Check Out These Scholarships for Homeschooled Students

There aren’t as many home schooled students today as they wore in the past, but surprisingly individuals who have chosen to study at school are also eligible for scholarships. Online education puts a more modern spin on the whole home schooling affair, so if you are considering applying to an online university and staying home to learn, you might also be eligible for the grants we’re going to share with you next. Online degrees providers also offers grants and bursaries, but the scholarships we’re going to talk about are offered by third-party institutions focused on home schooling.

Home Education Leadership Fund

The community foundation of Utah awards $1,000 annually to a student resident of the state of Utah who is a high school senior (or equivalent). The applicant must be home schooled and looking to enroll with an online university to further continue his/her online education.

The student needs to have a grade point average of 3.25 or higher in order to be eligible to apply for the funding.

Lee-Jackson Foundation Scholarship Program

Win a $1,000 or $2,000 scholarship plus an additional $8,000 reward if you submit an essay on General Robert E. Lee or General Thomas J. “Stonewell” Jackson or both. There are 18 grants awarded annually.

In order to be eligible, students need to be attending a Virginia public or private high school or be home schooled. Students have to be considering applying for one of the traditional or online degrees out there on a full-time basis. The grants is supposed to be used to support the student’s offline or online education plans.

So if you too have been home schooled so far and want to pursue an offline or online university program, you should start writing your essay right now.

Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Students applying for the Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs scholarship will be evaluated based on their ability to demonstrate previous success, potential, strong academic record and involvement in extracurricular activities.

The foundation awards $3,000 for the first prize, $2,000 for the second and $1,000 for the third. Students need to be a high-school senior or a current undergraduate attending an accredited offline or online university.

Students need to demonstrate a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.

Michigan Home School Scholarship

The Ave Maria University awards scholarships for (previously) home schooled students. Applicants must be considering to apply for one of the offline or online degrees out there in order to be eligible to receive up to $7,000 per year.

In order to apply, you need to be a resident of the state of Michigan and Catholic. You can apply for the Michigan Home School scholarship until April 1, 2017.

As you can see even if you have been homeschooled until now, you still have a fairly good shot of getting your hands on one of the many scholarships available for students from this category. You don’t have to look far, we’ve just suggested four options you can take into consideration. All providers are third-party organizations looking to support homeschooled children.

  1. I leave in Zambia working for Zambia.police service the challenge I have is financial since I have a big family my salary can\’t manage.
    Am a student at ESAMI this institution is based in Tanzania where it\’s Headquarters. The programme am under taking is in transport and economics programme duration Two years because of money constres this is now to four years the whole programme is $9,900 I have only manage to pay $3000 I can not just stop I have have already made a commitment and I need to get the best in life.
    if you happen to respond to this massage in a positive way I will avail u with all needed information about the school.
    I wish my request will be responded positively.
    Yours Andison Ngandu

  2. hi,
    I am lobé kondo ghislain sylvestre i would like you to grant me a scholarship to study in computer science and marketing.

  3. I am from Malawi. I am desperately in need of a bachelor degree in law. I will be comfortable to persue this course on any given country and to abide by all given regulations. Looking forward to your email under consideration.

  4. To study at home is A very good thing and also advantageous bcz 1 it also reduce the expenditure so that iI can save for the future students.

  5. Hallo!Am Rukundo Nyamafindo from kakuma refugee camp which is located in Kenya.Am interested with the scholarship so that I may persue my dream. Thank you.

  6. i want to get an opportunity of scholarship because i want to make my knowledge more international and valuable.and also i want to adupt the knowledge of international schools

  7. i neeed the scholarship opportunity cause i want to make my knowledge more international&in high level and also so valuable.

  8. I pursue a certificate in Electronics engineering but I couldcouldn\’t continue due to lack of financial Aids.
    Please I kindly request you if can consider with enthusiasm. God bless all of you. Thanks

  9. I\’m Prince Boateng and l opposed certificate in pharmacy assistant. I won\’t get to another level. I like education. Please help me to further in pharmacy degree. God bless you all. Thanks

  10. I pursue a bachelors in wildlife health and am interested in conservation, would love to push it to a greater level

  11. heloz thea r u really going to give us these scholarships or yo just messing with our minds
    i applied for a library and information science scholarship but its a month now but no response but only adverts on my email……….

    just tell us wether wea its fake en no
    btw am at makerere persuing a bachelors degree in library and information science pliz respond to us//////////

  12. some important points from your comments

    some essay on Thomas Jackson Stonwell
    Born 1824 to 1863
    Beginning rank. Colonel Virginia volunteer
    Highest Rank Achieved. Lie tenant General, CSA .He is a Military Legend.
    Who devote Christian of a believed predestination.

    Stonewall Jackson\\’s Life
    He was born midnight of Jan. 20 to 21 1824. in a small house in the heart of clarkburg Virginia. now west Virginia. Lost his father then left his family at the age of two . His widowed wife julia Naele Jackson remarried four years later with difficulty of the new husband to support she and the children.

    Thomas Stonewell Jackson was sent to his uncle who operate a sawmill not far from his birthplace.Thomas found a home with his uncle.
    Thomas lived a self reliance life.In 1842, At age 18, he became Constable of lewis county for appointment to the West point military academy.Lieutenant Jackson at west point of Mexican war.At west point on his graduation in 1846, then later sent to Mexican war as a second lieutenant in the 3rd artillery regiment. was twice brevetted for his actions in the war.

    Thomas Jackson the Calvinist
    Jackson developed a deep In Christian religion. This believe in predestination led Jackson to the believe that united states was created by Gods will and plan.

    Jackson\’s view on slavery
    In 1855, He served in the Church for the predependent of slavery for the African American.

