Don’t Let Your Creative Fire Diminish. Apply For an Online Course at Academy of Art University

Since 2002, Academy of Art University helped online college students from all over the world embrace their creative and professional ambitions. So why wouldn’t you accept this gift, as well, and embark on your personal and professional trip? The university meets you halfway with revolutionary online education programs that present the same rigorous education as the education offered on campus. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a graduate fellow, the university entices you equally using its most powerful weapons: professionalism and accreditation.

You will be delighted to find among the many online education programs different majors you have never taught it was possible to undertake them online – Industrial design, Illustration, Interior Architecture and Design, Jewelry and Metal Arts and many more. Feel free to access the following link https://www.academyart.edu/online-education and consult all the available online majors offered to students. Or you can explore the course catalog here https://catalog.academyart.edu/catalog?0.

What are the systems requirements for online classes?

You need to have a personal computer and not a shared one. Do not use one from an Internet café. You will also need a service provider with a download speed of at least 1.5 MBps (megabytes per second). JavaScript must be enabled. The makers of the Safari and Firefox browsers changed their default security settings to not allow Flash.

In case you use Safari or Firefox, you will have to adjust your settings or click “Allow Flash” in order to view some videos and slideshows in your course. For the full list of system requirements it is best to access this link https://www.academyart.edu/online-education and make sure you will comply with them.

The university allows you to create your own schedule which means that you are free to manage your own time as long as you do not neglect the requirements of your chosen online college degree. You do not have to set class schedules as you do not have to be online at specific points in the day.  Course content is divided evenly across 15 modules spread out over a semester. You will have access to materials – instructional videos, audio-enhanced slideshows, digital documentation, interviews, and more – which means you will be guided step by step.

Choosing an online degree is the best option if you want to have a job and study at the same time. Moreover, choosing an online degree that will expand your knowledge and enhance your skill set in your favorite domain will definitely put your professional life on a speed dial.

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  1. I only live with my mother,my father died 3years ago and from the time he died a had some challenges with school.I used to do peace works while going to school and the business my mother do supported in my school fees,but now I got an acceptance letter at MUKUBA university where my parent can not afford to pay.

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