Studying in South American is easy if you have a bursary

I don’t know about you, but for us Latin America has always been a mythical, culture rich land. Just think of the ancient civilization that dwelled on the continent like the Inca, Olmec, Toltec or Maya people.

Latin America is definitely a place you should travel to and the easiest way to do so could be by applying to one of the scholarship programs available to support students who want to move on the continent.

It doesn’t matter whether you are enrolled with an offline or online degree, you only have to be willing to travel to Latin America. Just think about it, you will be able to travel, but also acquire rich knowledge that might be useful to you afterwards. Here are some of the best scholarship programs that will help you fund your trip to South America.

CIEE Bowman Travel Grants

Did you already select one of the offline or online degree programs out there? Good, then it’s time to focus on finding a scholarship to support school tuition and travel fair to the country of your choice.

The Bowman Travel Grants come in two flavors. First we have the CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant which offers $2,500 towards program cost and $1,500 toward airfare. If the offer sounds attractive then you should know students looking to enroll with one of the many traditional or online colleges out there also need to provide the organization with a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), as displayed on the FAFSA Student Air Report.

The second grand awarded by the organization is the CIEE Global Access Initiative Grants which offers students interested in applying for a BA with traditional or online colleges the opportunity to get their airfare funded (from $750 to $2,000).

Roberto Rocca Education Program

If you always dreamed to go the Argentina, the Roberto Rocca Education program is definitely worth looking into.

The foundation awards 40 scholarships for students enrolled with a traditional or online degree who are studying engineering and the geosciences. It’s a bit of a niche grant, but if you too are attracted by this technical field you should definitely apply.

Interested parties can get up to $2,100 per year with the possibility of renewing the grant in the following year of study.

Those enrolled with online degree programs or traditional ones throughout Argentina and over 22 years of ages are eligible to apply.

Boren Scholarships

Mexico is the land of lost Mayan cities, but it could also be the country where you go to university.

The Boren scholarships are specifically designed to help students pursuing an offline or online degree studying less commonly though languages in world regions critical to US interests.

That means people interested in getting onboard one of the many traditional or online degree programs in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe or Latin America are eligible to apply.

The grant is quite consistent, awarding $8,000 for a summer program, $10,000 for a semester and $20,000 for 6 to 12 months.

But students of offline or online colleges who are perusing an undergraduate degree spanning over at least 6 months will be given priority.

As you can see, South America enthusiasts you have plenty of options to travel to the continent. So don’t waste any time and try applying to one of the student scholarships above.

  1. I greet you all out there. may God continue to grant you the grace for the good work
    you are doing to the studies out there. But I have a worry why is it that you don\’t offer scholarships for theology?

  2. I need to study in south america. but I don\’t have enough amount of money. now I\’m in china. but my nationality is Ethiopian. so please I need your support by give free scholarship.

  3. Hello good evening.I wish to study medicine and surgery in either USA, Europe, Canada, Australia. I am from a very poor back ground. I need a great support or if possible a sponsor that can take up my responsibilities due to love and the best of effort that I am going on in my life. thanks very much for your kindly heart and affection you will show towards me.

  4. I have to.and I want to study medicine and surgery in either USA Europe Canada Australia . and if so, I need a great support or a sponsor that can take up my responsibilities for the cause of love.and the best of effort that I am going on in my life. Thanks very much for your pleasure.

  5. Hello iam so happy for this opportunity to study in South America. I like to get this chance to do nursing. I failed to finishe my course after the lost if my parents in the war which took place in Northern Uganda in 22 yes back so now have been looking for support from different corners please help me.

  6. I am a liberian and I am interested in your scholarship but I have no means of getting to university due to financial difficulties in my country.

  7. My name is bashir ahmad I want to study but can\’t continue my education due to financial problems I have passed fsc from Pakistan I am afghan refuges I want to study in field of medical but my family can\’t support me

  8. Hi am from Tanzania,i need to get my degree of pharmacy in South America I am much in need with this scholarship.i will be very happy thank you

  9. My name is Uzochukwu Victor Mike, I\’m so interested to be part of this ongoing program. I want to further my education outside my comfort zone, I don\’t know how it\’ll happen but, I believe you\’re incapacitated to do that.
    I anticipate to hear from recipient, thanks.

  10. l mean that if you give free
    scholarship to study masters
    degree in any business field
    and also I have BA degree in
    banking & finance. additionally
    l a financial problem to my
    education . really my mother
    teach me up to university as
    well as my father died when l
    was a child . it can be applied
    from Ethiopian. l get free
    chance in government
    university and l graduated
    from jijiga university in July 24
    2015 GC.

  11. Hi ,Iam Shihab Eldein from Sudan ,Iam very happy to write this comment ,and I hope to get this chance of scholarship

  12. I want to get to know my requests if you can get that application, and tell me how easy it is to accept.
    I hope you answer me

  13. I am happy to hear about this scholarship program from south America. so,i am finishing up my undergraduate program in Environmental management , Department of Emergency and disaster management and i need to further my studies in environmental protection.

  14. Hi Kiwewa Innocent is my name and i am a diploma graduate in Animal production Production and management, my desire is to advance in Veterinary medicine and surgery.
    I have been working for the last two years but now i am likely to lose my job since they now want graduates especially in Veterinary medicine and surgery please kind attention to me is needed.
    I an Ugandan 4th out of the nine children and I happen to be one who has only studied but i have been helping my parents and siblings too so if lose such a job all my family parents and siblings too will equally be affected.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. I am interested in pursuing a masters degree with Boren scholarship, hope its not only for undergraduates. Thanks

  16. Hello I\’m Maimuna jarju from Gambia I am interested to do master\’s in your university in South America and I will be very happy if I can have the detail information on the scholarship process.
    Thank you
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Hi am Raymond Atam a mental health officer currently working in a hospital here Papua New Guinea.
    I have convinced to broadened my study in your country.
    I have interest in up skilling my profession doing cognitive behavioral therapy. A degree or diploma would be appropriate.
    I have obtained my bachelor degree in mental health nursing.
    Please assist me

    Thankyou very much


  18. I am interested in your graduate program. please sent me all detail information on the scholarship process in South America .