    Jackson went to civil war
    General Thomas Jackson first Battle in July 2, 1861. Now a Brigadier General Commanding in the brigade Commander in the Shenandoah valley.General Thomas Jackson earn the nick name stonewall in July 21 on the war front because of his combatant attitude.

    Jackson promoted to Major General. He so defend Richmond. Jackson promoted to Lieutenant General at the war front. Then Jackson got remarried to Anna. At Chancellorsville Stonewall Jackson got shot by a friendly fire.

    The Death of Stonewell
    He had been a man of many contrast. A rigid disciplinarian with both himself and those around him. Till today Stonewell is held in high regard around the world for his Military maneuvers attainment
    thank you

  13. Hie.. I\’ve been trying my luck to find scholarship.. I am based in Malawi but I want to be a residential student. Not online study. I aspire for masters program so please help me with the mode of application and if am eligible. Thank you

  14. can you please offer me the opportunity to study in college please. I\’ve been posting on your Facebook page but still nothing help

  15. I am request could you send me methods applying, am so interested Urban management program , I want to be the best mayor in the world.

  16. Hello. I have been offered a place at the university of Buckingham. To study law. is there a scholarship for students like me?

  17. mine is the request could you send me methods o applying, requirement and due dates of scholarships not for get programs offered

  18. It would be my pleasure that I am qualified for the grant for which lam applying for as far it is pertinent to education. I hope to work very hard to get the best GPA in so far as we have applied for the grant.

  19. Essay on General Thomas Jackson Stonwell

    Born 1824 to 1863
    Beginning rank. Colonel Virginia volunteer
    Highest Rank Achieved. Lietenant General, CSA

    He is a Military Legend.
    Who devote Christian of a believed predestination.

    Stonewall Jackson\’s Life
    He was born midnight of jan. 20 to 21 1824. in a small house in the heart of clarkburg Virginia. now west Virginia. Lost his father then left his family at the age of two . His widowed wife julia Naele Jackson remarried four years later with difficulty of the new husband to support she and the children.

    Thomas Stonewell Jackson was sent to his uncle who operate a sawmill not far from his birthplace.
    Thomas found a home with his uncle.
    Thomas lived a self reliance life.

    In 1842, At age 18, he became Constable of lewis county for appointment to the West point military academy.
    Lieutenant Jackson at west point of Mexican war.

    At westpoint on his gradution in 1846, then later sent to Mexican war as a second lieutenant in the 3rd artillaty regiment. was twice breveted for his actions in the war.

    Thomas Jackson the Calvinist
    Jackson developed a deep In Christian religion. This beleive in predestination led Jackson to the belive that united states was created by Gods will and plan.

    Jacksons view on slavery
    In 1855, He served in the Church for the predependent of slavery for the African American.

    Jackson went to civil war
    General Thomas Jackson first Battle in July 2, 1861. Now a Brigadier General Commanding in the brigade Commander in the Shenandoah valley.

    General Thomas Jackson earn the nick name stonewell in July 21 on the warfront because of his combatant attitude.

    Jackson promoted to Major General
    He so defend Richmond.

    Jackson promoted to Lieutenant General at the warfront.

    Then Jackson got remarried to Anna.

    At Chancellorsville Stonewall Jackson got shot by a friendly fire.

    The Death of Stonewell
    He had been a man of many contrast.
    A rigid disciplinarian with both himself and those around him.
    Till today Stonewell is held in high regard around the world for his Military maneuvers attainments.

    Essay By.
    Michael Tope Olanipekun

  20. Please is my prayers that you give me this scholarship, so that I will become somebody in future. Counting on your usual operations.

  21. Its a golden opportunity that I can\\’t afford to miss given the chance.I intend to persu master of education(curriculum study). Hope u had been waiting for me thanks be blessed.

  22. If given this this scholarship, I believe my life would become that life I always wanted and dreamt of. I would really work hard to be able to offer scholarships to other students in future .

  23. Its a golden opportunity that I can\’t afford to miss given the chance.I intend to persu master of education(curriculum study). Hope u had been waiting for me thanks be blessed


  25. Hii am nickson am from tanzania thanks for this post i would like to be the choosen one for this scholarship i promice i wont let you down.thanks

  26. am Jonathan very interested on your scholarship, to enable me to study in your country if my request is granted i will be greatful and from Nigeria..

  27. I am Ngasa B. Ng\’humbu from Tanzania and I am Tanzanian by nationality. I want a scholarship to pursue a masters degree of science in Tanzania at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. I am asking for this scholarship due to very bad financial situation facing me as well as family.

    Please contact me through
    e-mail address :- bngasa@yahoo.com

  28. Am in need with this please if you may help me to study farther i promise to never let you down or dissapoint you in any way

  29. i really need this scholarship,i will be very much grateful if you give me this scholarship in your great institution

    tank you

  30. I am Akinola Akinwale, I am currently
    an undergraduate in Abafemi Awolowo University(OAU), ile-ife, Nigeria. I want to study abroad, having seen my ability and disability…I wish I get the opportunity… thanks

    my email address is: Akinolaakinwalemoses@gmail.com

  31. dear sir/madam
    good afternoon i want to tell you that i have defended my professional bachelors degree in human resource management in CITEC and i am graduating on the 9th December 2017 and i want to study in University of Salford.

  32. I\’ll let\’s to be part of this online degree program,If accepted? This is my dreams to study online and advanced my education sojourned.

