EdX Free Online Courses

EdX Free Online Courses are being gifted by the best of the best colleges. For instance Harvard and MIT want to give the highest quality classes that can be afford. The intense courses offered are computer science, psychology, languages, electronics, writing, marketing, biology and engineering. While powered by an MOOC provider, enjoying the lengths of learning a new skill seems effortless. Because of the ability to take courses from Harvard and MIT quality courses could lead to an online degree. Ultimately Harvard and MIT also have sections of their schools that are considered online colleges or online universities.

Edx Free Online Courses main objective towards their institutions mission by ensuring that learning and researching means something. Between campus and online each student receives the adequate one on one enhanced teaching aspects. Also EdX advanced high quality education available to anyone and everyone.

Since EdX was started by to adjoining universities, EdX will always be governed by established institutions. Also the teachers and engineers continue to renew and build the learning platform in which EdX has been built upon since 2012.

With the scholarship application process, EdX would look exceptionally well on your scholarship application.

The top 3 programs are MicroMasters Certificate, Professional Certificate and XSeries Certificate. Each program dedicates itself to a stature of research skills. As well as leadership development on a global level. A MicroMasters Certificate can be applied to an accredited Master’s degree. The Professional Certificate aims to enhance skills to a professional level along with specialized training and education. Then the XSeries Certificate zeroing in on key subjects and perfecting the essence of that subject. Earning this programs would garner a certificate to put towards an even higher specialized online degree.

With the world’s greatest institutions backing EdX Programs, this online achievement will certainly advance further throughout the years. As online universities and online colleges become a focal point in the world of computers and internet; because of receiving a certificate it enhances one’s chance of many job prospects.

To start you only need to create an account. Afterwards pick through the courses that seem interesting and register for that subject. Depending on the certification of the program (which may cost a fee) however, registration does not cost a dime! There are a few deadlines for courses, this is just like any other online college or university with a deadline. So hurry now and figure out which courses will influence your skill and enhance your ability to enhance your higher education.

  1. My name is Sfundo Dlamini from KZN i need a help to study i passed my matric and i got an offer from DURBAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (DUT) to study Disaster and Risk Management I live with my grany and four children of my mother. My parents passed away. My contact 0728995353

  2. My name is Charles William currently pursuing bachelor of medical imaging at Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education institute second year student my course takes duration of Four years I have failed to continue with my studies due to death of my sponsor which has caused problems to continue with my studies I need your help in term of sponsorship so I can continue with my studies.

  3. I would like to have money for the next semester.to complete my bachelors in business administration.pliz help mi.am remaining with two years.thanx

  4. I would be glad to welcome such an opportunity to pursue an online programme like this because I do not have the financial ability to afford any online course .Thaks to the framers and the implementation team for playing such a vital role in promoting academic excellence.

  5. This is a very good initiative brought in by Edx and I’m impressed by this. Well,I just not wish to miss this opportunity

  6. i would like to pursue a degree in biology and engeneering…but am financially stranded ..can i get a full scholarship?

  7. Hi,my name is kaylia,I’m from Nigeria. I’ll love to learn more about EdX,sounds really interesting and the the fact that its an online program makes it more easy and achievable.I would appreciate if I can learn different languages through this platform..

  8. i would like to be a chartered accoutant or a master degree holder . But financial i need assistance, How and what will i do thanks for recognising on online program.

  9. I can not see the list of courses or where to appñy from. Further more how do you apply for a free on line course?

  10. Hey i would like to be offered a bursary i want to study zoology , but what i lack only is financial support . If you could just help to receive one i would be highly pleased.

  11. My Namirembe faziirah.I’m a Ugandan.I completed my secondary education and I want to study further on a scholarship activity

  12. Hello wonderful people though I am not from America and I’m from Nigeria, I finished my secondary education since 2014, and I don’t have a sponsor to help me further my education to university level whereby am a orphan, Pls all I need is any available engineering course, I will be grateful if you put this into consideration. Thanks.

  13. I have no more to say but it’d be a big pleasure to get that opportunity. I’d like to pursue my studies in Computer Science.
    Tell us how to apply for that

  14. Hi, I am Peter Y. Jackson from Liberia, a student at Starz College of Science and Technology with major in Information Technology (IT).
    I will like to continue with computer Science.
    My question is, how do you operate? Is it free?

  15. Thobile Gwebu

    I would like to state that this is a good opportunity for me. May I ask that I get full details of the application process. I want to do marketing.

  16. l want to join those january 22nd/2017 students but they have already started,
    when i also already feeled the application form.
    please just let me join.

