The 14.000 EUR “Stefano Lalli” Scholarship in Italy for the Master in Management Technology

Talented graduates passionate about Italy and Technology are encountered with a big surprise initiated by LUISS Business School. Luis Business School (LBS) is a top-level Business School placed in Rome where culture, history and beauty blend perfectly. The business school is situated in one of the most remarkable historic parts of Rome which creates an atmosphere of quenching the thirst for knowledge.

LBS develops and promotes research in different academic fields, its activity being focused on Strategy and Corporate Renewal, Corporate Governance and Performance Measurement, as well as Innovation and Organization Design. Its research projects are grounded in knowledge of business processes covering key areas such as Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability.

LUISS Business School is helping students across the world, who are passionate about business and want to embrace a career in this field, by providing them financial support and a solid academic background. The Business School is offering one full scholarship worth 14.000 EUR for the Master in Management and Technology – Major in Digital Ecosystem. This initiative was created with the purpose of providing help to talented graduates on a path that will influence their future.

The Master program will be entirely taught in English and is created to transmit the distinctive capabilities and knowledge aimed to merge business and technology-driven strategies. The 14.000EUR scholarship will be offered based on merit to outstanding candidates taking in consideration the quality of their admission test, interview and scholarship essay.

For the scholarship application process, applicants must participate in the admission process and submit the following documents:

1. The application form filled which can be found here http://businessschool.luiss.it/management-technology-digital-ecosystem/how-to-apply/

2. Copy of degree certificate – or a signed self-certification;

3. CV;

4. Copy of Passport or ID;

5. Admission fee receipt; entrants must pay a EUR75 fee which is nonrefundable; also, at the above link, students will find the bank details where they can deposit the admission fee.

6. Cover letter which will explain the reason why the entrant applies for the scholarship.

Applications will be submitted to smluissbs@luiss.it by September 7th, 2017.

Students who are interested to find more about LUISS Business School and its scholarship opportunities are required to consult the official website: http://businessschool.luiss.it . Entrants are advised to read carefully all the info which can be found in the LUISS Business School Admission Process brochure.

The best of luck to everyone!

  1. Hi I leave in South Sudan and I have along interested in your scholarships\’offer to allow me study Master in E-Health Management that I have been admitted for at Rome Business School.So how can I get this support?

    Otherwise your support of scholarship/Grant are precious that they alleviate the level of the education of those how could not get to that education standards. May God give you more so that, you continue to support the needs.

  2. Hello! I live in Congo , I\’ve finished my high-school degree so I\’m looking for a scholarship. I\’m interested in your offer so What Am I doing exactly?

  3. my name is birhan yismaw from ethiopia and i need this opportunities to join in your universities in bachelor degree so please contact me in my email account

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