Nomura Foundation Scholarships at Japanese Universities for Graduates

Nomura Foundation was established in April 1st 2010 as a fusion between Nomura Foundation for Social Science, The Nomura Cultural Foundation and Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies. Before the fusion process, all the entities were created to promote social science, to support the arts and culture and to foster international talents of the next generations. Currently, Nomura Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation and is offering scholarships to graduate foreign students in the humanities or social sciences at the following universities: Waseda, Keio, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hitotsubashi, and Osaka.

The worth of the award is 200.000 Japanese Yen (the equivalent of 1.793USD) per month. Eligible students for the Nomura Foundation Scholarship are those who are currently enrolled or plan to enroll the graduate school at one of the above mentioned universities as of April 1st 2018. Only students who come from a humanity or social science background and wish to continue their academic study in these fields are eligible for the scholarship. The Foundation is promising a smooth communication and students will be recognized as requiring economic assistance if they have excellent academic achievements. Students who receive scholarship benefits which exceed 50.000 YEN per month (approximately 500 USD) from other organizations, government sponsored international students will not be considered. Also, entrants who have a status of residence of “permanent residence” are not eligible to apply. Entrants must not be older than 35 years old.

The closing date for the scholarships is September 29th, 2017 that is why, Nomura Foundation is advising all students who want to submit their future careers to the rigors of the well paid and top jobs to hurry. The application process consists of sending the required documents which are the application form found at the official website https://www.nomurafoundation.or.jp/scholar/guideline.html . They must download the prescribed form from the screen of “Application for acceptance”. Along with that, students must provide their transcripts and passing notice or enrollment certificate.

The application method for foreign students can be found at https://www.nomurafoundation.or.jp/scholar/scholar_app.html where they will have to obtain ID and password so they can login and subscribe. For more pieces of information about the admission process and entrance requirements, students are advised to consult the official website as Namura Foundation is the only eligible to provide accurate updates so that students will know step by step what to do.

Good luck to everyone!

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