Western Union Offers $2,500 Grants to Community Involved Students

You probably heard of Western Union before – a popular money transfer service that allows people from different countries around the world to easily send and receive money. But we bet you didn’t know this. There’s such a thing as the Western Union Foundation which has a global scholarship program available for students interested in applying with a college degree online or offline.

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program or simply WU Scholars is a program designed to support young people and their efforts to pursue a traditional or online bachelor degree.

WU Scholars believes that education is the surest path to economic opportunity and growth, so it has created these scholarships to aid educational pursuits of knowledge of people who are striving to climb economic ladder through better jobs. Students of an offline or online college degree are being offered the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 grant to be used to contribute towards tuition fees at an accredited educational institution. The criteria for being picked revolves around three major qualities: perseverance, aspiration and involvement in the community. Keep in mind that the grants offered by WU Scholars are to be used for an offline online bachelor degree programs and not for advanced studies such as Masters or PhD. But don’t worry there are plenty of institutions that target students looking for advanced offline or online college degree options.

Applicants looking to apply for a college degree online or offline need to be interested in studying one of these fields: science, technology, engineering, mathematics or business/entrepreneurship. As you can see the WU Scholars aims to support people develop their technical skills. If you are more inclined towards art and the humanities, then this scholarship is not really for you.

Interested parties are required to submit their application in English. Translation services might be employed to help non-English speakers submit. Another important issue to keep in mind is that WU Scholars will ask you to demonstrate admittance to a traditional or online bachelor degree program or that you have applied for admittance. On top of that, you’ll need a letter of recommendation from a teacher or a professor. If a teacher or professor is not available to write the letter, you may ask someone who has supervised you in a community group or a volunteer position.

Another important aspect you need to consider before applying for one of the scholarships offered by WU Scholars is this – the institution makes it very clear that the grant needs to be used for tuition of the offline or online college degree fees during the student’s academic term immediately following the scholarship winner selection (sometime in July). Funds can’t be used for room, board or school supplies.

If you have applied with a college degree online or offline or if you have already been accepted, then you can go ahead and submit your scholarship application to WU Scholars too. The application deadline is April 12, 2017, so you still have a few days left to prepare. And before you start your application process, the Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program requires you to take a quiz.

  1. My name is Sinaraha Daud Ngonela from Tanzania.I discover this website today and I\’m too late for application and I need this grants in order for me to reach a point of my studies. I\’m continuing with my study at Atlantic International University , master\’s of Healthcare Administration and I required to pay some amount of tuition fee every month. Please I need your financial aid in order to help me to complete my studies.

  2. Dear Western Union,
    Am Adubango Romano from Uganda who is at Cavendish University Uganda enrolled and studying Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (BDS) year 1, semester 1, 2017 BUT has difficulties in paying tuition and other related costs such as living allowances costs among others.
    May you kindly take it up for me to concentrate at the University please? My dad is ill and unable to meet all these costs since I come from a relatively peasant family of 10 siblings and am the last born, with the elders not having what can ably support me (most of them are peasant farmers with meagre incomes).

  3. I am very much impressed with the good work your foundation is undertaking to help people achieve their avowed educational ambitions through funding. I intend to begin my Ph.D programme any time soon, having successfully completed my Master of Arts\’ Degree, and would like to solicit sponsorship from your esteemed foundation. An opportunity to study in Canada or Japan will be a great pleasure to me. I wait forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you immensely.

  4. Dear sir/Madam,
    I\’m highly grateful for the offer being made by Western Union. i would like to state that, your support will be a one of a lifetime need and also hope to get access to the scholarship scheme for students who would like to further their education to the advance level and to achieve their dreams to become a successful and a productive individuals for the developments of the society and the whole world at large. Thank you.

  5. I am at Bindura University. I am studying the diploma in sciences education. I am an orphan please help me by the name of god am struggling.

  6. I need study and interested civil engineering , but I have no pay to learn this much amount of money. now I kindly request WU foundation please facilitate free scholarship education.

    Thank you !

  7. Hi I am Caleb Osindi Ndemo and would really like to get the grant, since I am unable to raise money to continue with my bachelors degree. I would really appreciate any assistance. Thank You.

  8. I am Nan Amy Tun from Myanmar and currently studying in Bangkok, Thailand. I would like to apply for financial aid. Would you please explain me how to apply and where to get an application form? Thank you for your time.

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