  33. I am very happy with the grand, my name is Sheriff Gaye my only problem is I don\’t understand what to do so that I can be part of you always

  34. hi am ephrem tadesse from ethiopia i have BA in business managment Am happy to get this chance pls help me in any filed of study in course related to my department

  35. Dear
    I would like to get free scholarship from your offer so I am from Ethiopia and I graduated from one of the universities of the country and my GPA is 3.37 and i am an accountant sincerely thanks

  36. i am from ethiopia ,i have bsc in chemical engineering if you help me, i went to upgrade my educational level (Msc in chemical engineering(process engineering) or related filled )

  37. Good evening am applying from Ghana and I want a scholarship to further my education in communication studies am working on a diploma now Thank you

  38. I am undergraduate student of Tanzania, currently I have enrolled In Master degree of Tourism Planning Management in Open university of Tanzania. I really need support for my Sturdy, I have already postponed once but I need to fulfill my dream, my tuition fee and other expenses not more then $4000, would you help me to accomplish my goal?

  39. I\\’m undergraduate student from somalia…
    Now I want to study for free
    I need scholarship
    Plzzz help me in this regar

  40. I am an undergraduate from Ghana. Please I want a scholarship to study abroad because my parents cannot afford my fees for the University so please help me achieve my dream. Thank you

  41. I am undergraduate from Ghana , I need scholarship to study, because I cannot afford my fees now.I am in level 200 study Bsc Administration option accounting, I need help to my dream comes to past.

  42. I\’m undergraduate student from Pakistan…
    Now I want to study for free…. I need scholarship…. We have been internally displaced for many years due to militancy….
    Our educational institutions has been destroyed….
    Plzzz help me in this regard….
    I\’ll be highly thankful to u for this kindness….

  43. I am a Ugandan by nationality certificate holder in business administration, I am seeking for scholarship to join gulu University

  44. I am a Malawian. Currently work with the ministry of health as a leprosy worker. I am looking for someone to assist me with sponsorship so I can study abroad in either social work or project management studies.

    I have the Malawi school certificate of education and a certificate in leprosy control management.

    please do assist me with scholarships.


  45. Hello i am Ephrain B Gardour a liberian from montserrado county seeking scholarship in your honorable office and i am a high school graduate

  46. Hello.
    I am Awa from Gambia attended nusrat senior secondary school a grade 12 graduate currently studying gender and development at (M.D.I )Management Development Institute.now I will like to study from you institution if you assist me with the scholarship fund to help my country to develop for feature generation

  47. Hello.
    I\’m joshua from Kenya currently pursuing a degree in criminology and security studies. may I know the procedures for the the application..
    kindly reply

  48. I m Aliemam from Bangladesh I completed bachelor\’s from Bangladesh and diploma from Malaysia now I wanna like to continue my Master program from ur institution

  49. Dear Sir/ma,
    My name is Bolanle from Nigeria. Am an undergraduate studying Microbiology. My current GPA is 3.48.
    I would like to apply for the scholarship, please do tell me the procedure to follow. Thanks.

  50. Dear sir/madam,
    I\’m a Ugandan in northern region. Married,a palliative care specialist with clinical Diploma.
    Now have been admitted for a course of Bsc in palliative care at Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa for the year 2017/2018, but due to financial lack i did not report. My place is secured for next year 2018/2019 if i get school fees.
    Assist me with scholarship for this course, worth US dollar 2400 per year.
    For more information i kindly refer you to the Academic registrar of the above institute.
    Your faithfully,
    Okot Charles Methodious

  51. Hi Sir/Madam,
    My name is Ibrahim Mosto Conteh and I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality and I have been offered a conditional admission at SFCC Spokane for Summer Quarter 2018 to pursue a BSc course in Prosthetics and Orthotics which is my intended program of study. The college will offer me full admission upon presentation of a sufficient financial support and for this reason therefore I shall be most grateful if could extend your humanitarian gesture and offer me financial support so that I will be able to pursue this course and upon my return be able to better serve my people in Sierra Leone whose great disabling population is in dire need of effective and functional prosthetics and orthotics devices
    Thanks and hope that my application is taken into consideration and your cooperation is highly solicited
    Yours faithfully,
    Ibrahim Mosto Conteh

  52. C/O Chancy C. Mkandawire
    Chancellor College
    Faculty of Science, (MSc Water Resources)
    P.O. Box 280, Zomba, Malawi
    Cell: 0884169116/ 0995487555
    Email: chancyt6@gmail.com

    My name is Chancy Chakwananga Mkandawiare and a bonafide citizen of Malawi who originates from Biti village by Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district (see the attached copy of Citizen Identification Card). Actually, I write this letter to humbly request for financial assistance to pay for tuition fees amounting to US$3000 per annum at Chancellor College so that I may pursue further studies in Master of Science in Water Resources Modelling and Governance. The programme commenced on 7th August, 2017 and covers a study period for 24 calendar months (2 years) as reflected on the attached admission letter. Based on the aforementioned tuition fees, it is calculated that we suppose to pay US$250 per month. In the meantime, I am financially stranded such that there is no any pillar that I can hold. This request comes in against the background that my aunt, Onifa Mkandawire passed on last month on 15 July, 2017 who promised me that she is going to support me on my studies.

    I consider myself to be a good candidate for scholarship because I am young, energetic, hardworking, visionary, and motivated person who believes that I can do something for the benefit of my country, Malawi to whom I am working for as a Secondary School Teacher. Presently, I am teaching at Rumphi Secondary School and I monthly earn K144, 000. This money is used for household needs, rent, utilities and school fees. I pay school fees for my kid at nursery school, my wife (form 3) and three orphan children (form 1, 2, 3 respectively) who are at secondary school. As such, my salary is not enough to carter for my studies as well.

    I am committed to pursue this programme because I would like to partake in addressing water resource issues and problems in our country such as natural scarcity of drinking water in certain areas, floods, drought and water pollution. According to the latest UNICEF report, it states that water-borne diarrheal diseases are the second biggest killer of children under 5 years in Malawi. In addition, approximately 80% of all illnesses in Malawi are caused by poor water and sanitation conditions. In view of all these water related problems, many Malawians need to be trained but the problem is finance. Thus, once I am awarded a scholarship, I will not let millions of people suffer due to water resource issues and problems.

