Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

University of Adelaide extends its helping hand to the deserving and competitive students who exhibit exemplar academic merit and research potential. University of Adelaide is a public university located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is among the leading universities in Australia.

Do you have what it takes to be an Adelaide Scholarship International Scholar?

You should hold an equivalent of an Australian First Class Honor degree. The degree should be a four year program with a major research project in the final year. Also, you should not hold any degree equivalent to a research master degree if you are applying for masters or research doctorate degree if you are applying for a doctorate degree. University of Adelaide will assess your degrees. You should fully emphasize your academic merit and research potential. Your extra-curricular achievements will not be considered. You should provide evidences of English Language proficiency. Pre-Enrolment English Program will not be considered. You should not hold any Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency. If you applied for permanent residency, you could still apply as long as your application is still pending. You should be willing to complete your degree in the University of Adelaide. You should apply with a status of international student and maintain such status during your stay. You should commence your study as soon as University of Adelaide requires.

Things to Do

File your application via online. You application will not be considered if it is incomplete. If your application is unsuccessful but you are eligible for consideration, your application will be automatically put on queue for the second round for a review. After that, if your application would not still prosper, that application would be your last attempt. So, it is very important that you make your application very competitive. Also, it is ideal that you are not offered of another reward by the Commonwealth of Australia, University of Adelaide, or an oversee sponsor. The University of Adelaide reserves its right to withdraw the offer if you have been offered of a scholarship equal or excess of financial value.

The Perks

The ASI program will provide for the tuition fees for two years for Master’s degree and three years for Doctoral degree. An extension may be provided for the latter if warranted. You will be provided with an annual living allowances of $26,288 with the same period. If you are a holder of a student visa (subclass 500), you will be awarded a compulsory standard Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) World care policy for the students and dependents for the duration of the student visa.


Round 1

Last Day to Apply: 31 August 2017
Last Day to Enrol**: 30 June 2018

Round 2

Last Day to Apply: 31 January 2018
Last Day to Enrol**: 31 August 2018 (Successful scholarship applicants in round 2 will be required to commence studies by 31 August 2018; however if the applicant only holds an offer for admission for the semester 1 intake s/he will be required to commence studies by 30 June 2018).

Round 3

Last Day to Apply: 30 April 2018
Last Day to Enrol**: 30 November 2018

Please visit http://www.adelaide.edu.au/graduatecentre/scholarships/research-international/opportunities/adelaide-scholarship-international/

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