The Funza Lushaka Bursary: Become a Teacher in Republic of South Africa

The Funza Lushaka Bursary was created in order to encourage students to embrace a teaching career. The bursary is a national program, implemented by the South African Department of Basic Education and administered by each Higher Education Institution, through their Financial Aid bureau.

The bursary is offered to students at two levels of study: undergraduate (Bachelor of Education) and postgraduate (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). Who can apply for the bursary? Students currently in 12 th grade, graduates who wish to start a postgraduate program in education, professionals who want to pursue a different career, in teaching or adults who are currently unemployed and are interested in becoming teachers. The bursary is dedicated to South African citizens. Students involved in part-time or distance programs are eligible for the bursary, if they meet all the other requirements.

On the other hand, students who already have a teaching qualification are not eligible for the bursary. Candidates with a criminal record or charged of misconduct will not be considered suitable for the bursary.

The applicants must be already accepted at an undergraduate or postgraduate study program which includes two priority subjects. Priority subjects are established for each educational stage. For instance, priority subjects for grades four to nine are Languages, Natural Sciences and Technology and Mathematics.

Funza Lushaka bursary may provide for the tuition fees, accommodation and meals, study materials and, possibly, a modest sum for other expenses. The bursary does not guarantee the full cover of all students’ expenses, and the value of the bursary can differ from university to university. Once obtained, the bursary can be renewed if the students maintain certain standards of academic performance. After graduation, recipients of the Funza Lushaka bursary will be allocated to a public school where they will have to teach for at least the number of years that they have received the bursary.

Applications for the 2018 academic year starts on 1 October 2017. The application process is online, and students and other interested candidates can find out more information directly from the higher education institutions and their Financial Aid offices and also from the bursary website.

  1. my name is slondiwe Ngidi I applied for teaching course at unisa…am looking for a bussary to help me through my studies. I will really appriate it if I get it..thank you in advance.

  2. my name is slondiwe Ngidi I applied for teaching course at unisa…am looking for a bussary to help me through my studies

  3. I would really appreciate to be granted the opportunity, to further my studies through the funza lushaka bursary.always been passionate about being a an educator.

  4. I would really appreciate to be granted the opportunity, to further my studies through the funza lushaka bursary.always been passionate about being a an educator.thank you

  5. Hey I\’m Asavela Tshezi, I would like to be one of your students who learn by one of your busaries.. I want to do Education next year so I would like if you can provide me with this busary my parents are not working so don\’t have money to go to tertiary to fish my studies

    I would like if my application will be successful

  6. I am a poor kenyan will you be able to sponsor me to proceed with my teaching career…am going to be very very grateful if i hear from you.Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi..i obtained my matric 2014 and idid well thru it..so i registered to study bachelor of education(Bed)intermidate and senior to unisa but ifeel so hard to pay for my self bcz iraised by one parent and he is not working anymore

  8. I am Sindile Namba who got National Diploma in Civil Engineering.I am looking forward to do PGCE to be qualified teacher this Bursary can assist me

  9. I kindly request for an assistance in funding,I wanna be a teacher, and I want to improve literate in our nation,May i have a form to fill in my details

  10. I kindly request for an assistance in funding,I wanna be a teacher, and I want to improve literate in our nation

  11. Am Kirui Dennis. A Kenyan.I just began my studies in the University of Kabianga but my studies is crippled due to lack of fees.I would and willing to transfer to any University of your choice upon paying my school fees.I look forward to your positive response.

  12. My name is praise nkuna I\’m a matriculants candidates I want study teaching next year 2018 for a Senior face.my she is not employed were depending on social grants and my father is a security gard. Both will not afford to pay university fees.my brother encourage me to apply funza lushaka bussary for me to achieve my goal

  13. My name is xolile zamanzima zulu, I\’m a ems student at Unisa. I\’m doing my first year. When I finish these certificate I want to do teaching for senior face. My mother is a single parent and she is unemployed. She is a mother of two children, I\’m the oldest .She don\’t afford to pay my fees since the only money we get in a month is a grant for my younger sister I would like fundza to help me reach my goal

  14. I am f Fon Quinta Tifuh froma Cameroon am interested for the bursary as a teacher. I wish to be engaged with the program.

  15. I would like to get this bursary because i wabt to do teaching, getting your feedback will make me happy i matriculated last year.

  16. Kindly am here by to apply for the scholarship because finance for continuing with my education have become a big problem for me please I need your assistance for my better future

    I will really appreciate if you consider me as one of those who are going to get the scholarship

  17. I have apply at Unisa for foundation phase, they didn\’t response to my application and I have paid application fee

  18. Am Christine I need serious help , I want to study next year but I can\’t afford to pay because I have one parent and she is not working she is a hawker . Am looking forward to get your assistance .

  19. my name is nduduzo .i\’m doing grade 12 commas class. I need your help .I want to study next year but my parents can\’t afford to pay for me.

  20. my names are as mentioned Joash Ogoro..am from Kenya…have gone through your posts about the scholarship.. I would love to get one here for my studies complete

  21. Hi,im Nkuriso Baloyi am from Nhombelan village in malamulele town at Limpopo province .I\’m a girl,am 17 years old.I\’m interested in applying this bursary

  22. Dear sir am much interested to pursue the information in technology
    i am a high school graduate ,my name is Marfoa Elizabeth from Ghana, Am 19year old .i would be glade when am considered.Thank you

  23. Dear Sir am interested in doing Information Technology and I have acertificate in Education and by name Wasswa Enoch aged 20yeae from Uganda for I will be greatful when my request is put into consideration thank you

    yours faithfully

  24. what are the admission requirements, I am an undergraduate who is accepted at the University of Pretoria and I need funza Lushaka to help me financially.Please e-mail me those requirements

  25. I am an orphan and how to manage nin the University is not easy, I cannot even pay my fees,offering bachelor of Commerce,University For Development studies ,Ghana!
    I Would be grateful if you can kindly assist me .