    I would be so appreciative and grateful for the scholarship award.

    Yours faithfully
    Chancy Chakwananga Mkandawire

  53. Buduburam Refugee Camp

    P.O. Box OH 324


    Accra, Ghana

    September10, 2017

    Dear Sir/Madam:


    I wish to apply for Scholarship/Financial Aid at your honorable institution.

    I am a Liberian. Meanwhile, I have migrated to Ghana seeking Scholarship/Financial aid to further my education at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where I have gained admission to study MSC-Economics.

    I do not have anybody to support me. Therefore, I am humbly appealing to you to assist me further my education.

    Thank you.

    yours faithfully,

    Christopher W. Menyongar

    Tel: 0560285746/0245770182

  54. Hi am Abdul-jalil.Final year student offering bsc.accounting in ghana.I hope to get schoolarship for my masters programme

  55. Thanks for the opportunity.I am Ei Phyu Win from Myanmar.I got a degree from Agricultural Biotechnology.I hope from your contact and to attend the Master degree.

  56. Thanks for the opportunity.Im Mohamed Mohamedain from Sudan
    I got a degree in Business Administration
    Hopefully I get assistance from you to do my masters degree (MBA)

  57. I have GPA of 2.95 and would like to study herbal medicine, I am from Ghana and would be very much greatful if you assist me with your schorlarship.

  58. I am doing grade 12,next year I want to go to university but my family don\’t have money to pay university fees,so getting assistance from you is my last hope,thank you.

  59. My name is Stephen i have been trying to get important link where i can be directed to register and provide relevant information.I would be grateful if I can get assistance,thank you.

  60. I am Eric kipkemoi a Kenyan and would like to get this scholarship to study abroad currently taking biomedical degree at Egeton university,,,how will reach you and finish registration…

  61. My name is Emmanuel,I am a Nigerian and i have been seeing lots of ads on granst and scholarship programmes but i have not really seen important link where i can be directed to register and provide relevant information.I would be grateful if I can get assistance,thank you.

  62. Yes I\’m eligible for scholarship, to my imagination, this is the third responce,as I informed that I am doing my home study of psychology with UNISA, and willing to continue further

  63. hello, it\’s my pleasure to be part of you, I will be glad if you can consider my request, it\’s been long I have been trying this. Am oladeji tobi,from Nigeria..

  64. I have been seeing so many email that I have been granted a scholarship but I hardly see the page in which I can complete the registration.
    am so confuse right now , I don\’t know welder it is real or not

  65. I am Caroline, Ugandan by nationality and requesting for scholarship for my studies at Makerere University. I shall be grateful if considered.

  66. Am Malawian.. I would really like to study abroad. To help my little ones and also to meet and associate with new people which means new ideas from new minds. Thank you.

  67. My names are Michael Chileshe Mulenga, from zambia, would love to apply for a scholarship to study abroad for good reasons so that in future I may help others as well. Hope to here from you soon, I\’ll highly appreciate

  68. I\’m a Tanzanian i would like to study abroad for the betterment of my future….and people around me please help me… hope to here from you soon

  69. Thanks for the above post. I am an international student seeking scholarship for masters studies. I am a Kenyan student… Please guide..

  70. Am ZIEM BEYUORE my dream is to further my education in aboard. Please am ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING HND HOLDER and wish for scholarship for offline and fully time for degree . Am with a CGPA 3.93 am much interested in Mathematics and science or Electrical. I hope I would get the 2018/2019 admission.

  71. I am Blessing Arhieri, graduated from microbiology with a CGPA of 3.16 from the university of calabar, cross river state, Nigeria and would love to further my studies in Medicine and surgery. Please I will be grateful if my petition is responded to. Thanks alot.

  72. i have 3.02 AGPA and u would like to learn master degree in forestry and other related fields so if will get the chance i would like to joine your school of scholarship


  74. I am Olalekan from Nigeria. I had diploma in occupational therapy. Please I need scholarship to pursue my bachelor and master degrees.

  75. I am from Cameroon . I am a holder of a bachelor degree in Accounting and I really wish to obtain this scholarship so to help me further my studies .

  76. hello dear, I\’m Sisay from Ethiopia. I seek scholarship for PhD in nutrition. Would you like help me.
    best regards

  77. Please I really need this scolarship to further my education I\’m in an engineering school petroleum department

  78. Hello am Harris Z, Alpha from Liberia, i scholarship to further my study, am a graduate of the Booker Washington Institute,did Architectural Drafting seeking for a scholarship to become a Architect.

  79. My name is Abdul am from Nigeria and I love to study abroad an i don\’t have the money to pay for the school fees so please i ur help

  80. I\’m a Nigerian leave in Nigeria and has a special child whom is challenged with Autism and needs scholarship to study abroad

  81. I have found school in Italy i need the scholarship suitable please help. I am an African Lesotho doing Agribusiness Management

  82. My name is Abdullahi Abdirahman Hasaan
    I live in somalia country
    I finished in high school
    I need free education since i do not have the facilities of education
    I am apoor person
    I request to university
    Please give me free education thanks

  83. Hi! My name is Naol, I lived in Ethiopia . I am grade 12 student and i really want to study computer science program in campus . So as I know in my country there is no good teaching as another\’s European and western campus and my wish is learning by scholarship and diverting my country teaching method technique. please HELP ME. Thank you for all things.

  84. I\’m from Cameroon, a state Registered Nurse,I\’m in search of Scholarship and will be happy more than a million ways if such opportunity is offered me to go in for my Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Preferably love offline studies.

