Grab this $5,000 last dollar scholarship and get started on your education

Sometimes it seems that college fees never dry out, right?

The grants you’ve secure so far don’t cover all the expenses of your education? Try and apply for a last dollar scholarship

Let imagine this scenario – you’ve enrolled with one of the offline or online schools out there and you’ve managed to secure funding to pay the tuition. While online masters degrees or bachelor programs don’t usually require you to pay for study materials as most of them are digitized, you might need to purchase additional studying materials.

Let’s image you don’t understand a concept fully. Traditional or online master degrees are usually advanced programs which teach complicated concepts, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself having a rough time understanding all the notions.

That’s why – like many students of traditional or online schools – you might find yourself needing to invest in extra study materials like books, exercise notebooks and so on. If you’re enrolled with a distance learning program, you might be required to attend a few classes on campus, if the program you’ve enrolled into requires it. For example, to graduate with some degrees you will need to acquire some practical skills, as well. You can’t become a chemist without being in a laboratory.

Which means, online master degrees might end up costing you more than the tuition fees. You’ll need to throw in extra cash for board and travelling expenses. So, you applied to the right scholarship, submitted your FAFSA (Federal Student Aid Application) but at the end you’re still confronted with a huge hole in your finances.

But there’s a way out of this – it’s called last dollar scholarship. This kind of scholarship is awarded to a student whose official Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on your Student Aid Report, and financial aid packages are lower than the total cost of tuition and fees.

If college seems like an unachievable dream to you by now, don’t panic. The good news is that there are plenty of last dollar scholarships available to fund your education. Like the Washington Women in Need Education Grant.

Like the name suggests, this scholarship is targeted only at female students which come from low-income homes in Washington state.

The Women in Need Education Grant awards $5,000 in funding to ladies looking to enroll with a degree over one calendar year. The money should be used to pay for tuition, mandatory fees, books and supplies.

The Washington Women in Need foundation will award up to 55 grants. So how do you apply to one?

Apart from being a female student who is enrolled with an accredited Washington college or university, applicants also have to commit to be able to maintain a 2.5GPA or greater each tern.

Awardees are expected to send in grades, registration and educational or financial information to Washington Women in Need foundation each term. They will also be required to participate in WWIN events like writing thank-you notes to donors and attending the annual Luncheon.

To be chosen by the foundation you will need to demonstrate acute financial need, so if you are in this situation go ahead and submit your application right now. The sooner Washington Women in Need gets it the better.


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