  19. Hallo am Staicy Wachira from Kenya.Really in need of this scholarship.I want to study Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public relation or any other communication course.It would be a pleasure getting this opportunity.Studying in America has always been my dream.Thank you

  20. Hello,I am Dennis T Momoh Jr. From Liberia, I really in need of this scholarship, I want to study in Latin America I want to study Economics please help me in process

  21. First my name is salah isak from somalia i really intrested you scholarship if its possiple please contact me soon thank you

  22. I am student live in somalia my name mustaphe mohamed awil i interesting also i want to learn but pleas contacting me

  23. Good day to this all gracious grant aid institution in the southern part of America, it is an opportunity that I have been yearning for and I don\’t want to miss. If this institution would help me to pursued my career in Accounting and Finance is my pleasure. I have pursued a HND programme in Accounting and Finance would be necessary at all cost. I hope that this institution would help me in career advancement at all cost. My prayer has been this all this while, to have an institution that would developed in career to other African, whom for which want to developed their talents in a field of studies. Having , shortlisted as one of the candidate from Africa to developed in career of study , if all is well I hope to have attained the highest GPA at all. Thanks very much , contact me on +23276701179.

  24. I\’m Tanzanian, I need to study in Latin America Bachelor Human Resource Management. Public Administration, Geogarphy with Environmental studies, Disasters Management

  25. Am from Nigeria, National Diploma in Civil engineering…I would love to pursue ( Bsc) in civil engineering in any of the universities over there… I\’ve dream of that all my life..I would be so glad if my mirage could turn to reality

  26. I\’m Sudanese from Darfur region Nyala city I graduated from faculty of urban science department of development and I\’m in need for scholarship any place any where.

  27. Hello. Am a holder of a state diploma in nursing and will be delighted to apply for a bachelor degree in order to continue in my domain, but got no financial means.Very great will be my joy if I could get a grant.Hoping to get from you. Thanks.

  28. im Sharell Fortein I\’ve always had a dream of studying but haven\’t been positive due to finance and I hope that this could help me make a start on my future , I\’ve proven myself good to my teacher\’s becaming the first female on our school\’s hospitality shield

  29. Thanks my beloved b/c For Gave me This chances my Name Is Kassahun Bekele Edemo From Ethiopia I would like Management in South America.

  30. Hi am James Wachira from kenya and i want to study hospitality and management in south America, i would really appreciate if you could get your financial support.

  31. I\’m Gule from Cameron, I want to enjoy a PHD cursus in coodination chemestry in ur prestigiously company based on scholarship. How can I applied

  32. Hello, Am Kanyinsola Elegbede from Nigeria, Am interested in studying (Bsc) Mass -Communication in any part of America. I will be honoured if my request is granted. Tanks

  33. Hi, am Abigail from Nigeria, I really love your scholarship grants and I seek for your assistance to help me in furthering my education. I love to study medcine in toronto, and I need your full assistance, thank you.

  34. Hello,I am Evelyn from Nigeria, am in need of this scholarship, I really want to study aboard, will be very happy if my request is granted, waiting for your

  35. Hi Cecilia from Nigeria and I want to study Bsc Nursing in south America please can I get scholarship from your prestigeous company

  36. I am from afganistan. I want to do physician assistant at University of Toronto. Please can I get scholarship from your prestigeous company.

  37. Hi,I am Emmanuel from Ghana and want to study agriculture in South America,to help boost agriculture in my country.

  38. hello, am from Zambia really interested in this program can I get a help from you above there, please studying abroad Is my dream.

    yours thanks

  39. helo, am walugembe simon from Rakai district, Uganda in east africa seeking for a full bursery to hold a degree in business administration .may the lord bless you. thnx

  40. I am Daniel from Ghana. I want to do physician assistant at University of Toronto. Please can I get scholarship from your prestigeous company.

  41. Halo am Tibihika Leonard Tumuramye from Uganda East Africa. am interested in expounding my knowledge in on of the south american universities but am constrained by finance. currently i hold a masters degree in education policy planning and management of kyambogo university in Uganda and wish to take a PhD course that is in line of education. can i get a full sponsorship, thank you.

  42. Hi, My name is Yvonne Minemba am from Papua New Guinea, a developing country in the South Pacific. I am thinking of a degree in Human Resource Management and Social Study, would it be possible for me to get a scholarship and a start from your scholarship offers.

  43. am still a student perusing bachelor degree at makerere university Uganda but hopping to do masters in public health. i don\’t know whether am also illegible for the scholarship.

  44. Iam hamda abdykarem to study american schoolarship is ma future goals if you have chance i want midicine to grade up

  45. How can i get a schlorship i need to study Laws iam look forward to call me on +679 9423931 iam desperated to study in south american.

  46. I am zemenu Birhan ,i have interest to learn my msc program in biotechnology and related fields so as if you have a chance please inform and help me .now the time i have bachelor
    degree in biotechnology

  47. my name is ikran i live in somalia iam nursing and midwife becholar degree im interesting to get this scholorship

  48. I need online to graded up on the course I\’m doing with College South Africa name of the certificate course is Child Day Care Profiency Certificate dealing with Childhood Development. I will finish next coming next year 2018 in may. My name Patiwe Angel Mntonintshi.

  49. i am abdulahi abdiwali mohamed to study america is one of my future goals it greet on me to get this chance i already i finished my first degree in public health i need grading up in may medical department or any course related in public health NB: if i get a chance to start a medicine its greet pleasure on me to be doctor

  50. My name is Alagie sait secka from Gambia an I really need this scholarship to study in South Africa . I completed my schooling an I want to further my education. I want to boost my carrier in accounting due to financial problem I can\’t steel go on. For that being the case am really in need of your scholarship. Thank you

  51. Thanks for information,am a Ugandan ,I would like to study from south America my post graduate degree in geography and related field,is it possible to get full schoolarship?

  52. Hi I am salh Ahmed .I have a certificate in libraries and information technology .and I want to continues to up .my ask is has can I applay my request in these program.
    Thanks so much.

  53. I want to further my knowledge on BA Business studies, because I finished my Diploma of Businesses in my country, but it is best for me to further my study in your collages, because you over high quality of learning.Can you advice on how to apply and register to your collages.

  54. Thanks for the information.
    Im Wycliffe from Kenya .
    I have a certificate in electrical engeering.
    Please how can i apply for adegree .
    Thanks in advance.

  55. Thanks, i have finish my studies in University of Bangui (degree Master) in Economic and Gestion option Humanitarian Action and Development.
    I want to continued my studies but i don\’t money for supported. What the disposition for the Bourse
    I live in Central African Republic

  56. Thank you to yours suggested!! and accepting my interest but how to apply and how to register on yours scholarship collage and how to come on your location address?

