Masdar Institute in UAE Awards a Full Grant to Master African Students

Studying with a master degree can be a very expensive business. Regardless of whether you choose one of the offline or online degree programs out there – they all indiscriminately come with significant tuition fees attached. Online colleges might not be as expensive as traditional universities, but online education might not appeal to everyone, due to the fact that it often limits students’ social interaction with the outside world. Yes, online degree programs bring great benefits to students who also have a job or family members to take care of, but if you are free of such responsibilities you might want to look beyond online education and towards the stability offered by an old-school college campus.

Back to master degrees. Before applying to one, the question arises – what difference will a master degree really make to you? What guarantee do you have that your personal investment of time and even finances will pay off? Naturally, the answer to all these question is not straightforward, but one thing is for sure – a master degree will endow students with formative experience, specialist knowledge and transferable skills. But what about financial investment? The good news is that student scholarships are your answer to financial woes. If you are a student from Africa even better, as there I a wide range of student scholarships to take advantage of when you’re thinking of immersing yourself in two additional years of offline or online education (yes, you can take Master courses online too – if that’s what you want).

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates is offering grants for students from developing countries. So you can’t be a student of online education if you want to apply for this scholarship – as you have to be willing to re-locate in the beautiful United Arab Emirates.

The Institute is awarding these student scholarships to students who are studying for a master’s level degree. To apply for funding for a Master Degree related to water management, you will need to have graduated from one of the accredited traditional or online degree programs available with universities across the world. Candidates applying also need to demonstrate a very good command of the English language by sending in a copy of their GRE or TOEFL (or IELTS) scores. A minimum TOEFL score of 91 (iBT) or equivalent paper/computer based scores, or a minimum academic IELTS score of 6.5 is preferred.

The grant covers 100% tuition fees, required textbooks, a laptop, reimbursement of GRE or TOEFL exam/test fees, Masdar Institute housing, monthly stipend, health insurance and annual return ticket home.

The grant covers 100% tuition fees, required textbooks, a laptop, reimbursement of GRE or TOEFL exam/test fees, Masdar Institute housing, monthly stipend, health insurance and annual return ticket home.

Graduates of traditional or online colleges have to submit a copy of undergraduate/graduate transcript, statement of objectives, copy of CV plus name and email address of 3 referees. The deadline to apply is May 31, 2017.

Apply here : https://www.masdar.ac.ae/admissions/how-to-apply

  1. it was a good deal . although it would have been better if if u would allow me to be sponsoredwith in any local government university with in Uganda.

  2. I am a Kenyan guy who is very philanthropic by nature,Nutritionist by profession,would like to get funds for running my humanitarian organization by the name Gikuyu Christian Virgins that is located in Nakuru Town that helps the poor and needy in the society in getting basic needs like foods,sanitary towels and clothes. If you are there and you would like to help the poor but you have no time or ability to do so,then here I come to assist you in extending your kind and generous hand to the needy in the society and God will richly bless both of us i.e You (the donor) for providing funds and me(Distributor) for availing the aid/assistance to the target groups. My contacts are 0775331233 .Thank You and may God Bless You For Your Kind Assistance.

  3. Hello Masdar Institute,
    Thank you for your hand of help to students around the world especially those from Africa.
    I have a diploma in environmental health science, currently i am jobless and almost hopeless since 2012 to further my studies. I wish to study a bachelors degree in any one of the following or related courses in your institution; Public health or water hygiene and sanitation, or food and nutrition , or community leadership and administration.
    How can i get your scholarships to come and study there as i can understand that you can be my last opportunity and hope?
    Thank you
    Obwokor Solomon Alfred from Uganda ,Africa

  4. Hello Masdar Institute,
    I feel most privileged know about your hand of help especially students from Africa.
    I am a Ugandan with a diploma in environmental Health Science ,i am jobless and almost hopeless to further my studies , i wish to study a bachelors degree in any one of the following courses in your institute; public health, or food and nutrition, Water hygiene and sanitation or health service management, community leadership and management.

