student and my home was far from Davao City. I\’m hoping that you will choose me for the said scholarship.
    Thank you and I\’m hoping for your positive response.


  39. I really need this scholarship but I just don\’t know how to apply. I want to study mettalugical engineering.

  40. i am a college student i am learning in ledeta manufacturing college in automotive department and i want get more knowledge please i need scolarship in London Kingston college

  41. Thanks for showing me the notification. But the notice is for undergraduate students.
    I have done BSC degree in electrical engineering and I need MSC degree by electrical power engineering.

  42. I am Brian Mwirigi, I would appreciate alot if get the scholarship due my family fanacial constrains. Am willing to pursue my course with determination and passion.

  43. Hi am Bezacha from Cameroon, it will be great pleasure if am given this opportunity to follow my dreams , thanks
    Will be waiting for a reply

  44. I would like to apply to study overseas so that I can pursue my career.Please I would like to know the procedure of the application.

  45. Hello, am interested and i wish to be given this opportunity of scholarship to proceed studying and building my career.kindly help me. thank

  46. Am mukiza Bondo Pacifique am Congolese by nationality but a refugee in Burundi I need a full scholar ship am interested in Law am waiting to hear from you soon

  47. I am shalom Girma from Ethiopia I got half scholarship to study in Gordon college I need financial support to study in Gordon college

  48. I want to thank the government of japan for the indeed help they are giving us as africans.
    I am a kenyan, really need help to the side of education which i cannot actually afford to continue my study in a high level because of lacking fund

  49. Thank you for accepting me I am really interest to study over there can you please send me the course guide and the application form paper.

  50. First i would like to thank all of you give as this chance to talk. am Mahlet Hunegnaw from Ethiopia, I was born 2000. now a time am grade 12 student. I relay want to get free scholarship with in undergraduate program for next year, to study medical since in Japan. but because of financial problems in the developing countries we can\’t afford the payment, thats why we need free scholarship. so, if you had such opportunity help as to get it or tell as what we have suppose to do…………………………….i hope my request will be considered effectively!!!

  51. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am very thankful for the scholarship offer.But I have kids with me especially a 6 months old baby. Would it possible to study with my kids since I can not leave them with anyone. Thank you once again.
    Best regards

  52. I m students of b.ed (honrs) of university of azad Jammu and Kashmir. I got 2464 out of 3000 in ADE passed in 2015.please give me scholarships .I m thankful to u .OK sir I\’m regular student of university . I need scholar basically fees in university. I need schloar ship for future study.

  53. I m very interested to your scholarships in ordre to countinue my studies in Littératures and the famous language of Japan. Please contact me for more son in : (00223)73084514/64540106. Djoro CISSE from Mali. thant You very much.

  54. Thanks so much for this since there are many students who want to success but because of financial problems they fail to do so on my side am a university student at eckernford tanga university in my country Tanzania helding batchelor of arts with education (BAED) am taking this chance to ask for the scholarship of styuding degree of literature and Japanese language in your country so your support is very essential to complete my desire since my mother\’s financial is not conjucive for my studies . be blessed I Will be happy if my request will be considered effectively.

  55. my name is Isaac Mpofu a form 6 student in Zimbabwe (2017) Born in 1999. I persue to get a great opportunity to study in Japan but because of financial problems it will not happen so l look forward to your scholarships.

  56. My Name is Upendo Joseph kajoro a form six lever in Tanzania(2017) Born in 1997-I need to persue lerning in high lerning institution preferably in Japan.But many people including myself,the big problem is and will continue to be financial contraints.How do I Overcome this problem and how can I be assisted in this problem.
    For example I want to persue my first degree(undergraduates studies) in Economics and business Administration??-I know for sure Tanzania and Japan have go a bilateral relation through JICA-can this Jica take a role of financing me to japan to fulfill my dream.

