African Leadership Academy Undergraduate Scholarship 2018

Brief Description

The African Leadership Academy (ALA) is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It a residential institution dedicated to training individuals within the age range of 16 – 19 from any African country.

It was founded and established in the year 2004 by some group of individuals who are much more concerned with the future of the African countries in areas of leadership.

The main aim of the institution is to foster the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship in the hearts of the upcoming generation who are likely to rule the country of their origin someday in time to come.

With this in mind, the institution has decided to also encourage students to enroll by offering scholarships to interested applicants who are eligible for the scholarship offered by the school.

African leadership Academic (ALA) scholarship is not just piloted at educating young, brilliant minds across Africa, but is aimed at building, educating and mentoring young individuals who have the potential to lead and impact their environment and those around them through their courage, initiative, innovation, and enhanced core educational values which they possess.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 31st August, 2017. The scholarship is offered annually.

Selection Criteria

The process of selection for this scholarship is very arduous due to the fact that they need to make sure only those who excel academically and possess the ability to impact change in their environment are selected. As a young individual interested in applying for this scholarship offered by the African Leadership Academy, it is important that the applicant possess some or all of the below listed qualities in order to be considered for selection.

  • Possess Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Have Notable Academic Achievement
  • Possess The Passion for Africa
  • Have Commitment to Service
  • Possess Leadership potential

Eligible Applicants

All African students within the age bracket of 16 – 19 are qualified to apply for this scholarship program offered by the African Leadership Academy.

Host Institution

The Scholarship will be taken at the campus of the African Leadership Academy located in South Africa.

Benefits and Worth of Scholarship

As an applicant who made it to the final list of the African leadership Academy scholarship program for the year 2018, you tend to enjoy some benefits such as free books, transportation, supplies, Stipends, and accommodation fees and much more. With all these benefits attached to the scholarship, one can say that most hindrances and distractions to efficient study has been adequately solved. Plus, successful candidates of this scholarship offered by ALA will undergo mentoring sessions, quality internships with relevant organizations, career counselling, and leadership development trainings.

Duration of Scholarship

The scholarship will last for 2 years as it is a pre-university scholarship program.

Note: This scholarship is sponsored by The MasterCard Foundation. And also take note that an African Leadership Academy assessor will official visit the home of each individual requesting for financial aid and will draw their final decisions before anything more.

Application link:

This is the application link http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/apply/

Scholarship link: http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/apply/selection-process/

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