  17. Thanks, I am Abraham from Uganda and I wish to pursue a Masters Degree in Public Health and Management, kindly advise on how I can apply to for the slots available.
    Looking forward to a positive response soon.
    Best Regards

  18. Am so glad to see an opportunity like this that develop students level of knowledge. What are the cost for computer classes and also the requirement needed for for student to study it?

  19. Am greatful and i will be more greatful if am considered for this online courses…disability studies is what i opt for.thnx

  20. I am Janepher Tusiime, from Uganda I would like to be part of this scholarship. I request for help on how to apply and I would like to know how long does masters degree in business administration and management take. Thanks.

  21. this is a good opportunity , am interested in pursuing a course in the line writing. how do I access this ? kindly reply

  22. I’m very interested with the scholarships you give me to learn. But I want to know like I must be register . I want to take marketing

  23. Thanks. I would like to be part of the program especially in the field of psychology but fees is my problem. But I did industrial and organisational psychology from makerere at a bachelors level

  24. I finished advanced level and am now pursuing a diploma in land management and valuation. my dream is to study geomorphology, astronomy or any other related course but I have no tuition and those cases are not taught anywhere in my country. I need a scholarship please

  25. email me your lines via the email address i gave you so i can give you my lines in case i am not online let me knwo the possible chances of learning with you please I DESPARATELY NEED THE SCHOLARSHIP.

  26. I am more interested in studying Religious Education and Civic Education online degree programme or alternatively Psychology. how much are the fees for application. i can hardly afford taking myself to college or university as of now.
    when are these programmes beginning and when are they due?

  27. I am from Zambia
    and i want to be part
    of this
    scholarship,how can i
    apply?.Is there any
    payment required
    from me? and how
    much?.how long will
    it take to complete a
    Diploma in
    education?.I am so
    enthusiastic to know
    more about the
    enlighten me about this.
    Thanks you

  28. I wishes to further my studies in marketing at degree level .I just want to find out the process of applying to your university.
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  29. I am Mohammed Sombai from LiberiaLiberia,I am interested in this scholarship what is the way of applying for it.

  30. Thanks for this mail and would wish you send me more information about Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, and control system engineering, Engineering courses and the costs of each.

  31. I am a Liberian, a first year college student, majoring in public administration with emphasis in economic at the state runs university. I appreciate such opportunity especially for students like us from third world country to afford us the opportunity to achieved our intellectual and academic goals to serve our continent and country human resource capacity problem. Thank very much

  32. I would like to be part of this scholarship please send men all the necessary informationon hw to enrol please iam more ready

  33. please can you help me in order to be a participant of this opportunity and tell me all the fee needed from me.my aim is to have degree in electrical engineering.

  34. Hi am from South Africa,I just need more information about this scholarship, it sound interesting. call me 0717889512. I passed my metric and am looking for university

  35. please can you help me in order to be participant of this opportunity and tell me all the fee needed from me.my aim is to have degree in electrical engineering

  36. i am from somalia i am very delighted to be with you so let me to share with you this scholarship i am waiting so i pursue engineering courses thanks for your displaying and how effectively you need to help us

  37. I am Kimenyi Bisangabagabo Dieudonne ,
    I would like to apply online scholarship for 2017-2018 in Masters program and therefore i need more details about


  38. My name is malang Colley from Gambia, am here to apply the scholarship program,however, I would like to be part of this opportunity as l pursue language

  39. Greetings sir/mrs
    Please i am so much interested in this educational scholarship you offer and would love to be part of it. Thanks

  40. I’d be very grateful to take part in this amazing educational course and I need it so much. ..I had always had an interest in studying but failed due to financial struggles.

  41. Thanks so much for such an effort in education that put the world fature clear. There would like to know who qualifies for your different educational displines ?secondly,is mature entry considered under your programs ?
    Would like to hear from you soon as well be among your students.

  42. truly, I appreciate for this scholarship program however, would like to be part of this opportunity as I pursue Electronics courses. thanks……….

  43. I like to. be part of this scholarship but the problem is am studying at dower college doing office administration first your,so I would like to know would you manage to pay ma fees?

  44. I would like to take part how do I apply for scholarship,please give me detailes on how to get a scholarship.

  45. I want to be part of scholarship, there’s payment if yes how much. How long will take and they affect some of NPO as we work with children

  46. I am Rwebuga Umalu from Uganda,I would like you,to enlighten more about how one can obtain that course is there payment

  47. My parents did the best in order to make sure I get better education but unfortunately I didn’t make them proud because I pass matric with bachelor but no scholarship I did get my dream is to be a chemical engineer so please help me with the scholarship to change the world by decreasing the poverty in South Africa

    • Am a Malawian by nationality aged 36 and married. I wanted to study as a community development assistance

  48. Hi!
    I am a Tanzanian looking for a scholarship to manage the fulfilling paying university needs in psychology masters.