    How can i get a scholarship to come and study there? i really need a help as this, can you be my last hope?

    Thank you
    Obwokor Solomon Alfred from Uganda.

    MY CONTACT:+255753703762

  6. I am in Uganda already at the university so I request for financial help because lam pursuing bachelor\’s of medicine and surgery in first year

  7. We are very poor family so I need the money help trust me please.
    thanks a lots.
    Pakistan Karachi.

  8. I\’m Looking for a burßary and I am disabled. I have my grade 12 but i want to study HR management. I don\’t know if you can help me but I will be happy if you can

  9. thanks so much for these opportunities.But from what i read,the vacancy has closed for 2017.

    One question i will want to ask is ! for God sake i do not have money to enroll ,can you help me to enroll to acquire my master ?

  10. Hey there, I\’m very interested in forwarding my studies in public management but I can\’t due to financial difficulties. So can you please consider me and help me out, I want to become someone meaningful in today\’s society and I also want to make my family proud. Thank you!!!

  11. Am a Nigerian I studied Arabic and Islamic studies since I got my degree in 1994 from the university of Islamic studies Karachi, Pakistan. I have nobody to sponsor me to pursue my masters, and to my surprise, I\’d never seen scholarship for Islamic Studies except with the one discriminating with the age limit whereas we know that knowledge has no end. you can seek knowledge from the beginning of your life till the end. please if I can apply for Arabic and Islamic studies with scholarship let me know.

  12. am very much interested I have a diploma in civil engineering bat would like to upgrade bat have no money so please help me will b thankful if am concidered

  13. I really appreciated your concern. I\’m an Undergraduate Namibian and I would like to go for my degree in education within my country..are you still willing to offer me a grand? Thanks!

  14. I am a Tanzania leaving with disability and I am taking care of my father and mother who too old, am interested and eligible to pursue either Masters of science in health management information management or health system monitoring and evaluation herein Tanzania at Muhimbili University or at Mzumbe university . Can I get sponsored ? Please help me to achieve my dreams

  15. Thank you for your information i really appreciate.i\’m a Malawian and a holder of Malawi school Certificate of Education and i need scholarship for first degree programme.

    yamikani makuluni

  16. Thanx…….. but I\’m a sri Lankan. I\’m seeking scholarship to study here. It costs almost 3 lakhs. If u can help me.

  17. Please I need 2.5m to help me meet my tuition in Uganda , I was chased because I paid a half and if you a willing to help me,
    My account number is 3201619872 centenary bank, my name is munyogoli Gilbert thanks I will be waiting for your help

  18. Thanks a lot for the offers. I am West Africa Ethiopia, holding a Bachelors Degree in Economics wishing to do masters in same field.I will be grateful for your sponsorship

  19. I am from Tanzania. Is it possible for Tanzanian students to get scholarship for Undergraduate. please I want to learn and achieve my goals.

  20. This is great good news. It is my desire to study my masters. I have BA degree in Accounting from Rift Valley University in 2016
    Best regards,

  21. am in my third year pursing bachelor of science with education Economics/ICT. I would like to master in Information Technology in 2018 Aug. May you please confided me during the next chance. Thanks alot

  22. Hello is Eki KAMAVE from PNG is interested to take offline studies in Africa. I have completed bachelor\’s degree in education from the university of Goroka in PNG and would like to excel further to do Masters in Education. I will be very happy to study on offline abroad.

  23. Congrats to you for help African students to master their studies at abroad, you very hard working for this sure, I\’m gratefull to see your website and your work.. Its so amazing compared to others. This is just few words to you am hemedi Suleiman from Tanzania at African continent, i studying at Butimba teachers college, Education of Mathematics and ICT, second year, welcome to our country there is so many good things, i would like if you will thoughts to give me any updates that will occur from now….my contact is +255652509277
    Thank you!!

