University of Rice’s Scholarships Can Fully Fund Your Education ($44900/year)

How to get money for college is an important problem you need to figure out before you start applying to offline or online universities. Let’s say you have always dreamed of studying in the US. I know I have. Well in the US, traditional or online colleges tuition fees are extremely high. But the good news is that with a little help from us, you will be able to find and apply to generous scholarships that cover these fees in full or in part.

There are a lot of offline or online degree providers that are willing to offer aid to international students. If you are from a developing country from Africa or Easter Europe, even better – as you will have more chance to receive the bursary.

Take for example, Rice University from Huston, Texas. According to stats, Rice gave away $1,828,575 in aid last year to 75 international students. Their offering is very magnanimous, so you shouldn’t skip it no matter what you do. On its webpage, the university states that the 2017-2017 cost of attendance for tuition only is $44,900 – which is a huge sum especially if you come from a developing country.

Luckily Rice University is willing to offer students a scholarship that cover full tuition and is renewable for four years (so $44,999 x 4). However, in order to access this bursary, you’ll need to demonstrate outstanding school performance.

Another university from the US which offers generous grants is Carleton College, located in Northfield, Minnesota. Take into account that students of offline or online universities need to ensure funding before enrolling with a traditional or online degree. Since funding is limited, you need to send it the financial aid request documentation before making the official application with the college in question.

Carleton College offers up to six full scholarships for international students covering the university’s fee, including tuition, room and board. If studying with one of the American offline or online colleges, has been a dream of yours for a very long time, we suggest you like at Carleton.

Students who prefer the safe environment of online collages, can look towards the University of Miami. The establishment offers online degree courses, students can take from the comfort of their home. On top of that, the university offers extensive scholarship options, but most of them are merit-based. This is unlike most online colleges which put an emphasis on need-based grants.

For example, the Canes Achievement Award ranges from $4,000 to $16,00. Students of offline or online degree courses have demonstrate significant accomplishments inside and outside in order to be eligible to receive the funding. So if you have been involved in volunteering or leadership activities and have a spotless school record, you should definitely try and apply for the grant.

Getting money for college might not have been easier a few years back, but now there are a lot of opportunities available at every corner. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to work for it. But with hard work comes satisfaction too.

These are just a few examples, but remember that offline and online universities alike offer bursaries of all types and classes.

  1. I am lidet Berhanu from Ethiopia. I want to be a medical doctor to help people in need. Could you please help in getting full scholarship in the comming year?.

  2. Hello sir,am writing from southern Cameroon. Am so interested to study law more especially Human Rights and Conflicts Resolution in your institution but as I write, am financially handicap to realize this dream. I plea for a scholarship grant to achieve this goal. Thanks

  3. I\’m looking for a scholarship, I want to study occupational therapy or physiotherapy. I\’m from Lesotho.

  4. Dear,sir/madam prais e

    Be God.lam Yiga Mathias Donna.lam a ugandan and l would love to get a scholarship from your university.

  5. Will be so happy to get a chance farther my course! Need of this full funded scholarship. Am from a poor family and done a lot of leadership both in the ministry and around communities.

  6. I am from Kenya and I would really like to study a degree in nursing. I finished my high school in 2015 and attained an aggregate grade of B+.It would be a great honour if I could receive this fully funded scholarship from Rice University . I\’m sure not dissapoint if given this opportunity since there are no fully sponsored scholarship for a any nursing course. I am very much looking forward to your reply.Thank you

  7. A student from Accra Academy in Ghana and would be keenly glad if you admit me to enhance and have a better feel of studying abroad .thank you for my request. Yours Faithfully,
    Justice Ohene Amofa

  8. I have completed my senior High School (SHS) with aggregate 9 and want to do medicine. Due to financial problems, i have stayed home for almost 2 years and will be grateful if your school can help me with scholarship to complete so that i serve the school to cover up the expencies or if you can priscribe a place for me to work and pay under agreement.
    I remain and wish to thank you for the usual help to students

    Yours Sincerely,

    Prince Biney

  9. Hello am from cameroon have a high school diploma in sciences,ei maths ,boilogy and chemistry and also have and attestation in aviation travel and tourism and now work as a commercial agent at a bank here in my country so it will be a great opportunity for me to have this schorlaship

  10. Its great chance to get this best opportunity . I am in Ethiopia, I graduated in Accounting and finance its big dream for me to get free fully scholarship.

  11. I am from Ethiopia i graduated Special need education 2.5 GPA. I realy interesting to study business administration master\’s program by your country university. if you accept my application i am happy & hopful

  12. Hello! I am from Cambodia . I graduated High School in 2017. And I need your scholarship to study in your university in US for my bachelor degree. I cannot afford university tuition fees, so please help me with your scholarship for my futher studies.
    Thank you

  13. Am in Africa-Tanzania , I copleted my secondary education (form six) in the year 2016 and merited divition ii point 10, am interested to study in US for a bachelor degree in human resource manegemant, please I beg your help for scholarship to full my dream

  14. Im very interesting can i get this chance so i can complete my degree throu online in US ! Im currently have diploma in Business Management and i want to do my degree and master but unfortunately no money

  15. Its graet chance to get this best apportunity . Iam in africa, its big dream for me to get fully scholarship if you can help me cantact me email:a.rahmanomar12@gmail.com

  16. I have already given you more than one comment.
    My name is Rex Arrone Mandevo.
    I have been enrolled for a dual program, Master and PhD. for Economics and Business Management at (AIU) in 2016.
    I wish if I could finish my course, but the only constraint is the scholarship that I am looking for.

  17. good news hi am benon kamukama rwandan by nationality i need scholarship because i dont have capacity to continue my studies and am done with level 3 of university

  18. Hai i am iris tecson from philipnes 20 years old i need scholorship because my father cant afford me the tuation in college thats why i apply for this scholorship for my future thank you and god bless

  19. Am Rhoda Ndeng\’e from Kenya, am from a very poor background and managed to reach a diploma in business management, and opted if you consider me for a full funded scholarship to further my career and get a degree of business management . it has been hard for me to get job , i will really appreciate. You will turn away my living.

  20. Hi, am JAMILATOU GARBA from Cameroon. Am in search for a full scholarship to study medecin or masters in Biochemistry. Am open to all suggestions or help. Thank you.

  21. Hello am Chol Makol, am a South Sudanese. Am studying in Japan in high school I would like to study in your university in the US , am willing to give back in any way possible. Am 17 years old and 6\’8 ft . Am a basketball player and have a dream of pursuing my dreams in academic and also become an NBA player. I would like to improve my skills through college games in the States university. I have a dream of helping in solving the problems affecting my country such as poverty and many more. Any help would be highly appreciated thank you.

  22. I am Ogunlola
    please help me to make my dream a reality.
    I really want to study abroad but I dont have the required financial arrangements.
    please give a helping hand and I will be so glad.

  23. I\’m Deribe Petros from Ethiopia. I have a great wish to study in U.S my second degree in one of civil engineering sub disciplines. Since, I have no any sponsorship please interfere on it.

  24. Am Deogratius Tarimo from Tanzania,I will be happy if you let me know when to apply for this scholarship,cause I dreamed one day to study in USA,I prefer to study barchelor of Geology to help my county in minning industry.

