The $2500 AACE International Scholarship – A Better Future for International Students

AACE International is active for more than 50 years serving the cost management since 1956 by providing certifications for professionals. AACE International has extended its activity in 100 countries where 8500 members are working to ensure and support the ideas between members, development of technical guidance and quality education and recognition of subject matter experts. AACE’s members are professionals coming from different disciplines across all industries.

AACE International has launched a scholarship project to encourage and support students to become future professionals. The company offers both competitive and matching scholarships to Canadian, US, and International students interested in pursuing an area related to cost management/ cost engineering. The scholarships are offered by the AACE International Education Board and are available in different amounts where the biggest prize is $2500.

AACE International Sections may offer scholarships through the matching funds scholarship program. Applications for the competitive scholarships will be analyzed for inclusion in the matching funds scholarship program. The awarded scholarships will be used in the fall term of the next academic year.

In order to be considered eligible, it is a must that students must meet the following criteria:

1. Entrants have completed one year of college and are enrolled at an accredited university as a full-time student for the fall term. Entrants must be pursuing one the following disciplines:

  • Building Construction
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering (including Agricultural Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Electrical Engineering)
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Quantity Surveying

2. Entrants must possess a GPA of 3.0 or higher

3. Entrants ought to complete and submit the online application as well as the Advisor’s recommendation. Currently the application process is closed and will be reopened in January. Students are advised to check the official website http://web.aacei.org/resources/career-mentoring-center/scholarships in January.

4. For the applicants in their final undergrad degree, in order to be considered eligible, must have been accepted to attend a full-time graduate program in the next academic year.

The key milestones in the AACE International scholarship are represented below:

January 1st – February 28th: the admission process will be opened;

March: the applications will be sent to the Education Board for review;

April: the Education Board will identify the finalists, select the recipients, and determine the amount. Then, the applications will be sent to AACE International Sections to provide a Section level scholarship.

May: the final results will be displayed and the winners will have to provide the necessary amount of info for the disbursement of funds.

August (first week): scholarship funds will be disbursed to the universities where the winners are students.


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