  85. I am from Pakistan and I am also looking for an undergraduate scholarship plz help me

    Best regards

  86. I am looking for a scholarship in bachelor of business Accounting administration please help me. I don\\’t have any support yet since I graduated. if you can i need you help?

  87. Just what i know is i told you so many times but you didn\’t understand me ? Yes i want but how i can ?

  88. Am interested in this and I m from LIBERIA how can I apply for this?
    I just got out of high school and wishing to study abroad but I don\’t have any support yet since I graduated.

  89. I am looking for a scholarship in bachelor of business administration please help me waiting to hear from you soon

  90. It\’s really good to to be informed as much as it is and I really want to be part of the scholars thanks.

  91. Hi, I\’m a Nigerian, I\’m currently studying engineering in a University in my country, but the standard of education compared to foreign countries is quiet low over here, I\’d be glad if am enrolled in one of your scholarship programmes to acquire higher standards. Thank you.

  92. I really love to go back to school and continue with my education but I don\’t have the finance to so I will love apply for thus scholarship so to continue my studies abs cash up my dream of being a financial manager some day

  93. Hi am from Ethiopia i have bachelor degree by IT so,studies in a Master’s program in computer science or software engineering or any related course please if u can help me.

  94. My name is Lawrence Musisinyani, am a young person aged 22. I am looking for the help, may you kindly help if possible.

  95. Hello,Im looking for scholarship…and I graduated in Civil engineering at Addis Ababa university.if you can please help me to get scholarship for my masters degree.I want to help others with my developed knowledge.

  96. Hi Mr David,
    i want to study on sports and early childhood development how should i go about it and i want to do i offline.

  97. Thanks for this opportunity, I\’m from Tanzania ,I need help of getting a scholarship of studying master in critical care in Canada, so please consider me.

  98. am in Kenya and am told that i have been chosen to attend your school,what are the basic requirements and where will be the venue of the training?

  99. i want to study diploma in mrdical laboratory technology . can i get helped with a scholarship please?

  100. Please, I am looking for a full funded scholarship to do my post graduate in special needs education at any University in any country outside Malawi. I am a bachelor degree of education in Special education holder, please if possible help.

  101. Dear Sir,
    Am Sri Lankan I required to complete the degree in Sri Lanka, Am I qualify to the program,
    Your response highly appreciated
    Thanking you

  102. i would like to apply for a schoolarship can yu help me with the procedure and i would like if i can get offline schoolarship

  103. Am from Liberia .
    I need a scholarship to study science course,Biology undergraduate program abroad please

  104. Am looking for a scholarship to study Masters degree. I already have a bachelor\’s degree in Anatomy.
    Help me please.

  105. Hi
    I am Robert koech from Kenya and interested at Lee-Jackson foundation scholarship to study Pilot training (PPL) at Ninety nines flying school, Wilson airport, Nairobi.
    The scholarship will assist me complete ground school and complete full time hrs for ppl,
    I will appreciate if you will consider my application.
    Show me how to apply and fill the form please.
    Thank you
    Rgds Robert Koech.

  106. Please, I am a Ghanaian student offering master\’s degree in chemical engineering from an online university- Atlantic international university.
    I want to know if there are other offers.

  107. I have been admitted at Botho university Lesotho and I have a major problem with sponsorship and I want to know how can you help me

  108. I want to study abord recently I have cleared msc degree in mathematics.i study farther so it is my poor request from you,give me apportunaty for scholarship

  109. Hi…!!!..Greeting you!!! I was send my willingness, or preferable so many times, but my chance is not achieved up to now? what shall I do????….., Can you help me? If you can pleas help me.

  110. Hello I am Milaru Tom from Papua New Guinea, a country in the South Pacific located in the northern part of Australia. Am I qualified for your funding.

  111. I will like to pursue nursing or biomedical science for undergraduates degree. So look for help.

  112. Thanks David for the information you provided.But for the offlines of onlines scholarships that you provided informtion on do not have any contact points or emails to submit your essay to. Furthermore, there are no guides to the infomation or essay that one ought to write on.


  113. I\’m Deo Chilambo from songea Tanzania I need help I want to study Masters in any field of chemistry but I don’t have money

  114. I\’m Deo Chilambo from songea Tanzania I need help I want to study Masters in any field of chemistry but I don\’t have money

  115. I am from Ethiopia and my parent\’s are poor can\’t pay for me I have diploma in nurse and salary is small so please help me to join that scholarship thanks

  116. My name is mohamud mohamed from Africa, Somalia i would like to benefit this great opportunity if i am offered

  117. My name is Abrham Getachew i am Second year Mechanical and Industrial Engineering student in Ethiopia and i wish to get scholarship opportunity ,so,could you help me please ;
    mobile no +251910117574
    E-mail Abrhamgetachew764@gmail.com


    AGAPEWO MINISTRY UGANDA is a community based non-government charity ministry that was founded in 2004 in the district of Jinja in eastern Uganda by a group of concerned citizens with a strong desire to; empower communities, strengthen capacity of member organizations/ministries in support of their development investments, provision of entrepreneurship skills, promote literacy programs in improving health care, disease control, poverty reduction and to advocate for Gender equality. In 2006, a program of fighting HIV/AIDS and its after effects was developed by the members of Agapewo Ministry Uganda to add on the initiatives of the government and other organizations/ministries in the fight against the killer disease. Agapewo Ministry Uganda since its inception has exerted its efforts on the fight against HIV/AIDS using a behavioral change process amidst meager resources and a lot of success has been achieved although not as expected due to limited resources. Agapewo ministry Uganda intends to contribute to enabling this vulnerable group to safeguard their own health and the natural resources on which the livelihoods of their communities depend using a behavioral change process.


    VISION: A society that is wealthy, healthy and successful.