  49. Please help I want to register but now its how can I registered for this online education this scholarship can pay for full fees or else its gonna be a half or not please somebody can explain for me thank you

  50. I want to be a part of this scholarship because my parents can’t. afford the university fees my number 0785273271

  51. Thank you for the offer I an really interested in this scholarship.May I please have more information about it like what are the minimum requirements to be accepted and how can I apply?

  52. I am more interested in scholar ship to do my Bcom degree in Human resource ,I have college certificate ,and also iwant to partnership with u so send me the light and more explanation in details so that I can read on my own if I will like terms and condition then I m the person u are looking for.please reply as soon as possible.

  53. From Tanzania, am very sure that the programme has come on time to make my dreams true. I would like to get involved.

  54. Hello l’m tigist Tesfaye from Ethiopia and I have Bsc in civil engineering I want to study Msc in structural and also other filled Thank you.

  55. Hello l’my tigist Tesfaye from Ethiopia and I have Bsc in civil engineering I want to study Msc in structural and also other filled Thank you.

  56. I will be happy if considered to be part of this scholarship so that I can do my Masters Program. Help me please!!!. Gertrude Luwe from Malawi.

  57. Thank’s for the offer I am really interested in this. May I please have more information about it lije what are the minimum requirements and how can I apply?

  58. Am Christine from Uganda really need that scholarship so that complete studies please help me I promise to be a good student to u.thank u may God bless u.

  59. i would be happy to be part of the scholarship ;look forwad to being considered thank you.iam from kenya

  60. my name is isabell,i live in malawi.ive just finished my diploma in nursing and midwifery and would like to get a bachelors degree in either general nursing,medical doctor & surgially or public health.how can i apply for a full funded scholarship abroad?

  61. I am abigail munge from zambia I want to know your terms and conditions of your scholarships?I want to be part of it too

  62. if wishes where horses beggers will surely ride….
    Nice courses….

    i will love to do the Psychology aspect..if my Avaliable materials allows me…
    How can one apply?

  63. Hi how does it work cause I’m not working I don’t want to owe money that I don’t have.but I need to study thank you.

  64. Iam Mbabazi Agnes i would like to be part of this scholar ship i would like to do psychology at masters level because i hold bachelors in Social work and social administration ,i pray that my dream come true i would like to know if ts free because i don’t have tuition fee am a Ugandan.

  65. I am living in chad and wanting to be one of those who will benefit from your scholarship. please tell me how to apply .
    I want to lectures for the highest studie
    s in translation because i am graduated from Bangui( CAR) university with B.A in English department.
    please help me.

  66. Thank you give me the a scholarship which it help me to payment education fees i say again thank you so much to value me.

  67. I would like to be part of this school grants. Per now am pursuing bachelor degree business administration first semester, but financially challenged .l need your help from St.Marks teaching centre Tanzania.

  68. I sincerely wish to be part of this scholarship program. Please help me and give me updates and steps on what to do, am basically interested in the psychology classes in either Havard or MIT. My contact number is +2348135121610

  69. I can’t wait to obtain a degree from Harvard university. This is really a dream come true. Please help me achieve this dream.

  70. I can’t wait to obtain a degree from Harvard university. please help me achieve this. Thanks in advance

  71. Am interested in doing an online course. Kindly advice on requirements needed for completion of registration in advance. Thanks.

  72. I wantbto be a part of this scholarship because my parent are poor and discontinuing my further study so far


  74. I am a Ghanaian by birth and nationality. I have a bachelors degree from the University of Ghana.The FGPA is 3.57 and i would wish to have an online masters degree in the havard university.I am 55years old.Do i qualify for the programme? Please, i need a reply.Thank you.

  75. I would like to study in havard university school of engineering; how can i get admission to havard university for this year intake?

  76. Hi there my daughter is high education pass matric she ask what must she do to study from home and how can you help her with bursary she have a baby and she want to study online

  77. Am a computer science student from Makerere University looking for a scholarship to do masters degree in computer science or any other I.T related course. I will be very grateful if given the opportunity.

  78. I want to be part of this scholarship, and if there will be need of any finances from me enlighten me on this, am so enthusiastic to know more about scholarship in engineering,am from Malawi.thank you.