  57. i finished with my bachelors degree in social work and social administration ,and looking forward to doing my masters ……please help…..i am 22 years old…………….. from ……………..Uganda……….my the God Lord bless you all.

  58. I am a South Sudanese seeking for further studies, but my major problem is financial aspect to facilitate my dream. If other can do why not me!

  59. Hello dear Sir / madam
    I am Mr. Adam Hamed from Sudan, I am working as lecturer at University of gadarif, am specializing in land and water management, so am looking forward to find Ph.D scholarship program in your University in Agricultural area.

    I am waiting to hear from you

    All the best

  60. I am a Tanzanian by nationality I do need to study in south Africa but financially am not good because of being an orphan.. How can you help in on that particular issue?

  61. I think you are seeking me, because I am Spanish speaker so it will be easy to be competent student. I hope you will give me this chance to study my master in Spanish language.
    muchas Gracias !
    thank yoou

  62. i also would like to study in south America but i do not have money to sponsor myself so please help me find a sponsor

  63. I want to study abroad but don\’t have money now
    I am from Liberia but things are hard on me. So l need your assistant to help send me support to travel.

  64. I just need a good funding and education which is why I want to leave Nigeria to study medicine abroad I will like your help whether grants or scholarships

  65. Iam uwitonze brendah from Rwanda my career is to be a pilot but iam not able because it costs much money,
    I need you help so that I can be able to achieve my goal . I Appreciant while waiting ;THANK YOU.

  66. Dear sir, I am Degu mekonnen from Ethiopia. Having recently obtained my bachilor degree in leather engineering from bahir dar university. Due to this reason I want to specialized my acadamical status either MSC in leather engineering or any other related fields like chemical….or any other in your continent. So if your are interested to obey me I will send the required acadamical credential to you.

    With best regards!!!

  67. we are Marvin Chima Onyema ,Belbin Chisom Onyema and Reinhard bill Onyema ( we are triplets) from Nigeria.our family have tried to look for money for our education to no avail .we want to study Petroleum and Gas Engineering,Medicine and surgery and business management and would be glad and appreciative ,if you can give us the opportunity for scholarship to actualize our careers.
    While waiting to hearing from you,we believe this opportunity should be considered for us as we believe the lord that brought us to this planet ,same date ,has reasons for that and meeting you ,is seeing as a blessings to us.
    Thank you

  68. I would like to get the opportunity in scholarship because iam a form four student in Kenya finishing this year

  69. I am Charity Maame Efua Paintsil, I want to study and obtain a masters in Food science and technology in your country ,but I have no bursary and neither does my parents have money to assist me

  70. I am Lehkaywrueh M. Doedeh. I want to study and obtain a bachelor degree in Medical Science in your country, but I don\’t have money neither do my family. Can I get a fully free scholarship for this course?

  71. hello. l Eugean Matsvimbo from Zimbabwe l want to study ethinomusicology in yo country… if the facility is available pliz inform me.. and l hope it\’s a zero % tuition..

  72. Hello am Richard from Tanzania, I need to study bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering, I will be thankfully if I will get a Chance.

  73. That is suitable for me because I own a language school which requires teaching of Spanish language which iam interested in achieving to teach at such school and to serve Bindura University teaching basic Spanish

  74. My area of interest is the Master of Divinity(M.Div). I have written three Seminaries in the United States . If I am selected to get a bursary from you, I want to start next year by the grace of God. I want to enroll in the off-line program.Your offer will be a great help to me. I am a United Methodist Pastor within the Liberia Annual Conference, Liberia, West Africa.

  75. This is my dream school i will really be happy if i can have the opportunity to study in this wonderful school.

  76. hello, am interested in applying for a scholarship to pursue a business course in South America, how can I apply?

  77. It is my desire to study in the field of agriculture in South America since it is very much advanced in that field.I want to have the best of education in that field.

  78. First of all I would like to thanks a lot for this great chance and to give this opportunity for developing country. My name is TABOR GEBEYEHU SETEGN from Africa, Ethiopia. I am graduated from Hawassa University, Ethiopia with Bachelor of Science degree in water supply and Environmental Engineering with CGPA 3.01 on July 2016. If I will gate the chance to study Masters program within any related field such like Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, water Resource and Irrigation Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Civil Engineering and so on. I would be very grate full if you could offer me the opportunity to be a beneficial if the International scholarship for the student in for foreign students. I hope so, please Contact me by Email-tabor29gebeyehu@gmail.com or by phone: – +251-912-49-60-06

  79. Derick Thomas from Tanzania I\’m really interesting to study abroad please help me to pasue my carrier that I had admired before

  80. I am Niguse Gedamu Bichawon from Ethiopia . I am very interested .how can i get this opportunity to go abroad? it is very nice to me to get that chance

  81. I am very interested .how can i get this opportinity to go abroad? it is very nice to me to get that chance

  82. Am interested and it\’s an opportunity to some of us who are vulnerable. Kindly help me how I can access this chance to study in South America.

  83. HI am Mary
    A citizen of zambia, am really interested in the scholarship and would like to do mbbs under a fully funded scholarship due to vulnerability.. Need help please…….

  84. I would like to appreciate your services though it doesn\’t reach me yet. I am one of the Students looking for the opportunity of Scholarship to advance our careers as per the professions earlier taken.
    I found that all the scholarships are directed to South Africa in this link. Now that I am a south Sudanese which is not there in the list, can I apply for this Scholarships and be considered? I already have the admission from from rome Business School for Maters one year\’s course in E- health Management

  85. hello ma\’am/sir, myy name is ekwe david. am really interested, i would love if i could get some help to accomplishh my future dreams. i hope i will be considered, thanks

  86. Good evening sir/madam I am named Boris Andrew Edie Mbulle Cameroonian by nationality and a holder of a Ordinary and Advanced Level certificate. I fine interest in your institution and wish to study there because I know your institution will make my dreams come true and will give in my best of education and learning

  87. HI, I am very happy for such wonderful opportunity,am sulaiman sesay and i just completed a course in bsc. in public sector management at the university of sierra leone.I may want to know if your scholarship would make provision for MBA.


  88. Hi. Am Eunice Masika and a Ugandan, I would be pleased if i can be granted the scholarship. It is my wish to study and increase my intellectuality in preparaton for the coorporate world.

  89. Very nice….Its really going to be a dream come through for me, If I get the scholarship. Please how do I apply for the Boren Scholarship?