  25. Am Goliath Munthali aged 38,Zambian, asking for scholarship to study Bachelor of Law honours.
    Best Regards,
    Goliath Munthali

  26. I am Aboulaye from Togo looking for full scholarship in Agribusiness or other field of Agricultural economics, i have bachelor degree in agricultural economics and need to continue in Master degree in Agricultural economics.

  27. I have no body to help me but I want to get those who will help me studying on the issue of accomodation and tuition fee please I have a desire to get such opportunity of studying abroad

  28. Am very pleased with the opportunity of the scholarship to study in the USA.
    I have been looking for the opportunity to do a bachelor degree in environmental conservation such that I can participate fully in the advocacy for climate change in Uganda when am equipped with the skill s and knowledge

  29. Hi,
    am Wanyonyi Edwin from Kenya and a humble background.Am unable to persue tertiary education due to financial setback .
    I will real appreciate if given the scholarship,

  30. I thank you for the update.

    This is such a good initiative that the mentioned Universities and Colleges offer opportunities for developing countries.

    I come from a developing country Papua New Guinea , due to financial issues and other personal issues I never completed my studies. It would be a dream come true if I was given an offer to pursue my studies there in the US and have the opportunity to explore the third world.

    I would be very much grateful for you help in perusing my dreams.

  31. Please it is my pleasure to see this schoolarship because even thought my family have no money to take me back to school ,i can see now there is hope that i will be back to school especial in my dream country , if there is any way i can get this please let my dreams come true
    +2750781718331 from Rwanda

  32. Salut je suis madou, je viens du Congo brazzaville, où sa me manque les moyen de faire mes études dans mon pays, je prie Ma demande.

  33. I would like to thanks For your support to me so as to continue my studies at university of Rice. it will be better for receiving this opportunity but how and where can I apply? Best regards .

    Ernest habiyakare
    Kigali / Rwanda

  34. Am Foni Mary from Uganda , i thank you for this great opportunity , i have always desired doing my bachelors overseas but due to financial problems i could not achieve my desires of doing and completing my journalism course in the country of my dream, with this chance , i know my dreams have come to reality, thank you very much kindly waiting for your positive response.
    contact: +256703971475.


  35. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I\’m from the Pacific. A small developing country called Papua New Guinea. I am an undergraduate student at the PNG University of Technology. I\’m studying Civil Engineering.
    I desperately need an offline scholarship because I couldn\’t complete my education here because of financial constraints. I come from a low-level family.
    I really would like to thank you and am looking forward for your favourable consideration.

    Kind regards.

    Mr. Nelson Wiri

  36. Je viens du bénin cela a été toujours mon rêve depuis l\’enfance de poursuivre mes études supérieure à l\’étranger mais en raison de contrainte financière mes rêve son presque fermé dieu merci grâce à vous j\’ai encore espoirs

  37. I am so happy for understanding full information about getting full fund scholarship, but. How can I apply sothat I get this funds?where can I apply? Please help me.I am from Kigali Rwanda,my God bless your hand works.
    Thanks a lot, we are waiting your good support.

  38. I would like to ask a chance of getting masters scholarship in social sciences in Rice University.
    Asimwe Roger
    Rwanda, Kigali

  39. I am surprised to receive this offer it is my heart desire to study in overseas so I can be happy if that desire of mine can happen so it is the golden opportunity for me to receive this offer

  40. I am wiling to apply this scholarship and I come from a developing country plus the requirements of the scholarship I have them completely.

  41. I am called Koïkoï Moïse Bilivogui from Guinea Conakry when I got this information on my inbox I was too delighted because I am always wishing to see opportunity like this as a result I am please asking you to help me to go and proceed my studies in your prestigious university thanks for your good understanding I am looking forward to hearing from you

  42. my names are David moses Mgale from developing country in Africa (Tanzania ) I always dreamed to study in U.S but problem is funds I like to parsue my bachalor of nursing abroad but money still a problem please help by sponsoring me am looking to hear for your response

  43. I am Mahideremariam Tarekegn from Ethiopia from Debremarkos universiyyuniversity. I really happy than I saw the very helpful information on this email. Sure I really want the scholorship inorder to pursue my dream as bachelors degree in Business Management .am looking forward to your response..thank yo

  44. I am from Ethiopa from debremarkos university.i want to get this opportunity ,a full scholarship will be a great help for me.please help me as i want to persue my education in business adminstration. am looking forward to your response..thank you

  45. hi
    i m Samia from Algeria english teacher for 13 YEARS .i m bachelor in english language i was graduated in 1996 BUT due to financial need i can t pursue my master .i m a mother of a baby of one year i can t go to university so i wish to have a fully funded scholarship for an on line master in teaching english as a foreing language ..thank you and good luck for every body your help could make a better life !

  46. I am from Ethiopia ,i have a daily dream of studying in U.S and i would get the quality knowledge in my life thank you U.S.

  47. Great, I am Benjamin Akinleye, I look forward to gain a fully aided scholarship as I am ready to academically work hard for it, my details pls; +2348141696787 or +2348127172776

  48. hellow!!! My name is evalyine alexander mmbaga from Tanzania…i have always dreamt of studying abroad but due to my financial status..things cant work out..am looking forward to get this scholarship so that i can continue with my masters in public health and achieve my dreams….and am looking forward to your response..thank you

  49. Good day sir/madam. I am an African child from Namibia. Ti be honest It has always been my dream from childhood to pursue my higher studies abroad as our country lacks the education infrastructures, but due to my poor financial condition I haven\\’t be able to do so. I will love to apply for one of your scholarships/ full. Thank you for providing us such masive opportunities, looking forward to your response.

  50. Good day sir/madam, I am called Sheron Manyi Fotullah. i am a a Camerroonian from the university of Buea, i want to pursue a degree program in Law if im given the aid to study in U.S as it will be a great joy to me and my entire family.
    yours sincerely


  52. Would be very much thankful if given the opportunity to study in the Us.. it has always been my dream.I do hope I qualify for the sponsorship.

  53. Good day, sir/ madame, am from Africa a Tanzanian student, of clinical officer college, at Lindi requesting for your help in being one of the students to study in your colleges in US, I would take science, biology, arts as well, it ha always being my dream country ever since young age, my dad passed and has been a hard time to gain such a help, so with that have no money to fund myself study in US,
    Hope to hear from you soon?!! Thank you.

  54. I am from one of the developing country, Nepal (South Asia). It has always been my dream from childhood to pursue my higher studies abroad as our country lacks the education infrastructures, but due to my poor financial condition I haven\’t be able to do so. I will love to apply for one of your scholarship, so I am in if you are providing one. Thank you for providing us such golden opportunities, looking forward to your response. 🙂

  55. please l am NKANSAHFORSTER from Ghana and l have a dream to Persue further on Academics but due to financial constraints my dreams is almost shuttered but thank God l saw this opportunity that gives me hope. would be pleased if l could be considered for such an offer

  56. hi i\’m Tatenda Kaseke,Zimbabwean.i am requesting this offer of scholarship to go on with my studies,help me,thank you

  57. Hi I am Hailekiros From Ethiopia and I would like to kindly request you to consider me in this golden opportunity.

  58. Hi I am KIPNGENOH, from Kenya I am requesting for this opportunity please,a full scholarship will be a great help for me to go on with my studies. THANK YOU

  59. Hello. My name is Yihunie Erigetu from Ethiopia and i am very eager for and seeking such types of scholarships specially found in USA just to study change my life, my country all africa and the world as a whole. so please consider and help me in your scholarship if you have aplace to me my phone +251918539196 & email yhunie2012@gmail.com

  60. Hello sir! I am a South Sudanese who have been looking for this kind of opportunity for quite a long time but I could not get it.I have a diploma from World English Institute and I want to continue for undergraduate degree in English and literature for offline studies.