  57. My name is Mahela…Tanzanian undergraduate student… I\’m in need of your scholarship because of financial status of my parents… What can I do so that I can get access to your scholarship

  58. iam sebibe ihave a bsc in electrical and compter engineering. I havenot any work on this time so that if you have such vacany please anounce me on this field.

  59. Dear sir/madam,
    I am Ngeny Kiprotich Philip a student from one of the universities in Kenya. I have a great financial problems when it comes to running my higher level of education. I therefore humbly request for the scholarship in order to achieve my desired educational goals. I will highly appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you.

  60. Am lungu Watson from zambia I want to study a degree in accounts and business administration but my parents are poor in terms or finances so how can u help me in terms of scholarship?

  61. My name is shambel Getahun I live and work in Ethiopia, I hope to win scholarship opportunity provided jointly by japannes government and world bank this time round as I have been patiently waiting for it ever since I have been graduated in June 2013 in BA of sociology with fantastic GPA of 3.75 from the most accredited university in the country, meanwhile I have been a consistent top achiever in all my academic endeavors and seeking to more advance my career in any developmental field of study in the prestigious international institute, right now I have had my heart set on master degree study aboard and i would be very grateful to everyone in the whole world who appears to consider my dream desire!.

  62. I am a high school gratuate from Liberia, and I want to enroll into a university but my parents are not financially potent enough to support my respective goal, I will be very grateful if I am chosen to be apart of your scholarship. ..please I really need it so how do I apply?

  63. hello i am sidy fall i am a disable person i look some body help me to finalise one year formation in informatic and technology here in my country please help me to help my family.

  64. Good evening Sir/madame, I wish to ask on the steps to follow in order to send my application and the necessary requirements.

  65. Hello admin,

    I am from Bhutan, a dragon kingdom. I am interested in science field I.e. Biology.

    But I don\’t know how to speak Japanese, will I get the scholarship opportunity please.

    Thank you

    Bhagat Bdr. Subba

  66. my name is kebede Kassa .l apply from Ethiopian and l have BA degree in banking & finance. additionally; l graduate from well known government university with good grade and know l am working in bank three years. l hope if you give chance to learn .l want to learn any of business field the second degree (masters).

  67. My names are Nancy Mushi a Tanzanian .I real have a hard life due to economic problems and family misunderstanding but thanks to God I completed high school .I ask of your help so as I can move on with my studies of medicine in your country I was so happy to be among the selected ones I hope you will receive my request thanks a lot in advance

  68. Help me I sincerely need the scholarship for medicine but I don\’t know Japanese language I will try my best .I will thankfully I\’m a Tanzanian

  69. I wish to apply for the scholarship, I am a Malawian. I have successfully admitted at the Catholic University of Malawi to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Education- History.
    Please I need your help.

  70. that is very good, am post graduate of registered community health nursing who want to persuade medicine. so I will be grateful if I get that scholarship

  71. I will be grateful if iwill be sponsered to study in japane applied chemistry,chemical chemitry and industrial chemistry

  72. I\’m graduate from pharmacy university in Myanmar. I haven\’t learn any Japanese language courses. So, is it possible for me to get this scholarship program

  73. This is very important issue that u are raising to advance various individual as well as nations. Hence I have great ambition to follow such valuable programm. please as much as possible try to invite me.

  74. Thank you for information. I want this scholar to study Economic. please help me to get this scholar & please don\’t miss me

  75. Good day, I thank you for this opportunities. Please, I need this scholarship for my education, please how can I apply for it. Thanks

  76. i am doing Bs.english literature now in seventh semester ..in 2018 i will complete it..and then i want to study in japan on scholarship mean want to study my Ms/Mphil in english literature..how to apply..kindly help me i am a middle class boy.

  77. I would like to join this scholarship but I don\’t have enough mony to pay according to the advertising if any support from any other I am ready !

