Pursuing a career in science? This $1,000 scholarship could help you pay for school

Paying for college is a lot easier this days thanks to the numerous scholarship opportunities

Science majors can cut college costs by submitting applications for scholarships, like the one offered by the Electrochemical Society

Thinking of enrolling with an on-campus or online bachelor degree, but you don’t know which field of study to choose? Consider what you are good at!

If you have analytic thinking skills and are good with numbers, maybe you should start thinking about pursuing a science degree. There are multiple benefits to choosing this career path in life and below we’re going to try and lay them out to you.

First off, you can choose to study a broad subject such as biology, chemistry or mathematics or a more specialized subject. So if you have a particular topic you are keen about in the scientific field, you can very well start researching offline and online schools and see if they offer this specialization.

You should also keep in mind that some science careers will require you have a postgraduate degree, so if you have a specific career goal in mind you need to consider whether you are willing to go all in and complete a masters or PhD.

The good news is that an offline or online bachelor degree can open up a wide array of job opportunities for you. For example, whatever you end up studying, you can become a research scientist in that specific area.

A biology or biology-related degree can lead to career in varied fields such as agriculture, biomedicine, food and drink, genetics or marine biology. The same applies to degrees in chemistry, mathematics or computer science.

So the bottom line is that if you decide you want to become a scientist, science degrees open up plenty of alternative career routes. You could easily end up being a science journalist if you want to blend your passions for science and writing. It’s all possible.

Check the available options at different offline or online colleges and decide what would suit you better. While you’re doing that, you should keep in mind another thing – there are plenty of specialized scholarships which seek to fund students pursuing a career in science – so you have a big chance of securing financial aid to fund your degree.

Here’s an example of such a scholarship. It’s offered by the Electrochemical society and is open to young engineers and scientists in the field of electrochemical power sources. The scholarship aims to encourage students to initiate or continue careers in the field.

In order to apply, candidates need to be enrolled in college or university at the time of the application. Interested parties are required to submit transcripts of all post-secondary school academic work, as well as a detailed list of achievements including publications, patents and so on.

A statement that describes the student’s commitment to researching in the field of electrochemical power sources, as well as a latter or recommendation from a research supervisor should also be included.

The award consists of a $1,000 prize to be used to pay for college expenses. The deadline for submitting the application is March 15, annually.


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