Coventry University awards the Future Global Leaders Scholarships

Striving to be successful by being dedicated to learning is the first step in securing a scholarship abroad. The students who share this particular mentality are awarded by the Coventry University, United Kingdom, and have the chance to learn without many financial efforts. Enterpresing and ambitious students are welcomed to apply for world-class teaching which focus mainly on employability being awarded the ”Future Global Leaders Scholarships”.

The ”Future Global Leaders Scholarship” program was selected by Professor David Pilsbury, the Deputy Vice Chancellor and will be awarded to three international students willing to prove their ambition and drive to become tomorrow’s international gloabl leaders. The Coventry University is investing 1million dollars in scholarships for both European and international students helping them reach their potential.

Which is the value and duration of the Future Global Leaders Scholarships?

As we have mentioned earlier, three scholarships will be awarded to three motivated international students. The awards are each up to £10.000. The scholarships can cover the funding over years 2 and 3, however, the recipients would have to pass each year with a 55% minimum average grade.

Who is eligible for the Future Global Leaders Scholarships?

Are eligible international self-funded and fee paying students. Also, the Future Global Leaders Scholarships will be offered to students who were admitted at one of Coventry University’s full-time undergraduate courses.

International students, in order to be eligible need to hold at least three A-levels at grade A. Please contact the university here: http://www.coventry.ac.uk/international-students-hub/new-students/international-scholarships-and-discounts/international-scholarships/apply-for-a-scholarship/future-global-leaders-scholarship/ so that you would find out which are the equivalents of the three A-levels in your countries.

How to apply for the Future Global Leaders Scholarships? When is the deadline?

Internatinal undergraduate students who are interested to apply need to complete and submit a scholarship application form which will include a so called statement of support that should not exceed more than 500 words. The ”statement of support” has to emphasize the outstanding leadership skills the applicant has and how he will use the knowledge he will gain from the degree program he has chosen to become a future global leader. The deadline for the application is June 30, 2017.

International students have to choose a particular degree program. The complete list is here: http://www.coventry.ac.uk/international-students-hub/new-students/courses-and-fees/september-2017-entry/. After they will apply and receive a notification letter from the university that they have been accepted, are free to apply for a Future Global Leaders Scholarship. For the scholarship application form, an application ID will be required.

For the Future Global Leaders Scholarships, international students can apply here: http://www.coventry.ac.uk/international-students-hub/new-students/international-scholarships-and-discounts/international-scholarships/apply-for-a-scholarship/future-global-leaders-scholarship/

Each application will be considered by the Members of the International Office and create a shortlist. The applicants who are shortlisted will be interviwed by Professor David Pilsbury, the Deputy Vice Chancellor International. The interview will be via Skype or cellphone.

The winners have to be prepared to represent Coventry University along their studies. The winners will have to collaborate with the International Office to provide info for promotional purposes and regular contribution for the blog’s university.

Good luck!

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  1. I would appreciate to get the scholarship. Am in Kenya, and I can also take the classes here to avoid extreme experiences.

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