  78. thanks but one condition date of birth may not favor me. am born of 1986 can I also be catered for. am very interested really, please advice me

  79. hello,am fidelis kosgei from kenya, i never proceeded with my education due to being born in a poor background and luck of funds, my hopes to proceed are now alive after reading that you are offering scholarship for students to pursue the education..with my regards i whole-Heartly beg for the chance atleast i become one to enligthen my poor land with your sapport,
    hoping to hear from you soon.

  80. To whom it may concern, as a dedicated and flexible mature undergraduate student with all passion,love and interest in doing electrical engineering i am kindly pleading to you if you can assist me with a scholarship to pursue my ambition at one of your well reputable university in your famous country that is known as Japan.
    I am a Zimbabwean by birth strong and vivid by parentage rich in moral values and desire to be a great and competent student in everything i do. Due to financial instability in my family i am finding it difficult to move further on with my education but it seems like there is still a seed of hope from you that is if you wish to silence my cry .
    I credit effusive thanks to you in advance .

  81. Post graduate studies in the area of economics is my area of choice ( Msc Economics ) you may please kindly link me up with right university and the available scholarship

  82. Hello sir/madam, i am seeking for a scholarship to study beauty therapy and hairdressing in kenya, to me i never went to high school due to luck of money ,, i have tried to search for money so that i can finish my secondary education but it has been really hard for me alone, that\’s y i have decided to try something else ,,,, please i need your help . thenk you.

  83. to whom it may concern,i am an under graduate wanting to study Geology and wishing to get a scholarship please
    Thank You..

  84. Greetings sir/madam I\’m seeking for a scholarship that will take me to US Harvard University to study medicine. Please help me get it🙏

  85. my name is Ketema Geleta from Ethiopia. I have junior psychiatry professional. I want to learn msc in mental health please help me.THANK for your information

  86. I\’m cornel from Tanzania, I wish to study in Korea or USA ….please I need your helping!

    Civil engineering ND mechanical engineering

  87. I am kalkidan Tsegaye , from Ethiopia i have first degree in accounting i would like get the scholarship opportunity in master degree please.
    Thank you for all.

  88. I\’m Gifty from Ghana, I completed high school last year. Am still home because of financial problems and it has always being my dream to study outside my county. I wish you could me your scholarship.

  89. hy. i am 17 year old ,i am pakistani citizen .I have passed my secondary and higher school education in science .I wants to study engineering but i am not strong financially to afford expences . i will be gratefull if am given the oppertunity to study on scholarship in japan i\’ll thankfull to you.

  90. Hello, Thank you for this offer, am Vitalis from Kenya and would like to know if i can study online from Kenya.

  91. Good day! Am Norbert Samelle and wish to say thank you for this opportunity you have given to some of us. Am a graduate, i studied political Science and public administration. So my aim here is to apply for further studies of which i will be grateful if am given the opportunity. Stay bless while waiting for a favourable response from you!!!!

  92. Hello I am Abdi biranu from Ethiopia and I am 5th year architecture student and I want to learn my masters degree in your university and if you accept me am so read! Thank you

  93. I Damien Saiang accepted the offer that you awarded for further study. Could you please inform me further about this scholarship.

  94. Hello I am 22 Years old I have Been already completed my study in both ordinary certificate education in science subject and got merit class as well as completed Advanced certificate education level [High school] in science and passed well in my study 2017 now I am looking for sponsorship because Im unable due to my familly are separated and my father is disable as I can continue in entering your university for Bachelor of science in food science and technology or bachelor of science in molecular biology and biotechnology,SO IT IS MY HOPE MY REQUEST WOULB BE KINDLY CONSIDERED

  95. I would like to be a part of it but am older than the age range required ive also studied nursing in my country but i wished to upgrade to a new level of medicine since i believe in my capabilities so please tell me your say about this,will it be okay for me to apply evenif am not in that age range

  96. Hello.So it means those from Kenya cannot get a scholarship to study in Kenya.Kindly assist me on the way forward.
    Hope my request will be accepted.


  97. hello every one, my name is Hundaol Abdisa from Ethiopia and really I want this scholarship program and I have first degree in civil engineering. Really I want to study in your university! Thank you for your kindness.