  24. I am from Papua New Guinea, it is not on most maps. It is still a developing country and i would really appreciate it if you guys could give me a chance.

  25. Dear sir
    My name is veeresh p vallur i am studied in 1st year MBBS in india karnataka state mangalore srinivasa institute of medical science and reserch center i am coming from family
    i want your message and scholarship plese help me my education life and me message to this mobile No 7760216923.
    Thanks and regards
    veeresh p vallur

  26. Hey hey! I can appreciate if I can be a part of your learners. Please help me and I wish my schooling children to get such a wonderful offer.
    Thank you.

  27. Good morning? Kindly consider me in this grant. I am a Kenyan from a poor background and would like to learn more to eradicate poverty in my society. Tell me more. Blessed day.

  28. i have bsc degree in physics and i have an ambition to upgrade it but i dont have any income or financial support ! i wish if i get any support to my further education , thanks !! Sisay Abrham from Ethiopia .

  29. i am a lady from Swaziland…holding a Bachelor of laws…..i wish to do my masters in banking and finance law…..i will be grateful if you can help me get scholarship

  30. I have the ambition to higher education but don\’t have the money to achieve it and I need a great help to have my dream comes true. I\’m a post graduate of the Phebe School of Nursing. Again please help my dream of becoming a medical doctor comes true.

  31. Iam Dennis Phiri from Lusaka, Zambia .I would like to study an advanced certificate in project management. I would like some information as to how I can be assisted through your programs. I have got no steady income.

  32. Thanks alot for the offers. Iam a Ugandan, holding a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration wishing to do masters in same field.I will be grateful for your sponsorship.

  33. Thanks a lot for such offers. I am a Ugandan, aged 32, holding a bachelor\’s degree in Business Administration. I would like to do master area of study, If any support, I will be grateful.

  34. I am MBA M Phil and want to do PHD in the same field. I need money help to continue with my studies. I am also looking for a job that will pay me well. Thank you. Waiting for the reply whatever it is.

  35. I am a regular student of O,Level and I want to continue as it is.If it is possible do help and support us with the collage fee and exam fee. And if there is a job for my father. Thank you. Raja

  36. Morning I\’m asking if you can help me with bursary for my daughter she\’s studies Policing course at Dam College she started on July this year is a 2 years course please help me.

  37. I\’m a Liberian, live in Monrovia Liberia and I have a bachelor of science in biology and a bachelor degree in pharmacology. Can u help me get a master degree in clinical pharmacology.

  38. I thank the management of masdar for the work is doing to the nation and the help is giving to the students, be blessed, here l have many students in Uganda who wants to join the programme but on degree programme ,can they be considered? Thanks John.

  39. i need to do a masters in water or renewable energy, iam from uganda so please can i be able to get further directions and details on how to get scholarship

  40. I am Mats\’oele Rats\’oanyane I am living in Lesotho and I really need your help my parents are too old.

  41. Thats great, It is really nice to stretch your helping hand to us Africans. Indeed I also need to be supported but what I don\’t know whether you can support someone with a certificate to pursue a diploma. Thanks.

  42. could not apply because application is closed. i am still anticipating to have equal or equivalent opportunity especially in a business related field so as i could apply.

  43. Am from Africa, Malawi, can I have this opportunity of scholarship.I would like to study electrical engineering

  44. Am isaya Kibasa from tanzania i need a scholar ship to study masters of pharmacology and toxicology am having a degree of veterinary medicine from sokoine university of agriculture

  45. unfortunately it\’s already july and the deadline for applying is june otherwise i would apply. I am in Guinea, i will try for next year.

  46. Kindly enlist me for this scholarship grant please. I really need financial assistance to finish my education. Here in Zambia, things are hard due to the political instability and poor economical state of the country.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mannix Nosiku

  47. I have a diploma in Education, is it possible for me to get a full scholarship for a degree program in the same field of education (tuition, accommodation, air ticket lap top and a visa). Or i can be sponsored to study within my country of origin (Uganda).
    Thank you

  48. Am happy for your consideration.am really interested. Can I study the degree in commerce on finance and accounting there?

