SanDisk awards $2,500 scholarships to students with a demonstrate interest in entrepreneurship

SanDisk wants to help student entrepreneurs pay for college

SanDisk is a brand known for its flash products, but the company is also offering scholarships for college

These days, students are starting their on-campus or online education with new career attitudes. Interest in entrepreneurship is on the rise, while at the same time internship opportunities are viewed as a greater necessity than before.

In the preceding decades, stories of super successful entrepreneurs who have risen from nothing have become sufficiently wide-known to serve as sources of inspirations for many young, aspiring entrepreneurs. This excitement and drive to succeed is still visible in the energy of the modern entrepreneurial world.

So it’s no wonder students enrolled with an on-campus or online college degree are readily attracted by this culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The entrepreneurial skill set is quite invaluable in these modern times, as it allows individuals inside and outside an organization to act as the driving forces of progress. These are skills based on teamwork, creativity and the dream of creating financial stability. But this expertise can’t be learned on the go, but requires students get their hands dirty in the action.

As a student of offline or online education interested in developing entrepreneurial capabilities, you don’t only open up a lot of avenues for future employment opportunities, but also have the chance to win scholarships for college.

You might not know this, but there are a lot of scholarship opportunities directly targeting students with entrepreneurial interests.

College is super expensive these days, regardless of whether you are studying with an online college degree or a traditional one.  That’s why most students turn the private scholarship industry to get help paying for their degree.

There are many scholarships offered by corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations and if you have a specific skill like entrepreneurial interest, you should also try looking for specific funding programs. Below you’ll find an example of what we’re talking about here.

If you own a personal computer, smartphone or tablet, you’re probably familiar with the SanDisk brand. This is an Israeli-American manufacturer of flash memory products including memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, and solid state drives. Well, the company also has a scholarship program going on, curated by the SanDisk Foundation.

The funding program is open to high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomore or juniors who are looking to attend an undergraduate program in the foreseeable future.

In order to become eligible to win one of the $2,500 scholarships offered by the Foundation, applicants must demonstrate an interest in leadership and entrepreneurial activities, as well as financial need.

The SanDisk Foundation also awards three $2,500 awards to dependents of SanDisk employees. Last but not least, two students are chosen as SanDisk Scholars and awarded full tuition scholarships up to four years.

The deadline and details for this year scholarship contest haven’t been posted yet, but be sure to bookmark the page below and come back at a later date for updated information on the matter.

Until then, concentrate on your entrepreneurial activities, if you want to be considered an eligible candidate.


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