  98. i really want to pursue an IT course in programming java cisco and c++ and developing a website but no money for now.am from ghana west africa

  99. First of all I would like to say thank you for give me this chance. I am solomon Negash from Ethiopia, and I have masters degree in Educational Research and development. If I get full scholar ship I want to study My doctorate degree in abroad. please help me to get this chance.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  100. Am Selestine Kamukulu from dar es salaam Tanzania. I will be happy to receive any kind of support from much as be it in my country or overseas, your support vital.

  101. I would really appreciate to obtain your scholarship as it has always been my dream to study outside of my country . The course I want to persue is Food Science.

  102. i had been applying since then i get this massage this evening from the Busary web that i am selected so what is my role can i be still accepted

  103. I greatly appreciste this scholarship as it is going to change my life and do graet thing in this world.Through this scholarship my dreams are going to come true

  104. I would really appreciate to obtain the scholarship offered as it will the beginning of a new venture to my dreams.

  105. I am Akinbuwa Olorunwa John from Nigeria, can i get scholarship master degree in public administration or Internation Relation? i have 2nd class upper in public administration

  106. I am Akinbuwa Olorunwa John from Nigeria, can i get scholarship master degree in public administration or International Ration, i have 2.1 in public administration

  107. Hello thanks alot for all your links and updates, I am Ethiopian citizen please, can I get a scholarship link on Enginerring . currently I holds a BSc degree in that field of Construction techinology and management.

  108. I\’m from Zimbabwe
    I wish to apply for a scholarship to study in Japan doing veterinary medicine or animal science but m fully suppressed by lack of funds so i need your help
    I will be grateful if i could chance the scholarship
    Yours sincerely

  109. I am from very poor background, and been searching for such an opportunity I will really love to be a part of this scholarship.

  110. l woul like to be part of this programm l am a girl aged 20 and need to study law in any of your universities l hope you will consider my request thank you

  111. Hy,
    am recently complete degree in BS.c (Hons.) Agriculture.Now am looking for fully funded scholarship program ,for Mphil .please help me ,how i can get this.

  112. Am high school graduate and am in need of this scholarship. I have gone through the page and I agree with all terms,please help me go through the process successfully…..

  113. hi all?
    may I ask if u can provide bursary for a student studying in Kenya, for example??
    that\’s, financial assistance,

  114. I need to l;earn to out side of this ethiopian country .
    If its your voluentry please support me us I found excess learning and foculty
    But according to this Ihave not enough entrance point and i laern in non governmental university

  115. hello,
    I have received an offers on scholarships and was wondering how I may get into contact with your university.
    thank you.

  116. Hi are am Stanley Clarke form Liberia are received a message in my box that are have been offered a scholarship how can are apply because are am interested

  117. My name is Mohammed kedir from Ethiopia. I have B.A degree in economics.I want to procced master degree in your collage so please select me if you have a chance.

  118. My name is robert dzelamonyuy an interested in the scholarship. Will like to study Japanese language and business administration. Am a Cameroonian.

  119. I\’m very interested.But I would like to study postgratuade degree in dentisry.
    Advise me how can I apply schlorship for my further study.

  120. I am very much interested in the above informations and willing to be a applicant and study agricultural science.

  121. I am from somalia. I eager to study in Jaban.
    I interested in becoming a doctor in the future, I want to study medicine in jaban.
    i hope that you will accept me.
    Yours faithfully

  122. I have been graduated from Gondar University in statistics for the last three year and I have received BSC. Degree.
    I am young graduate who is eager to get a job and be committed to accomplish all duties interested to me with honest and bearing responsibility.
    If I have given a chance of employment, it is my convection that I will perform all the duties to the best of my knowledge and to the satisfaction of the requirement of your organization. Hence, I kindly ask your organization to give me an opportunity of employment.
    I have attached a copy of my document with this letter.