    I request for that bursary so that I begin my studies. How can you help me?
    God bless,


  61. I will be very happy tout receive a chance to obtain my masters degree un breeding\’s system.as a student if developping country it\’s will be amazing.thank

  62. It will be my pleasure if you give me a chance to obtain my masters degree in management in university of Rice. thank

  63. I will be greatful to receive that chance of studying in the US…Your support is highly appreciated. .
    Alfred Madome(from Botswana)

  64. My name is Abdullahi Mohamed Abukar from Somalia i would like to get ischoolarship and I need so much it\\’s my hope to get thanks.

  65. I will be gratef you if you if you give me a chance of Studying masters degree in public health in university of Rice
    Madira Kefa

  66. I would like to thank you for your support I would be happy if you give me chance as a student from developing country

  67. I would like to thanks for your support to us
    ,but still seek for full-funded scholarship,
    I will be happy when I will get this chance,

  68. Am Luis Nyumbe a south Sudanese refugee in Uganda I like that chance cause l need extent my level of study if granted to me Thanks ,yours faith fully

  69. Iam Desalegn Firo from Ethiopia I really need this scholarish.I want to study master degree in development Economics to help the poor African people at grass root level.

  70. am also interested in scholarship bursary to study in Charleston university in USA ,I will be happy if given me chance for studying bcs am studying bachelor of business an management thnx.NDUWAYEZU Emmanuel from Rwanda

  71. Am also interested in scholarship bursary to study in Charleton university in USA,iwill be happy if given the opportunity for studying because am financially constrained.Odong mark from Uganda

  72. Hi i am from Ethiopia i want your loan scholarship which i will pay you as soon as i finish my study with in 2 years . So if you are intereseted contact me .let me enjoy my life dream. Thank you.

  73. I completed high school in 2017 and I have always dream of furthering in the developed countries but due to financial difficulties am still at home .I think this a great opportunity for my to be a reality !

    My number is :+27 75 992 696

    e-mail: ray.claynzeyimana@gmail.com

  74. I have completed high school in 2016 and am my dream is to further my degree in one of the advanced countries. But my chances of getting there is limited, I think this is a opportunity for to further abroad…

    from Ghana

  75. I completed high school in 2016 and have always dream of schooling of furthering in the developed countries but due to financial difficulties am still at home. I think this is a great opportunity for my to be a reality!

  76. I would like to thanks for your support to us
    ,but still seek for full-funded scholarship,
    Iwill be happy when I will get this chance,
    Have a nice job!
    Damian Chapewa
    From Tanzania

  77. i would like to receive a fully funded scholarship on line or in class.i m 43 graduated from english institute 4 YEARS. English teacher for almost 13 years now it s not as i was single, married with a baby i want a better life better education could lead me to a better standars of life to give it to my son .I LL BE GRATFUL TO RECEIVE FINANCIAL AID OR SCHOLARSHIP

  78. I am a Ghanaian who have just completed Senior high school this year and wishes to further my education in one of the developed countries but due to financial constraints , I am still left in a state of limbo as to whether or not my dream would come to reality. I therefore need your help

  79. Am from south Sudan ,it\’s really hard for me to get back to school but if you do me that favor, perhap I could resume it.
    Nothing more than seeking fully aid or scholarship.

  80. I am happy to see all your post about this université ,i have Bachelor dégrée in Lettres and english studies now i want to continu in master in parking or diplomacy if possible or you Can suggest to me other subjects to study if you judge nécessaire.i have not money help me to fulfill my dream please!

  81. I am Munyoro Patrick. Am a Zimbabwean. Am very happy to see the above advice. I long to do Masters degree Human Resources or other related field. I will be very happy to have a fully funded scholarship as getting fees is really a challenge. I would really want you assistance to fullfil my dream.

  82. Hello! Am Stephen mutio from Kenya interested in learning but due to my poor and pathetic background iicould not make it so looking forward to get online studies sponsorship thank you so much

  83. Hi I\’m David Ntemi from Tanzania I\’m interested to study at rice university throug online cause i have bachelor in forestry i determine to get scholarship to persue msc in forestb

  84. Hi I am a Sierra leonean aplying for a full funded scholarship to study in abroad /at the University of Rice looking forward to hearing from you. +23278165810

  85. Good day. I\’m from Ghana willing to study in Europe since 2014 till now but I couldn\’t achieve my aim due to poor financial background by my family. I wish you could help me to achieve the aim with this wonderful online scholarship.best regards. willing to hear a quick response. I\’m Buhari Mohammed

  86. I am applying for consideration of a fully funded scholarship at the University of Rice and looking forward to hearing from you. Baliddawa Gorret +256700356725

  87. What a wonderful opportunity,
    Nothing is as good as helping young people in achieving their dreams,
    I would like to be part of this so as to achieve my dreams and in turn reach out to other people and uplift them too,
    Yvonne Kisesi, +254708521143
    Thank you,

  88. Hello! Am Emmanuel from South Sudanese, and I actually like to joined this scholarship for my best degree in department of Accounting and financial but am actually from poor part maybe your help will fill the missing part of studies

  89. My name is Caroline from Zimbabwe please help me to get this scholarship.It has alwaes been my dream to study abroad but yet cannot afford to.I want to do my first degree preferably a batcherlor in law

  90. Hello
    my name is STAMIAS VENANCE from Tanzania please assist me to have that scholarship because I \’ll want and wish to have studies out of my country especially in environmental studies please help. I really need to study but my parents have no enough fund to pay for my fees that\’s why am looking for a scholarship.
    Thank you.

  91. I from Somalia. This is geat opportunity for me. I want to get MBA-in Management or international relations and diplomacy.
    Thank you.

  92. Hello sir/madam, my name is Marfoa Elizabeth from Ghana am much interested in in this offer to study in US. Am a high school graduate and i want to pursur Degree in nursing.please you can contact me on:0544981666

  93. My names are maluba kalenga from zambia and this is a great opportunity for us zambians and Africa at large..am so much interested in the scholarship.

  94. My name is Nduwamungu Désiré,

    I want to pursue my studies in USA in masters degree, in Economics sciences and I am Burundian.

  95. I am TEMESGEN GASHYA l have a BA degree in management and l need a Master\’s scholarship related with my field of study thanks

  96. Good day sir / Madame ,I have this deep desire to study in USA. Am am RN from Cameroon who which to do a Bachelor\’s degree but I don\’t have funds please I need a scholarship God bless you

  97. I still hold my heart desire to study in the US to pursue Business administration or clinical pastoral education, I request for a scholarship.

  98. My name is Sokunthea Chan , I really happy than I saw the very helpful information on this email. Sure I really want the scholorship inorder to pursue my dream as bachelors degree in Business Management. It is my dream when I was a child even I know I\’m don\’t have enough finance to support it.

    Looking forward

    Best regard
    Thank you .

  99. my name is violet masumbu and i have a certificate in insurance. im interested in this scholarship. please help me as i want to persue my education in business adminstration. thank you.

  100. İ\’m Buraua Tarataake, 19 years of age. Have been completed yr 13 and still need a better education. İ do interested in studying in the U.S for better qualification but actually İ don\’t have money. İ really needs help.

