Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship at Flinders University for International Students

Flinders University is a reputable academic institution, creative endeavor and research being the most important elements belonging to the philosophy of the university. These have been the core to Flinders since 1966 when it was established. Flinders University is proactively engaging in maximizing its ability to convert innovations for society involving more and more students in the economic, political, social issues of everyday life. Flinders is encouraging students across the globe to hope to and create a better future for themselves by creating a partnership with the Australian Government which can help students to pursue their academic endeavor.

The scholarship initiated is called “The Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Scholarships” which are dedicated to supporting international students who undertake a research degree at Flinders University.

More about AGRTP scholarships

Annually, up to 10 AGRPT scholarships are awarded to students able to prove an outstanding aptitude for independent research. The scholarships are highly competitive being considered based on the “academic merit, academic research training and research indicators and performance.”

The AGRPT scholarships are available for Research Master’s degree being tenable for two years and for Research Doctorate degree, tenable for three years. The AGRPT scholarships are awarded to applicants who undertake a full time study who start a research higher degree for the first time in Australia. Here are the research areas students can apply in order to receive a AGRPT scholarship: https://www.flinders.edu.au/international/apply/apply-research-degree.

The benefits of the AGRTP scholarships

The scholarships cover the international student tuition fees charged by Flinders University for a research higher degree. Additionally, the university will provide the recipients with an extremely generous allowance paid at the rate of $26,682. It is indexed annually and tax exempt. The recipients who move from overseas to Adelaide, where the university is located, will be eligible for an establishment allowance of up to $1,485 to assist with relocation costs and airfares, after their arrival at Flinders. It means that the recipients have to access the families’ savings refundable after they will arrive at the university.

The eligibility criterion of the AGRTP scholarships

Applicant should meet Flinders’ academic entry requirements for a Master’s degree by research or a Doctorate degree by research. Click to read more about them here: https://www.flinders.edu.au/international/apply/apply-research-degree/eligibility

Also, applicants should have completed the equivalent of an Australian First Class Honors degree which means a four year degree with a major research project in the final year. Will be not taken into consideration the applicants who do not meet the English proficiency levels set by Flinders. You can read more about them here: http://www.flinders.edu.au/international-students/study-at-flinders/entry–and-english-requirements/english-language-requirements.cfm

Since applications are only open to students who are starting, for the first time, a research higher degree, they should not hold an equivalent research higher degree qualification. 


The opening data is June 14, 2017 and the closing date is August 11, 2017.

Other important news

Applicants need to contact an academic staff member in their relevant academic area to supervise them in case they are successful. Here is a list from which students can choose: https://www.flinders.edu.au/international/apply/apply-research-degree/find-research-supervisor. An e-mail evidence of the agreement between the applicants and their supervisors has to be included in their application.

In order to be eligible, applicants must include up to five of their publications a completed coversheet. The publications will be used to analyze the quality of their previous research. Students can consult their supervisor to select the best five which will be accompanied by a briefly explanation why these five where chosen.

Below is a complete list of all the requirements necessary for a student to be considered eligible for a AGRTP scholarship:


Only after all the requirements are met, the applicants will submit their applications at: agrtps.international@flinders.edu.au.

  1. I\’m a secondary school teacher teaching CHEMISTRY. I can get access to university but life in Kenya is very expensive. How can I be assisted to advance my education. My intention is to assist other disadvantaged people in society in future. I teach children from poor house-holds. I also came from the same background.

  2. I have been selected but saw the message in my email late and dont know how to go about with it…Please i need your help please

  3. My name Noel Issac from Papua New Guinea I am working with geologist please I want to tak study about GEO can you except me.

  4. i would love to be part of your program because i belive i will bring something new and diverse.i wonder if you have a scholarship for bachelor degree?

  5. I\’m Okunyi Kwot .
    I kindly requesting your esteemed university to allow me to study MA in Educating. I secured my BA Education three years back.

  6. I am a Liberian citizen, a high school graduate since 2002, and had not been financially equipped, that would have given me the ability to follow up my education at the University, can I still benefit from a scholarship?

  7. thank you so much for this offer am so glad…… am a student of the university of nigeria but wishes to study in australia but i lack the fund and thats why appealing for this scholarship.

