List the reasons why you should be awarded a scholarship and win this $1,500 grant

Save up for college with this easy to apply to scholarship

In order to gather the necessary amount of money to pay for college you need to apply to more than one scholarship opportunity

For a lot of people, restrictions on time and money will make going to school in the traditional sense impossible. But with the rise of online degree program institutions, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to go to school and earn a degree – no matter in which part of the world you live in.

On top of that, we bet you didn’t know about accelerated degrees. These are online bachelor degree programs which help students shave months (sometimes even years) off the time it usually takes to graduate with a full degree.

It might not be openly advertised, but online degree program-offering establishments offer numerous opportunities to earn a degree quickly like for example, accelerated class schedules that help you finish a semester’s worth of study in just a few weeks. At some online bachelor degree providers, you can get college credits in exchange for work or military experience.

But even if you will be able to get your degree faster than at traditional college, you should also consider the fact that enrolling a bachelor degree online can often get lonely and requires a lot of self-motivation, time management and commitment. Consider before jumping on board with an online program whether you have what it takes to go through four years of going to school online.

Once you have made the decision you truly want to pursue an online degree, you need to start worrying about another aspect – the financial one. Obviously, you will need to pay for your college degree as it does not come for free. Given that university costs are very high these days; you need to be preoccupied to find alternative ways to pay for college.

One of the best is scholarships. These money grants don’t have to be paid back once you graduate and you can apply for more than one at the same time. The more the merrier.

Start your scholarship search early to make sure you secure at least one funding opportunity. Apply early and apply frequently.

How do you determine which scholarships are right for you? You search a lot and you read carefully the eligibility criteria. You will find you won’t be able to apply for some because of various reasons. Some might require you to have a minimum GPA while others are targeted only at female students or those looking to become engineers. The thing you need to remember – there aren’t two scholarships alike in this world and it’s important you find the ones who are right for you as an individual.

Here’s a quick funding example. Scholarship website Unigo is offering a $1,500 to students who can create a list of ten reasons why they believe they should be awarded the scholarship (in 250 words or less).

Students who are at least 13 years of age are invited to impress the panel of judges with their creativity, thoughtfulness and sensibility. You have until December 31, 2017 to apply for this grant.


  1. Am chris mwambela from kenya my reasons of applying or in need of this grants is i also dream of being an engineer of earthmovers in my life i do have that passion of pursuing this course and out of it am orphan i dont have job to raise a college fees please am inquiry of it to make my bright future come to reality

  2. To help others with the knowledge i gain from this
    To increase my capacity of assimilation
    To make my parents proud of me
    To be a better person by being more educated

  3. To widen my knowledge
    To increase on the chances of getting a job
    To increase on the chances of attaining my goals in life
    To be able to achieve my dream of helping my community
    To be one of the great avhievers in my community
    To be able to sustain myself as a woman
    To fulfill my father\’s dream of seeing her daughter succeed in education
    To use the knowledge l will acquire to help others.

  4. Hallo…I am a Namibian…
    I have dreamt that I go will get a scholarship in life and I just hope its finally this one…I want to get a lot of knowledge on the Radiography course I intend to take next year. …It also makes me happy to explore the world by studying in different countries. ..I would like to be the first person in our family to get a scholarship as no one up to now got one….I want to surprise my nation that out there, there are people/organizations that have us on their hearts….


  6. To get alot of knowledge about my course.
    To improve on the productivity of oil and gas in Uganda.
    To conserve our environment about the dagers of oil and gas.
    To travel and come back and develop my country Uganda.
    To study and came and apply the things I have studied.
    To learn More practical skills which we do not have in Uganda.
    To develop my intelligent skills which I have discovered and put it into practice.
    To associate with people who understands practical skills.
    To come and help Ugandans by teaching them and exetend some projects.
    To link some petroleum products and some organisations to Uganda.

  7. Hellow. I am a Tanzanian and i am at undergraduate level taking Bachelor of science with education. Am leaving with Only one parent my mother, where by my father ran off since i Was in standard two, though my family is very poor, it is only my mother who has been struggling harder and harder to make sure i get education, so i will be grateful and studying Hard when i will be given this Scholarshp. And its My dream to study abroad when i complete my undergraduate level and performing better. Please i need your support..

  8. I am Tabani David a south Sudanese national and now a refugee in Uganda. I intended to persue BBA major in Accounting and finance. I intend to provide knowledge against corruption in my country if I return. I also plan to promote governance and accountability on the usage of public funds in my country south Sudan.

    +256 782 060 322
    Tabani David

  9. Hello,
    I\’m Alexis Musafiri aleph from Congo D R, I\’d like to have a schorlaship please, I want to study abroad via your help, so I beg you to help me

  10. Hey
    I am Cameroonian of English speaking descent.I am at the undergraduate level in Bsc in biochemistry. I had my advanced level certificate in 2014 with good grades in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and further mathematics
    My dream has always been to become a biochemist or a medical personal.Taking care of the sick too has been a passion to me. It pains me so much to see people suffering from various ailments and not been properly taken care of.

    Due to the political crisis in my country, my education has been seriously disturbed added to the financial status of my parents.
    I will be most grateful if I am granted a scholarship to fulfill my dreams so I can be of help to my siblings and my nation at large
    Thanks in advance

  11. Please, I am from hopelessly village, I have lost my father and my mother is very old,and throughout in my education,from PRIMARY up today I have really struggling but now I have really reach my limit, and I am pleading for help or I have to stop my schooling.

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