  101. i am say you hello first .. I am university student
    i am stay in sudan for learning purpose but I am Somalian I interested to learn in America but my interest become only dream because I am not get help for any body .. I am graduated before one month only at university of bachelor degree of accounting and finance I hoppy to get schooler ship of master degree if you like to help me you can related me
    phone no:0903802400
    ………. Thanks for reading ………

  102. Very helpful information.I would also like to benefit.I did my high school last year and can\’t afford my college fees I will be thankful to hear from you through +254792384892

  103. I\’m currently a degree holder and I wish to be considered for scholarship to enable me pursue a masters program at united state of America so please help me get a school and a school. I\’m a business student. You can contact me on +233249526869

  104. Sir/Madam/Dear
    My name is Zinanesh Derese,i was gratuated Bsc of animal plroducation and technology with excelllent CGPA of 3.79 in Axum universty.Now aday i want to study mby Msc in your universty, if you give me achance, i was so happy.

  105. Helo am Kerichan Emmanuel I have just finished bachelor\’s in arts education specialized in computer studies and history thanks to initial sponsor but now he is sponsoring other people just to make them reach my level
    But with the job competition In my country I would like to have masters in multimedia production or business administration

  106. Help me please to get the chance of studying abroad ,l like to study because it was my dream since I was young to be a doctor I have completed my advance study now I need to further my education and finally to be a doctor I will be thankful if my request is considered my contact number +255717119426 or +255765602156

  107. I will be thankful if I will get a scholarship to study in US, it was my dream since I was young to study abroad ,hear my crying I have no any external assistance my father and my mother are passed away years ago now am orphan my contact +255717119426 or +255765602156 God bless you

  108. Am Rehema coming from Tanzania please help me to get a scholarship to study in US ,I have completed my advance study I need to further my education please help me am fatherless and motherless my parents passed away years ago now am orphan I will be thankful if you will hear my crying kindly my contact +255717119426 or +255765602156

  109. Iam kindly asking US government to assist me acquire high education please hear my crying am Rehema coming from low economic country Tanzania I completed my Advanved level ,I need to further my education please help me because I have no any parents ,their passed away years ago and now am the orphan I will grateful to God and any lerning instition kindly my contact +255717119426 or +255765602156

  110. Hi! I\’m really interested in this scholarship program.I really like to continue studies abroad because it offer a wide range of skills but the finance is very high so I will pleased to be help. Thank you.

  111. That\’s true I really like to study in USA because it gives me exposure to better educational facilities and my family can\’t afford to pay college fees

  112. I\’m Abdul Nasiru. A young man aspiring to become a Hardwear and Networking engineer. I have certificates in Hardwear and Networking. My grades are not that good, but I\’m willing to learn to become someone better in the nearest future. I would be glad if I\’m offered this scholarship to enhance my knowledge so as to be useful to the world.

  113. Hi! my name is Alexander B. Reeves from Liberia, I hold a Bachelor Degree in General Agriculture.
    In addition, I have a aspiring plan to masters in plant pathology but now I am financially insolvent in order to support myself so that I can continue my academic sojourn in fulfilling my dream of becoming a pathologist.

    Upon this background, I am kindly asking the US government to assist me acquire higher education.
    I will be grateful to God and any learning institution for affording me this opportunity.

    Finally, kindly see my contact details: +231776-882-183/+231880-887-843

  114. Hi,am Achenafi Liben from Ethiopia ,l am a bachelors degree holder in soil and water Engineering, l have a passion of studying further in masters that is masters in Civil Engineering or hydraulic engineering but due to financial constrains l can\\\\’t.kindly l will be so thankful if you aid me achieve my dreams.


  115. Hi,am Achenafi Liben from Ethiopia ,l am a bachelors degree holder in soil and water Engineering, l have a passion of studying further in masters that is masters in Civil Engineering or hydraulic engineering but due to financial constrains l can\\’t.kindly l will be so thankful if you aid me achieve my dreams.

  116. Hi my Name is Nimona Abebe. I am from Arica, Ethiopia and I am graduated with B.Sc. in applied chemistry with my CGPA 3.80. Now I am requesting for education with related fields.
    Looking forward my interest I will wait for your reply.
    Nimona Abebe

  117. Salut je Suis Dongui Kouakou Steven étudiant ivoirien en Master de géographie et j\’aimerais avoir une bourse d\’étude si possible afin de pouvoir étudier dans votre pays. Merci

  118. I am a Ugandan and I look up to this opportunity to study in the U.S
    If granted, I want to study a diploma or degree in health sciences

  119. I am a Kenyan and I would like to study in us so as attain a diploma or a degree in community development so as to help
    people from my country

  120. Kindly assist me to finance my education at unicaf university or anyone through on line course in Dr. in Business administration .l need it to finance the course as a scholarship.
    Iam from developing country Ghana.this will enable me to have a better leaving in future. Now living is very had for me in money wise.
    Thank s.

  121. Pls help me gain the scholarship. I completed high school four years ago but i am unable to continue my education due to financial difficulty. I am from a developing country
    Pls help

  122. I am a Cameroonian, a high school student in science department, and l wish to continue studing in the U.S.A in my field of studies.
    And l wish to study AI(Artificial Intelligence).

  123. It is great opportunity big thks.my name is Dr sisaynesh angota from Ethiopia am general practitioner at amanuel mental specialized hospital i want to study my specialization program in us

  124. I have a degree in cooperative economics and management,and i am from Nigeria,it has always been my dream to run a master degree in one of the universities in US,pls I need this scholarship thanks…

  125. Thanks for the information. I wish to stand a chance to get a scholarship from this university, because am helpless I do not have financial support. thank you

  126. Thats great i wish to benefit from this scholarship since i don\’t have financial sponsors but i aspire to inspire the world help me .Im from Zimbabwe my contact +263738070929

  127. I´m Kyaw Hlaing Sann from the lower development country of ASEAN , Myanmar.
    Now I have gratitude from Nationalities Youth
    Development Degree College, Yangon.
    I want to get the Schoolarship from US that is
    my biggest dream .Could you accept me, Please? Thank you.

  128. Tanks for the information and also,please try and help me through this scholarship.I have a parents alright but I am helpless

  129. Dear David,

    please please kindly help me access this scholarship. I can study online due to internet difficulties here where I live. I have had trouble even to open the mails you send me. I am married but without children. I need the scholarship. I am the only one in my family who will reach this level of education.

  130. Dearest David,

    Iam interested in studying in the USA for my Masters degree. Help me get this scholarship . Am a woman from a developing country dreaming to achieve a Masters degree. Please please sir

  131. Hellow.i am from Tanzania,i have a daily dream of studying in U.S and i have choosen U.S to be the only place i dreamed for,i really love it coz i know i would get the quality knowledge in my life that could be beneficial to all who would around me.i wish to be considerd thank you Rice university thank you U.S.

  132. I am 23 yes of age.I would be the happiest person on earth if I\’m successful for the scholarship. I\’m from Liberia. I know that God will help me.

  133. I\’m a Kenyan. I\’m interested the join the University of Rice\’s scholarships to take bachelor\’s degree in hospitality management. I\’ll be so grateful to here from you. Thank you.