  8. My name is Raphael Udeze from Nigeria. I am a b.SC holder in parasitology and entomology, just hope I can participate in this scholarship scheme

  9. yes,,, honestly i real do need this offer (scholarship), Am Uganda by birth from a humble background family of 7 children,non of them is learned except me,i completed higher school in 2014,joined campus but unfortunately i couldnt continue due to financial constraints.. am so grateful that may be i will be considered so i can pursue my dreams.

  10. Hello, I am Ogena Niphon from Northern Uganda. I hold Bachelor of Economics and Statistics and as well Diploma in Secondary Education.
    My dream is to master in Monitoring and Evaluation. I will be grateful if my request meets a kind consideration.

  11. even though am pleased to admit in your institution ,i have faced several challenges of administering poor family and community.i have good communication skill,life experiences, interest to share my knowledge with international students.i need financial support to establish my dream of eliminating hindrances of community development in the areas of administration,conflict management,and public relation.

  12. I am Teboho Skundla from Lesotho, I have a BSc degree in Biotechnology and would like to persue Masters in Biotechnology. I don\’t have any funding to further my studies so ask for a financial assistance.

  13. good day sir and ma\’am im glad to know about your confirmation i really like to study and that scholarship i hoe you come and help me im very poor or from the very poor family with nothing to support i even just to email very quick for i had no money .im just only a working student in order to support my self please sir and ma:am. im not joking just contact me on my very little phone heres my number thank you and God may bless you more in all your unindeng service……..my number-09108416539 whatsapp-code-549-236.

  14. Hello Sir/ Ma\’am, Im Robert from Philippines. I am glad to send you this message because i strongly believe that you can help me to pursue my masters in business through your scholarship offer. Its my pleasure If you give me an opportunity to be one of your scholar. THANKS

  15. Greeting in Honor,

    my name is Dagem Assefa from the east part of Africa, ETHIOPIA, i am so much pleased to have a chance and being part of your school to have to contribute my own share through out out of the world on my profession. but, what i claim to be and the chance and my economic status doesn\’t able me to afford what i need to be. i actually earn my first BA Degree in social science and humanity faculty with applied geography and environmental studies with minor Demography and i am so happy to get a free scholarship to have to upgrade my knowledge and skill so as to be more professional. and i look your support forward.

    With best Regard!

  16. A very good opportunity for eligible candidates.l wish I am qualified!
    However, I want to know if you(AGRTP/Flinders University) have such opportunities for undergraduate degree. As I presently have a Higher Diploma in Agriculture with Distinction from Njala University with six years working experience

  17. Dear sir/Madam i am Abdulai k Kamara am in Sierra Leone i really want to further my education but their is no help pls i want you to help me, i come from a poorest family i will be more happy if you guys consider me to study in Austria thanks for your understaning

  18. am sincerely writing to u sir /madam to hear my request. my name are tembo steward raised by a single parent and financial instability has been hounding my family for many years and am very optimistic that you will help me out to win this scholarship

  19. I am very pleased to write to your prestigious and honorable office as an applicant for the scholarship program i\’m interested in this program, but i don\’t have the finance to at turn the scholarship program because my father and mommy who use to help me they are no more alive, beside you now i have no one else to help me continue my education i am a Liberia

    Best regard
    Marvin Peabody

  20. thank you for this wonderful opportunity i am Cameroonian and wish to do masters in accounting and finance.

  21. Dear Sir/Madam I am Teferi Mengistu Mekonen, from Ethiopia, worked like a Lecturer in Dire Dawa University, Faculty of Social sciences and Humanities, Department Pedagogy and Morality. I graduated with M.A Degree in International Relations and now I want pursued my PhD or Doctoral degree in political Science. I will be glad if I am considered for the scholarship to do a Doctoral degree.

  22. Thank you very much for telling me about this scholarship. I would like to ask help for getting thing like this. I am in finding a scholarship for learning Theology Degree of the Church Service. I have all ready award Diploma in Theology, so I wold like to continue in Bachelor degree which will take part in Uganda near to my Country Tanzania but to the International students. I will happy for your consideration me to start it on May 2017 to take three years learning. God bless you at all. Sincerely, Rose Ruzabila.

