Online Master in Business Administration

Study anything that your heart desires and to advance in your career by not stepping a foot out of your house is now possible by following the courses offered by an online degree. This means you get the exact amount of information and knowledge as a normal degree and you also have the chance to connect with your peers and lecturers through the social network and virtual platforms offered by the online universities.

The online Master in Business Administration offered by the University of Roehampton seeks to equip its students with a thorough understanding of all the practical elements they need to manage when handling with international organizations. Along the practical part that plays an important role in today’s competitive global economy, the online degree course is coupled with a learning process that is designed to sharpen the mind, as well as the ability to apply a strategic analysis to a complex business situation. This online degree is meant for those who wish to extend their knowledge, wish to expertise in general management and establish a career at the highest level of business. All of the online university’s programs are recognised by the UK government as they comply with the standards monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The requirements that the University of Roehampton has for the students who wish to follow the courses are pretty interesting. Firstly, they ask for a bachelors degree or an equivalent and, secondly, you need to have a relevant work experience. What is interesting is that, in order to follow the courses of this online degree you may only need enough work experience even if you do not possess a bachelors degree. In this way, you will be conditionally admitted and if you pass the first module, you will be granted full admission.

The courses of this online university have a duration of 2 years and 5 months with an all-inclusive tuition fee of almost US $18,000. By offering an all-inclusive tuition fee, the university aims to ensure that its students will not be taken by surprise by other hidden costs so the cost of the tuition includes the course materials, library access, e-books, technology fees and personal support. Applying for a student scholarship though will allow you to get the money you need in order to pay for a part of the tuition fee or the full amount of money. you will only have to focus on advancing in your career and expand your knowledge. One of the best options there is if you are interested in accessing student scholarships are the Chevening Scholarships which offer around 2.300 scholarships for postgraduate studies or research that are followed at UK Higher Education Institutions. Another great example of student scholarships is the Global Study Awards that offers up to £10.000 to the award winning individual that can prove he wants to advance his career.

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