  134. Am from Malawi I have been studying bachelor\’s degree in business management . I qualified for diploma level 4 by ABE and part of level 5 . due to financial constraints am unable to proceed
    I therefore request for financial assistance to enable me complete my course. thank you God may Bless you for your consideration

  135. I am very interested in studying at US,I would like to know more about this schocarship and I will appreciate you if I will get a chance to study at US.Thank you and regards

  136. I\’m from zimbabwe and I\’m looking for a scholarship to study Engineering,I would be happy if you considered me.You are really helping with these scholarship you are giving please continue doing so

  137. Dear sir
    My name is Gwia Christopher Adiwe from Ghana have just completed certificate in nursing and I wish to continued but I do not have the financial capacity to. I would be very happy if I can get financial assistance to continue.

  138. Please I am Darkwah Kofi Enock from Ghana. I just completed high school this year 2017 and I offered General Science as my course. Please I am from a poor family so money to continue my education has become my problem.Please someone should help me with a scholarship to study online in any online university.Thank you.

  139. Hi, my is Gcebile Buthelezi. I would like to further my Masters but do not have the funding. i would greatly appreciate if u gave me a path to follow.

  140. Am a Ghanaian by the name ALHASSAN ABDUL RAZAK. I completed senior high school this year, thus the WASSCE. I want to further my education in USA by reading medicine or petrochemical engineering, if available. Thank you.

  141. My name is Alhamdulillah I want to study in US in Medical(MBBS) in bursaries because I have financial problems now I want to study with u in offline degrees so please admit me I will be respectful of u thanks for updates

  142. Dear sir
    Thank you for your informmations which really are very important for us.I dreamed a long time time ago to get a scholarchip abroard and finacial aid, but till now I still failed.I beg you to assist me,I live Burundi country, And I have bachelor degree in University of Burundi.Call me if possible on +257 79 147 540.

    Thank you.

  143. I need a scholarship to pursue my education… Please help me so as to finish my undergraduate degree in computer security and forensic

  144. My name is Ogunrombi Oreoluwa, I just finished my WASSCE and I really love to further my education in medicine in the US but I don\’t have a passport or visa. Please I will appreciate if you can help me make my dream come true. Thanks.

  145. Am Yvonne and would love to study in US because it\’s my dream so help me fulfill it, tell me how to apply and get scholarship, I do not have both passport and visa. God bless you

  146. Hi, I am Engah k konneh. Thank you very for your update. I am 23 years old, and I am presently doing my LLB program(final year now) at the University of makeni, Sierra Leone. I really want to further my course in US. Please I would to know how and when to apply? Thank you very much for your consideration.

  147. Hello,I completed my form four in the year 2015 and I would love to apply and study outside of our Country,but I don\’t have a visa or passport.

  148. Thank you for sending me more details about this..i would like to join with this..finacial help is very important matter for us..thank you again..

  149. I am chuo Catherine Fri, from Cameroon, l have always dream of studying in the US. The did teacher\’s grade one, & l wish to further my education in studying psychology. If l can get a scholarship which will assist achieve my dreams. Thanks

  150. Dear sir /madam,
    Thank you so much for your information about scholarships in US .of course i would like to study in Us and that is my dream.but please help me with more information and how can i apply for it?

  151. Hello guys i am Fernando Kiprono from Kenya.It has always been my dream to get a chance to study abroad for an undergraduate degree and i would be more than happy to be granted the opportunity.Kindly assist in this.

  152. my name is prince maccollins am from nigeria i want you people to help me in achiveing my dreams of studying in usa please i need your support finacecilly and acdemically

  153. Thanks very much for the information, sir, my name is Judith Ambo, i am from Cameroon , I hv a degree in Geography and hv been working with statistics, collecting data on the field and have Volunteer in some NGOs, can I have a chance?

  154. hello my name is Saidino Kimbavala from Tanzania I have finished my bachelor degree in Business AdministrationI\\’m happy if I got the chance of learning there thanks

  155. hello my name is Nabek yadesa from Ethiopia soon I have finished my bachelor degree in food science and I\’m happy if I got the chance of learning there thanks

  156. I am a mother of two sons and single parent from Sri Lanka. My elder sonis studing at Queensland university of Technology in Brisben ,Australia. Now he is in second year. He got the best GPA on his past semesters.He faced faced meny hardship and challenges since his childhood. But he wants to be an excellent engineer in future. Unfortunately I am having financial issues with paying for his studies futher . I would like to request great help from you sir. If you can sponser my son\’s next two years he can contribute his maximum service for the world. Thankyou . Please send me a reply.

  157. My Names Are Elias Niyoyankunze, I\’m A Burundian. Very Soon I Get My Bachalor Degree In Accounting And Management. As I\’d Like To Continue My Studies In Masters, I Don\’t How It Can Be Possible Because Of The Lack Of Funding. Please Your Scholarship May Help Me To Achieve My Dream. Thank You!!!

  158. My names are Muchimba Siankusule from Zambia, I completed my seniour Secondary education last year,2016.
    Hence by the virtue of my family status, Am unable to proceed with my further education due to lack of fund, even when my results are very good. However am looking forward to such scholarships if you can help me out!

  159. my name is Felix from Kenya i wanted to know if you can sponsor me in my dream career of becoming a pilot .that i start my study in 2019 since right know am still in highschool

  160. Good morning Sir! Am Stephen Z. Kweeh ; I really need this scholarship to acquire a professional and quality education in my life. I am a Student of the University of Liberia, studying Economics and Mathematics. I really need this scholarship to acquire a professional and quality educational degree in Econometrics at your profound and prestigious University!!!. I really pray to be one of the Selectees of your refined scholarship. Thanks!!!!.

  161. Hey. My name is Joseph kamau aged 33years old from Kenya. Am glad for your great advice and assistance. I am a clinical officer (diploma holder in clinical medicine and surgery from a government owned college – kenya medical training college). I have always wanted to actualise my dream in medical field by attaining excellent performance in my clinical work inorder to help my clients .My interest is to pursue a medical related bachelor\’s degree. Am calling upon for your guidance on the available courses and universities I can apply. I do come from underprivileged familial background whereby raising funds to sustain my studies has been difficult ( previously fundraising but in and out of studies) Looking forward for your response and I\’ll highly appreciate. Thanks.

    Yours faithfully,

  162. am Brian leina a Kenyan .. would like your support I come frm a poor background and I performed extremely well.. show me how to apply

  163. my names r Brian leina would like to study in united States.. I performed well in my exams but I come frm poor background plz inform me how I can get assistance through scholarship in us so that I may realize my dream

  164. My name is Ismail husein I am in somalia after the central government somalia became less education or private I am 18yrs I need this scholarship plz your answer is important to me

  165. Thank you for the advice. I am Rwandan and I need this opportunity.
    Please I wish to meet your consideration.

  166. I from Kenya and it would be a dream come true if I received this scholarship.As per now i am having financial issues a with paying for my school fees and even from the loan my mum is a taking ,it is not enough to take all my other siblings and i to school. It so hurt touching to find people who are willing to help the less fortunate to accomplish their dreams by giving them the chance to attend university.

  167. Thanks so much for this timely and wonderful update. I think the next stage now is how to apply? please help us out. Im from Nigeria

  168. God bless you for the good things you are doing, I believe many are desperate than I am, may you have the strength to support us all. Am an undergraduate student from Ghana, and am still at home due to my financial problem. Thank you.

  169. Please am Aniamalu from Africa. I would like to study law in your country and go back to Nigeria to help develop it. I would really appreciate it if you could help me

  170. I am a superior technician forestry,which studie to rural developpement institut superior.l wan to get my master of training forestry in ower institut scholarship.