  23. My name is modeccai chigamana citizen of Zimbabwe i need an undergraduate scholarship to study information communication and technology please help me fulfill my dreams

  24. Dear sis/Madame lam please to write you,, my name is Christian G.VAH from Liberia. lam a young Liberian child who in need of help towards my studies. l need to complete my studies as a l T Specialist but due to finials support l was unable to …..once again a Liberian who graduated at the age of 18years from the Seventh Days Adventist Mission High School of Liberia. i still looking for Scholarship..please,, please THANKS YOU SIS/MADAME FOR understanding

  25. hi thanks for the update …..I m looking for the scholarship to further my studies …i m a young man aged 23 doing my first Degree in Development studies at the university of Zambia in ZAMBIA …Africa i would love to study Economics ….or computer science …at your university

  26. i have attained diploma in Clinical Medicine, am requesting sponsorship opportunity at undergraduate Bsc in Medicine, MD, in Australia, Please may you consider me.

  27. Hi my name is Erotu John from Uganda.I am looking for sponsorship in any field.I graduated from hi school and since den I have failed to proceed with my education due to school fees considering the fact that my family is financially unable to support me.

  28. Sir i am Philip Tamang from Dhading, Nepal. I am looking for scholarship for the study in BACHLOR IN MEDICINE AND BACHLOR IN SURGERY in Nepal.
    I am from EARTHQUAKE affected rural area of Nepal.
    waiting for your positive response.

  29. My name is Mohammed Abdiaziz shukul ,I am from Ethiopian. I have completed bachelors degree . I WANT to continue my study for further more up to university. Can,t able to financial help by my family side.so could you help me to get this offer .thanks alot

  30. Hi,am by name of Kampire laura from Rwanda,am glad to join this scholarship because I always wish to study air traffic control but my family can\’t afford the fees,am high school graduate and wish to get my bachelor in Australia please need your help to full fill my dream thanks.

  31. My names are: Iza Cosmas, a South Sudanese by Nationality, Currently residing in Uganda as Refugee in a camp.
    Am asking for the scholarship to continue my studies in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Since I got interrupted by armed conflicts in my Country of origin. I\’m ready to prove myself personality through Academic performance and beyond. Thanks.

  32. Im Rotich from Africa (Kenya) Requesting for scholarship in Berchor Of Commerce.
    Looking forward to your positive response.Thankyou.

  33. Thank to all my guy .I am too interested to join scholarship but I am poor no any chance to process please mange all step and create this chance user

  34. Hello, I am Bulea Christopher from Uganda. I am glad to identify with you through media. I have bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Accounting Option. Am very much interested in upgrading but the opportunities are not available. Organizational leadership and management is my dream at masters level. I will be grateful if this message receives a warm welcome.


  36. Dear sir I am soheil from India now in 1 st year puc would like to join for scholarship and financial help needed for my higher studies thanks

  37. Hello, am Amanya Dorothy from Uganda, i have been pursuing a bachelor of Tourism in Makerere University but could not go on with my course due to financial difficulties. I write kindly asking for a scholarship in your university to pursue my course of Tourism. I love nature and adventure and will be thankful if you help me achieve my dreams by granting me a scholarship. Thank you so much, hope to hear from you soon.

  38. Dear sir| Madam am pastor Dennis Awal, serving in a rural location, I also started up a small NGO, called Blue Cross Community Foundation, with the aim of upholding the sanctity of human life by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children, women, men and generally people facing welfare problems through a participatory approach with the grass Root communities so to make sure they live descent and meaningful lives, so I aspire to further improve my knowledge in theology and your scholarship will help me to my aspirations and reach the zenith of my pastoral care, may GOD Bless you as you take my desire in to cconsideration. Thank you.

  39. My name is Tadiwos Tilahun from Ethiopia I am undergraduate 4 the mechanical engineering student at wachemo university in Ethiopia .I went to learn further out of country develop my knowledge and experience details by help of skilled teacher and lub international .if I get this scholarship too hope

  40. I am Lawrence an orphan. I want to study but there is no one to pay my University costs so,how can I obtain this scholarship? Please help me.