  90. Im a student I\’m poor with english but I need scorlaship to study I want to learn about other country and I like to learn new knowledge.

  91. my name is Martha I\’m from Namibia
    I\’m studying bachelor degree in commerce I\’m hereby looking for a scholarship to enable to pay for my study

  92. hi my name is Ayanle Ahmed i i am from somalia ihave completed the high school before one year and yet i ddnt joined any university becouse of not offordable for the fee and spent , there fore i am very need to get an international scholarship

  93. The Boren Scholarship programme is a rare one, that accepts travels for online students. This is amazing especially for workers who may have to take a study leave, move to a another country and still study on line quietly. for a year now i have been searching for such an opportunity.

  94. Am from south Sudan and then I am in need of free scholarship.
    I can\’t afford to get school fees and money for travelling to outsider.

  95. I am Kalkiadn Tsegaye from Ethiopia ,i have first degree in accounting.
    I Would like to the master degree scholarship opportunity.

  96. Hello I\’m a high school graduate, please I need this scholarship. It\’s been my prayer to God for an opportunity like this to further my education out there. Please it will be a dream come true if I\’m considered. Thanks in advance.

  97. Thanks for effort made, am still pursuing Diploma in comprehensive nursing in Uganda now, I really need your scholarship assistance to make me move further with my studies

  98. Thanks for effort made, am still pursuing Diploma in comprehensive nursing on Uganda, I really need your scholarship assistance to make me move further with my studies

  99. yes I need this is Golden chance u am very happy please contact me. I am from Ethiopia I need to learn in South America my name is kebebush Geremew

  100. Please thanks for bringing this opportunity to the world. I am Richmond Obeng Berko, and a Ghanaian. I am a teacher with Diploma in Basic Education and want to study computer science. That is anything concerning computer. Counting on your maximum cooperation. Thank you.

  101. I am in need of doing my master degree in the field of agriculture to be specific, in Plant Pathology. I Prince W. Mulbah I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture with a GPA=3.14 and want to study in Latin America


  103. I am shalom Girma from Ethiopia and I got half scholarship in Gordon college I need financial support to study there please help me

  104. I am from Ethiopia. I am a graduate of B.sc degree in PHARMACY from Jimma University with five years of professional experience with different position.Am really want scholarship to top up masters, i need help. Thanks.

  105. First of all i truly thanks and am very glad to recieve this offer. I really need this scholarship, please email me for more details

  106. I need abursary so much.am a ugandan with a diploma in education.But i want to persue a bachelars in the same field.please give me the chance.how do i go about with it.

  107. thanks a lot for the update, I will be interested in studying PHD, I hope I will get scholarship in chemistry, nanotechnology or area of biosensors

  108. Thank you for the update.
    I\’d like to acquire a bachelors degree in fashion design, on a fully funded scholarship, preferrably in mexico.

  109. I am interested in your scholarship program, and I find it particularly encouraging to those brilliant students out there, who are financially challenged. I would like to pursue an offline traditional Master\’s degree in Business Administration as my first choice and Master\’s degree in Economic Policy or any other Economic related field. I would prefer, but not limited to CIEE Bowman Travel Grant.
    Thank you and be blessed.

  110. I prefer the Boren Scholarship programme. I have the passion to pursue a degree in Business Administration.
    Am a Kenyan citizen. I completed high school and obtained an aggregate of C+ in the final examination.

  111. This is a great opportunity for me to fulfill my dream … Thanks for the information. I need help how to go about the registration.. I am ready to study anywhere

  112. I am a boy of 21 from Ghana.I just completed my senior high education in one of the best schools in Ghana. I then applied to KNUST,one of the bes universities in Ghana. I was admitted but lack the capital to go to school. My Father is not working due to some unfortunate accident that happened in his company some years ago.My Mother on the other hand is is also a house wife who does not work. I plead on behalf of my parents and my future and the world as well to grant me this scholarship as an opportunity to help me continue my education and become someone responsible in the world. I will be grateful if I am given this opportunity to study in your country and I pray and hope my plead will be given due consideration.
    Thank You.

  113. I am very glad and interested in this certain scholarship.can i pls get an information about this scholar so that i can be able to fulfil my dreams.

  114. I am so glad if yo do not mind to reply my email about an scholarship information. And thank you for this post it was really good info for me,,,,

  115. First thank for you giving us this apportunity iam ethiopian nationality iam very eager to get scholarship ps degree level so,please helpme this apportunity thankyou

  116. My name is Maguje Gidebo,I\’m Ethiopian,I have BSc degree in Civil Engineering and I want to learn MSc by road and transport Engineering,Geothecnical Engineering,Or other related field of study in south America,,,, so if you have such kind of fields with full scholarship please email to me by magujegidebo1587@gmail.com or call me +251923191887,,,,,,thank you very much!!!!

  117. Hi,
    I am really glad to come across this big opportunity of going to South America for studies. I really need this offer if there\’s a possibility for someone like me. I\’m a South Sudanese by nationality but currently in Uganda as refugee. I lack the grant of my advancement in education. your positive reaction to my given contact will highly be appreciated. THANKS

  118. I am MUTANGANA Marie Prudence, Rwandan,I need a scholarship for Masters in Environmental Health and Epidemiology from South America. I do posses a Bachelors in Environmental Health and Epidemiology from University of Rwanda. Your consideration is will be highly appreciated .

  119. Hi, am director & author of articles, technical reports, presentations, methods,.projects, thesis. have MSc in quality & productivity improvement. I have already published the above lited items. I want to upgrade my self to PhD programme. Would you mind helping me please?

  120. Hi, am by the names Yoere Jerome Moberenga from South Sudan aged 19. It is my pleasure to communicate to you as am real very desperate in need of such opportunities.
    I completed my South Sudan certificate of Secondary Education(O level) in 2016 and am now doing foundation program(pre-university) at Cavendish University Uganda which runs till December 2017 and am willing to pursue a bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering. However any opportunity that comes on my way in relative field I will warmly welcome it.
    Your response will highly be appreciated.

  121. I am Wilfred f kamara, I have just finish highschool. My dream is to become a Civil Engineer. I need ur help to fulfill my dream.

  122. Of the three opportunities above am not sure of where I can study law. Please how can I apply for such an opportunity though?

  123. I\’m Ismael Nae from Papua New Guinea and find this study program to be very useful in my career. Please help me to be there if there\’s any possible ways.

