Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Students Prepared to Make a Change in Their Communities

2018 is full of surprises for distance learning students who do not afford to further their education abroad and study on campus. However, opting for online education provides as much benefits as being an offline student. Students not only will they have the chance to divide their time between work, family, and study but they will also enjoy the distance learning benefits offered by accredited and reliable online universities. Whoever is all for the benefits of enjoying a distance learning class subsidized by scholarships should search about the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

For students who are not familiar with the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships, they must know that the scholarships are available only for citizens of developing Commonwealth Countries. A complete list with all the countries can be accessed here: http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/developing-cw-countries/. The Commonwealth Scholarship scheme was created by the UK Department for International Development and its aim is to contribute to the UK’s international development.

The scholarship program is available only for Master’s students and is offered in partnership with local providers in developing countries. Hence, students can proceed with their online education being at the same time subsidized and offered a scholarship tenable at one of UK universities. Even though the application process is currently closed, students can start submitting their application in March 2018. Students are advised to constantly check the following page http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/distance-learning/info-candidates/ in order to stay up to date about the commencement of the submission process.

Additionally, students are advised to check the following link http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/distance-learning/previous-courses/ where they will find listed all the UK universities supported by the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships program. Hence, they will have the possibility to find a UK university suitable for them before the submission process opens. The submission process on 2017 was divided into 3 stages, which were:

  1. The Commonwealth scholarship scheme invited UK universities interested to partake in the scholarship scheme.
  2. The Commonwealth scholarship scheme welcomed proposals from the shortlisted universities creating a list with all the online courses selected and the number of scholarships allocated to each online course.
  3. The Commonwealth Commission selected candidates for the scholarship program from the list of shortlisted candidates which were nominated by each of the participating university.

Students who wish to submit their application for the current year are advised to check constantly the links posted above and stay up to date. Good luck to everyone who submits his/her application for the Commonwealth scholarship scheme for 2018.

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