Up to 5 $2,000 King’s College Entrance Scholarship Offered by the University of Queensland

If there is one thing you should pick Australia as your future country of study for is the challenging and rewarding academic environment. Australia is promoting creativity, innovation, and independent thinking throughout the universities encouraging students across the world to dare for their future. If you are an international student determined to visit and study in Australia, expect to live and grow surrounded by the many opportunities Australia is offering.

One of Australia’s promises for international students is the University of Queensland (UQ). UQ is an Australian research university located in Brisbane. The university is consistently ranked first for life sciences, business administration, and mining engineering. Currently, the university is offering King’s College Undergrad and Postgrad Scholarships to Australian and permanent residents, New Zealand’s citizens and International students.

The University of Queensland is offering different types of scholarships based on different categories of students. A lucky Bachelor’s student will be encountered with the King’s College Entrance Scholarship worth $2,000. These scholarships are offered at the discretion of the King’s College Master. The application process requires writing a 500 words or less article about what they should receive this particular scholarship. More info about this scholarship can be found here http://www.kings.uq.edu.au/Scholarships-and-Bursaries

Another type of scholarship is offered to Rugby players. Two $4000 scholarships each will be awarded to King’s College students who have proved they are capable of playing Rugby at high standards. Only those who are members of the UQ Rugby Academy are invited to apply. The scholarships will be awarded over a period of one year.

The third type of scholarships offered by the university is dedicated to high standard students who have proven great performance in their chosen sport. The lucky winner will receive a discount of up to half of the standard room accommodation at King’s. And the last type of scholarships offered by UQ is dedicated to students whose passion for art bore fruits. Singers, instrumentalists and so one are invited to apply.

Which are the selection criteria? The applications will be reviewed based on the following aspects:

1.Entrants should be accepted to King’s College as a new resident. They must apply via www.kings.uq.edu.au.

2. Entrants should demonstrate the will to involve in the Inter-College Competition.

3. Entrants should prove their leadership skills.

For more about the selection criteria, you can consult the following link https://scholarships.uq.edu.au/scholarship/kingss-college-scholarship-program.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The application processes for all scholarships are required to write in 500 words or less why the entrants are the best fit to receive one of the scholarships. 

The closing data for the scholarships is Friday 1st of December.

  1. First of all, let me introduce my self.my name is sultan mohammed awel from ethiopia.l have BSc degree by plant science and l was graduated in 2018 and also CGPA 3.72.Then pls help me, l need to join scholarship for MSc

  2. i am tesfanesh gudeno i am graduted from Arba Minch University in BSC of Hydraulis &Water Resourece engineering.i will realy need scolarship in your university

  3. Respected sir ! I need scholarship for my civil engineering programe second semester and onwards , i\’ll be very greatful to you

  4. I have finished form 4 and I was not able to join the university because of lack of funds so I really need the scholarship

  5. hi I finished metric and I am willing to study further but I need your help to do so and I wish you can give me full scholarship from your university

  6. I have finished my high school now I need your scholarship to study in your university I\’m living in the Gambia west Africa.

  7. I\’m Hassan Sesay a Sierra Leonean with a post graduate degree in bachelor of social sciences in social work at the Fourah Bay College University Of Sierra Leone.
    I\’ve worked with the ministry of social welfare gender and children\’s affairs as an Intern in doing research and counseling of young juveniles in our country and also making recommendations in striving and enhancing their welfare even though they\’ve come in contact with the laws of the nattion……
    I was impressed in going through this website concerning the scholarship and the facilities entitle to it, and i\’m sure it will be a dream come through if only I could be granted such an amazing opportunity to further my studies in craving for the well-being and the welfare of humanity with an utmost Equality in all aspects of life, which currently a serious social issues in the world at large and my country to be precise…
    Even though it has been my dreams but how can I ascertained such with the limited availability of required resources haven\’t been providing supporting and conducive atmosphere in attaining such goals of mine;due to financial instability and the proffered chances to opportunities of such in enhancing ones initiatives of achieving his/her dream.
    But I do believe that if i\’m granted with the opportunity to further my studies with the above scholarship, it will surely help me through in actualizing my dreams and remarkable integrity because I would\’ve been equipped with the required skills and knowledge in a professional in the profession of social services provider of whatever the circumstance might be……
    Having taken a chance to the scholarship, i just pray and hope that my chance of being granted with the scholarship will be considered with greater consideration despite my diverse beliefs and values….

  8. Hello am Tarik kebede from East Africa Ethiopia and am great full that you are offering change for international students to study abroad and am one of them wondering to have free and fully funded scholarship in field of Software Engineering and I wish if I could have a chance to prove my ability to do a great thing in my life and to be changed in order to be reasenable and creative person
    I Can be a great person!!!!!!

  9. thank you am finishing high school in rwanda so if you may offer me your
    scholarship i may use it to prosper the world and God\’s people

  10. i am Abdi Hanad Ahmed from somalia I have completed bachelor\\’s degree in education from the university of simad i am interested to get master degree in accounting and finance please give me the apportunity about this scholership

  11. i am seid ali from Ethiopia i am graduted from Adama science and technology university in geodesy and geomatics engineering and know i am worked as assistant lecturer in dilla university I .m keen enough to pursue my Msc in geodesy and geomatics engineering in your university If I.m offered a full scholarship thanking for every thing in advance.

