Know karate? Then you might want to apply for this $1,000 college scholarship

Students who know karate can use their skill to win a scholarship

Karate students have a chance to use their skill for more than attending sports event, like applying for a scholarship for college

Between school, homework and preparing for your exams, your every day schedule must be packed. Often you find you have no time for your favorite hobbies and activities. But you should definitely try and make some time to squeeze in some fun activities when you want to give your brain a night off?

By concentrating on the things you like to do, you’re giving your brain a chance to recharge. Not only that but improving your skills through hobbies has also a benefic side-effect you might not have considered.

A student enrolled with an on-campus or online bachelor degree that has many hobbies and interests also has a better chance at getting a scholarship. You see extra-curricular activities can easily make your application stand out from the crowd.

Getting good grades requires focus, concentration and determination, but so does pursuing an extracurricular activity or hobby. In doing you, you learn how to master a new skill and in the process this helps you flex your brain muscles. Scholarship providers are well aware of that and that’s why there are many funding programs out there looking to reward talented and driven individuals.

Today scholarship providers aren’t looking for the smartest students anymore, but for individuals who exhibit passion in what they do. Students of university online degrees or offline can easily impress a scholarship jury with the well-documented history of their hobbies.

Having a hobby will also give students of university online degrees or offline ones something to talk about in their scholarship essay. Most scholarship programs require candidates submit some sort of personal essay in which you have to describe yourself. Putting an emphasis on your hobbies and interests will ensure your application will draw attention to itself.

In this article we’ve been telling you how hobbies can help you get funds to pay for your offline or online bachelor degree and now it’s time to give you an eloquent example.

Let’s say you’ve been taking karate classes since you were young. Well what would you say if we told you, you can use your karate skills to win money for college?

The AAU National Headquarters is offering the AAU Karate Scholarship in 2018. The award is targeting male or female college students who have participated in AAU Karate for no less than four years.

In order to apply, interested parties need to submit the official application which asks students to lists things as:

  • Academic honors and awards
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer / Community Service
  • Karate Involvement
  • Other relevant notes

A short essay answering two question (listed below) with a minimum of 200 words is also required:

  • Explain why you feel you are deserving of this scholarship
  • How has karate and more specifically the AAU Karate Program influenced your life\

Last but not least, students should also add a letter of recommendation.

Candidates have until May 5, 2018 to submit the form for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for college.


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