  171. I am Nowreen Milaho from Kenya. I wish to get a scholarship to study Civil and Structural engineering. I really want to get this opportunity.

  172. I am Yesuf mohammed from Ethiopia I have Bsc degree in Natural Resource Management from Jimma university, Ethiopia so I have interested to get this chance please help me

  173. My name is Dianah Namboira from Uganda, I have a bachelor\’s degree in Building Economics and I would like to scholarship for masters from Rice University. What is the application procedure.

  174. I am from Pakistan. I am very much interested to do M.A in Development Management, Gender Studies, Development Studies or Rural Development. Please guide me how can I apply for scholarship?

  175. My name is Erick A Lutambi from Tanzania I am looking for this scholarship. Am first degree holder in electrica engineering.

  176. # I am a young syrian Kurdish, i \’m 23 years old.i\’m fourth year civil engineering.i am looking for a scholarship to achieve my dream of completing my studies.
    # My physical condition is weak and the conditions prevailing in syria are conditions of war.
    # I am smart and loving to study and I have many ambitions but the prevailing conditions do not allow me to do so, and I wish I had luck one day in achieving this.
    # so if there is a chance I hope it will be a solutions to the problems of my studies and thank you very much for your efforts for us and for every one not he can achieve his dream…

  177. Hi i m from pakistan.i have earned masters degree in english literature.Now i want to get higher study on scholarship.how can i apply for scholarship.

  178. I have completed my Bsc degree in natural resource management at Bahir Dar university(Ethiopia). I need to learn Msc program with fully funded scholarship. I am confused how to apply to get this chance.

  179. I\’m looking for scholarships for post graduate masters in public health related fields. If I am eligible for this scholarship, how do I apply for it.

  180. Sir please help me to get this fund . I really want to Appreciate u for such a help of students. I want to complete my study but I have no money how I can get this fund help me sir please.

  181. Please sir help me I really want to complete my degree but no money help me get this fund. I have just completed diploma in business adminstration specialising in accounting



  184. Hie am from Zimbabwe and kindly asking to be awarded this scholarship for undergraduate studies in civil engineering how do I apply for it

  185. Please dear am really interested i in awarding me this sholarship
    .I have always dream of schooling in the U.S

  186. I m drame daouda l very interest to have this scholarship because since ten years l finish Bachelot but l havent any possibilité to continu m\’y stude and l need aid to paye m\’y stude ,and because m\’y parents havent moneg to help me so l will be happe if l fund this scholarship to stude and l waiting to stude thank you.

  187. hie i\’m facing financial problem,i really need a scholar to further up my education
    i really will be happy if you grant me a scholarship.looking forward for your respont

    Nigel Gwarimbo

  188. sir I am from Pakistan i have passed my school and college level with outstanding grade . I am not too strong financially to afford universities fee I have passed intermediate with pre-engineering and wants to be an engineer but i have no money if there is any scholarship or financial grand then help me please

  189. I want money. already sent bank account. wait for money. please waiting for Response. Nabil Imam Chowdhury.

  190. dear sir /madam I am from pakistan which is very poor and backward country here i did my 12 year education very good.i stood always first in my school and college but due my financial crises and torrirism i donot found to study more please if there is any foreign scholerships for medical school MBBS/MD please inform me i have studied pre-medical in high and college level please help me
    thank you for attention

  191. Hello I\’m Joshua Ekye a level 200 student at university of Cape coast ~ Ghana. I will be much grateful if I\’m granted the scholarship to further my education in your noble institution.
    I hope me request will be granted in good faith.

    Thank you.

  192. The Chancellor Rice University Huston, Texas.
    I will be most delighted if I given the opportunity to school at rice university, because its going to be a dream come true and the beginning of a fulfilled destiny for me.
    I will try my best so as not to be a waste of investment.
    I look forward to schooling at Rice University
    . Peters Prince Joseph

  193. Dear sir/madam.I\’m Chris Ogallo from Kenya.I\’m currently a primary school teacher but it has been my long time wish to change career to journalism. I\’ll be very glad to receive scholarship from University of Rice.Please I\’m not financially stable.

  194. good day sir, my name is MEE ARUMUN, a secondary school graduate from Nigeria, i wish to study MBBS and this could just be a very wonderful, thrilling and magnificent opportunity for me. thank you sir for trying to help those in need.

  195. Thank you so much for this opportunity
    Am really interested in getting a scholarship to pursue a bachelors degree in medicine and surgery. Am a registered nurse currently.

  196. Good morning Sir /madam ,I am from Ethiopia who has always being dreaming of learning in USA and I believe that this is the best chance for me at this time .I will be very grateful and eager ,if I am considered a scholarship opportunity to follow my second degree in America.

  197. Good evening sir / madam, l am a Ghanaian who has always being dreaming of schooling in USA and l believe this is the only best time. l will be very grateful if l am considered a scholarship opportunity to pursue my second degree in America. Thank you.

  198. My name is jariatou jallow i live in gambia am in need of this scholarship so badly i wish i could further my education n career at your collage under your financial assistance especially in nursing.looking forward to your consideration. Thank you

  199. Hi , I\’m Reem from lebanon , I always dreamed to travel n study in the US , I finished high school n I got 15.86/20 in the official exams , I wish to study there .

  200. Hi, am looking forward to join your school and once I get that chance I will grasp every opportunity available.I won\’t take it for granted having such a golden chance,i will appreciate being one of your student.

  201. Dear team, i am interested in the scholarship, given a chance i will grasp this unique opportunity quickly.am looking forward to your response.

  202. Hello ma\’am/sir, Good day! I am Leanza Laine Gapol Canoy, and i\’m 19 years old, i live in Philippines with my grandpa that have asthma and my aunt is person with disablity, i live with them to take care them.
    My father is a fisherman and My mother is housewife, i have 5 siblings, i leave message here because i just pray and hope that can you help me to give educational assistance or college scholarship, because i really need to help my family financially when i am finish education.. this is my number ma\’am/sir +639481314424 incase if you need to know more about me and my family stories… THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!❤

  203. I really want this schoolarship, but i don\’t know how can I apply schoolarship? And if you give me this chance I will never let you down..
    Thank you.
    All the best

  204. Hi, How can i apply for this scholarship?
    I will love to pursue International Relations and politics, and i really want to pursue it in your country under your scholarship!

  205. am joeffrey kenyan and i want to upgrade my career in finance since i have dip in finance and banking. can i do a digree in bussiness administration with that scholership?

  206. I want this scholarship so bad so I pray to God for you to give me this scholarship and I promise that I won\’t let you down.

  207. Hi, my name is mumtaaz arwo ,am 18 years old ,and I\’m student on a highschool level,I belong in Somali ,I need this scholarship so much its means me lot and I hope sure if you found that position for me contacts with me my gmail ( mumtaazawil99@ gmail.com) thanks you guys

  208. I have been looking forward for any assistant in gaining a programme that will help my prior knowledge in order to feel confident in teaching english language as it is not my own mother tongue , am really interested to learn it and to help to serve my beloved developing country, Kiribati.
    Thanks, hope to hear from you.