  12. hello this is Eliyas Shiferaw from Ethiopia I got my BA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Kotobe University College and now I .m keen enough to pursue my Ma in any Geography related disciplines in your university If I.m offered a full scholarship thanking for every thing in advance.

  13. Hello, is me Eki KAMAVE from Papua new Guinea wishing to study masters in education curriculum. I have completed bachelor\’s degree in education from the university of Goroka in Papua new Guinea. Moreover, interested to do full-time on campus studies.

  14. im desired to study my masters degree in food processing or food science and human nutrition, if there is such field of study!

  15. I am happy to apply to study in Australia because i like this continent
    thought it i may conduct to lead many young children to be creative
    because Australia is favorable continent to reach your destiny and i am glad and proud of it
    I promise to do my best to be there

    Best regard !
    Pierre SENGABIRE

  16. Im Nozipho from Mtubatuba
    I\’d be so grateful if I could get this scholarship , because I\’ll be able to study for my career choice which is B PHARMACY.

  17. I\’m Amaregn massage from Ethiopia. It my great pleasure if I get the scholarship intended to foreign students to pursue my PhD study in physics.

  18. August 28, 2017 at 11:43 am
    My name is Emmanuel Chiles Quekershian from Liberia.I wish to be given a full undergraduate scholarship . I’ll be grateful if you grant me the chance to study the field that I ever dreamed of in country. Thanks ever so much.

  19. My name is Yerusalem Eba from Ethiopia.I wish to be given a full scholarship and I want to study Management. I\’ll be grateful if you grant me the chance to study the field that I ever dreamed of.

  20. im Simbarashe Rutsito.waiting on going to University.if given an opportunity ild like to study nursing

  21. I\’m emmanuel letting from kenya.i am here by writing thise letter under scholership program offer by ur institution.i will be glad if my request will be accepted to join you university so that i could help ny family and young kenyans in near future to prosper in their life through education sector,lastly i pray to thise institution providing finacial aids to developing country whithout baseing on gender

  22. I am Ssewanyana Bill Joel studying from King\’s College Budo in Uganda. I am very glad to have received such information linking me to a golden opportunity to study from such a prestigious institution located in Australia.l thereby request to join such an institution so that I also receive the pride of having sudied sciences from there with some aid. Lastly, I pray that God blesses this institution and this website aswell for enabling people in developing countries to receive such opportunities

  23. Please help to have this scholarship so that I will be able to further my education to become a medical practitioner so as to save lives, increase life expectancy, work in a team and decrease child death and mortality rate.

  24. I Am Tesfaye Seifu from Ethiopia.I strongly looking to
    study in Australia in Civil Engineering fields for Masters Degree program.
    so can you help to get a free scholarship.
    with regard:!

  25. My name is Tesfaye Dinku from Ethiopia.I strongly looking to study in Australia in any business fields for masters program. so can you help to get a free scholarship.
    with regard:!

  26. Good evening sir/madam: I\’m Otis B. Geedeh, an applicant seekingseeking schalorship admission for master program. How can I get started?

  27. Am Rev Abraham Karidzamimba a full time Pastor,
    I wish to advance my education in your country, this will help me to have a wider understanding in my ministry.

  28. My Name is Fikremariam Biru and am from Ethiopiai . I wish to be given a full scholarship in your country. Granting me the opportunity will surely help me achieve my goals and accomplish my dreams , as i want to study masters degree of Manegment and related
    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you once again.

  29. My name is Anthony Senghore a Gambian. I am a teacher by profession I will be very glad if am given the opportunity. I will participate inter college competition especially if it is sports because am good at it.
    Thanks in abundance, waiting to hear from you.

  30. Pleas sir i need your help tow Confirm you will givme the scholarship offer thank you sir may god bless your chouldern

  31. Thank you for choosing me to be among the choosen ones.
    My Names are Siyanda Mary and am from Zambia, Africa. I wish to be given a full scholarship in your country. Granting me the opportunity will surely help me achieve my goals and accomplish my dreams , as i want to study Electrical Engineering.
    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you once again.

  32. My name is ugochi favour nwakanma i do not have a well standard educational leadership that is why I look forward to any opportunities that comes my way and King\’s college is one among millions of colleges I would wish, pray for and hope to be accepted as a student. I need a full sponsored scholarship thank you so very much for this wonderful offer.

  33. My name is Olani Tuge i have MA in Educational Leadership so I need to continue further study.I would be very mach glad if your college grant me to study pursue PHD in Educational Leadership I need fully sponsored scholarship , Thank you in advance for your offer !

  34. I need fullscholarship this university I am Abdulkadir Adam Mohamed i have bachelor degree so I need to continue my knowledge i hope the best

  35. 2016-2017, I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Needs Education. Currently, I working in the Diocese ofJinja as the Chaplain to Persons With Disability. From the cases I have meet in the field, I want to study a masters in law in the same field so that I can help PWDS more effectively.