  124. Am khadija hussain baba from Nigeria,I have finished my high school last year..my dream is being a lawyer.I need ur help to fulfill my dream contact me please +2349078495013.thank you

  125. I am Christian A Turay from Sierra Leone I have just finish my high school, I want to continue my dream to be a journalist but no money to support me.please help me contact me +23288683205.i really need your help to fulfill my dream please

  126. Iam a young man aged 30years of old. I have ambitions to my masters in Biology with any university provided im assisted with bursary. Im a zambian citizen and maried.My status does not me that i cn sponsor myself.Any sponsor to come to my rescue will be highly appreciated.

  127. I am a Sierra leonean, am engaged in innovations,I\’ve worked on numerous projects like the one I called the Mini Hydro and electricity dam, a mind mill l,an automatic call and Bluetooth device but the most important of all is the clean Gen,it\’s a generator that neither uses fuel and it gives no gas out or any other waste. I really need a scholarship.
    I\’ve completed High School but my family can\’t afford to send me to college. Having a scholarship will only help to to return to my home land a better person

  128. Hello!!I am Tolasa Tafa Wami from Ethiopia.I have MA degree in Development Management I would like to have opportunity of PhD. so that I can fulfill my dream.If you allow me to study their,it will help my family as well as my status and I will contribute much to the world.thank you,i would love to win this big chance.

  129. Hi, i am interested in the scholarship, not only in South America, but wherever my course could be found.
    My name is Kyosaba Beatrice, a Graduate, Teacher Educator, and a Professional Musician. I would like to upgrade my teaching skills in Music Technology but i have financial challenges since i am not working at the moment. I humbly request you to provide me with scholarship/bursary to help me upgrade my skills in Music Technology which will be used to improve the quality of Music through out the world. I will be very grateful if my request is put into consideration. Thank you.

  130. I\’m from Liberia. I\’m of the desire to study at your institution and there by liking to apply for a scholarship.

  131. Hi my names Samwel Peter from Tanzania, eastern Africa. am grateful to acquire the chance; but the only obstacle is financial affairs. Acquiring master degree in marketing management is my dream. i would like to honor that i will acquire the chance. Thanks

  132. Hello,

    Good to discovery this opportunity and I\’m ready to travel all the world , to look knowledge, cause it\’s my definite chief aim , and I got a burning desire for it\’s achievement.

  133. Hi my names tuyishime florence from Rwanda central Africa , I really wish to get this chance . …but I don\’t have opportunity . ..im poor and my all parents already died . …and Idon\’t have anyone to care me . …..Thanks

  134. I will like to study and get this grant if you offer me this scholarship because I don\’t have anyone to help me pursue my dreams,I want to become a great and an international journalist .I come from Ghana and my name is Quaidoo Edwin Herbert.My contact is +233574267632.
    I hope my letter will be taken into much consideration.
    Thank you.

  135. Hello!!I am Charity Mutoni from Rwanda.I would like to have this opportunity so much.so that I can fulfill my dream.I am from poor family.If you allow me to study their,it will help my family as well as my status and I will contribute much to the world.thank you,i would love to win this big chance.

  136. My name is Mohamed Ahmed i live in Somalia i would like to move south america to Get scholarships plse help me
    This Year i Finished the secondary level
    My wthpp 00252659696862👈

  137. Dear:sir/madam
    I would like to study this university of Latin America
    My name is Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    From somalia who wants to get full schoolairship in abroad because my country has no good quality education so please contact me this phone number and Gmail

  138. Am ZIEM BEYUORE ,I please for Argentina Engineering scholarship for 2018 .Am HND holder in Electrical and Electronics with CGPA of 3.92 .Am mush interested in Electrical or science and mathematics offline admission I wish to stay in Argentina .

  139. my name is Ahuma from Ghana, and I am a student of KNUST second year BSc statistics I want to study in South America is there any scholarship for me to go into data science studies??

  140. My name is
    Kibirige, a ugandan by nationality. I like research and I would love to study but I need sponsorship to come and study.So as I improve my research

  141. Hi. I would be pleased if i can be granted the schlarship. It is my wish to further my studies and increase my intellectuality in preparaton for the coorporate world.

  142. I am a physically disabled person living in Sierra Leone, is there any provision for me? I am interested in this scholarship programmee.

  143. My name is Amity Mukombami an am Zimbabwean. Am completing my advanced level this year and am applying for sponsorship for me to pursue a degree in engineering or medicine in south America. My contanct number is +263784034062

    Wil be glad if u consider me for scholarship

  144. First of oll I would like to study this university of Latin America
    My name is saciid ali mahmud am somalia who wants to get full schoolairship in abroad because my country has no good quality education so please contact me this phone number and Gmail Saciidmadobe@gmail.com /+252615104665
    Olready I have bathlor degree of agricultural science now in need how to get masters

  145. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am a malawian by nationality.
    my dream of being an engineer is here.
    It has always been my dream to study in South America.
    please provide a bursary for me because my self I can\’t afford to provide school fees.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  146. I wud be happy if am picked among hundreds bcz I have never gone to college 🎓 and I really want to get study

  147. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I am a Liberian by nationality.
    my dream of being an engineer is here.
    It has always been my dream to study in South America. please provide a bursary for me.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  148. my name is Lucia N. Yeenee.
    I will love to study in Latin America.
    my desire area of study is engineering.
    I\’m kindly looking for sponsorship for my tuition and airfare.
    please notify me if there\’s anyone willing to help.

  149. I am from Afghanistan ghazni
    Iam graduated from school with best result and high percentage
    I well be very happy and lucky to can continue my lessons.

  150. I am Vincent RUBIMBURA a Rwandan by nationality i hold bachelor degree in Business Information Technology from the university of Rwanda, please let me know how would I get a chance to join one of the universities in South America to the level of masters.
    thank you for your great opportunities.

    RUBIMBURA Vincent

  151. how can I process the registration.i received a mail today saying click here,I clicked and it brought me to this site,how do I process

  152. Hi, I really appreciate the opportunity provided for many of the unfortunate students from developing countries. I need bursary to help me study Agriculture in Canada in any of their universities.

  153. I am a female nurse from( Pacific)Papua NewGuinea.I did my diploma and really want to further my studies to bachelor.
    Please send me information to apply for the scholarship.

    Kind regards.