  209. I am Benjamin and am 23 years of age. I am a Ghanaian by birth and a secondary school leaver. My ambition is to be an engineer in the near future but need support to be able to realise my dream. Ipray and hope I get this scholarship to be able to fulfill that dream

  210. Am graduate of the copeerbelt university in zambian , holder of a Bsc in Production and operations management. I really appreciate if am given an opportunity like this very one to study in the US. I would love to further my education but am financially disabled. Please help me

  211. My name is Frank Tibu. I am a Malawian and a holder of degree majoring mathematics/physical education. I wish l could further my education with your college under your financial assistance especially in physical education.Looking forward towards your consideration.

  212. Good day sir, My name is Aladekoyi Gbenga, a Technologist from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State. Nigeria. I\’m an MSc holder in industrial chemistry from Ambrose Alli university,Ekpoma. I\’m wish to come for my PhD in environmental or analytical chemistry in your institution if scholarship is granted .I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  213. hello, my name is Peter from kenya. I would love to pursue computer science under your schoolarship program. Thank you.

  214. My name is Guluma Fufa I leve in ethiopia,Oromia regional national sate in Shambu Town
    I am interesting to learn in your countery
    because of the money i dont learn MBA program please you help me !!!
    Thank you
    My address Shambu Town
    mob +2510913462402
    Bank account 1000042383542

  215. thank you a lot .this Ernest from zoology and conservation undergraduate I want to full fill my dream through masters please take me under your consideration.

  216. hello . am augustin , am rwandan by nationality and am very interestede to afford that scholar ship if you allow me to get it , i will be very pleasure , thank you

  217. Morning David.
    Am Alex, a Kenyan citizen 26 years old, a holder of Bachelors Degree in Education (history /kiswahili).
    I have always had a dream of persuing further education in my life but my ambitions have been hindered by Financial matters.
    Please i kindly request for your aid to unlock my dreams and ambitions.

  218. Hi,my name is Wilfred f Kamara.
    I graduated from the Maretha International Preparatory High School.
    My ambition is to become a Civil Engineer. I have been seeking to study abroad and it seems like I have find the source of hat which I have been seeking.
    P!s help me I really need this opportunity.

  219. With all due respect and humble request, I wish I could be given such scholarship to study and help the next generation coming as I have been helped.
    Please am from Ghana.

  220. I\’m Mary from cameroon please i need this scorlaship to pursue m\’y school. I\’m an undergraduate student With a good average.

  221. I am a government employee but i want to grab the opportunity if you consider my application in the scholarship related to agriculture.

  222. I am yusuph rashidi from Tanzania , bachelor degree holder of special needs education, I want to study for masters of special needs education but I don\’t have fund.I will be happy if I will be considered in this full funded scholarship.thank you

  223. It will be career change for me. .If I am among those who will be entitled for the scholarship. I am from developing country west Africa The Gambia, aiming to accomplish my studies in abroad(u.s).

  224. I am adebisi fatimahfatimah, from a poor back ground but want to have this scholarship.I am an undergraduate with an average result.

  225. I am very keen to atain a higher education but no funds to further my education.I would have been very glad to have heard that I am granted a scholarship.Thank you.

  226. Hi

    I m Abel Wise Jah from Liberia. It\’s my dream to study abroad and learn the way of life of people from that part of the world.
    However, due to financial problems, my dream is now becoming a mild dream. I hope you can afford me this opportunity to turn my dream into reality. By granting me this scholarship, you have transform the life of another generation in such an under developed country.


  227. I\’m very interested in getting the bursary to complete my studies. Pls I need your assistant to get this scholarship

  228. hi am a law student started studying laws at the University of Bamenda Cameroon and intend having a scholarship to study abroad, how do i go about that

  229. I am Emmanuelar Nwa Tchi from Cameroon.I really need this offer because it has been my dream to study abroad but because of financial problem I had to stop dreaming because I had loose hope.I just wish I could be one of u thank u.

  230. thank you for offering these scholarship. how and where can I apply for masters\’ in law? help me to know the information since I am a law bachelors\’ holder got from University of RWANDA.

  231. Great information, keep it up. How can you help with fully funded scholarship for PhD program in soil science.

  232. I am very happy to write this comment. I have MA in educational Research and development.And I have a dream to study My PHD in abroad , please help me to realize it. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  233. To whom it may concern,
    I would like to apply for the above mentioned fund aid as advertised in \’Worldscholarship.online\’ on 08/07/17.I currently a form 4 study at Dagoretti high school,i have unshakable confidence that I do require the aid because:I am an all round student who is morally upright with commanding influence on the environment.Conclusively,I assure that you have the right person

  234. Plese help me I want to study.But I have not much money.Plese can you assist me with a full scholarship as an undergraduate.

  235. My name is Lordina Appau and am from Ghana.
    I would very much like to know about the scholarship and how to apply

  236. Hey David
    first of all thanks,.
    please how can get financial support before of any proceedings cause i lost my parents since 1999 but have passion to study abroad for master\

  237. My nami is Werner a Namibian I want a bursary /a scholarship to study fisheries and aquaculture at China how can I get that? Please help

  238. Hey, David
    First of All Thanks.
    And then I want your support how can I get Finacial before online applying. And also there is no Application form.
    I am from Ethiopian developing country in east Africa and I want to apply for Master degree fullt Funded.

  239. Hi, my name is Leon from Liberia .
    My dream is to become a laboratory Technology can the university help my dream come to pass? I lost my entire family 2015 from Ebola in my country and now I have no one to help me achieve my goals.

  240. My name is Ibrahim Hamid Musa Ali, I am from Sudan-north darfur state, I studied Geology at University of Bahri and graduated in September 2013.
    Currently I work as teaching assistant at University of Bahri in college of petroleum geology and minerals. I would like to complete my study in geology outside of Sudan, and always seeking to have Master degree in hydrogeology at any University in Europe or USA.

  241. I\’m a undergraduate student of Bangladesh agricultural university. what should i do for the scholarship? ? suggest me.

  242. Thank You very much for your advice ,please can you assist me get scholarship into the university. I\’m Austine Boadai

  243. I gratuate from jimma university in Ethiopia in civil engineering.I want full scholarship because in Ethiopia it too difficult to study dueto financial and quality of education.

  244. Thanks for your advice and opportunity.I am a government servant working as education college teacher and have 28 years teaching experience. I am 50 years old. I am MEd (Specializing guidance and counseling) Degree holder since 2015. I try my best even I have two daughters and very busy with my job and houseworks. I couldn\’t effort to continue my studying for PhD because of financial problem.Please give me a chance to study in your university.
    Thanks a lot;

  245. yes,i thank you for the offer ,my question is;what are the qualification for the fully funded scholarship?
    i finished form six 2016 and would like to be part of the scholarship.

  246. Thanks. From which class I can apply for the fully scholarship? Now I am in std IX.Actually I want to make true my mom\’s dream. She has wishes but not so able financially.

  247. thank u for the advice. pls how can I apply for the Rice university scholarship for a degree program

  248. Thanks for the message,

    I hope if you like, I will take an online fully funded course because i cannot afford means for my masters. I am a Burundian. thanks

  249. Kindly assist me on how to apply.I would like to apply in the school of science studying medicine.I am a Zambian completed grade 12 in 2014.

  250. Hallo, how can I get application form am realiy interested, Am currently pursuing diploma in information communication technology, Am financially weak, would appreciate if I get bursary to continue with undergraduate in computer science.

  251. Hey thank you so much for giving such opportunities my name is Nicole and I am really looking for a scholarship in medicine this has been and still is my life long dream please help me achieve it.
    God bless .