  36. Am Albine Asiku from Uganda. I thank you for giving me this chance to stand among those for selection in to this Sponsorship. Am humbled and as well patiently waiting for a success story for me to finally get a spot for this sponsorship too.
    Thanks a lot


  37. I really need this scholarship for nursing studies .I will be waiting for your replyreply may Almighty God bless you

  38. im an african man aspiring to study in australia. my question is how can l get a scholaship to come and study that side.

  39. I wish to apply for this scholarship to read Arabic litaretures, I thank you for the service You uffer to students, God bless you aboundantly.

  40. I would like to get a chance also
    Thanks for the services you offer to students may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you

  41. I wish to apply to this scholarship to study abroad because in my own country Kiribati it is boring school especially it not famous in the world and I want to bring my country name around the world.

  42. Good day, family of king\’s college.
    I wish to have a scholarship to study for a bachelor\’s in social and human studies in your institution.

    While waiting for your reply,I remain humble to your institution.


  43. This is quite a fruitful desired scholarship program.by Your outfit. congratulations.

    A. The project design management and resource mobilization PDM/RM systems training prepare trainees to become deeply concerned about poverty stricken issues surrounding them and are able to determine the root causes, the characteristics and the effect of prevailing trends of the various issues in their area.
    B. Acquires the requisite knowledge and skills to determine all prospects within and around their areas for possible utilization.
    C. Equip them with the necessary tools and skills to better determine, analyze, prioritize and systematically plan industrial and infrastructure needs for their areas.
    D. Capable of becoming potential project planners ,designers, initiators and the necessary skills to mobilize and also tap the required Human, material and financial resources to manage and sustain the various projects for industrial and infrastructure attainment to mitigate youth un employment issues particularly in rural areas
    E. Prepares them to attain the desired passion for efficient and prudent utilization of acquired resources.
    F .Equips them with the necessary tools and skills that enable them to engage in effective and continuous impact assessment processes for project modification and improvement systems for posterity purposes.


  44. I need to Study Masters degree program in accounting and finance or business area to grow my knowledge but I did not get this chance because I have no money to pay the fee. Please help me I need full scholarship. Thank you for all!

  45. I am resently granted an international student title.
    please I want you to help me to get the opportunity of education in university of Quensland

  46. Ghana
    I\’m hardworking but facing financial crisis so please I need the scholarship to further my Senior High Education

  47. I am Tadele Workineh from Ethiopia. I am a very young lecturer at one of the public Universities in Ethiopia. I am graduated from Addis Ababa University with MA degree in Medial Sociology and with very good grade for my thesis. Thus, I am very eager to get a better educational opportunity in the abroad. Please I corially ask for your cooperation to grant me scholarship. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Contact adress: tadeleworkineh@gmail.com
    Cell phone: +251920-96-88-01

  48. iam from a very poor background i wish your management to help me with schoolarship,so that i can prosper with learning.

  49. I am an undergraduate student in the Gambia earning scholarship to your country will really contribute to my success in my educational career please grant me the scholarship to fullfill my aims and objective

  50. dear sir my name is odah koffi Laïssi , I\’m a student at university of lome Togo , I\’m24 years old. I need the scholarship to study in option: history of the internationl relation at australia

  51. Mr and Mrs my name is Abdi shakuur Hasaan Ahmed I need to learn more about education but I don\’t have enough money if u can help me please and please can I enjoy the scholarships. ……
    Thnks for this time

  52. I want to thank the management of this philanthropic work, God will surely reward. Am Samuel, a graduate of HND statistics,I am desperate to increase my knowledge, I will be grateful if am blessed through this honourable platform to run Master degree program. And make my dream come true.

  53. I thank the management for this scholarship.I am undergraduate student in Ghana, I like your country, and i want to study more and achieve my aim.

  54. I would be happy if I can get scholarship from your fellowship to study even at home here in Kenya.It\’s on Theology and Community development/P.Management study.

  55. I\’m Yuusuf Abdi Osman completed high school and now 21 years old want to get the scholarship how can you help me from Uganda i am having passport and all the required document thanks if my request is considered

  56. Hello l\’m Lynmary Wadzanai Kagoro 18 years of age I\’ve just finished my A level. I\’m looking forward to have a scholarship to study either in United Kingdom or Australia.

  57. I am Odong Emmanuel Atto completed high school and now 21 years old want to get the scholarship how can you help me from Uganda i am having passport and all the required document thanks if my request is considered

  58. I am Girma I am graduated MSC in medical microbiology. Currently I am teaching in one of the university in Ethiopia. I want to join PhD in the same field of study. if you have such a field of study, I am very interested to join.

  59. I am a 21 years old young man. I have just completed Senior Secondary School. I want to study law. I will be grateful if I am granted a scholarship to study law anywhere in the world including UK. As my parent can not afford to pay for the fees

  60. I am a 21 years old young woman. I have just completed Senior Secondary School. I want to study medicine. I will be grateful if I am granted a scholarship to study medicine anywhere in the world including Ghana. As my parent can not afford to pay for the fees

  61. Kelly Patovaki
    From Solomon islands
    I have bachelor in education – teaching mathematics and I really need to do pure mathematics especially in statistics and calculus practical apllicatiions.