  41. My name is Amira Rajab . My University Certification is English Literature. I\’m so glad to write to you . I come from poor family and I\’m unable to afford the money . I would like to further my education especially in field of English Language. but I didn\’t have the chance to do so I\’m asking for a scholarship helping me to achieve my ambition and inspiration. It is my pleasure and I will be grateful and thankful if you grand me a scholarship. God bless you as you take my desire into consideration.

  42. I am sifiso innocent Khumalo 24yrs older, actually I am looking for a job opportunity had a matric certificate, I am hard work, loyalty to job and also able to manage time as well.
    My contact no: 0767886725
    My email: sifiso.innocent@mail.com

  43. I am very interesting to study sacred music in PHD program. thank you for your commuted response in advance.

  44. Am A Kenyan student and am seriously looking for a scholarship from your college, kindly consider my plea, I will be readily available for an interview if any even as I wait for a positive response from your reputable college.

  45. Dear/sir i am Kasim Mohammed Ali (Dr) ,I am a Veterinarian(DVM) .really am very happy to join in to your scholarshipbprogram on masters degree on any feild of Veterinary or public health.

  46. Hello ,David today there is not any message???please I will send my document authenticate diploma & 2nd degree result your po. box in DHL

  47. My name is Nomonde I passed metric last year. Um a hard worker and my biggest wish is to make my life easy and happy. Am interested in studying further but no one affords the cost,

    How can I apply to get the scholarship?

  48. my name is simon mwangi kenjeku.though raised in a poor financial background,am willing to study to high levels because my mind is not limited .I look forward towards your support in finance and mentorship.

  49. Hallo. Am Prisca in need of a scholarship grant to study barchelars in Social Work like Community and Development Studies or Business Management. I need a full fund sponsorship.

  50. Thank you so much for taking this immeasurable initiative. Credit goes to the Australia Government, hope this opportunity will be much benegical to disadvantaged people.
    As Im from Papua New Guinea, Australia Governmnet had done much and I dualy appreciate the stuffs.
    All in all, im ready to appreciate once again this very scholarship being granted to me.
    Best regards
    John Joshia
    Papua New Guinea

  51. I am greatly motivated and given this opportunity I would like to have a great international connection. however if I would get the chance to study pharmacy or any medical and health course as an undergraduate course, i will be glad.

  52. I am Kasim mohammed Ali from Gambella regional state,Livestock and Fishery resource Agency, Ethiopia. I am a Doctor in Veterinary Medicen. I came from a very poor family, i am very happy to join your scholarship programme. Please help me to to join your programme .God bless you ! i thank you

  53. Hi my name\’s Charity Omae I\’m from Papua New Guinea I\’m a year 10 drop out but I\’d like to continue my education I come from a low income family but with you help I will try to better our current situation

  54. I\’am Freda Nester and am graduated in deplomer business and management here in Solomon Islands national university SINU,and I want to do my degree studies in your country if you have my same courses .am happy if could help me to meet my aim.
    Thanks freda

  55. Hello do you give scholarship to undergraduate student I am from Papua New Guinea wish to attend university in Australia and seeking for sponsorship,
    Please assist me.

  56. Hi
    I\’m very previllaged to accept this offer.Am from the Asia Pacific region..Papua New Guinea is my country and I have never been abroad for any scholarship. I hope and pray all goes good for me as Its my first time to receive a reply from you.

    Thank you

    Best Regards
    Peter Kaipu

  57. Dear Sir,
    I am Nigerian residing in Nigeria, I am 19 years old holding an O-LEVEL certificate, seeking for a scholarship to a bachelor degree in Information Technology (IT).
    Looking forward to hear from you Sir.

    Yours Faithfully
    Muhammad Grema

  58. I am very happy for this opportunity coming my way, I pray that I should be one of the candidates who will be selected for this program. Thanks so much for this opportunity given to us.

  59. I really would not want to miss out on this chance if I can get this scholarship as an Information technology student

  60. Am Hannah Mafunga Mbereko am very glad to here from you about scholarship I would like to study PhD in engineering thanks.Am looking forward from your answer.I don\’t have much to write

  61. Dear Chair person
    I am Presley Melewonn From Liberia, seeking for the Australian Government research training program scholarship at the Flinders University.
    what is the way forward to be a part of the program ?
    I am doing Information Technology, i want to be part of the scholarship program.