  252. Am Felecia mwizagi from Tanzania am requesting for scholarship bt I don\’t know the procedures to be followed

  253. I am a cameroonian of 24 years old, I had been having an ambition to study abroad,but when i got your advertisement on the website I could no hesitate but to try if I can get that golden opportunity to study abroad. please consider me and make my dream valid.I did my high school examination 2014 and I was suposed to be graduating this year due to instability of my country i did not go to school this year so please help me.

  254. Firstly I give thanks to you for helping international students. Humbly request you that please help me for my farther study. I have completed BD in last year but I couldn\’t continue Master due to financial problems. Therefore please help me for my study.

    Thanks you

  255. hi there am nati and am 3rd year student of one of Ethiopian university. I would like to apply for full scholarship in U.S. ,if there is something u can help me please…

  256. I am Eyob and i was hoping i would study in the university of purdue and i really would appreciate it if i would get your help on the full scholarship program . Thank you

  257. I am kimaiyo samson ,Kenyan citizen aged 19 years old i am looking forward to achieve my goals in life, please may i be the one to study in US, hope you will help me,thank you.

  258. Salut , je m\’appel Abdoulaye DIALLO, j\’ai un diplome de maitrise en Relation Internationale et je souhaiterai continuer mes études aux USA car la qualité de l\’enseignement làbà est encore plus bonne et je souhaite exceller dans mon domaine (relation internationale).
    Dans l\’espoir d\’avoir votre coup de main, j\’ose espérer une suite favorable venant de vous.

  259. Hi,am Moses Gimode from Kenya ,l am a bachelors degree holder in education science in biology and chemistry, l have a passion of studying further in masters that is masters in plant physiology and biochemistry but due to financial constrains l can\’t.kindly l will be so thankful if you aid me achieve my dreams.

  260. Bonjour. G m\’appelle jong Philip. Étudiant a l\’Université de Yaoundé. Je viens d\’obtenir ma licence en histoire spécialiste; relation international. Au regard des difficultés que le pays nous impose dans les études et l\’obtention du master et du doctorat, J\’aimerais acquérir une bourse pour la suite de mes études.

  261. hello sir / madam . i am derrick shema from Rwanda , and completed high school in 2015 with good grades in math physics and computer science , please help me get an undergraduate scholarship

  262. Hello
    I am papathe a congolese undergraduate student leaving in Accra,please kindly tell me what are the steps to apply for the full scholarship at the university Of Rice.
    Thank you.

  263. Please I need any assistance from anybody who Can assist me with full scholarship for any degree program

  264. Please I will really love to study on full tuition.i am from CAMEROON and due to the strike education here is not stable.so please I really need you help.i will be grateful is am given the opportunity

  265. I really needed for my study support here in my country in Yangon,Myanmar. Please can i ?

    With highly regard,
    Mr. Rung Lian Sang
    Yangon, Myanmar

  266. Its really good and amazing that you people can look at the low income earners from developing countries and offer such help to them in order for them to also acquire and receive the formal education am really appreciative but my wary is how about those people who never performed well in their schools due to financial difficulties but they have the capability and spirit of achieving more if they are given a chance because your main concern to only those in 1st class yet also us who are not in first class have the capability of doing it

  267. Mr. David, thanks very much for the information about Rice University, Houston, Texas and Carleton University Northfield Minnesota. In fact I am interested in full scholarship. I am a pastor of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon ordained in 2008. I like to study either Theology, Education, or Counselling. I wish to spend the rest of my years in ministry and life to teach and impart the lives of others, so i to upgrade my academics to meet up with the standards . I hold a Bachelors degree in theology from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Kumba Cameroon. I am interested in the offers of Carleton University. If you can help me secure a scholarship from there, I will be very grateful Sir. I am from Cameroon a developing country, married with two children. Thanks, waiting to hear from you soonest.

  268. Hello thanks very much dear informant, I would cherish an undergraduate full offline scholarship in the US or UK. While I stay very positive and expectant, I wish you well

  269. Hello I am samuel a Liberian. I am really interested in this scholarship. I really want to complete my tertiary education but I am not balanced financially since after this deadly Ebola crisis which took place in my country a year ago. How do I apply for this scholarship?

  270. I have completed my ssce since 2014 please I really need this scholarship to further my education God Bless you

  271. Hi , I am sina sous from Cambodia
    Pleas help me . I want to study my business and management . Help me full scholarship pleas

  272. I will appreciate if I get this scholarship. kindly give me an absolute procedure for this scholarship

  273. hello, I would like to appreciate your offers. and i got my B.Sc dgree in this year for some reasons I need to got my msc for that I can\’t afford the price I hope I got some one to help me or some one can solve my problem that is your organization and thank you again!!!

  274. am praying that one day GOD connects me with one who can give me sponsorship to fulfill my scientific research dream

  275. am very much pray full to be considered one day for a scholarship because i would wish to execell in academic work no matter the age factor.however i would like to make a history in sciences that,s my area of intrest

  276. Dear,
    I am sharmin ara, completed LL.B(Hon\’s) and LL.M, fully English Medium. I want to do further study in your country, famous University. Please give me the opportunity full funding scholarship with living cost. Please see here bellow attach my academic record:

     Educational Qualifications:
    • Master of Law-LLM (1 year)
    • CGPA : 3.909 out of 4
    • Passing Year : 2007 to 2008
    • University : Northern University, Bangladesh.

    • Bachelor of Law-LLB (Honours) Examination
    • CGPA : 3.87 out of 4
    • Passing Year : 2003 to 2007
    • University : Northern University, Bangladesh.

    • Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C)
    • Division :1st Division
    • Group :Science
    • Passing Year :2001
    • Institute : Dinajpur Government College, Dinajpur.
    • Board :Rajshahi Board

    • Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)
    • Division : 1st Division
    • Group :Science
    • Passing Year :1999
    • Institute : Saint Philips High School, Dinajpur.
    • Board : Rajshahi Board
    Computer Skills:
    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point,
    Member of Dhaka Bar Association: May 2009
    Member of the Bangladesh Bar Council: May 2009

    Practice as a law consultant under various famous Lawyers
    From 27 June, 2007 to 12 November, 2009

    Lecturer, Bangladesh University
    From October, 2008 to November 2009
    Lecturer, Gono University
    From November,2009 to August 2011
    Practice as a Lawyer
    From 2011 to continue

    Name : SHARMIN ARA
    Father’s Name : Md. Jamil Miah
    Mother’s Name : Most. Nurunnahar Begum
    Date of Birth : 14th August 1984
    Nationality : Bangladeshi (by birth)
    Religion : Islam (Sunni)
    Sex : Female
    Language Known : Bengali, English
    Blood Group : A+

    Khaza Manzil, House No#01, 06 No. Auliapur Union Parishad, Pulhat Dinajpur. Bangladesh.
    Mobile: +8801765653298
    E-mail: sharmin_llb43@yahoo.com;


  277. I am Zambian citizen aged 21 and am looking for full funded scholarship for my dreams to come true of studying accounts. my family is unable to pay for my studies

  278. Hello am a Malawian looking this chance to study there in medical education, but I need this bursary to do so, please may you help me

  279. It\’s my prayer that you are good.with am fine too.hence,am here apply for full scholarship am a young man level in Zambia.ny parents dead long time ago in 1988 when i was a boy.please am in need.and i believe that through you people of God you will help me.because you are my hope.