  62. I have electrical engineering technician part lll(3) and I wish to do Bsc electrical engineering online or offline but no support,kindly push me through

  63. Hi my name is kenyi Alex Charles a South Sudanese refugee in Uganda in Bidibidi refugees settlement I have a degree and would like to enroll to postgraduate program but completely has no source of funding I will be glad if I can be offered a scholarship

  64. hi I\’m Ayanda from South Africa next year I\’m going to UKZ to study teaching now I don\’t have anyone who will support me with the funding, now I just want to ask what will i do to get this scholarship cz I really need it.

  65. My name is Yishak Solomon, from Ethiopia.l graduated from grade 12 and I have the topest score.I went to do BA degree in Engineering Science.I am really interested with your scholarship.

  66. My name is Ali Abdi Mohammed my nationality is somali , plz if u could help me I would like to help schooler ship BC my family they don\’t able to continue my education because of poverty . for me I dreamt to go abroad and to learn there my university and also to learn computer science so plz help me …

  67. Hi
    My name is Julius Mkisi from Zambia and I would like to know what exactly I should do to earn this scholarship.
    I really want to study as a medical doctor.
    Please help.

  68. Hello Dear iam alemnew from Ethiopia iam BA Degree in educational planing and managment but iwould like to study MBA please give me the scholarship opportunity.
    If i get it iwill be very happy.

  69. pls help me out of this poverty country PNG ,,, im really struggling for my education ,,,,,,pls i need a scolar ship to study mining engineering or a doctor pls

  70. Am Nabukalu Grace, from Uganda. I would like to get this scholarship so that I can better my education in business.

  71. Hy, I\’m Nokulunga from Swaziland, getting this scholarship would be a dream come true. My question though would be, what exactly is needed in order to qualify for the scholarship?

  72. Asslam alikum sir im sajjad from pakistan shahdadpur please give me this scholarship i need this if sir you give me then iwill be very happy

  73. l am Gbenga Dele Omoboyede from Nigeria,l will love to study MSc Economic Education in Australia through your Scholarship Scheme.Thanks.

  74. hi sir am njah melvis from Cameroon plssssss if this scholarship is given to me I will be most happy person on earth as my dreams wil come through atlast

  75. I\’m a the third boy among five from a poor family that is not able to help me countinu my studies ! Therefore i want to countinu my studies for a longu time so getting your scholarship will be a good opportunity for me to finish what i want to do do. I\’m at your disposal waiting some good results! Thank you!

  76. Dear sir,
    I\’m Deepika from Sri Lanka. I was born in 1997. I did my advance level exam in 2016. My subjects were Sinhala, Political Science and Logic & Scientific Method . Already, I have been selected to Colombo university for law faculty.
    My mother is a house wife. My father hasn\’t a lucrative job as well as he is doing jot jobs. So I\’m not in a position to get a of scholaships without free of charge. After that I Would like to learn in foreign country but it\’s difficult for me to get a chance to learn because I haven\’t lots of money. That\’s why I\’m eagerly applying for this scholarship.

  77. I am from Nigeria,I love this, but I appealed for a full masters scholarship in your institution
    I posses BSc.(Edu) in Guidance and Counselling / Social Studies

  78. Hello, I am praise from Lagos Nigeria I am already included in d allthrough scholarship I no.
    But please I want to no if a person who wants to study medicine is included in dis platform.

  79. I\’m joy from Bangladesh. I\’m belong a poor family. So if you give me a full free scholarship in king college in Australia I\’ll for it. Because I want learn from your college and become success in my life. If you have any full free school for ??!!

  80. Actually I haven\’t any money to get this opportunity but if you gives me a full free scholarship. I\’ll go for it.

  81. Hi .I m Nabi Gul from Pakistan. I want to take admission in medical field.e.g. Nursing. i Hope u Will help me for this. …
    Waiting for reply

  82. Hi,I am mandisa comfort Ngcobo.I would like to be assisted in regard with scholarship. I want to do marketing management.i am passionate in business.

  83. Hi, I am Markos Getahun from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Accounting with very grat distniction CGPA I want to study MBA program and I need your usual support in the form of scholarship. please give me one chance.

    Tank you!.

  84. Hello!!!
    I am Motshidisi Evodia Manotsi from free state @botshabelo
    i need a schoolarship more than anything,please help me out
    I want to study abroad after finishing my matric this year

  85. My name is Ojekwu Thecla i am a Nigerian.
    I would like to do M.sc in Entrepreneure if the scholarship is been offered to me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  86. Myself Nidhi Rawal.I am from Nepal. I really need this scholarship to continue my further studies as my mother can\’t afford my fee.

  87. I am Abu Kamara from Sierra Leone, West Africa, and i am looking for scholarship to further my studies to make my self useful to my self, community and the world at large

  88. Hi, this is Tingu Brian from Uganda. Getting this scholarship wil be a big blessing to me because it\’s one of my dreams after me failing to afford tuition at at my home University.