  154. wow I would love to study abroad travelling is my thing but at home I can not afford to study abroad I\’m interested please help me financially wth bursary or scholarship

  155. Oh, very nice, please let me know how would I get a chance to to one of the universities in South America as a Tanzanian boy who already possess a diploma in secondary education?

  156. hello,……am a brilliant student and i wish to study in south American unfortunately am an A1 ( i have a diplomat as degree) and i do not have ability to pay for school fees so,could you please help me to know more about your scholarships and their requirement?thanks

  157. Wow real cool
    I would really like to travel and study in south America
    Could you help me with my application please…….

  158. It would be a dream come true to study in South America..how do i go about application and what are the qualifications?..thanks

  159. Hello….I wish to study in south America.How do I apply and what are d qualifications to have a bursary.Thank you

  160. My name is sharmaarke abdullahi ali i form somali i living in kenya i am poor and family I am interested to study in America but i dont know how to get there

  161. It\’s one of my greatest dream to study in South America… Please I need guidelines in order to apply to achieve my dream…

  162. It\’s one of my greatest dream to study in South Africa…. Please I need guidelines in order to apply to achieve my dream…

  163. My names are Faith Mambo. I would like to apply for a full scholarship under the Roberto Rocca Education program. How do I do that? Your response will be highly appreciated.
    With great thanks.

  164. I am incouraged in studying in south America but I\’m asking for a free offers because I am from a poor family from africa

  165. I\’m Happy Hlungwani.i want to study mechanical ingineering at UJ around south Africa.and I\’m one of those who are looking for scholarship.so can I find help

  166. My interest is to study Bachelor in medicine as well as scholarship I\’m a tanzanian holding a diploma in clinical medicine

  167. I need a scholarship for MBA from South America. I do posses a Diploma in Business Education from Kyambogo University, BBA from Nkumba University, PDE from Kampala International University. I am looking forward to seeing your positive response.

  168. You have said that if I have a bursary , So why if I have not get bursary and having the people who want to get further education?

  169. I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student.I want to study automotive engineering,so how can i get this scholarship?

  170. am undergraduate and i would like to further my studies in bachalor in human resource, i had B-(minus) can i get a aid to study here in kenya coz i have little kids and i cant leave them for long. u have been sending messages but for me its not easy

  171. Am an ssce holder i graduated 2015. I want to study medicine but there is no money to further my education pls can you help me? Phone number 08147727715

  172. Hi my name is najaah from hargeisa Somaliland
    Dear sir /madam I have graduated from high school with the highest score between 2000student I would to get this scholarship
    I want to learn medicine or civil engineering so hope you support me

  173. Dear sir. I am studying BBA in india but i am from myanmar. I want a scholarship for my study. plz direct me if you know. i want to apply. Thank you

  174. Dear sir/ madam

    l am undergraduate and would like to advance my education by studying public health degree program, would you plz help me to find ascholarship in Latin America

  175. Dear sir/madam I would like to study computer sience and would like assistance pleasse help me achieve my dream

  176. dear sir/madam i did BSTN and a grituate student and now want to get a scolorship for doing master in computer science/networking this will be a great experiance and an oppertunity for me ….thank you

  177. Thank you for this great opportunity… I\’m looking for a schorlaship to study in south america to do my degree in business management

  178. Lassana Bm SannohSannoh is my name come from Liberia, I am high school graduategraduate who is seeking for higher education but I don\’t have anybody who can help me financial, so am looking for scholarship in South America to pursue for higher education. I can be reached at my cell number+231775157361/+231888562068 and my email address lassanabm1@gmail.com


  180. Am kaiisa Caleb from Uganda

    Thank you for your support
    Am an undergraduate
    But i wish to have a degree in finance and accounting in one of the universities in Latin America but i cant afford
    Please help me

  181. Nice Scholarship program but short duration. I am looking for 2 years course in Master level program in accounting, MBA or Human Resource.

    Thank you,

  182. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your great service in supporting the students throughout the world achieving their goal. Iam from Solomon Islands. Currently I am doing my Bachelor of Nursing at our National University. I am looking for a scholarship to do my masters or other relevant courses.

  183. Hello sir or madam thanks for the great service your doing am owoyesigire peninah from Uganda I would like to study if you give me opportunity. thanks

  184. Thank you very much for your good idea to help the needy God bless you,and I want to study theology in masters level thank you. From Ethiopia.

  185. Sir\\madam..kindly help me..I just want to study at any university or college in America but my challenge is money…am an undergraduate ages 26. Plss help me get the bursary \\ scholarship…tank you

  186. Dear:sir/madam
    Hi i am Abdirahman I am somali I want to study in America I hope to apply scholarship free for medicine programe I am not have a money so please can you help me

  187. Hello, am Jackline Suubi, am so fascinated about studying in Latin America. Am positive that this will make me more competitive on the job market. I would like to advance my degree with a masters in human resource management. Thank you so much for this golden opportunity. God bless you

  188. Sir /mem I want education if you give me scholarship any country any college University. I need education only thanks.please help me with scholarship.

  189. Hi, iam Mathias Ambali. Iam fascinated with the way you have explained on how one can get an off and on line scholarship. My passion is to pursue a Master Degree in Administration because I already have an under graduate degree in HRM from the University of Malawi but I want to study in Mexico. What can I do for me to get an off-line scholarship?

  190. Hello my name is abba magaji shu\’aibu i came from Nigeria i live in Kano state I need scholarship at any international school so i need to help me to a prove that season thnk u goodbye

  191. Kindly assist me how to get scholarship I would like to do certificate in electrical engineering course my contact +254722214593 thank you

  192. David thanks so much.GOD be with yours and your family .yes I need any where because of I have long dream about the Offline or traditional school David please help me I need attend Latin American university… Thanks to GOD!!!!!!!

  193. hi i do want to study outside the continent and want to travel around the world but most importantly i want to get educated though i don\’t have someone to support me financially so please can u try to help me

  194. am inTanzania .. i would like to get this chance to study there in south America
    please give me this chance 👏🏻

  195. I would love to study and achieve my goals in South America so how can we apply for the scholarship opportunity.

  196. Sir asc all of you greater then my name is Omar I live in a Kenya special Nairobi I want to study Latin American if my dreams will be come true I Glad but only need America only study America only lived America please help me you can help me OK I think you understand me

  197. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thank you very much for this information regarding the scholarship.
    I just want to move on my career with another level. My career objectives is want to be a successful woman and independent woman.
    Also I want to support to my parents of my whole life! So, I really need the scholarship for my dreams to come true .
    I think this is one of the platform for me by improving to my careers and goals. So, I really need the scholarship for my goals. Please tell me more about it and procedures.