    MISSION: To enhance community’s initiatives on development and prevention of HIV/AIDS and AGAPEWO MINISTRY UGANDA exist to undertake actions for community sustainable development, promoting information about child rights, child abuse and neglect through mobilization and sensitization, policy advocacy and capacity building, education and health support. Working with members and communities for a sustained impact.

    GOAL: To serve as a center for information sharing, empowering of children, youths and women in participation in developmental programs and against HIV/AIDS and in the ministry of God.


    1. Education and Training

    2. Housing and Construction

    3. Agriculture and Production

    4. Health and Livelihoods

    5. HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

    6. Legal Advocacy

    Below are our projects proposed by Agapewo Ministry Uganda

    1. Support to learners at primary, secondary and tertiary levels including skills development amongst ordinary level and advanced level leavers and school drop outs including knitting, tailoring, weaving and paper bag making.

    2. Organizing of workshops and seminars in community development and capacity building.

    3. Construction of decent (simple) houses for the orphans, widows and the elderly.

    4. Construction and renovation of safe and clean water sources in rural communities.

    5. Rearing of animals including cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, chicken, turkeys among others.

    6. Growing of crops including maize, beans, soya beans, cassava, bananas, okra, potatoes, sunflower, cabbages, rice, coffee, cotton and others.

    7. Provision of basic support to HIV+ clients, the elderly and the needy.

    8. Protection and conservation of biodiversity and Eco-systems.


    Promotion of primary health care amongst our members and the communities served by the ministry.

    10. Protection of children’s rights, women’s rights and rights of minorities in all aspects of life, equality and development.

    11. Implementation of community blood testing campaigns, counseling and care services among other services.

    Hoping for a positive response from your office.

    Thank you.





    Mobile: +256753091317

    Office: +.256752105307

    Jinja, Uganda.

    p.o box 5342 jinja u


  119. My names are mutsotso teresa am pursuing diploma in business and ict at Institute of Advanced Technology mombasa branch I would like to get your help so as to advance my career by doing degree of the same.Your response will be highly appreciated

  120. Hi! I am seeking Scholarship for postgrad level and the I am enthusiastic to do courses that revolved around areas of Archives Management and Digitization, Information Management, Digitizing of Libraries and Records or information specialist.

    Should there be any scholarship for these courses please your assistance is very much appreciated.


  121. Please will really like to gain a scholarship in the college university and don\’t know on what process to achieve in the scholarship program …Thanks and waiting on your respond??

  122. Hi am Ann Marie ,I really apply for an undergraduate scholarship in Australia.am a sierra leonean and I need your help.

  123. Hi

    Am living in Papua New Guinea, currently studying in on of the Australia\’s colleges that has been established in our country. Am taking up certificate in automotive technology.

    Could you, please assist me with the scholarship so I will able to further my education level through online.


  124. i am looking for scolarship … i am algerian in my first year of medecine …what d i do
    i am waiting for your answer
    best regards

  125. Hey, it is pleasure to study abroad!! please help me to get scholarship for undergraduate degree, I was selected to study at college of business but no financial ability I have even living basic needs.

  126. I am looking for sponsorship for Msc.in Sociology for 2018/2019 academc year. Please can you help me to secure any

  127. Am from Malawi studying diploma in clinical medicine. I wish I could go far ,pliz help me with a scholarship

  128. am doing certificate in early childhood development and education… I am facing financial probs. i need help to continue my studies. thanks

  129. This is actually what I need most, my education has been faced with financial challenges all the way through. However, as I look forward to attaining my masters, its my humble request and utmost plea, that am considered for the scholarship.
    Regards, Martin.

  130. Good afternoon to you all ? This is NEKESA ESTHER from UGANDA , a second year student pursuing my Bachelors Degree in BUSINESS COMPUTING at MAKERERE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL .Well, Iam so humbled , grateful and appreciative for the support that you are granting to the people especially students Worldwide so as to achieve a bright future .However ,I would also love to be part of those to be sponsored by such a great Organization like this one , the mere fact that my parents will not be able to finance me so as to extend my education and also we being very many children in my family, my education hopes keep getting lowered all the time . My course ends in early 2019 ,yet I would love and wish so much to have my MASTERS DEGREE in such countries like United States OF America because I do believe this will greatly build my skills ,knowledge and also enable me to compete favorably in this fast growing WORLD in areas of Accounting,Marketing, Information Technology ,Economics among others.

    I will be very glad if my Education Sponsorship Application finds merit.


    Yours sincerely,




  131. Am so grateful for this opportunity given to youngsters but please how do apply and I wanna know whether any paidment is needed am Carolina from Ghana

  132. I\’m erick akenyan citizen and a student of Catholic university of eastern Africa taking B/ed in my final year _ forth year. But I\’m lucking money to fund my education . kindly I\’m requesting that you may sponsor my education.

  133. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Very sorry for your daily hard works of serving people in different ways.

    My name is Mr Lameck Kulwa. I am aTanzanian found in East Africa, I am Currently student studying a master degree in Official Statistics at Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre located in Dar Es Salaam City in Tanzania since October last year. I am studying under the private sponsorship. I totally failed to meet my education expenses due lack of financial resources from my family which is a poor rural family thus I am struggling for my own.
    I have seen your website that you are helping students at different level so as to achieve their education dreams.

    My tuition and accomodation fees covers USD 5,000 for period of 2 years

    My request to you how can I do to receive educational grants from your excellence organisation.