  89. thank you for giving me this scholarship ,am will work very hard so that you don\\’t regret for giving me this scholarship…..yours sincerely Miss mekeni

  90. Am Aliyu baana ibrahim from nigeria am really in need of the scholarship opportunity to complete my studies and also to be a useful tool to my society
    I will be grateful and happy if my request is granted

  91. Am really in need of the scholarship because i want to be a useful person in the society
    I will be grateful if my request is granted.

  92. Hi, am kenny from Nigeria, I would love to study abroad after been denied by many university here in Nigeria l want a scholarship that will sponsor me through all level.Thanks

  93. I will appreciate it if I\’m gaven this scholarship to study in Australia at the Queensland University. I\’m looking forward to a reply for you somedays. Thanks…

  94. I am interested in your education system and it will be a pleasure to get a Degree from your university.
    but I have a couple of a question to ask .1: Which courses are you offering?
    2. Do you offer masters if yes which criteria?

  95. Iam requesting for a scholarship to further my education in science in accounting. I would be greatful for the opportunity if offered.

  96. i aamir ali from pakistan…I would get scholarship for m,phil in Agriculture.i have complete BS agro now…so give me chance…..

  97. thank you for giving me this scholarship ,am will work very hard so that you don\’t regret for giving me this scholarship…..yours sincerely Miss mekeni

  98. Chikaiko Hastings Sosola. I have that enthusiasm of studying in Australia at University of Queensland, and if given that opportunity my choice will be Social Science, Public Administration or Business Administration that is at Master\’s level.

  99. Hlw, I\’m laurent from Tanzania and am very happy see this special offers from Australia because is the best way to me to study abroad and through God I will get a scholarship to study to the biggest University in the world which is Queensland University niv

  100. Hlw, I\’m laurent from Tanzania and am very happy see this special offers from Australia because is the best way to me to study abroad and through God I will get a scholarship to study to the biggest University in the world which is Queensland University niv

  101. im kristine tusan from philippines and i\’am looking a scholarship oppurtunity i want to study there,
    in 2018 im incoming grade 11 students , 1 year is enough for me study there. hope you can help me

  102. I am looking for financial asistance in oder to complete accounting degree i am studying at the time being. I will really appreciate if u considered my wish. Moses chihuta from Zimbabwe.

  103. I am Abraham Karyouway, a Liberian and would like to obtained to get my master in in environmental science and management. kindly enlighten me with more information\’s on the scholarship.

  104. Hey am glad to have such an opportunity to study abroad. i will be glad when am given a place fo this scholarship. thx

  105. I am Elizabeth M. Blamo, I really in need of the scholarship. this is my dream to study abroad. I want you to please consider me as an applicant.

  106. is Thabo Moeng from South Africa I will be very glad to study in Australia .I will like to study Bcom and I\’m an undergraduate

  107. Hi.. can you give out more info about scholarships in Canada for International students that wish to study in Canada.

  108. its better service hence i\’m predict that this service have been proved more and more advanced until the next year. thank

  109. My name is Mohammed kedir from Ethiopia. I have B.A degree in economics.I want to studying M.A degrees in any business related courses in your college.please suggest me if you have any opportunitie.

  110. Am EBOT MANNA from Cameroon . I want to say thanks for granting me this opportunity to apply for the scholarship … I will be very glad if am granted the scholarship .. Thanks

  111. Am Elly frank from Tanzania I will very glad to be gavan a scholarship at QUEENISLAND UNIVERSITY in australia God bless Australia.

  112. am genet mandefro from Ethiopia i glad to study on your university Queensland and i was waiting looking for this opportunity i want to study civil engineering and other related studies on your university. so please consider me as applicant for this opportunity. and i want to know how can i complete the registration. thank you a lot.

  113. I am somalia my parents are poor I want to help me please help me I have not education fee please give me scholarship education telephone number +252615346106

  114. Hello, thank you so much for this golden opportunity u have given me. It is exactly what I have been looking for to advance my education and become more competitive on the job market. I will be very grateful when am considered to study in the University of Queensland. God bless you

  115. iam Aliko Adam from Ethiopia, I would like to get a scholarship to study masters degree in Business Education or any other masters degree course related to Business. I have bachelor degree in Marketing and five year work experience in Banking. Please help me get masters degree scholarship to study at King\\’s college. My mobile number is +251984743850

  116. Hello, thank you so much for this great opportunity, I will be very grateful when am considered to study in university of Queensland. It\’s what I have been looking to advance my education and become more competitive on the job market. God bless you

  117. I am admitted to University of East London to do Archtecture and Urbanism. I need some one to support me to pay my fees of 4000 pounds.in this academic year. Please help or give a loan to me and I will be charged after entering the University. My parents are unable to pay for me

  118. My name is Seid Geremu Temam from Ethiopia. I have BA Degree in Economics, if Chance is favoured me , iwould like to join. God bless all Australian

  119. hello, i\’m Roshe yandile from South africa i will highly appreciate the opportunity of studying my Buchellor\’s degree in education at queensland, i\’m currently doing my second year here at WALTER SISULU UNIVERSITY SA

  120. Hi my name\’s Joshua. I\’m from Nigeria and I wish to get a scholarship in your prestigious university to do my Bachelor\’s degree