    Thank you !

  198. My name is Adugnaw Misikir. I was graduated from Debre Birhan University in Bachilor of Arts but today I want to your support in order to learn MA programs in your scholarship support. Do you help me?

  199. Thanks David I am volunteering at the school offline degree .I will attend If you give me chance. I can get I have diploma in pharmacy and know I attend degree in clinical pharmacy 2nd year student. please give me chance I\’ll go anywhere .I wish you give me chance!!!!!!! thanks for sending this mail GOD bless you and your family!!!!!!!!

  200. Am happy to see my dream almost becoming true!! I would like to but no money for accommodation,fee,travelling, if u grant me the bursary all av achieved my dream!!!

  201. Am interested, plz give me one.
    I have adiplom in medical laboratory technology. Need to do a degree.am from Uganda.

  202. Please I need a sponsor that can support me to Carry out my MSC study in public health in any South American university

  203. Hello my name\’s Bah Alpha Amadu.
    I\’m currently based in Guinea Conakry .
    I\’m really interested in ending up with my tertiary education in South America.
    With great regard, I\’ll be pleased if I\’m going to be favored with the scholarship.
    Thanks, and hoping to hear from u..

  204. my name is Mahad Ibrahim Ali. lived in Somalia and l graduated high school. Can help you. My phone number is +25263-3505025

  205. hello sir / maam i am Nazir Ali and i am intresting to go out of country to study my M.phil please guide me how i get scholarship.

  206. Hello my name is Meboka mbongo Pauline Bie i have always had this burning desire to study out of the country but i don\’t have the means to go about it.please help me achieve my dream pls

  207. Good opportunity. I would like to have a masters degree fully funded scholarship abroad. The problem I have is means. I am a burundian. I am not sure if this can help. Thanks

  208. am interested in this scholarship ,I want to do Human Resource management or Public Administration ,I want a Masters pleaseassist me..

  209. Hi in have always dreamt of studying in south America but am from a poor background please help me achieve my dreams thank you

  210. My name Philemon machaba mgosi from Tanzania East Africa , i wish to go further with my studies as i have completed technician certificate in forestry NTA LEVEL 5 last month at Forestry training institute and am expecting to join Ordinary Diploma in forestry in September this year, but due to financial problem i see cannot continue so please consider me in full scholarship as i need to study bachelor degree in Environmental and Natural Resources that\’s my ambitions , also please help me to look for me a job in forestry as am interested to work abroad. i will thanks if my request will be considered positively. email address : mgosiphilemon@yahoo.com.

  211. I am a student accepts your application, we need to free education that do not have the money, ladies and gentlemen accept my request

  212. please may you offer me this scholarship to south America? I will be glad if you help me please.

    thanking you in advance.


  213. Yes, pleace support me plzzz i very need scholarship to sout Amrica (USA) i leave in Afghanistan the Afghanistan security is not good, we can\’t so good study in here plzzzzzz i very need scholarship to sout Amrica plzzzzzzz support me!!!!!!

  214. I\’m so much interested… I\’m presently in my final.. will soon be a graduate. bsc microbiology. pls help me with my masters, as I want to study medical microbiology

  215. I will say thank you so much for any who try to give me any way to complete my projects in the future. I want to get free scholarship to study in a human medical department. This is my dream.

  216. Hello. I would love to get a Boren Scholarship. Am a Ugandan and a student at Makerere University Kampala . Thank you

  217. I desire to study Economics in SA but I need funding to make my dream come true. Please accord me this assistance and I will highly appreciate.
    Sylvester, Kenya

  218. I\’m interesting your offering.What do you help for me.I wanna to know detail of your answer.
    I want to study in SA country.

  219. I am 21 years how can I get a scholarship since the above is looking for 23 years and above.please help me

  220. it\’s a good news for me . but the problem is I is have any financial support. Made while I will appreciate by any means of which you can help me undergo such process.


  222. I iteded to learn in SA ,So how i get this chance ?
    i have Bsc in Plant Scienc
    CGPA 3.7 Please tell how to aproch it?

  223. Hello
    I am very to know this information and ready to and extend my education I. South America if I get scholarship,this is a great opportunity to achieve my career as an airline pilot or any good course in aviation industry.
    Thank you
    Rgds Robert Koech

  224. Hello Dears
    At the very commencement I would like to thank you for facilitating such a nice programm for all students who are much interested to study this brilliant educational program. Secondly, I am having much interest to study there. Beside this, If it is possible please help me to participate.

    With best regards,

  225. Amani Yannick alex m\’bra
    Côte d’Ivoire +225 57621929

    Objet : demande de bourse

    Madame, Monsieur,

    Par la présente, je vous adresse une demande de bourse d\’étude et d’aide financières pour l\’année universitaire 2017 2018

    Je suis étudiant admissible au BTS option mine géologie pétrole au groupe loko d\’abidjan côte d’Ivoire au titre de l’année 2016 et je souhaite mener à bien mes études jusqu\’au master en géologie minière pour, travailler dans le domaine des mines

    Mes ressources et celles de mes parents ne me permettent malheureusement pas de suivre ce cursus et de travailler dans de bonnes conditions étant orphelin de père . Ne souhaitant pas que cette instabilité financière vienne entraver ma volonté d\’obtenir mes diplômes, je sollicite auprès de vos services cette aide qui m\’est aujourd\’hui indispensable.

    Dans l\’espoir que ma demande aboutira à une réponse favorable de votre part, veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l\’expression de mes salutations distinguées.

  226. Hello my name is madi gaye a gambian by nationality i am a high school graduate and i wish to further my education but am not financially strong to pay for myself to have a quality education..i wish i could be grant a schlorship to study in abroad…hope to here from you soon!!!

  227. I am very willing to take this opportunity to study and obtain a Masters Degree in South America as soon as it may be available.

  228. I really appreciate your efforts but my challenge is that I haven\’t picked my results from school due to a school fees balance of Uganda shillings 500,000 (five hundred thousand shillings). My contact is +256785745671(whatsap)

  229. I thank you for all of information you give me. I want to study at abroad so i need that scholarship.Please pay me yor help to get it

  230. Am saidou o jeng, a Gambian by Nationality. I did my primary Teachers Certificate and on my advance diploma in English and Physical and health education. I really needs you support for the scholarship

  231. Thanks.I wish to optain a schorlaship in order to forward my studies. I wish to study offline and I don\’t have funds for my accommoation and to provide for the tuiron fees,etc.Am a pre university student aged 16.