    With Regards

  123. Am Buhinza James, Ugandan very interested in studying medicine but I don\’t fall in the age bracket, what can I do?

  124. My name is evalyne and I would like to study Japanese language and economics if given the scholarship in your university

  125. I am interested with this scholarship and i want to apply for this but how? And am living in ethiopia please help me thanks

  126. My name is Efrata Wubishet I am so happy to study in our country I hope your answer will be good.
    With Much respect

  127. Dear:sir/madam
    My name\’s Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I from somalai in Mogadishu
    I am twenty three years old
    I would like swimming and playing football
    Dear:sir/madam today I want to asky you this program for health science or engines

  128. I am a 18 year learner who is passionate about preparing delicious meals and learning more about cooking.i want to open my own restaurant and make my own recipes.
    I would be very grateful if i recieve this scholarship,i want to make cooking a fun thing to do,i want to inspire the world with my cooking.
    Please reply as soon as you get my message i would appriciate it .thank you.

  129. Thank you very much for the all the updates Sir. Iam Catherine from Uganda, interested in the scholarship but can\’t due to age limit. What can i do because i want an opportunity to study.

  130. My name is Jasper J. Maplay Jr from Liberia, reading Public Administration. I be will so geatful to have this scholarship at a higher level to help impact knowledge in my fellow friends in my country.

  131. Hello, my name is Teshoma Manesa of 24 years of age from Ethiopia and am interested in your scholarship offer. I graduated in Bsc.MECHANICAL ENGINEERING in my first Degree at Jimma University. can I start my Masters Programme t in this 2017/2018 academic year?
    Hope to hear positive response from you good day.
    Thank you.
    Teshoma Manesa

  132. if you accept me in your university , i am very happy and try to develop my knowledge quickly. also get my self at high level within this university.

  133. I wish to apply for the scholarship I am a male Cameroonian interested in Mathematics PhD.

  134. we appreciate for this opportunity you offer for us. In fact I am trying my best so I may get chance to achieve my dream of being health care provider

  135. Hi, I am Mulatu Wosenu From Ethiopia I Am Interested To Study In Japan Masters In Health Science Specially In Public Health So Please Recognize My Request And Provide Me Some Scholar . Thank You For Your Compassion.

  136. Am Salvatory James a Tanzanian citizen I am very interested with your scholarship especially in Japan. Am very interested to study bachelor degree in Hydro Geology and Water well drilling.

  137. Hi my name is Kwadwo Boateng Kyeremeh a Ghanaian international. I wish to apply for a scholarship to study in Japan. I want to offer medicine. Am I qualify to apply for this scholarship and what are the necessary criteria or documents
    for the scholarship application

  138. Hello,
    I am Etiendem Dieudonne Nkongmic. I am financially unable to continue with my studies that why I need a scholarship program. I am a graduate in civil and environmental engineering.

  139. thanks but age limit totally deny us the chance but am glad and eager to here about the change in the age limit. atleast 1994. once again thanks.

  140. I have bsc in mechanical engineering so I like to study MSC in this field of study please accept me to learn in this university

  141. hay my name is tomas alemayhu i am learning architecture and urban planing in addis abeba ethiopia at unity univercity i have a much pastion to japanise architecture so i want to learn in ur full scholarship program

  142. I am somalian i would like to apply this scholarship
    I am interested in medicine my childhood dream was to save people
    please guide me how to apply

  143. hello i am called phocas i am Rwandan i has a bachelors degree in international economics iapply for scholarship

  144. Hello,I am 50 yrs and Diploma in Pharmacy holder.I need eagerly to go for Degree level.Could I get sponsored?

  145. Thanks for your deeply touching helps in pursuing studies under your scholarship offers.I received a message in my email informing me that i\’m accepted to the scholarships and that i can apply for.The problem is that i\’m above 30 now meaning that i\’m out of the age ranges recommended.How then can you help me access a full scholarship from you on agriculture masters degree, for currently i posses a BSc. Applied Agricultural Extension, form SOKOINE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE-: MOROGORO TANZANIA.

