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If you want to continue your studies, but you don’t feel like making many changes to your actual situation in order to get the degree you wish for, you should get more information on receiving an online college degree as it offers you so many advantages when compared to going to on-campus courses. Online degrees have the same level of accreditation as regular ones, but they allow you to study from wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. Therefore, if you have some personal or professional commitments that restrain you from enrolling in college, an online college degree will allow you to have both. The programs of online degrees also give you the opportunity of building a network of people who are interested in the same subjects you are as through the means of virtual platforms you can connect with your peers and faculty members.

Following the courses of online degrees requires a lower tuition fee than the regular one, but even so there are many possibilities of receiving money for college to help you get the education you deserve. Students can receive money for college by submitting to different programs which involve either getting loans which you can pay back after finishing your studies or scholarships that cover at least a part of the tuition. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, the financial part of the process can be dealt with as students can opt for the form of receiving money for college that suits them best.

Old Dominion University is an example of an institution where students have the chance of receiving an online college degree as in 1994 it began to offer distance learning courses. In a 2015-2016 survey it was found that 96% of the students who took online courses at this university were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the experience they had. Undergraduates interested in receiving an online bachelor degree can opt from a wide range of 33 programs that cover many academic fields. Most of the possibilities of obtaining an online bachelor degree are concentrated in business-related fields, other seven are in engineering and six in education. Besides the RN to BSN pathway, students can opt for an online bachelor degree in medical technology, dental hygiene and hree health sciences concentrations. Furthermore, Old Dominion offers ‘military-affiliated’ degrees that cover three areas: health services administration, engineering technology and nuclear systems which are geared toward students who have previous military training.

The possibilities available for graduate students in search of an online master’s degree include six options in business/management, eight degrees in engineering fields, six MSN specializations and also two MPH degrees which are concentrated in health promotion/ education and environmental health. The master’s degree programs also include two options designed for students who have previous military training: one in education and one in engineering management. Old Dominion also features other 17 options for aspiring teachers who have no military experience.

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