    I forward my sincere thank to you

  134. Dear sir I am a student of BS Mathematics in Preston University Islamabad.my father is about 71 year old and there is no one to support me and I want to continue my study so kindly grant me scholarship to continue my study
    my contact number is 03159262904

  135. Hi,i am Elias Kiptanui from Kenya taking my bachelors degree in agricultural engineering but interested to do nursing in Australia.if their is any opportunity for a scholarship please inform me

  136. i did my llb from punjab university new campus lahore . now i want to apply on overseas scholarship . if u can give me any apportunity in it

  137. I am somali student i want to scholarship i have hight school certvicate i want to study chemical engineering i will hope to help me

    • Hello,

      Is it you who can apply for a bursary before you gather all the information about a certain scholarship. So, we kindly advise you to check which scholarship suits you best and then apply.

  138. i have a dream of studying abroad but i don’t have means.so i was just wondering if you can give me a help. Undergraduate. Thanks!!!!!!

  139. Hi. this is Zahid from pakistan. i want to do master in educational leadership and managment. but i need full scholarship. can you help me?

  140. dear sir/madam I am a graduate in international relations from one of the universities in Pakistan and wish to continue further my studies presently have a disability and stay at home want to apply for masters degree pl guide me on this how to applyand be mre educated abdul malik islamabad

  141. Am a Ugandan holding adiploma in records management,could you please help me and i get scholarship. am looking forward to hearing from you. thanks

  142. i matriculated in 2015 and I couldn’t continue with my studies because of finance. id like you to help me with scholarship ,thank u

  143. I Roman David from papua new guinea wish to study surveying.with standed 10cert I have more experience in civil surveying bt I cannot afford to pay my own school because i have no money.please can you help me.

  144. I need a scholarship but I don’t know the procedures because I have been told that I am selected but I don’t know what to do next

  145. Hello. Iam just looking for scholarship to make my parents proud! I want to be their favourite daughter and their pride! Help me. Pls.

  146. I prefer Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship to others.Please,help me.I want to study Medicine and Surgery. Thanks.

  147. Hi My names are Israel Apeh.
    I am 28 years, I just got admission for Masters. And the ould like to apply for scholarship,

  148. my name is bemnet i live in africa ethopia . i want to get scholarship in pharmacy .and i am willing to do any kind of work can you help me please?

  149. Hello there.
    I am also looking a scholarship.
    I finished high school but I didn’t get a chance of continuing to university.
    Please help me to get to my dream.
    Best regards and thank you

  150. I am a widow, in need for the scholarship for my son who is to join senior four this year and he is still at home. Please help me with emergency scholarship. Dorothy

  151. It is a good thing Mr. David. My ambition is to study a PhD in Education Management field everywhere in the World. I choose this because is the field I interested with and I done it in my Master studies. Can you assist me to get a funded scholarship about the field?

    • Hello,

      It is possible to apply only if you are home schooled and looking to enroll in an online university to further continue your online education.

  152. Hi!
    Good morning.
    Thanks for send it. I am studying (university of sri jayawardena pura). I understand little bit. If you can support my study.


    • Hello,

      We can not support financially your studies. We can only provide pieces of information that will help you find the best scholarships/ bursary for your needs.

  153. I appreciate your prompt response. .However the conditions underlying the eligibility of the scholarship demands that I am resident in a particular state or applying for online program. Currently I am pursuing a masters degree in Economics in Ghana and need funding for the payment of my second year school fees and that of completing my thesis. Please are there any scholarships that l can apply for?
    Hope to hear a favorable feedback from you.
    Thank you for supporting students to realize their goals.

    Kind Regards

  154. Am Lawrence from Ceroon studied special need education/Braille 2 years I transcrielbe copies of visually impaired students,I really want to continue my education in this field and need a scholarship I really like China.

  155. I am Muhammad fayaz. I have done my M.Phil in physical chemistry from hazara university. I have the need of scholarship for phd. Please give me a scholarship for doctorial studies in physical chemistry.

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, we can not offer you financial aid but, if you are a student and wish to continue your studies, you can talk to your principle to guide you toward the best scholarship for you.

    • Hello,

      Yes, of course, there are plenty of postgraduate scholarships, it is only that you decide on what would you like to study.

  156. I am a Swazi guy, 21 years old, finished school last year and have good results average 88% and i would like to study computer science and administration , how can i apply. I lake fees for tertiary. I want to study locally at Euro Africa in Matsapa Swaziland. How can i get financial support?

  157. I need the scholarship as i will be studying at WSU.how can i apply for this scholarship? is this scholarship responsible for all people who need it or it is for certain countries?

    • Hello,

      If you have questions about whether you qualify for a certain scholarship you have to contact the scholarship sponsor.

  158. am a Zambian 18 years old ,finished my high school last year and have good results, would like to study abroad in accountancy& finance , what steps can I take to apply at the university there. will be grateful.
    Katebe Paul.

  159. Am Ugandan looking for scholarship to do a masters degree in the following areas; masters in reproductive health majoring in maternal child health, masters in nursing education or any related health related masters like public health

  160. I am a guy aged 22 years old and I’m pursuing my primary teachers diploma at workers university college in Swaziland.

    I really need scholarship to cater for my college fees ,because my single parent who is my mother ,can nolonger help me because she lost her job.please help me

  161. Hi my name is Londiwe i passed my matric and am accepted at Pax College for a first semester in Mechenical Engeneering so i do not have money .my parent depend on grant so please can you help me with leanership or scholarship because oreintation it start on 17 febraury. Please contact me 0769909342

  162. am looking for scholarship and I have just finish my SECONDARY level.
    and am looking for college to be enrolled in

  163. Iam a registered nurse and i would love to study medicine please help me with a scholarship,my country Namibia is suffering from a lack of doctors and as a result there is a high incidence of fetal and maternal mortality and HIV&AIDS

    • Hello,

      We can not offer you funds. Our job is to keep you informed about the latest news in the world of scholarships and bursaries.