  146. My Name is Mathewos Makebo
    I am from Ethiopia. I very glad scholar ship. If given chance I every hoppy in my life
    thank you very much

  147. most people do not mind about their health this is more so in third world countries this is the leading cause of death in such countries

  148. Hi,
    I was born on December 1999 and I want the scholarship very much and study there because I\’m choosing agricultural engineer. Please do help me…

  149. Hello,
    I am Mustafa from Egypt
    I have new discoveries, products and inventions and I want to cooperate with you
    Apply a new product
    This is the first new product for my inventions
    I have a lot, but will not be revealed now
    Please accept my order and send me a visa from your embassy in Egypt
    While preserving my rights as an inventor
    I am willing to do whatever is new every year you have

  150. i have interested to study master of international cooperation and development. or PHD in human resources management but have no money to do so.

  151. As i sent you before i am graduated by civil engineering and now i want to learn my masters degree by related field. so how can i apply it? please help me.

  152. Please can i specialize in midwifery in your country,if yes then please contact me because i am interested.Thank you

  153. I\’m Sduduzo Mhlongo who is current studying Civil engineering at Durban University Of Technology South Africa.I would be glad to come and further my studies there in Japan as it was my wish.

  154. According to the age range stated, I am above that age range now.Therefore I am not qualify for this scholarship

  155. Free Scholarship is very important for developing country cousin their is potential human who no access to learn more like me I am waiting………

  156. I\’m Sianeh B.Mulbah. I want to apply for a scholarship, to study maritime engineering. I\’m 20 years old,I\’m from Liberia.

  157. I apply from Ethiopia first degree graduate in mathematics,I wont to 2nd degree about yours scholarships.

  158. Hello, my name is Sirak Solomon from Ethiopia. I am 30 years old and am interested in your scholarship offer. I graduated in BA Degree by Accountant in my first Degree (undergraduate). Now I’m very interested to (offer) pursue Masters Programme in Business Administration to do in this 2017/2018 academic year? so, How can I get a fully funded scholarship from yours?
    Hope to hear positive response from you! I wish it have a Good day.
    Best Regards,
    Thank you

  159. Hello, my name is Sirak Solomon from Ethiopia. I am 30 years old and am interested in your scholarship offer. I graduated in BA Degree by Accountant in my first Degree (undergraduate). Now I’m very interested to (offer) pursue Masters Programme in Business Administration to do in this 2017/2018 academic year? so, How can I get a fully funded scholarship from yours?
    Hope to hear positive response from you! I wish it have a Good day.
    Best Regards,
    Thank you

  160. I am reading in a government polytechnic college.
    I don\’t wish to study in foreign.
    Am I eligible for this scholarship?

  161. i am lisette ngombo panzu from the democratic republic of congo.i am requesting for a scholarship because i would like to pursue my studies.

  162. i am daddy nsenga mpinga from the democratic republic of congo.i am requesting for a scholarship because i would like to pursue my studies.

  163. I want to study in mechanical engineering and i have only one year left to university.i live in ethiopia so how can i apply

  164. I so excited that my scholorship has been accepted thank you so much I really appreciate what you have done to me

  165. I pray to God much, since i need to get the full scholarship for studying their because i have no money to pay even for little.. so please help me.

  166. thank you for the offer,but i don\’t know how to apply and do you offer scholarships to students who want to do aircraft engineering?

  167. Hello,I am Robert Odartey Lamptey.I studied Mechanical Engineering at Takoradi Technical University in Ghana and due to financial problem,I couldn\’t complete my education. So am very proud at you offering scholarship.I pray God richly bless you and continue to bless you for your great kindness.Please grant us the permit when we apply.Thank you.

  168. Am alice from kenya i did my form4 last year ad i realy want a scholarship please can somebody who is willing to help me take this no ad contact me please 0797193218

  169. My name is john Biki am 36 years old from Papua New Guinea. I graduated in bacholar of law (LLB) at the university of PNG. I am now very interested to do my LLM under your scholarship. Please assist me.