  49. hello am Jeremiah kafeero please what should I do to get a bursary am really suffering with tuition thank you.

  50. I would love to get the scholarship .I live in Kenya looking to do a Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management in one of Kenya\’s leading Universities.

  51. Iam Victorius Kamuntu from Tanzania I request scholarship for studying my PHD in Financing in Value chain in Agriculture in Tanzania, Only I am requesting tuition fee and Money for research

  52. I am from Ethiopia I want to study education leadership and management MA.to achieve my dream I am looking for your financial support.

  53. This scholarship will be a dream come true. I did bachelors of arts with education and I majored in civic education. In civic education I have learnt a lot on how I can change the lives of women, young girls and how to develop my community. A masters degree in education will really help me to achieve this dream.

  54. i want to study a masters degree in any subject of medical laboratory science, i can\’t get the chance free of charges to study at home and i can\’t cover the fee to study on my own, so please help me to improve and develop my career

  55. I am from Ethiopia, i have first degree in medical laboratory science so i need to study in abroad to help my country and my self. i want your office to help me,

  56. may i also be considered, i took up a masters in supply-chain management with an offline local university, only managed to attend the first semester. i live in Zimbabwe, Africa

  57. Can you also offer undergraduate scholarships? I wish to study soft ware engineering.Iam a Ugandan female student who hopes to join the University this year.

  58. I have been admitted to pursue Masters of Arts in International Relations at Nottingham Trent University and currently looking for scholarship opportunity.


  59. I really need a scholarship in your high achievers great institution and make my dreams come true

  60. Please i have special interest in optics. To broaden my horizon and teach to affect more people in their dispensing skills. Would be very grateful you can assist me read BSc ophthalmic dispensing program in the UK. Ghanaian as nationality.

  61. thanks for the notification about scholarships and bursaries I am desperate due to my financial situation but what are the procedures to apply for or details for applications

  62. I am studing my first degree at Addis Ababa university and want to continue master at your university . Since I will compete afer six month I am happy if I get the chance. Thanks for providing such meaningful scholarships for african students.

  63. I am studing my first degree at Addis Ababa university and want to continue master at your university . Since I will compete afer six month I am happy if I get the chance. Thanks for providing such meaningful scholarships for african students.

  64. Benjamin Nawoe Moore is my name, a Liberian by nationality.
    I am interested in your master program, and I want to obtain a master in criminal investigation. Can you please provide me offline admission form for 100% tuition fees at your university?


  65. I am interested in it but no indication of the courses which are are offered. therefore, if it is possible you can show us the Courses which an applicant can be interested to choose.
    However, introduce also the seasons which these courses start in their learning.

    Thank you,

    ISSA. R.M. (Tanzania).

  66. please i am somalian student who need free scholarship of master degree with ticket and visa if you can thanks

  67. please i am somalian student who need free scholarship of master degree with ticket and visa if you can thanks

  68. Ok! I\’m very much interested with your concern of offering scholarship in Higher education! I\’m Richard Lupimo from Tanzania asking for full scholarship in Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP).

  69. am wasswa benard from uganda and it will appreciation if you grant me chance so dat i can complete my goal in llb in law

  70. I can be so greatful to be considered in this scholarship. I have bachelor of business studies. I have financial challenges hence, my interest in your aid.

  71. Am zablon chakaya from kenya – kwale County. I am holding a first class degree in theology and I now want to do a masters in Religion. Please assist

  72. I am very passionate about being a doctor so that I can help my country. I am asking student room to help me further my medical studies starting in the year 2017 so that I can fulfil my dream and help the nation.

