$500 Business Faculty Emeritus Memorial Scholarship

The School of Business Faculty is now awarding students across various academic levels with scholarships to the tune of $500 in grant money. The scholarship fund was established in honor of deceased faculty members.

The Arizona State University is one the most renowned educational institutions offers myriad opportunities for online education or distance learning. Students pursuing their studies in their incoming transfer year also called undergraduate year, junior or senior years may benefit from the scholarship. At least one undergraduate student will be awarded the scholarship money for the semester that starts in the semester this fall.

In order to qualify, candidates will have to meet a number of criteria, including a minimum General Points Average of 3.00. These scholarships will be extended to both Arizona residents and outside residents but will require that students follow a pre-set list of application requirements.

The possibility of distance learning exists with the Arizona State University, but focusing on the scholarship at hand, prospective candidates will be required to write a 300-word Ethical Image essay which will then be submitted with the W.P. Carey School of Business for evaluation. The students who apply for the program may consider registering with the university’s website here. They may do so through the website and online. The apply-by date is 22 September 2017.

Submitting the candidate’s application form should be done along with the appropriate prerequisite documents. As for the essay, the candidates should lay down their ideas as to what they can do to improve the ethical image of business today. The essays will be judged based on criteria such as how well they are written and what their key points are.

The Arizona State University, as it has been mentioned offers online education as well as the classic one. However, no information whether this scholarship is obtainable for online students is available. Still, students may reach out to the university at Barbara.Parkinson@asu.edu for additional information.

Students who opt for the Arizona State University will benefit from a clear-cut application process that will allow them to easily find a desired course and list. Bear in mind that the university provides an inexhaustible throve of scholarships that are available almost yearly and vary greatly in terms of amounts. The silver lining here is that those scholarships apply for almost everyone and they are not restrictive or discriminatory in the slightest.

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