Apply for $8000 PhD Scholarship at Capella University

Are you currently in a business-related field? Are you the owner of your own business, or perhaps a project manager for a company? Do you foresee your potential career opportunities in your current position? Do you believe that postgraduate education can increase your promotion possibilities and help you achieve your goals?

If your answer is a yes on any of those questions, you will need to consider pursuing your PhD in Business Management Program at Capella University.

Capella University is 24-year old, online education provider that has streamlined and positioned its method of teaching and delivery of education. It calls its method a competency-based program that can be acquired in two paths: The Guided Path and the Flex Path. The type of path selected will determine how your online education is going to progress and how fast you can finish the course or degree being offered by the online university.

The Guided Path is available for all degrees and is the usual program for most online education providers. Similar to other providers, the guided path has a combination of online discussions and self-paced modular sessions with appropriate instructor guidance, reading/course materials, assignments, and deadlines. The maximum course load is 3 per quarter, this program is highly suggested for master and doctoral programs.

The FlexPath is available for some programs and is suggested for undergraduate and some master degree programs. It is highly student-schedule driven, which means the student will be able to define what courses to take and work apart from other students and at his or her own pacing. A coach is available for consultation and engagement is available at the student’s request. The grading system is by competency assessment and there is no limit with the courses to take per quarter. One of the programs highly adaptable to this path is the Sophia Pathways which is labeled as Capella University’s low-cost general education. Sophia Pathways allow the undergraduate to finish his or her general education courses for around $650 instead of the regular $3,000. The undergraduate will take Sophia courses in various online universities at the same time and transfer the credits into the degree that the student is taking in Capella. This means that the student can finish the courses in about 60 days, compared to the usual 3 months. More information can be found here:

If Capella University is willing to help its undergraduate students, what more for its potential PhD students. An $8,000 scholarship is going to be awarded to a new student applying for PhD in Business Management. Capella University offers 7 PhD programs in Business Management: PhD in General Business Management, PhD in Human Resource Management, PhD in Information Technology Management, PhD in Leadership, PhD in Project Management and PhD in Strategy and Innovation, all of which eligible for the PhD in Business Management Success Scholarship. The deadline for submission is November 2017.

Other eligibility requirements include meeting the admission requirements be a new student, have good academic standing and must pass the first course on the first attempt. Details are found here: https://www.capella.edu/tuition-financial-aid/scholarships-grants/scholarships-new-students/phd-business-management-success-scholarship/

If qualified, the scholarship will be applied in a disbursement schedule directly into your Capella account. Additional requirements to ensure that you continue and finish the program are outlined on the scholarship.

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