4 Fully-Funded Commonwealth Scholarships in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University

Young, with 26 years of academic experience but vibrant and progressive, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore has established itself as a world-class university; a world-class university where researchers, international and domestic scholars, and world-acclaimed professors are creating annually new paths to success for young generations.

NTU is an ACU member (Association of Commonwealth Universities) which allows the possibility to all its current and prospective students to enjoy the opportunities that come from NTU’s status. Since the introduction of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan in 1959, more than 34.000 individuals were awarded. Commonwealth Scholarships offer the chance for gifted students to obtain a qualification from an overseas university and benefit from a whole new appalling international experience.

Currently, NTU is offering 4 fully-funded Commonwealth Scholarships in any research specialism offered by NTU. Only citizens from Commonwealth countries can apply. The full list of Commonwealth countries can be consulted here http://thecommonwealth.org/member-countries. Singapore citizens and permanents residents are excluded. The fully funded scholarships cover fully the tuition fees, a living allowance of 2000 Singapore dollars per month, and a resettlement & airfare grant of 2500 Singapore dollars.

However, before applying for the Commonwealth Scholarships, students are advised to consult the admission requirements established by NTU based on their student status. Thus, before signing up for the scholarship, students must know if they are eligible for admission at NTU and then proceed with their scholarship application. All the details are mentioned on NTU’s official website: http://www.ntu.edu.sg

The research programs NTU offers to its prospective and current students as eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarships can be consulted here http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/R-WhenYouApply/Pages/R-ApplyOnline.aspx It is also important that students will read and understand the contents on how to apply and what documents are required for the admission process. The list of the supporting documents can be found here http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/R-WhenYouApply/Pages/R-SendSupportingDocuments.aspx

Students who do not comply with the general admission rules established by the university, the admission rules established by the selected are of study, and finally, with the admission rules of the Commonwealth scholarships must not apply. All the admission rules are posted on NTU’s official website as well as on ACU’s https://www.acu.ac.uk.

Students who comply with the admission rules in each case are required to complete the online NTU graduate research program app and mention on the form that they also wish to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship.

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