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Whether you are a working professional or simply have some personal commitments you don’t want to give up in order to get the higher education you want, online universities act as the best option for yourself. Online colleges offer their courses to whomever wishes to expand their knowledge in a certain field, build a network with other persons interested in the same subject and receive an online degree which attests their value. One of the most important advantages online universities offer their students is the fact that it doesn’t constrain them to fit in an already made up schedule to get to class, but they have the freedom of choosing their own learning hours according to their already existing habits and commitments. And what is very important in this possibility of expanding your knowledge is that the online degree that online colleges offer has the same level of accreditation as a regular one. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

When it comes to the tuition fee online colleges demand, you should know that it normally is lower than the regular one. Even though, students have the opportunity of applying to scholarships which can give them a hand in paying for their courses they want to follow in online universities. Scholarships are usually offered by the university to which students apply to, by the government of either the country where they want to study in or by the one to which they belong, or by other programs and institutions involved in education. An example of the last is the Global Study Awards which offers scholarships in the amount of £10.000 to its award winning participants.

Having first opened its doors to students in 1894, the Drexel University now offers up to 140 web-based degree certificate programs. It has been long touted as a national leader in the education that is technology-oriented and has also been named to be in the top 20 most innovative national universities in a ranking by U.S. News & World Report. Online degrees for undergraduate level are available in five core academic areas: criminal justice, communications, business administration, computing and security technology and psychology. For undergraduate nursing students, there is a B.S. in health services administration and also an RN to BSN pathway which is reserved for students who are registered nurses. There is also a B.S. in general studies which includes a customizable ‘individual studies’ plan. For students interested in receiving an online degree in education, Drexel University offers a blended bachelor with student-teaching components. The options that are available for graduate students include 13 Master of Sciences degrees, 14 education specialization tracks and 6 clinical/medical research pathways. Other specialized master’s options include degrees in cyber security, television management, sports management and project management.

You can submit your financial aid application here: http://drexel.edu/undergrad/financing/apply/

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