SPE Bachelor Scholarship Program in Thailand 2018

Opting for distance learning education and a degree program in an online university is not always a bad thing. In fact, it is an increasingly good thing as a lot of established institutions are scrambling to gain a foothold in this emerging new mark which attracts students just as much as traditional education.

The reason for this is that distance learning education provides many benefits which traditional education may sometime be pesky about. First is prices. Mounting prices today have rendered education to some bright individuals nearly impossible. The high costs of tuition and associated living costs have put a damp on many young people’s dreams of enrolling in university.

To this end, distance learning education has been largely perceived as an alternative. And it is becoming a very good one. Still, established universities, aware of this trend have decided to act and act quickly they have. Through the implementation of scholarships, private, university-backed or governmental scholarships, universities have made themselves accessible again, and degree programs may now be obtained more easily than not

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a private scholarship which offers to fund promising candidates who want to pursue a bachelor degree program. The scholarship is aimed exclusively at Thailand nationals. The scholarship will provide for several aspects of the successful candidate’s education.

  • Financial support will be bestowed upon the successful candidate to pursue studies in one of several eligible universities in Thailand;
  • The scholarship only applies to students from Thailand

Eligibility wise, the following criteria must be met for a candidate to be considered successful:

  • The successful candidate is studying and pursuing a bachelor degree in a known university or a college;
  • The successful candidate has interest in working with the Petroleum Exploration and Production Industry after their graduation;
  • The prospective candidate is a Thai national;
  • Past recipient of the scholarship may reapply.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students may send an application for to scholarship-at-thaispe.org. The application is online. For additional details regarding the scholarship, following the link. The deadline is 1 October 2017.

Acquiring a degree program through distance learning education is a viable option today. But why bother when so many scholarships are up for grabs today?

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  1. My name is Zwelethu Matsenjwa, and u just have recently completed my senior secondary education last year. I am 20 years and on my results I have heavy points on maths and science. I an kindly applying for scholarship in ur company.

    I hope my request will be attended to , with great consideration.

    Yours sincerely
    Zwelethu Matsenjwa

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