Comparing Scholarships from Online to Traditional Education

University online degrees are now available for the taking of people who want them. If you are interested in getting a degree but need to be flexible in your schedule, applying for online school would be the best option. And if you are wondering if there are scholarships offered in online universities, there are several you can choose from. You only need to look for the best one applicable to your situation.

Some of the differences and similarities of online and traditional forms of education include the flexibility it offers its students, as well as the discipline and self-motivation they instigate. Online education offers the flexibility that traditional schools can never offer. It allows students the option of molding their own schedules compared to traditional schools that have their specific schedules students should follow to a fault. These differences are also the reason that brought upon students’ discipline and self-motivation.

Scholarships for traditional school and online school though are quite similar. You would need to apply to one in order to be qualified. And there are several considerations and conditions that need to be met. Specific university online degrees offer their respective scholarships and would also have qualifications and requirements that would need to be met in order to be qualified.

One example of online universities that offers excellent scholarships is the Bemidji State University. This specific university specifically delivers scholarships for Extended Learning students. And there are lots of scholarship programs to choose from in this online school.

One of those incredible scholarships is the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship. This specific scholarship provides students $1,000 to assist in paying their tuition fee. In order to qualify, you need to at least be 25 years old living in Northern Minnesota or have specific ties in the area. You should also be a junior or a senior that at least have 3.0 GPA. Whatever you choose from the university online degrees would not have any bearing.

Another scholarship that can be used for online education in Bemidji State University is the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship. This specific scholarship is perfect for students who want to take teacher education degree programs and offers $1,000 to qualified students.

Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship is another scholarship you can use for online universities like the Bemidji State University. It provides students with $1,000 financial assistance but you need to be from Northern Minnesota to qualify. You also need to be a full-time sophomore, junior, or senior with 3.0 GPA and under a declared online program.

These excellent scholarships can be used in Bemidji State University and you can apply for the online school through http://www.bemidjistate.edu/admissions/online-distance/.

  1. Great to have your scholarship information, My name is Bulus Audu Daniel a Nigerian West Africa Region. I wish to study peace Studies and Conflict Resolution on scholarship. you can contact me on +2348140151876 e-mail: bulusaudu28@gmail.com. thank you

  2. Thanks you for the scholarships information. Iike it and I would to be one of your students
    I am really hoping on you for the scholarships.can I apply for AA in basic Electronic. I am a Liberian .
    May God blesses us all.

  3. Am Rukidi Sam age of 44, Ugandan with Masters. Can i amply for PhD on line study fully funded? am interested in Organization Leadership, or Project management.

  4. hi I am Paul khumalo I\’m doing grade 12 I am a capable student and a hard worker I managed to pass the 2 terms with good results and still waiting for the preliminary results.i need a scholarship so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a chemical engineer cause my family do not have sufficient money to school me father

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