Scholarships For College Aimed At African Women in Science

The official name of this Fellowship Program is the Norman E. Borlaug International Science and Technology Fellows Program for Women. Directed towards the women from Uganda, Ghana, Niger, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Mali and Mozambique.

What the Norman E. Borlaug International Science and Technology Fellows Program for Women showcases the agricultural sciences. Offering huge opportunities to explore, create, discover, educate, train and ultimately leading to possible leadership career positions.

After reading through the list of what this fellowship will offer women in this position is extensive. Everything from informing policy makers as well as scientists to offer a better relationship between the United States and African agriculture partners. By increasing the nature of advanced new technology to the ways of traditional rule, this is a field of study continuously growing towards a grand future. With the willing substitute to communicate what necessary actions should be taken, this fellowship exacts a sort of justice for all food security enforcement.

Agriculture is a fast and rising accomplishment within online colleges and online universities. As the world becomes more conscious about the soil we live upon, successfully landing an online degree in agriculture is completely ideal. Based on factors involved with global climate change, forestry and food industries obtaining an online degree on the side would help towards this fellowship.

Also the scholarships for college available this fellowship focus’ on women ready to stand out and make a difference. As online universities and online colleges make these agriculture online degrees even more accessible, women have a higher chance of reaching a point in society to shape the world further.

When applying for the Norman E. Borlaug International Science and Technology Fellowship be sure to have at least two letters of recommendation. Also work on a complete page idea or proposal on the intent on what you would do to help shape the world of agriculture. Thankfully the deadline for this fellowship does not end until April 10th. There is still enough time to thoroughly examine what aspects to identify and approach via internationally with policy makers. Majority if not all of the institutions involved have one on one hands on experience as well as training sessions to help you improve the idea you have chosen to bring to the table.

Given the opportunity and time this fellowship could easily fall under a more approachable variety of online universities or numerous online colleges in the near future.

  1. hello how are you i want to study in abroad and scholarship fully funded so kindly if any one know about so tell me please i am poor person from pakistan village i have done bsc in electronics four years programe and 2.5cgpa if any one know tell me my i want to study in MS information technology this my number and also mail 923408605452/ 923000216077/ and mail irfanahmed7188@gmail.com and thank you

  2. Please, I am interested ans I will gladly appreciate a mail to my address to begin the necessary process to obtaining this scholarship.

  3. hellow,am Tina Atudo.l did my \’o\’ levels last year(2016).l would like to apply for students scholarship and countinue with my studies at most to support girl child health.
    Thankie you in advance.
    Great appreciation.

  4. if you invite me in your educational institution i. am happy,because always i want pass my life in education.
    and also i have in Ma In English literature

  5. My name is Lorraine Mtshali ,I have an admission at Tau University for doing pharmacists but I cant find a scholarship to proceed can’t you grant me a scholarship to do this programme

  6. Thanks do much for this opportunity. I’ll be so much pleased if I benefit from this scholarship. I’m a midwife by profession. I’m based in Pakistan(peshawar). Thanks so much In advance.

  7. My only girl child is fourteen years in grade 12th , at age 16,she will be ready for collage degree.she wishs of a free scholarship to study agricultural sciences that would enable her to become a vet. if such opportunity is given to her ,than she may be 2nd in the Republic of Liberia,West Africa.

  8. thanks for feedback can i get any procedures to follow.
    also is there any qualifications needed to attend that program

    nuru omery

  9. I have done teaching diploma in home economics, now I would love to study agriculture if sponsored.I will be grateful if considered. Zambian

  10. Thank you for this opportunity
    When is it starting? And how is the criteria of applying. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  11. I will be so grateful if I can get this opportunity to shape my country as I get an Admission at TAU University for 2017 studying – nursing degree — masters in medicine

  12. Can you include Nigerian women on the list of benefiting countries? I would be interested in joining the team.


  13. Good morning, please, I have completed a first degree in general agriculture and I hold a heightened spirit to obtain my second degree ( master’s of philosophy) in agriculture and food science security. Therefore, I am kindly asking your good office to offer me a scholarship that will lead me to my dream. kindly help me on the process of the application. Thank you.

  14. l am science student and l have just completed my course in diploma in Pharmacy.l don’t want to divert my course of study l just want to continue with the degree course in the area. if you can offer me this chance l would be greatful .

  15. This offer is only base on Agriculture studies, if I want to study for nursing in another country can you help me for funding.

  16. I have an uptomost interest in pursuing Agriculture especially in matters concerning the animals world.A vetinary programme will serve ad a dream come true.l should be glad if I shall be given a scholarship package to enable me pursue a programme of a sort

  17. Hi
    how does the educational scholarship work for the applying students that are in a poor background but are bright and have no hope to reach their dream.

  18. Hello I also like ti be part of this schoolarship please so I want to.know the details .because I am thi kind of woman who is in love with agriculture as I am saying now I hav my diploma in assist in farm planing and water conservation also waiting for my plant production certificate next year

  19. thank you so much for that great information I would very much love to be part of the program .let me try to read more about it and I get prepared thank you good bye.

  20. currently am in highschool,is it possible for me to get a scholarship abroad or to get someone to sponsor my education ?

  21. Dear Management,
    I am a parent to Monica Lanyero. She has just completed her Advance Education. She is looking out to joint a University. How could she benefit from this scholarship program?
    Please reply.
    Komakech John Bosco.

  22. I am actively involved with the staff a and team of roots link Africa as a secretary I organizing for and workshops for schools, farmers, security Personnel and agric extension officers on the plant and fertilizer act, the misapplication carried out by farmers , the dangers they cause to health .

  23. I am also interested in furthering my educational qualifications abroad but I do not come from Africa.

    I may not be eligible for that scholarship.

    I come from Papua New Guinea instead.

  24. I just appritiate your innitiative though its directed to African woman and therefore gender insenstive….how ever personally am looking for patterners in agricutural production from around the world. Thank you

  25. Iam a young kenyan who is interested in the scholarship due to what is most important support given to people like me who has no both parents. it’s my prayer to this schoolarship people to help me join a secondary school in Kenya.


  27. I am applying for scholarship in a masters program in Industrial Engineering. I am almost done with this program but I need about $4000 to graduate.
    Thank you for consideration.

  28. Thanks do much for this opportunity. I’ll be so much pleased if I benefit from this scholarship. I’m a midwife by profession. I’m based in Cameroon. Thanks so much In advance.

  29. DEAR SIR,

  30. I need to joining English college in order to improve may language and also to see other culture think in free visas because I poorly young man

  31. Hello,

    Even though Nigerian women were not mentioned are they eligible to apply since they also fall under the african region?


  32. Greeting…..

    thank you for giving the this opportunity. am graduated in civil engineering haramay university, Ethiopia …i want to upgrade my education status specially in technology….

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m a grade 10 student from a Secondary School in Papua new guinea particularly in West new britain Province.
    I would like to complete my further studies within your school.

  34. I’m willing to study business management, but not at home. I’m willing to apply at the College Of Cape Town, they surely offer business courses.

  35. thanks for getting back to me. their seems to be emphasis on women, am male so do I stand a chance. if so what is expected of me?, can the whole program end online?.

  36. Very good initiative for women. A right move for African women who bear the brunt of providing food on the table always. Keep it on.

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