    Thank you..

  170. Thanks for the accepted, am Kadiatu s Kamara from Liberia, Am very much interesting in this scholarship program. Am high school graduate and I want to advance myself in better education, I likes for you guys to please accept my request and apply on my email address, one love to you guys. I remind Kadiatu S Kamara from Liberia. A honestly and trustful lady.

  171. Good day Ma/Sir
    Please I got the information late and the deadline has already passed.
    Am from Bayelsa state, in Nigeria. Born 24th November 1998. Passed my SSCE in 2015 with good grades but not in the university because of money.
    please is there anyway u can help? please.
    Thank You.

  172. Thanks for the update. I could like to know if someone who wishes to do a post graduate programme,especially in sociology if he/she is eligible.

  173. hello my name sulimane and iam from ethiopia i have Bsc in civil engineering. i would like to apply thise chance if you are willing too. thank you!!

  174. I received the message that I have been accepted later after the closing date besides I was born in 1987.can I still apply. Webster Kalangwa from Zambia

  175. Thank you for the scholarship updates. I am interested in the MEXT scholarship. I am a Kenyan and would love to pursue an undergraduate degree in Veterinary medicine. Kindly advice on how to apply. Thank you in advance.

  176. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Meanwhile CLICK HERE to check this free offer.

    Thank you for accepting me. I wish that you help me by sending me some money to pay for my studies here in Ghana on Account no. 2030310678991 with the Tamale Branch of Fidelity Bank in Ghana or my MTN Mobile Money Transfer No,.0544105160.

    Thank You

  177. Thank you for accepting me. I wish that you help me by sending me some money to pay for my studies here in Ghana on Account no. 2030310678991 with the Tamale Branch of Fidelity Bank in Ghana or my MTN Mobile Money Transfer No,.0544105160.

    Thank You

  178. Please I\’m interested I\’m from Cameroon and I wish to apply for a fully funded scholarship in your school to study marketing thanks

  179. My name is selemani msofe from Tanzania I would like you to send me an application form in my email selemanimsofe56@gmail.com I born in 1988 I\’m Tanzania please help me to get a sponsor in order to study bachelor of veterinary medicine

  180. Salutations to you.My name is Hazel and I want to pursue a degree in Economics but currently have financial problems. Please assist me if you can and I will be so grateful and you will fulfil my dream career.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

  181. hey i need a bursary soon because i was given only this week to pay my fees please help….from Zimbabwe Bulawayo

  182. Hello my name Sina Sous
    I\’m from Cambodia
    I like your country very much
    Pleas help me for full scholarship to study

  183. Hello, my name is Saikou Samateh, from the Gambia, 33 years of age, graduated from University of the Gambia, Development Major. i am very interested on this scholarship to pursue my masters program in field of social sciences ( international Relation in peace and development ). thank you.
    waiting for your swift response.

  184. Veterinary Medicine was my wish since I have a certificate in Animal Health and Production

  185. I am interested in the scholarship program, in the area of Information Technology / Computer Science.

  186. I would like to apply for masters in tourism in your institution if it is offered as i I already have a Bachelor in Business and Management.

  187. Hi, my name is Lisette Ngombo Panzu, I am a female from D.R.Congo. I am asking for your help because I want to pursue my studies. I am a medical Doctor living in south Africa but I am not able to work because of xenophobia.That is why I am asking for your help so that I can reach my goal.

