A £18,000 Grant Paid Monthly by Miles Morland Foundation to African Writers

​Is there any formula for becoming a reputable and widely-read African Writer? How can one become a distinguished writer? While receiving an answer in no time is less thought-provoking and more a process where writers should dedicate their time to craft, Miles Morland Foundation (MMF) is challenging gifted African writers to…WRITE.

MMF has been named after its founder Miles Morland in 2013 after a career investing in Africa. The UK charity is based in London and makes grants in areas reflecting the interests of its founder. The main purpose of MMF is to offer support to entities in Africa allowing Africans to make themselves heard. The foundation offers support, in particular to African writing and African Literature.

MMF acknowledges that becoming a reputable writer takes time and writing while simultaneously earning a living is tough. It is this aspect which mirrors the purpose of Morland Writing Scholarships, a small number of scholarships which allow each Scholar the time to create the first draft of a completed book. The Morland Writing Scholarships are available to any persons who were born in Africa or whose parents were born in Africa.


In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicant should submit an excerpt from a piece of work of between 2.000 – 5.000 words written in English which has been published and offered for sale. The excerpt will be evaluated by a panel of judges and readers set up by the foundation. The excerpt will be judged based on literary merit. Submissions or proposals with an emphasis on religion or politics will not be considered, as well as scientific research papers. Along with the excerpt should be submitted also:

1. A short description of between 400-1000 words regarding the new book the applicant intends to write.

2. A copy of an official document stating that the applicant or both of his parents were born in Africa.

3. A short bio of between 200-300 words.

4. The name of the source where the applicant read about Morland Writing Scholarships.

The inquiries and submissions will be directed to scholarships@milesmorlandfoundation.com.


The scholarships are awarded to full length works of adult fiction or non-fiction. Poetry, plays, film scripts, children’s books, and short story collections will not be considered eligible.

The amount

The lucky scholar writing fiction winners will receive a grant of £ 18.000 paid monthly over the course of 12 months. Scholars writing non-fiction may receive a grant of up to £ 27.000 paid monthly over the course of 18 months.

The closing date

The applications will be received between June 30th 2017 and October 31st 2017.

For more info, the readers are advised to consult the official website: https://www.milesmorlandfoundation.com/morland-writing-scholarships-1

  1. Am ubor uzodinma John from Nigeria studied logistics… Graduated with second class upper division bachelor of technology wish to run my master\’s outside Nigeria.

  2. please sir/madam. am so much interested in this scholarship grant but I don\’t know how to start with it, please tell me how do I start. the available mobile number that will guide me for the scholarship the one I saw on the website is not connecting and don\’t know how I will get in touch with Mile Moorland scholarship. please reply me let me know the first step to start with. Below are my contact details
    WhatsApp no.:+2348146381221


  3. I am a writer and I will like to get that 1800 grants, though I have not published my book yet.Will you consider me?

  4. I like would to writen this messege that showing…… Welll always God is great i asked our Lord for opportunity that money becuase i want to go back to school… I help we have nopeace in the country south sudan… +254786911155

  5. it actually a good platform for young african writers …thank you miles morland foundation .but i have many works but not published ..can i still participate

  6. I\’m girl who live in Africa country called Rwanda, I\’ll be happy coz you will be able to support my education, thank you.

  7. thank you to remember all the students who have born in poor families to wish a good thing like me.

  8. I Lulia Electine Shikokoti come from a humble needy family. I completed my form four exam in 2015 managing to attain a c+ but my parents have not been able to take me to college due to luck of money. I will be happy if you will help me to attain my dreams by paying for me school fees so that i can also help my younger brothers and sisters to also attain their dreams. I will be glad if my wish will be granted. Thanks in advance

  9. hello sir/ma i greet u all pls if u can help me i will be so greatful becuz i didnt ave parent pls if u can assisst me with money my account number 311448077 savings firstbank account account name megbowon oluwatimilehin emmanuel am frm nigeria this my number 08106827700 may God help u

  10. I would like to get in with the program to learn and up my accademic change in the knowledge of writing and publication.So count me in I got so much to say about life in Africa with the health and the riches we do own but live with…The expansion of reality is capitalized now by our own political leaders.Please give me a chance as I have some to say about my status and the bland African over our of there TRUE ways.HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.Inhuman behavior because of democracy and independents.

  11. I am an inventor..a prolific writer, artist. , .. psychologist, Economist , Mathematician.. linguist, statician ,Econometrician, a critical thinker..reserved and passionate about everything i can see.. hear, smell .touch
    I am very weird and very very reckless..in the sense that i don\’t care about who is reading this or who typed this..
    ..very highly undoubtly superficial sensitive ..i am the next Eisten …

    but financially … .tskkkffiadks

    Anybody with cool C#sh should sign me up.. right nowwww… beforrrrrre i get kidnapped .. uhhg!!

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  14. It is a great idea, but now the challenge is that a poor person like me who is looking for money so that I can acquire knowledge and skills on how I can write a book and publish it even before the judges commented on it. May be if the guide line and qualifications are highlighted as well as being adjusted can help.

  15. Sir, I am a very poor girl child that I believe in lending forestry, but I don\’t have money this is why I apply for ur scholarship so it will enable me to go to college or university.

  16. Sir/ madam, must the book be published before submission? I have so many works but they are yet to get into print because of lack of financial support. Please reply me so that I can know my stand, because I can\’t wait to show off my creativity in writing.

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