  79. Am from south Africa if I register online Iwill write my assignments online and everything? or you will organise travelling for me? Because I want to do teaching or other courses that is relevant to my subjects even psychology is fine

  80. I wish to be a part of this iam from somalia and want to be part of this scholarship,how can i apply? how long will it take to complete a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

  81. I seriously want to be part of this scholarship program, only that my highest qualification is HND…..please advice me asap.thanks

  82. I wish to be part of this scholarship ….how long will it take me to complete Bachelor in Medicine and surgery….Edwin from Kenya

  83. Am Domtila from Kenya. Graduated with a first class Honours degree in bachelors of Education science. Will rily appreciate if am granted the scholarship.

  84. I am a 15 year old student African girl who is in grade 10, through academics and dicipline i am one of the top student with honour. I would like to apply for scholarships, kindly may you assist me on how to apply. I can contacted on email or on cell 082 930 5151.

    Warm Regards
    Miss N. Shamge

  85. I am interested can I study on scholarship? I have a first degree in biology education. If yes please provide necessary assistance.

  86. I wish to part of this scholarship. And I am delighted to hear soon a replay that I have some college courses in Eritrea in veterinary science and I would like to know that if there is any payment. And haw can I applay to this scholarship ur sincerely Teklit.

  87. I am a female Cameroonian of 38 years with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the university of buea Cameroon. I will very much like to have a master degree online. Public health or health economics is my dream. I will be grateful if I am given a chance.

  88. how does this work do we pay anything to be part of it? i would love to be part of this scholarship i am Liza Njapha Wits university i am doing my law degree there

  89. I want to be part of this scholarship please.m a kenyan and I have a bachelors degree in education.I’ll appreciate if given a masters scholarship. Thanks

  90. Good Morning
    Im Ruth Ikageng Humampe, from South Africa. I have A bachelor degree in social work and want to further my studies to became a clinical psychologist. Im interested in this scholarship. Can you please assist with the application and provide with relevant information regarding the studies and payment.

    Thanking you in advance

    R.I. Humampe

  91. Dear Sir :
    My name is Lal Bahadur KC . I did complete my Diploma from James Madison High School which is affiliated with Ashworth university in Georgia ,Atlanta.
    I want to study further for Bachelor degree and seeking for scholarship for distance education .
    Please advise me how i can get this?
    My email id: peterkc62@gmail.com
    Thank you n looking forward for the full information with solution,
    Sincerely yours
    Lal Bahadur KC

  92. Really want to be a part of this scholarship offer. I will be glad if the details are given sooner than later. I am from Liberia, West Africa.

  93. am teddy from Uganda i want to know more about the scholarships do i need to pay any money if am supposed to how much is it and how do i apply for the scholarship

  94. This sounds like an astounding opportunity.I would love to be a part of it. Please inform us on the way forward, how to register, what courses are available and if there’s a fee, how much is it.
    Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

  95. Sir, i am from Somalia Specially the capital of Mogadisho, I need apart time, because i could not be able the full time, so that Can I get MASTER DEGREA FOR ENGLISH, AND I GRADUATED SINCE 2016-8-27 FOCULTY OF HEATH SCEINCE DEPARTMENT FOR NURSING, AND I CHOSE THIS SUBJEC, I NEED TO SPEAK FREQUANTLY FOR ENGLISH. I WISH TO GET THANKX.

  96. I am from Ethiopia and want to be part of this scholarship, how can I apply? How long will it take to complete a Master’s degree in public health? I am so enthusiastic to know more about the scholarship. Please enlighten me about it. Thank you.Tewodros Debebe from Ethiopi

  97. I am all the way from NEPAL. Currently i’m studying in BBS 4th year . I am interested in scholarship to study masters level education .
    Thank you

  98. i want to do electrical engineering trouth a online cours but im a child wth no financial suport .i dont have a mother and my father suports me with grant money can you please help me

  99. Please I want to be part of this scholarship.
    I want to know if this scholarship covers turion fees and other expenses.

  100. plz make me be a part of it I shall b fully honoured and grateful Thanku and I would love to know more about it plz thank you

  101. I am from uganda and want to be part of this scholarship,how can i apply?.Is there any payment required from me? and how much?.how long will it take to complete a bachelor’s degree in education?.I am so enthusiastic to know more about the scholarship.please enlighten me about it.THANKYOU.BONNY from Uganda.

  102. Good day, am interested to undertake an online course, please provide more details, do u have travel agency course?

    • i am most sincerely interested in this program. kindly provide finer details about the program.thank you,William.

  103. I would be glad to welcome such an opportunity to pursue an on line programme such as this because I do not have the financial ability to afford any online course .Thaks to the framers and the implementation team for playing such a vital role in promoting academic excellence.

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