  122. Hi I\’m Toxie from Papua New Guinea . How could I get a scholarship to study Diploma in Media and Communications?

  123. Hello, I am from Grenada and i would like to complete my bachelors degree in business in the country of Canada

  124. Hi all i want to ask a quez if i have no money can i go to study at university?if yes how shout i do and also im disable a leg

  125. Iam Agnes Ishimwe from Rwanda it,s apleasure to have this scholarship and i wish to enrol nursing because in our country we lack nurses ibeg you help me to reach on my dreams

  126. My name is Agu matthew from Nigeria and i will be happy if this scholarship will be granted to me…i only have school cert with me

  127. Hi, my name is Muharram Tsanze from Tanzania, please help me to get scholarship for studying Masters degree in community development as now I am holding Bsc. in applied agricultural extension.
    Regard my thanks

  128. I\’m John nganyira from Tanzania,,,I expect to be awarded bachelor of arts with education on may 2018,,,,how can I secure my position of being admitted to that university if I shall get scholarship for masters in Australia!!!

  129. My name is mir sheharyar am from Pakistan I really want to study their I will be very happy to get scholarship thanku U

  130. My name is kaddijatou. Am a Gambian. I have completed my first level in diploma course but I don\’t have money to further my education. Am hoping to get a schlorship to further my studies

  131. This is me Soorath, I want to study there, and its very good chance for me to studying abroad. because I want to complete my MS there .
    Thank You..

  132. Hi am a Namibian man without any diploma but with relevant experience in public health please assist me completing my degree or diploma

  133. Hi am Namibian man with no diploma bt relevant experience in health am interested I doing diploma in public health please assist me as I can not effort

  134. My name is Hassan am from Somalia and I really want to study there and i want to learn Buplic adminstration I will be very happy to get scholarship them thnk u

  135. Am Silpa from Kenya, I would like to get a scholarship to study masters degree in public health or food biotechnology or nutrition or environmental science or water and hygiene or epidemiology or any other masters degree course related to health. I have bachelor degree in nutrition and five year work experience in hospital and community setup. Please help me get masters degree scholarship to study at King\’s college. My mobile number is +254702297491

  136. I am Alimamy Fofanah from Sierra Leone i would be glad if am offer a scholarship in order to pursue my masters degree. i really want to have this opportunity as it will help me do further course since am financially not strong to do so.

  137. My name is Aisha am from Nigeria and I really want to study their I will be very happy to get scholarship them thnk u

  138. I\’m Ivy K Maneswa from Zimbabwe .Im kindly asking for help to study masters in education with Zimbabwe open university .I was offered a place but I\’m failing to raise $672 needed for the first semester.

  139. Hey my Name is Bongane m from South Africa i live in Bultfontein Frees State i so much interested in your scholarship for sports

  140. My name is Nusaiba from Sudan ., I would like to study Master degree in Environmental Management at one of Germans Uneversities

  141. My name is Shikongo Tuwilika, i`m a Namibian inspired to study civil engineering and in furthermore study mining engineering . It will be an honour to receive the scholarship .

  142. My name is byarugaba remigio from uganda am looking for afully funded scholarship. I want to do ba. Of agribusiness management

  143. Am Kojo Nkrumah Dankwah from Ghana.if by God\’s grace granted a scholarship, i will like to study public administration and human resource management. Thank you

  144. am peter kagunda am looking for a scholarship to study bachelor of arts in sustainable human development. if offered i will be very much happy

  145. I don\’t want this opportunity to take a pace away from me.I am from Ethiopia this situation can change our country please I really want to access& I want to study Medical or biological engineering.

  146. Dear:sir/madam
    My name is Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I from somalia in Mogadishu
    I am twenty three years old
    I would like swimming and playing football
    Dear:sir/madam I would like to study health science or economic
    If you has any offer to me Please, contact me.

  147. i would like to get a scholarship from your funding community
    I wish to further my studies in masters in business administaration

  148. I\’m Anthony Saah Jr I want to do public health from Liberia .Thanks to the Government for this opportunity.

  149. My name is Kum Claris. From Cameroon studied Geography in Buea University please help me get a scholarship to continue my great dreams .

  150. I\’m Anthony Saah Jr. from Liberia I want to do Public Health. Thanks the government for this opportunity.

  151. If given chance ,I would like to study 1.Human Resource Management 2. Education
    Thanks in advance
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Am Joseph from Kenya.

  152. I a man with high self esteem on my work n willing to best success in my future.I need a scholarship grand as I m currently studying for chemical engineering.in de name of iron stirn plz.

  153. Hi, my name is Rebeka Abaiota and I\’m from Kiribati. I am looking for a scholarship and I would love to study natural resource engineer

  154. Dear sir / madam,
    Greetings, I am khesraw akbari from Afghanistan. I graduated from civil engineering faculty on 2011, and I am looking for master degree scholarship or opportunity in water resource engineering. If you provide me with this scholarship, it would be your grant and benefaction.
    Stay safe,

  155. It\’s great, i finally had my scholarship to attend in a good university I couldn\’t believed i will be selected among am happy thanks very much with these, i know am going to work hard and have a qualified respected degree

  156. I am Samson Hone from Papua New Guinea.I would like to study international Law therefore i humbly beg you could you offer me a scholarship.Am so really striving so hard to acquire my degree but the finance is always the problem to me there for that for proclaiming this great opportunity therefore please i really need your help.From now am loking forward to you respond to my whole hearthly concern.

