$5,000 Air Force Aid Society Grants/Scholarships

Each year AFAS Merit Scholarships awards $5,000 to students who are enrolling in universities as freshmen with proven record of academic accomplishment.

In order to be considered for any degree program, prospective applicants need to successfully complete the Arnold Education Grant process so that they are shortlisted for a Merit Scholarship. The application form may be found at the following address. AFAS makes a point of communicating results in a timely matter, so shortlisted candidates will be directly contacted by AFAS headquarters in May and be further instructed as to how to proceed further down the application process.

When the committee of AFAS sits down to decide which prospective candidates are awarded the grant money. Naturally, the committee takes into consideration factors such as GPA, high school transcripts and requests that candidates write an essay on a specific topic.

Students who make the final cut are told in July each year. Later, in August, the money are distributed directly to their colleges or universities and the handling of funds is limited to covering tuition fees, books, and additional materials requested by professors.

The scholarship is generous as it may apply for Arizona and Non-Arizona residents both. The mode of enrollment varies from full-time to less than 1/2 time enrollment. Available for students across various academic levels and degree programs, this scholarship applies for incoming freshmen students, incoming transfer or undergraduate students, sophomore, junior, senior, post bac students, graduates and law students.

In order to find out more about application deadlines for each term, students are advised to contact their local Airman & Family Readiness Center. Meanwhile, a general contact info is available at http://www.afas.org/merit, which is also used as an application link when the scholarship becomes available.

Applications for the scholarship are available online but that does not signify that the courses are taken online as well. This is not a distance learning education opportunity.

Opportunities for distance learning education are proliferating, but are still not quite there in terms of omnipresence. This is precisely why institutions such as the Air Force Aid Society are seeking to make the most impact on education throughout the country by funding talented individuals who are seeking to pursue academic excellence.

Education as a whole is becoming more accessible to all and sundry with private sponsors becoming aware of how needed a qualified work force is.

  1. Hi sir , i am raazia , student of university of haripur, pakistan, i am appealing to your organization to help rescues in completing my degree and i also wanna to know about the foreign study scholarship.
    raazia akram

  2. Hi sir I am a student at Atlantic International University in Honolulu Hawaii at both master and PhD level now stranded in tuition payment and I am appealing to your organization to help rescues me to complete my study .

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