  188. Hello my name sina sous
    I. Am looking to study free abroad
    And free scholarship ! Pleas help me to study in your country dear

  189. I a Ugandan I need full scholarship to study BBA as first degree i have Diploma accounting and Finance so help me so that i can improve on studies

  190. Hy am interested and am willing to study economics with you and young and smart .Am 22 years

  191. greeting,
    thank you for this big opportunity i would like to apply for Masters in aviation science or PPL /CPL license in flying school. thank you

  192. I\’m a south African citizen and wish to apply for scholarship. I\’d you to help me to further my studies and I\’m currently doing agricultural studies

  193. My name is E. Festus G. Frazer Jr
    From Liberia, I want to obtain a scholarship in the area of pharmacy

  194. Seeing all these comments ,I am now wondering if there is anyone who have got scholarship from these guys? .I\’m dyng to know.
    If so,then,these guys are up to something.

  195. My names are Samuel Nkadi,i will like to apply for MEXT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.Please kindly give me details of how to apply.The closing date for applying and the financial requirement.

  196. I need a scholarship pls inform in any latest news on scholarship to study petroleum engineering pls I really need

  197. Hello thanks alot for all your links and updates, can i please get a scholarship link on Biomass Energy. I currently holds a Diploma in that field.

  198. Hi i\’m Azhar Javaid from Pakistan. i am doing bsc in Pakistan. I want to get scholorship . Plz give me good response

  199. Hi
    Thanks for the update,am very interested to study in Japan but is there any master courses which is relevant to my field( social studies)

  200. i am a student of +2 computer science and from nepal so i want to apply for the scholarship . if there is any chance or site for scholarship so please give a chance .

  201. If you give a scholrship in field of medicien please help me i am sure you won\’t be disappointed for accpeting me.

  202. I am a Nigerian,am interested in your country and want to study medicine or dentry in your favour,am no body nd am through with my secondary school and clear up my result with 7 distinction 2 credit in my WAEC without joining university because of the financial problems I am facing.I will be greatful if you consider me and offer me this great opportunity, hope my request will be given due consideration thank you.

  203. My name is Diatile Masaile from south Africa and i want to study Radiography next year. I am also appyling for a Scholarship. Can you please help

  204. I am Diatile Masaile from South Africa and i want to study Radiography next year, i am also applying for a Scholarship. Can you please help.

  205. Hi
    I want this scholarship but how can I apply? I wish to study Agriculture.
    Any help contact mi please.

  206. Thanks for your feed back, but i have an issue with my field that is bilogical sciences (Botany), further i am not undergraduate but graduate and in search of scholarship for PhD in the above relevant field. Thanks

  207. hy am ntombizodwa sibisi i will like to do hospitality in tourism but i don\’t have qualifications what must do cause i really do need this scholarships

  208. I want a fully funded scholarship for undergraduate program. I want to take civil engineering and architecture. Kindly tell me how to apply.

  209. i would like so much to win a scholarship from you for Undergraduate in Computer Science. i am a Ugandan, aged 23 years.

  210. it is a great pleasure for me to a Vail this chance so sir let me until I finish the last year of my secondary school

  211. I have earned a Bachelor in Public Administration and wants to do my Masters. Is there space for Master candidates or can you please refer me to any master opportunity?

  212. hello am Juliet from Uganda, with Bachelors in public administration i want a personal sponsor. Thanks

  213. How can i be eligible for this scholarship opportunity. I want to know about the needed requirement. Thanks.

  214. Thank you for the information
    I was born in 1970. Am I eligible for this scholarship?
    Fayia kpoto kellie

  215. Am Alfred looking for a he lb for my education since I come from poor background,
    Looking forward to hear a positive reply .

  216. first of all, thank you for sending email for me.And I am an Ethiopian and there is Japanese embassy so it is a grate opportunity for me.But it is not clear whether or not the scholarship is fully fund like aid for me? or it is required from me to pay any kind of money for this process?Please send an email briefly that enable me to understand clearly.Thank you again for reading my email.

  217. I am pleased to apply for any one of the above listed international scholarship for an under graduate course. I am a Liberian living in Africa I promise that if accepted I will submitt myself to every guideline of the scholarship

  218. am happpy in the opportunity am surafel solomon am from ethiopia and i have a bachelor degree in environmental engineering i need to study msc program in any environmental field of study. Thank u