  164. I would like to be consider for the scholarship. I am a high school graduate from the Apostolic Foundation High School and I am 20 years of age, please be a blessing to my educational journey, that I may serve my country and the world at large. God Bless You


  166. first thanks this Chance am interested this am from developed areas woman so help me my phone number is +251-911-530634 contact as.thanks

  167. dear

    I am studying my post graduate in msc in sustainable energy engineering at bahrdar institute of technology. and I cant afford semester and thesis fee ,please if you can help me I am so happy.

  168. Thanks for the opportunity, I will like to study marketing. Undergratuate am a Cameroonian. Help me get a scholarships

  169. thank you for the privilege you have
    given me.i would like to study civil engineering at your university with
    a full scholarship.

  170. Thank you for the scholarship i would like to diploma in machenics .i will be very highly appreciate if my application will given it sheer.

  171. Thank you for the message
    But I’m A Tanzanian from Africa, I don’t know if I can get that scholarship easily especially for Masters degree in 2017/2018. Also am a Catholic student at St.Augustine University of Tanzania in 3rd year.
    If there is any possibility just inform me,

  172. im interested for a scholarship please help me im just sitting at home with a bachelor I have no money to further my education

  173. Please i will be grateful to be awarded a partial scholarship to pursue a degree in nursing, law, or arts. Am from Ghana a high school gradute seeking this opportunity from this noble organization..
    Thank you

  174. Thanks for that opportunity.
    Me I need a scholarship for masters in economics but I have tried my best and am not getting the feedback, I don’t want online studies but direct lectures.
    Thanks hope hear from you.

  175. Thanks for that opportunity.
    Me I need a scholarship for masters in economics but I have tried my best and am not getting the feedback, I don’t want to study online but direct lectures.

  176. I’ve been looking for scholarships, i really need your help either for full scholarship or partly…… I’ve always wanted to do pharmacy but unfortunately going to private University is the only way out…. Recently drug inspectors arrested my parents for doing a business they had a low qualification on…… I want to help them out through my education and to achieve my dream too….. But all will be well if only well wishers out there like your organization decides to help….. I’m looking forward to positive email… Thank you and God bless you.

  177. i hv commpleted my degree programme in Applaid chemistry wiz a comilative of 3.56.and now searching for a new degree or to continue my masters in z same field.but i have financial obstacles

  178. Salut je suis haitien aidez moi à trouver une bourse pour j’etudier la genie electromecanique seulement en vous que j’ai confiance j’ss povre mais j’ai la volonté pour decrocher un diplôme.en haiti on a pas acces avec l’enternet a une grand pourcentage si c’est par correspondent sevre trop dur pour moi mais j’ai déjà mon pasport mon papier bacc 2 est déjà legalisé je conte sur votre reponse positif merciii

  179. you also accept a filipino people of this scholarship? I am studying of bachelor of science in civil engineering here in the philippines. but the financial of my parents not enough to support my study in the universities. I hope that you can responce my message as soon as possible. thanks and God bless.

  180. Well, this is NEKESA ESTHER, a student at Makerere University offering a Bachelors Degree in Business Computing. Iam so humbled and appreciate for the mere fact that you are supporting several students through Educational sponsorship Worldwide so as to have a bright future, however , i would love to be part of those students but coming from a very big family, hopes of going for my MASTERS DEGREE keep getting lowered all the time because my guardians are unable to finance me.
    For that note, i please do ask for Educational Sponsorship for the extension of my education

  181. I am Andile Mbhele, i need scholership to continue with my studies. I finish my metric on 2016 an i don’t want to stay at home with good result.

  182. I’m Grace a student at University For Development Studies a final year student offering Medical Laboratory Science will be very grateful if u grant me this on opportunity thank you

  183. Im interested in this scholarship and want to apply for degree in Project Management if you have this course available.

  184. Hello there,
    I would like to apply for scholarship but how to get a link here in Zambia Central Africa its quite difficult. It seems your scholarships have a restriction to us people in Africa. Please can you send me some thing that will suit my home country and benefit countries like mine that are side lined.

  185. I have been accepted to study diploma in grader with the NWU,my problem is funding.The registration fee was so high and so I didn’t register.

  186. Please I will like to be given the opportunity to study abroad for it has always been my dream to study engineering to the maximum I can and if possible improve on the world’s technology.

  187. Hello, Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is Tamirat yohannes from Ethiopia. I would be so happy if you give me this opportunityto join and attend the online course in your respected University.But to be honest, I doon’t have the full procedures to follow to admit in the University. please I dont want to miss it by any means. so would you help me?

  188. Hello, Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is Tamirat yohannes from Ethiopia. I would be so happy if you give this opportunity join and attend the online course in you respected University.But to be honest, I doon’t have the full procedures to follow to admit in the University. please i dont want to miss it by any means. so would you help me?

  189. i want tio attend a law school to gain more knowledge about the criminal justice.

    thank you,
    sincerely yours,
    Jorden Torres

  190. Thank you very much for these scholarships updates,almost all the these scholarships u.s based students.But me am from the republic of Zambia in Africa,so i will really appreciate it if i can get a 100% scholarship from you that can accept to sponsor me.thanks once more!!

  191. which school do you provide universities because this time I don’t apply anyhow u applied to this organization called Funding Europe Africa scholarship but just applying he s
    witched off the line after paying k2,750 Zambia

  192. I want to study at school and am in need of full scholarship
    Am an orphan in Botswana I don’t mind signing a contract of working for you after I complete my studies.

    I am sincerely waiting for your positive reply

  193. first of all thanks for replaying my text I want going to developed countries study but if you keep me helping me in my country am grateful I agreed with your opinion because I am an orphan

  194. I am Babar Ali .i am studying a b tech civil technology from Preston university Islamabad Pakistan. I need a scholarship.