  73. i want a scholarship for my bachelors degree in tourism and hospitality and i need your assistance
    thank you

  74. Dear Masdar Institute:

    I am a Liberian and a graduate with Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
    in Economics from the University Methodist University. I am aspiring to study Master in Environmental science and Sustainability studies in order to help my country Liberia amid these pressing global challenges faced especially climate change and food production. I have done all of my learning in English. I need this opportunity to bring this dream to reality.

  75. Its agreat oppportunity to the African who have got the argue to studay but let down by finances
    Do u offer engineering courses?

  76. I am student in university, I need a financial assistant so that I can complete my degree, I am struggling to pay for the accommodation, even just to buy textbooks and without textbooks I don\’t thing that I\’ll make it to the next level as I am a first year student. I will be grateful if my request is considered

  77. Am musinguzi godfrey from uganda, kampala city i would like to apply for a schalarshipto study a masters in public health but i have no fees. Could u help me and study from your university for free

  78. Iam Tanzanian citizen 19 years old.My father die last year and my mom unemployed
    I need a scholarship but my education level is o\’level .
    May you help me?

  79. Thanks for the information, am an African, Nigerian precisely. Will be glad and appreciate you if you grant me a scholarship, am an undergraduate students

  80. Please can a graduate with second class Lower in BSc agriculture apply for this scholarship?

    I am from an English speaking country and was taught in English language through out my life,do I still need to meet IELTs before I can apply?

    I have an English language proficiency as evidence given to me by my affiliated University.

  81. dear masdar institute,am hereby applying for your consideration in regard to the grant.am a male zambian citizen so wilingly to be offered this greatly opportunity to enable me complet my barchelor of medicine and surgery which am currentry in my fourth year.am now an unable to meet my fees.
    your quick responce to my mail will be of great value.thanking you in advance and awaiting your responce

    yours faith fully
    mutumba mutemwa

  82. I want to write PHD in Auditing , PHD Political Science or PHD Religious and Moral Studies so Help with full scholarship in every thing .
    I am from Ghana and a Ghanaian

  83. I want you to write PHD in Auditing , or in Political Science , or in Religious and Moral Studies. I have Published books in Moral Auditing and Investigation Made Simple ( 583 Pages), Case Studies on Auditing ( (154 pages), Global Political Science ( 606 Pages Book ) and Global Moral Religion (535 Pages) . I have also Published one on Moral Law , and On Moral Code. All the books are for the UNO , all countries governments all tertiary Institutions on the Globe, I want to pursue any of the three Programmes within 2 years so grant me admission . I want a scholarship on the tution and all expenses of the programme so I need your help .

  84. i want to study in your university master degree . because i want to improve my skills , get knowledge, already i have bachelor degree in civil engineering .
    please i need your help

  85. Its so great to hear from you but I won\’t be able to apply cause I need a scholarship in degree in engineering.am not at the level of masters degree yet. Am a certificate holder as my level of education in RTET.I dont know if you can help me

  86. Hi.
    Are these scholarships only for students pursuing a masters degree? Are there any sholarships for undergraduate students doing medical science?

  87. Please am a Ghanaian student and I want your office to help with a scholarship to study at home or any school abroad. Am a senior high school graduate. Am ready for any test, I have been home 3 years now after completion due to the inefficiency of my single parent. Hope to here from you. This is my email. oseiasantemichael10@gmail.com

  88. thank you for your schoolership advert I need schoolership I am a refugee man who could not join to university due to financial unstability you can contect me my day phone 0704605436 waiting for your feedback thanks

  89. Yours is truly a noble Initiative to help the Aspiring African Students, who are focused to grow and broaden their Academic perspective, I being one of them. Thus please, what is the criteria for I to get on-board?
    At age 36 years, My 4 Published BOOK works; http://blog.xlibris.com/author-blogs/john-b-daniels/ (Click my John B. Daniels name upon opening) AND SHARE WITH ALL IN THE GLOBE.
    Kind regards.

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