  62. I\’m Nigerian, I\’m in dire need of a maritime scholarship to study Nautical Science. I solicit your assistance. Thank you

  63. I wish to apply this and I want achieve I dream or my plan because is good opportunity for my life and also in the future…

  64. I am Mayende Evans a Kenyan citizen. Am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in Kenya. It will be a great pleasure to me if given this chance. My dream all along has been taking my studies at your university, I seek for your kind consideration. Thank you.

  65. Hello first my name is morris,pls you\’re help I want go study in the city I\’m African man from west Africa

  66. Thancks; I am Emebet Alemie Dagnew from Debre Markos Unversty,Ethiopia. I came from single family beacose my dad is pased at the age of 5 with other four family members .But new I am assistant lecturer by scoring 3.83GP by Ethiopian standard and i have one puplished pepper.I would like thanck my brather he give me strangth by scoring 3.999GP get scholarship. pleace give me chace in Animale Science masters degree
    Thanks alot

  67. I really in need of such opportunity for me to study at the higher level which my parents can not afford offering me at this time. I will appreciate you if I\’m considered for this scholarship.

  68. Dear sir /madam.
    I like to learns a bout Agriculture and Textile for skills coz I have a company is Nariadi general trading.

  69. Dear sir, my name is Enathe UWITONZE i came form Rwanda, i am very happy to write to you i come from a very poor family i want to further my educations but i did not have the chance to so am asking for a scholarship so that i can further my educations, so that i can study Economics i thing you will put me in consideration .

  70. Hello… Good Evening! Sir,
    I\’m Maria Diosel from Philippines.. Belong to poor family cannot afford my college studies to continue.

  71. My name is Mr. Dawda Sulayman Nyangado from Gambia, West Africa but really appreciated this programme and we would like to affiliate with Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship grant for we for students in the Gambia. My address is P.O.Box 682, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa.

  72. Thank you so much. My name is Mannix Nosiku from Zambia, and I am glad for the scholarship offer. Please, kindly include me on the list of the recipients of this exclusive scholarship.

    Once again, thank you.


  73. Dear Sir/Madam: I am Doris M.G.Waritay from Liberia, looking for scholarship in Bachelors degree in business management and Corporate Law
    I have advanced diploma in business administration plus 5 years working experience in sales and marketing as Underwriting Officer.

  74. first i would like to thank you for giving this opportunity.i am hagos assefa from Ethiopia have llb degree and currently i am a judge if you gave me the chance i will use it appropriately and this may help the Ethiopian community in general.

  75. Hello! I am Jean de Dieu Ndayisabye, and I am currently doing the Masters of Education in Japan. Therefore, My wish is to continue to doctorate course as soon as possible.I will graduate in march 2018.
    thank you very much!

  76. I am Modeccai Chigamana, i wish to do information communication and technology.I am a Zimbabwe citizen, i managed to pass my grade13 and produced good results, unfortunately my parents coming form a poor background cannot afford to pay i need a full scholarship to fulfill my dreams and make my parents happy can you please help me to do so

  77. Goodmorning/goodafternoon,
    I am Phiri Sangulukani who would like to apply for a PHD scholarship in environmental management studies. I would be very grateful if your institution can grant me that.

  78. I am José Estêvão Mucuapa, from Maputo – Mozambique. I am so Happy to get the News. I was born in the North Mozambique from poor family and looking for sponsors to support my High degree.

    I will appreciate if i could be sellected.

    With Kind regards.


  79. Dear Sir or Madam :
    I am varney SM Talawalay ,i am a African from Liberia my family is poor and I really want to continue my education ,I am kindly asking for scholarship to study management .
    I am waiting for a positive reply in the name of God . may God bless the university .

  80. I am Gerald from Tanzania, I wish to study Musters of Busyness administration, am asking for full sponsorship.

  81. Am Michael M\’bwana from Malawi , am done with year one studying bachelor\’s of economics and am an orphan who has lost both parents. I will be very glad if you can giv me that chance to continue my studies

  82. i need help to peursue a degree in sociaal work community development or business administration human resourseses or internationall relationship i come from a needy family i am a single parent and the bread winner and have a single mother and cant afford expenses never managed to complete my studies after my father passed away.