  157. Hi, I\’m from Oklahoma. I\’m still in high school but its my last year tho, if a given scholarship I would like to study Business Administration.

    Yours Truly,
    Alana Pittman

  158. my name is Rev,R.Rameshkumar I am from india and I am looking for a scholarship if get the chance I would like to study (theological) tourism .

  159. I Am Williams Vivian Dumade..A Citizen Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria..It Has Always Being My Outermost Expectations To Get Scholarship Access To Study Wide.
    I Am Still Looking Forward To This Opportunity!.

  160. I would like to secure my future in Australia. For educational purposes and wish to receive the scholarship so I can further my studies. Thank you.

  161. my name is aaqib noor.i am from pakistan.i woona to know is there any schalarship in your university, i am undergraduate student,

  162. Am Elizabeth Janet strauss from Zambia am looking for scholarship. I don\’t have anyone to take me to school.

  163. My name is Edith am a Malawian aged 25 and I am looking for a scholarship if am given a chance I would like to study business management

  164. my name is ssekabembe Denis a Ugandan by nationality and i am persuing bachelors of science in oil and gas production and i am looking for scholarships to study and finish the course in my country..kind regards
    Thank you

  165. I want to learn i want the scholarships I recently graduated from Addis Ababa university in Psychology
    I don\’t hv zat much money to attende in out side of the country in order to learn

  166. Good day sir/Madam I am a Nigerian I am begging for the opportunity to study management I will be so glad if my application is granted thanks.

  167. Adane Haile:
    August 10, 2017
    I am adane haile from Ethiopia. I would to study Business management if you offer me a scholarship.

  168. i appreciate the offer , but need one which is full tuition fees. i don t have any one to pay my university fees

  169. hi am Njilefac Richard I masters in project management and a 3years experience and i need a scholarship to further my study please can you help

  170. I\’m from Liberia and would like to pursue my undergraduate degree in Public Administration when given an opportunity

  171. I\’m Petelo Sanele Ulupano and I hold certificate iii in carpentry and joinery from A.P.T.C.but I want to continue
    to diploma in building.I am a Tongan

  172. Hello am from South Sudan and am interested in this scholarship if I get a chance I would like to study medicine course….. Am humbly looking forward for your feedback, thanks

  173. Thanks for the effort in making international students to better their lives educationally and to meet with other friends internationally. I do appreciates your kind gesture.I will appreciates were you to grant me a scholarship opportunity to study Agriculture.
    respectfully yours.
    Benjamin D.B. Barkollie

  174. Hello!!I am from Rwanda,and I want a scholarship.. I would like to study accounting..i grown up from poor background,no money for my universty\’s fees.if i got a chance for this scholarship .i will be happy and i will exploite my knowledge to serve the world..thank you.

  175. My name is Faisal I am from Zimbabwe and am looking for scholarship if I get the chance I would like to study tourism or hospitality

  176. Am I from Kenya, thank you for this opportunity, given this scholarship, i would like to study Economics and statistics

  177. My name is Nantale Racheal from Uganda, I have a bachelor of Human Resource Management and i wish to study Psychology. I will be grateful if am given that opportunity.

  178. Great to be informed of such opportunity, i am a Liberian reading biology and chemistry at the State owned University, i could highly appreciate your great institution when granted such favor to achieve my dream or to see my dream comes true.

  179. Hi,
    My name is Francis M

    Hi, My name is Francis M Rogers i am a Liberian presently i am in the military,I which to study criminal justice.

  180. Am Yawe Bernard from Uganda finished high school but have no financial help for university . And I need help please because am academically able..

  181. Good afternoon My name is Samukelisiwe Sikakane I\’m a South African ,would like to apply for a scholarship. If u can get a chance I would like to study international law. I will highly appreciate to hear from you. Kind regards

  182. Good evening everyone.! I\’m Mwamba chewe from Zambia. I really need your help to give me a scholarship. Am active and healthy. I want to do a bachelor degree in Nuclear power engineering and thermal physics. Kindly need your help for me to persua my dreams.

  183. I am Aiyda living in Saudi Arabia but originally from Ethiopia.I am a soon to be highschool graduate and in urgent need of a scholarship.
    I would be really grateful if you considered helping me make my dreams come true.

  184. My name is tariku senbeto gemeda i am from ethiopia. I have MA in developmental economics i would like to learn phd in your Unversity if it is possible

  185. I\’m John Agbemavor a business of Peki Senior high School.. Ghanal. My results are excellent but I luck financial assistance after the death of my father. Even though I passed for the university am still at home in search of money. My aim is to become a teacher at the long run. I need scholarship to achieve my dream.

  186. I\’m John Agbemavor a business of Peki Senior high School.. Ghanal. My results are excellent but I luck financial assistance after the death of my father. Even though I passed for the university am still at home in search of money. My aim is to become a teacher at the long run. I need scholarship to achieve my dream.

