Cambridge Toshiba Japan and the World Graduate Scholarship in UK, 2018

Welcome to the scholarship bonanza, students! The Cambridge University in the UK is offering a great chance to anyone applying under the Cambridge Toshiba Japan and the World Graduate Initiative. This scholarship is intended for the 2018/2019 academic session.

The Toshiba International is aiming to bolster education worldwide by channeling funds in the segment. It offers great financial aid for symposia and seminars, other than scholarships.

What is the award worth then?

The scholarship will offer to cover your tuition fees linked to the University Composition (tuition). All students who are enrolling in Japanese Studies admitted to the PhD initiative are eligible. However, preference will be given to those students who want to focus their research on Japan and its broader place in the world.

The deadline is set for 4 January 2018.

You will need degree programs as part of your education. Especially if you are after a PhD degree. Degree programs, however, are quite pricey to get, and believe it or not, you will have to pull down your weight in order to obtain yours. You have two choices, for the most part – either go after a scholarship, such as the one offered here, or find an online alternative. We believe that online alternatives are no alternatives at all. Degree programs acquired online are just as useful as are their mainstream incarnations. But we should not drop the ball on such options and embrace them boldly. After all, acquiring a degree program speaks volumes, so why not give it an honest shot?

Speaking of alternative modes of learning online courses proudly rear their head. They are veritable solutions to a thorny problem. Think that education have come to cost too much? Well, indeed it has! Online courses offer to alleviate the costs of education a great deal without leaving anything up to chance. You have a great opportunity right in front of you to plunge into the world of higher learning without so much trouble at all.

Overcoming adversity is in the very essence of education. If you have a growth mindset, then you will thrive in academia and translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions for the world.

That is exactly what the Cambridge Toshiba initiative expects of you. Seize the day.

  1. Thank you I am very very pleased that I am Qualified. I really need that scholarship. And I am also a Grade 12 student who graduated without an offer. My Question is,seens I am Qualified. How is this going to work?

  2. Hello Sir!
    i am Umar Abdullahi, I would like this opportunity
    too study in Accountancy,
    I look forword to hear from you. Thank you Sir.

  3. What an amazing opportunity! It would be an honor for me if I could avail a post graduate scholarship through this web site. I would be glad to get a Masters degree in Educational Management. May I know the requirements to qualify for the scholarship.
    I look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

  4. Hi my name is mono mantanga from south Africa .I would like to study in your institution and study biology ..I would to be one of the students that will be getting your scholarship

  5. Am well pleased to hear of your scholarship offers, I would like to obtain a scholarship in sociology of education in 2018 January, thanks in advance

  6. I am pleased to hear about the scholarship offer. Also I would like to obtain a scholarship for Msc in International Human Resource Management for January 2018.

  7. my name is hiruy teklemariyam i went to apply scholarship so i am graduated in debremarkos university collage of agricultural in department animal science with total GAP 3.73 finally thanks

  8. Am a guy who just completed from secondary school and am confused where to go into the university in my country because the field which am offering is not in any of our university in my country, so please i need the scholarship so as to continue with my education and make my parents to have a smile on their faces.
    Thanks for your attention.

  9. How can I get a scholarship in order to complete my studies of Masters in Land Administration and Management because I have a Bachelor\’s Degree in Land Administration and Management.Thanks.

  10. I (Alfred) would be grateful to the Almighty God if I am awarded with this scholarship to persuade a degree in Computer Science.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Contact: 0886688559/0777254108

  11. i would like to get a schoolship on health science or compurter scien..ce …..i rearly want to advense my education bt due to poverty nothing is working ………

  12. i would hereby like to apply for a scholarship in Education.
    i believe with the I\’m a suitable candidate so please reconsider my offer and let me know as soon as possible.

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