  83. Please is there any one with information on how to get/win a full or partial scholarship to study medicine (UNDERGRADUATE) in any country around the world. Please your help is seriously needed by me and other people somewhere, thank you

  84. Am happy and willing to accept the offer. A m From Cameroon and am waiting for your final reply

  85. I am a Guinean living in Conakry, i have studied studied geography in the University and i want pursue my education in agriculture in master\’s degree, it will be a great opportunity for me and my country if i got that opportunity, please grant me that offer.

  86. I am a senior national public health laboratory officer with more than 7 years experiances including outreache and international trainins on prevention and control of infectious diseases in africa .i will really appreciate to be part of this package to prepared me internationally for Africa health problem to kick start solving really need behavioral epidemiology for my masters in public health pls give all support will be awaiting fovourable reply as soon as possible
    Your sincerely
    fatou e.h jarra

  87. My Name is Teshome Ayele; my home country is Ethiopia, If i get a chance from your university I wish to do study a Masters degree in Business Leadership . I therefore kindly ask for your assistance in form of a scholarship,
    Thank you very Much for your support

  88. Dear Sir /Madam, I am Abdulfatah, from Ethiopia. I need your concern to attend your Institution to study in conservation related fields. I am passionate to attend to Masters of Science degree in any conservation related fields (particularly Ecology and Ecosystem).
    Sincerely yours

  89. A m reckless because I have tried my luck in seeking for a successful grant of scholarship but to no avail .How do others do?

  90. My is mahder Mohammed Osman Omer ,I am from Eritrea. I have completed high school. I WANT to continue my study for further more up to university. Can,t able to financial help by my family side.so could you help me to get this offer .thanks alot

  91. My name is Dusabe Lea – Chantal I am Burundian I wish to study Masters in Intenational Relation Diplomacy Studies. I want full Scholarship. Thank you

  92. my name is MEBRHIT AZENAW TEWELDE live in ETHIOPIA country.so I need the opportunity offcholar ship . .

  93. I Love the ideology if implemented most of us who are needy shall gain and later transform our country\’s.

  94. my name is ADAMU Ibrahim Adam najeria I am poor student and my qualification NCE ( Arabic and Islamic ) and I am join your scholarship program

  95. Dear Sir greetings to you. I received your reply I appreciate but I would like to here your next reply as a direct call for me to begin my journey in furthering my career in masters in Australia.

    Thank you.
    John William Enasu

    Phone: +256779382966

  96. Dear,Sir /Madam,my name is Lamesa Bulto,from Ethiopia.I seek your consideration to join Your Institution to study in Australia. I am eager to join to Doctoral programing in business sectors.I thank you in advance.

  97. I\’m jabily from Tanzania graduated at Sokoine university. I\’m from among the poor families.I wish to study masters in Marketing or Maaters in Business adminstration. May I be helped scholarship to study it????? I will be so happy

  98. My name is Kufekisa Mwalye from Zambia. I come from a poor family and I will be very great full if you give me an opotunity to further my studies

  99. My name I Mwesigye Mark. I completed my high school successfully but because of financial challenges joined the university but didn\’t complete and so am really looking forward for a scholarship. Thank you

  100. My name is Tolerant Mutaki from Zimbabwe. I wish to do a Masters degree in Busness Leadership and have since offered a place with the university of oxford but failed to raise the the monies as my parents could not afford. I therefore kindly ask for your assistance in form of a scholarship so that i can further my education and be a change agent in my family , my country and the world as a whole.

  101. iam from Namibia I want to further my education ,but I can not able to pay my study ,so then I wowld like to appeal to your institution if you offer a bursary ,for me to apply please yours in trust


  102. Hello, I am odaddah karyou who Live in Liberia and a Liberian
    I will be greatfull if I have that upturn for this.