  232. I heard that Latin America is a Paradise Country that God blessed!
    My pleasure is endless if get to learn there!

  233. Hello everybody !
    I\’m from south Asia of Myanmar country.My name is Zin Min Tun.I\’m tour guide .I like travel and to explain another person so I choose tour guide work .I want to apply this programm because I want travel together not the same people and culture.If we travel together not the same peiple,we can get so many experience.Thay why I apply this programm.
    Thanks everybody!

  234. the scholarship is good but there are no links, so for we people who are interested, what are we going to do

  235. I am a female Ugandan who has completed form six from a government aided school. I got 10 points in BCM. am looking for ways to continue with my education since my parents can\’t fund higher education for. they are advising me to stop at this level yet that wasn\’t my dream. I need your help if am to continue with education

  236. hi my name is emmanuel and i am nigerian.
    i studied physics with a Bsc and graduated with a 3.06cgpa.
    i\’d love to futher in a forign scence cus of its taste gor practical endevours,something lacking in my home town but i dont have the financial strenght and do hope i can benefit from either of the above mentioned opportunities.

  237. hi. I which to see my self there doing my study it will be very much find,because I want to achieve my goals for the first time in my life.

  238. I really want to study in South America, my name is Ruth 23yrs lady from Kenya. Please help me get this scholarship.

  239. DEAR ANY one i completed my Bsc in civil engineering from university but i need to proceed a masters degree with the same field by chance of getting scholarship from one of the worlds university, so how can i apply for thet ?

  240. Good morning it will be a life changing experience to study in Argentina or any Latin American country so if I am going the opportunity I will use it judiciously thanks.

  241. Will be grateful to see my dreams come through if am given the opportunity to study in south America.

  242. I would like to study PhD in Nursing. I am Radha from Nepal. I need scholarship for further study.

  243. I am a student of University of the people in California, USA , studying online from Liberia.
    Am I eligible for this type of scholarships?

    Please give me more details.

    best regards,

  244. I need this great opportunity, am namata racheal in Uganda in a scholarship in social worker and social administration, am an undergraduate

  245. Hi… I am really interested in studying abroad… I am a Liberian, and I need a full scholarship, because I am not capable of paying fees and any other issues that needs to be addressed financially. . I need support.

  246. I am a Liberian a high school graduate since 2012. From that time I never entered university yet because of some financial reason and also the condition of my countrycountry. I really been wishing for such a opportunity like this to travel to a country like this and enhance my knowledge. I need your help please.

  247. Yes I am a Liberian a high school graduate. I graduated since 2012 and up to now I have not enter universityuniversity yet. I really want to but I don\’t have support. I really need your help please.

  248. I am currently a grade 12 (matric) scholar from South Africa,who is keen to further my tertiary education in the engineering field of mechanical or industrial engineering.I have a flair to work hands on.I am looking forward to being awarded an international scholarship to fulfil my ambition,of becoming a mechanical or industrial engineer.My parents are unable to afford the cost of an undergraduate degree for a 4yr study period,due to only one of my parent being employed and the other a pensioner.
    Would be appreciated if I was considered.Can email necessary documents and results if required

  249. I am a Nigerian that like to study in foreign country but because of my family financial ability, I am unable to achieve my goals.. I will be happy if am favour with the scholarship..
    thank you

  250. Thanks a million time sir! I have B.Sc in geology and Exploration Geophysics. How do i get scholarship for my M.Sc in one of those Latin American countries?. Please I need your help.

  251. I have always dreamt of studying abroad only if God had blessed as with enough Money but I though pray that true your scholarship offer I will be able to make it to South America and achieve my goals and built my desired future

  252. Can I assess this scholarship to pursue my education anywhere.
    I am interested in continuing my education that\’s why I am asking.
    Thanks so much..

  253. I am so greatful to knowing such an opportunity exists here for even a person like me, living with visually impairment.
    Thanks so the information.

  254. Am Zambian citizen,a female age of 19.I completed my high school in 2015 but I haven\’t yet done any studies due to financial problems. Am good in calculations thus am wishing to study bachelor of business administration. To get this scholarship will be a way to achieve my goals.to get this scholarship will be helpful to me and my family

  255. I want to travel to latin america but there is no one to support me please make my dream come true

  256. Wooow this is what i have been dreaming go do.But i have no any cash to support my study and my stay in SA.Wishing to be there .Am a Tanzania

  257. I would like to do a bachelors in medicine from there,thanks for helping people to achieve their dreams, be blessed.

  258. I want to apply Boren Scholarship .How about majors that i can apply.?Does it include full scholarship?

  259. I\’m interested in a scholarship in South America I highly appreciate…. To achieves my goals ….

  260. i am intrested for this Scholarship,please consider me on that bursary,South America is best for me

  261. How are you ladies and gentlemen my name is Alex muvunyi I am a Rwandese by nationality but now am in uganda WhereWhere am doing bachelor\’s degree in procurement and logistics management at international university of east Africa .
    I am happy to see such opportunities that you provide to international students .this is what I always try to do and I fail to get .ladies and gentlemen I don\’t know if a poor man like me can go travel to america and study from there .someone who have never entered a plane and I would like to request if it is possible below is my contacts you can me and direct me how to get there

  262. I\’m very much greatiful for hearing such a information, I\’m a liberian how can I obtain this scholarship, please help me.

  263. please am a Ghanaian,am very eager to study in south America and very fanatic about this aid and would be very grateful if you could offer me this privilege to make my aims and dreams a reality thank you

  264. Am very happy to hear because my dreams is to study away from Africa but the main problem is that I don\’t have a person who can support me at all because of economic status ..
    I will be much happy if I will get a Chance to study abroad.

  265. This would be a blessing traveling and study to improve on my studies further , would you please share with us the link straight to the scholarship ,

  266. Iam enthusiastic to study MBBS there in South America under scholarship programme if possible and I can be very grateful

  267. pls help me i am a second year student @Papua new guinea university of technology taking mining engineering and i desperately need a scholarship to further my knowledge…….thankyou

  268. Hello, am also a Ugandan and am also looking forward receive any of the above scholarships because am now sitting for the second year have failed to get money to continue with my studies
    thank you