  187. It will be may pressure to get the scholarship from you so that I can complete my long time dream to study International relations

  188. Am yvonne a jhs graduate looking for scholarship to further my education because of lack of support I couldn\’t go for the school when the school\’s were out and am lookin for support to further my educations

  189. my name is malik and am from dakar senegal ,,and i will like to study outside africa or let me say europe in order for me to gain more knowledge ,,,,,than what i know please help me out,,thank you

  190. my name is Sando B. Sengbeh 19 year of age, i am a Liberian
    I am still in High School Class 11 Grade i am kindly asking your an assistance to complete my Schooling
    If I am out of High School I would like to study IT Internet Technology

  191. I am Emmanuelar Nwa Tchi from Cameroon and I am an under graduate from a professional institute and I wish I could be chosen to take this opportunity.

  192. I am hereby looking scholarship for my Diploma 1 in social work. The course is 3 years program, please granting an help. I am marriage with children, it is difficult for me.

    Here from you as soon as possible.

    your sincerely,
    Josephine mendy.

  193. My name is Sserugave Paul, I am in Uganda. Is there any scholarship opportunity for me to study in ahome University in my home country Uganda when you are funding me?

  194. I have been dreaming for long time to pursue masters degree but lack of sufficient money is militating against it.l possess First Class degree honours in Business Administration marketing option. If considered I would do my best to pay part of my offer. Hoping to hear from you soon. Kind regards. Frank manu Boateng BBA.

  195. Thank you for the invitation. I would like to peruse a course I on quality improvement within your respective institution. Thank you.

  196. How are you? Hop your fine regarding to that i would like to apply on your scholarship . I have Bsc degree in Horticulture and Diploma in plant science. i have 9 years experience. if your scholarship invite me for that jobs coll me on my phone +251917819779.

  197. I would like to have scholarship to study due to inability of financial status…kindly help me have scholarship to persue my dreams…thanks in advance

  198. I am Bennetta Serwah Addo. I am hardworking, enthusiastic, disciplined and a goal-oriented individual that wish to improve myself and contribute greatlythe surroundings I find myself

  199. Am a Kenyan nurse by profession wish can get a masters sponsorship wish to study community health or pediatrics nursing.

  200. Hello, my name is Samson T. Harris. I am a Christian and a pastor from Liberia, West Africa. I am searching for a theological scholarship to study on line and will be very happy to get one so I commence my studies.

  201. Mohammed Musah is my name from Ghana.Holder of diploma in broadcast journalism and want to study mass communication in your noble institution if I am considered. 24years of age.

  202. I am a graduate of degree bachelor of science in mathematics so I wish to study masters in software engineering.

  203. I wish to study in australia because i think its a country which can improve my skills and abilities
    I wish to apply in its top ten universities
    I\’m glad to write for you
    My names are gisore fildaus
    Thank you for this opportunity

  204. I\’m a young man aged 31. Im the bread winner in the family of 7. My mother and father divorced long back and had to grow up being I\’ll treated by a step mother. It was even hard to for my father to send me to school, and this affected my junior secondary level. However, I tried by all means to succeed, I supplemented and having attained the subjects of my interest, I went for advanced level, and I was paying for myself through the cash I generated from a garden. After that I failed to raise money to proceed to a college. My mother is at the age of 70 and under my care and the family at large. I hereby apply for a scholarship to pursue my studies and help myself, the family, the community, the nation and the world at large. Thank you in advance.

  205. Hi name is frans from RSA I want to study AEA paramedic and nursing if I can get that scholarship now I have BAA paramedi

  206. I am by name Raphael Prince Aaron am a Nigerian and am looking for an opportunity to further my education I hope and plead if I would be given this Scholarship to continue my studies and help my country in any way, and I wish to study Medicine

  207. Am Getrude from Uganda, I need to study a diploma in information technology. This scholarship is so important to me.

  208. I am glad to get such opportunities inorder to upgrade my bsc in physics to any related master program .Sisay Abrham from Ethiopia .

  209. My name is Paul Buernortey Okudzeto. I am enthusiastic, disciplined, hardworking and a goal- oriented person. I have Bachelor in Management Studies from the University of Cape -Ghana and looking forward for a scholarship offer to study a Masters in Law.Thank you !

  210. It\’s me Mr bir bahadur bhat. .at first thanks for this university member who inform me the you get the scolarship and ready for study. .as soon as I will visit of this university. .I would like to thanks ..

  211. my name is fazal I am from afghanistan and I am looking for a
    free scholarship if get the chance I would like to study tourism .

  212. Am form 4 leaver in high school need to pursuie in education or heath courses like rco and nutrition so assist me

  213. Thank you so much for the opportunity, am Ishmael Lupahla from Zimbabwe, holder of a BSC Local Governance Studies Honours Degree, would wish to persue studies in HR and Public Administration.

  214. Am a zambian looking forward to your sponsorship I wish to study and achieve my goals your favourable consideration will be highly appreciated

  215. My name is shabani nwangere from Tanzania
    I like to study out of my country so as to improve my knowledge.l\’m ready for interview and work any place in the world.

  216. From uganda
    would like to be given scholarship to study medical laboratory technology.
    Thanks for the great work you offering.