  103. Hi I am a Kenyan with a diploma in civil engineering and would like to join you for degree course. Help me please.

  104. Dear Sir/Madam

    i am from Bhutan and my name is Sonam Tenzin, i am working as primary health care care worker. Since i belong to a small earning group i am looking for a scholarship who could support me to study few months on topical diseases. Therefore i would be grateful if your university could support my study.

  105. I am applying for my son Henderson SAELEA he had his first degree in the University of South Pacific UPS, Fiji in 2012. He was the only university grats for my whole tribe and were not rich too.

    Apperantly, he had struggled for 4 years and have not secured a job so my poor family have to spent another extra SBD $10,800 for a year upgrade to do secondary school teaching for a year. He was a smart young man and I would like him to further do his masters in environmental Science and Biology. This would be an opportunity for him under Canada funding scholarship.

    Thank you for your assistance and offer if given a change.

    Maxwell SAELEA

  106. hello my name is sunday john from Nigeria. I will glad if I am offer this scholarship in order to fulfill my ambitions.I just had my first in chemical engineer

  107. i am by the name Hassan Hussein abdullahi, somali by nationality i am from poor family at the same time my parents had pass away. i would like to be very greateful if you offer me this chance.

    yours faithfully

  108. Hi I\’m Renaldo Blaauw from Atlantis;Cape Town;South Africa, currently in grade 12. I want to study Sound Engineering next year .I am very happy to write to you i come from a very poor family i want to further my educations but i did not have the chance to so am asking for a scholarship so that i can further my educations; Please help

  109. I am pa yiramang cham i want to further my education. I will be grateful if I have scholarship from the government.. I will want to study sports & exercises, nutrition and health for Bsc degree.

  110. Dear Sir I am Duarte da Costa Sarmento, from Timor Leste, worked like a Lecturer in National University of Timor Lorosa\’e, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, Department Mechanical Engineering. I want pursued my PhD or Doctoral degree. Can I apply this scholarship or not? I wait your returned.

    Duarte da Costa Sarmento

  111. Hi my name is Helen Ndoh Mosomba from Cameroon am seeking for a bachelors degree in children\’s special needs and in inclusive practise in your university

  112. Hello sir this is innocent kindly i request the chance of study the the pilot education in your country .I give thanks for you and all since you get this message

  113. Iam called Wuor puot wech from S. Sudan iam so glad since I got your scholarship program am poor student and I need your urgent help to further my education in your university and am graduated in highschool so by then I need to pursue my study in Australia and course is Engineering and I will be grateful if you can accept my request.

  114. It\’s a wonderful offer I will be glad if I am considered for the scholarship to do a bachelor\’s or masters degree

  115. Need to study with you for Masters in Mass communication. I hold Diploma in Public Relations.How is your programme of study?

  116. Iam Felix Nkhata,looking for scholarship in Bachelors degree in business management and entre or under ship,
    I have advanced diploma in business administration plus 10 years working experience in sales and marketing.

  117. Dear Sir/Madam, am a Pastor, serving in a rural location. I aspire to further improve my knowledge in Theology, and your scholarship could help me attain my aspirations and reach the zenith of my Pastoral care. God bless you as you take my desire into consideration.

  118. my name is Meshack ,from Kenya,and I want to parsue law but I can make it due to my financial status,hope you will put me into consideration

  119. Dear sir , its me rashmi acharya.AlI the way from nepal.I will be very thankful if I get this golden chance to study in bachelor of business for scholarship.

  120. Am a high school student am humble faithful student I ll to finish my education I wish to be a doctor in my future but my parent does not afford the money please if your willing to help me please help me and God ll bless you more thank you…

  121. I am a Kenyan high school graduate seeking for a scholarship for a bachelors degree in computer science

  122. Dear sir , my name is baboucarr Touray i came from Gambia am very happy to join your this scholarship fund so i will be very happy if you grand me a scholarship

  123. dear sir, my name is Baboucarr Touray i came form Gambia, i am very happy to write to you i come from a very poor family i want to further my educations but i did not have the chance to so am asking for a scholarship so that i can further my educations, so that i can study computer science and minor pharmacology i thing you will put me in consideration .

  124. My Name is Shahzad from Pakistan I am Poor Student and My Qualification F.Sc (Pre-Engineering) and I am Join Your Scholarship Program & I am Hard Work Computer

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