  26. I am already a trained high school teacher and have first degree.I am interested in similar program but with a bias to other fields


  27. Hi.Am interested to pursue Bachelor in Education(Techonology and Mathematics).Benson Gichuki from Kenya and am in finacially need.Please consider me.Blessings.

  28. Dear Sir

    Please consider me I am a secondary school teacher with a diploma and a B Com in Business Management.
    Iam a Zimbabwean.

    Yours Faithfully
    Nkosana Mazimuka

  29. Dear Sir
    I apply for consideration ,Iam a business studies secondary school teacher with a diploma in education secondary and a B com in Business Management.I am a Zimbabwean.

    Yours Nklosana Mazimukja

  30. please consider me:ronald abuti oluyanje for the scholarship as am a student at kabarak university pursuing a degree in education arts…i will be gratefull if you consider me

  31. Thanks for the opportunity. I write to apply For a degree bursary I am a Malawian born 1969,holder of businessbusiness management diploma.
    So please consider me.
    Davies Paulos Nga\’mbi

  32. Hello I\’m Luyanda Spayire i passed my matric on 2009 and i never had a chance to study because I didn\’t have money. My mother was a pensioner and she died. I need help to study

  33. I am Ninsiima Carol,undergraduate,i completed senior six in 2015 but i didnt upgrade my studies because my parents faailed to raise my turtion.i am requesting for your support.I am willing to teach enterpreneurship education.

  34. I am a primary headteachers I. Have read your notice and I am interested in. Postgraduate course can. I be encourage. To. Apply. Too Thanks. If possible get the reply very soon. for preparation may Godmighty bless the efforts of. Your hands. Very abundantly

  35. I am Samuel in Zambia and am interested in doing an undergraduate degree program in mathematics.I want to be a teacher of mathematics.I have already applied to some university and I have been accepted.I even have an acceptance letter.I am asking for tuition fees to pay for tuition I cannot pay for myself.

  36. I am having problem to cover the cost for Master of Science in Mathematics at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. The tuition fee, meals and accommodation and Books and stationary is Tzsh. 17,620,000/=. I real in need of this sum for academic year 2017/2018 that will begin on 28th October 2017 and lessons will start on 6th Nov. 2017.
    Please contact me through +255784343738/+255655343738

  37. I\’d be grateful to be given financial assistance beause i really want to be an english and history teacher

  38. am very happy to have the chance and to see the world, the only problem is financial position to cover the cost. am a teacher by professional

  39. I shall b very thankfully to you you pay my tution fees and other expenses.you are great personality God give you a long life to continue to help the student.please give me a grant

  40. Dear sir/madam I am doing my A level and i ll be looking forward for college or university next year .I kindly request your assistance in the payments for my tuition.I ll be glad to hear your response.
    yours faithfully Kimberly S Mlotshwa.

  41. Dear sir/madam I kindly due to lack of money to pay my fees .I am willing to be the change i want to see in the world, but i don\’t have money to see the opportunity.But i have good work experience Now I’m working in the printing and advertising PIC as a deputy manager in handing all printing and advertising work since 2012. Please i need ur help

  42. I am from Ethiopia,and firstly let me thank for offering scholarships to students. This will make country improve much and also uplifts the status of the people in the country and outside country. I am interested in study Development Economics. Thanks much

  43. Dear sir/madam I kindly request of you to consider my application due to lack of money to pay my fees .Im willing to be the change i want to see in the world,that is to set an example that teaching is a career not money opportunity.

  44. Hie everyone my name is Simeleni Khumalo ilike to get this opportunity of funza lishaka bursary because my mother don\’t work she receive sassa grant of two children my father was missing so my mother is the one who support us at home with this sassa grant and she doesn\’t have amoney to send me to university i very very need this opportunity to support my family one day

  45. i would like you to help me by giving me a bursary .My father got money of grant and the is no one in my family who is working.I need your help I\’m in grade 12 , my contact 0725316610

  46. Dear Sir/Mam
    My nam is Nokuphiwa I would like to get this opportunity to do my study. If I want to apply where I\’m going to find a form?

  47. I\’m kgagudi Charles interested in studying teaching ,i passed my matric 2004 and wish to get bursary because I can\’t afford to pay fees

  48. Firstly its so amazing chance like this for students who fights for becoming a teacher, this is a chance that i was WAITING and fighting for the whole of my life so as to get chance of studying and continues with my teacher studies and accomplish my dreams of becoming a teacher because its a job that\’s since am child i like so much,..
    Am hemedi Suleiman hemedi from Tanzania country studying at Butimba teachers college diploma second year, am taking subjects of Mathematics and ICT in education, so i would like to take a degree after i finishing my diploma so i will Thank you if you will think about me..
    Thank you

  49. hi, im kiplangat vincent from kenya and currently pursueing a bachelor of commerce at university of embu,kenya.im facing an acute financial constrainsat the momement.im please to have found this site because im deeply convince and persuaded that you will help me. please guide me on how to apply

  50. Dear Sir,
    I highly appreciate your effort in securing me this opportunity to study further. I am a Liberia clergy and would
    appreciate this aid.

    I am ready to proceed as per your beginning criteria.

  51. I would like to get these opportunity to do my study BT my problem is idont have enough money to study.where I am applying for this basury

  52. Am glad to receive this post. Its so good to read this and apply for it am very grateful. Am looking forward to becomong a professional teacher. Thanks

  53. I request that I become a teacher (lecturer) part-timing in the republic of South Africa.I am already a lecturer of Kyambogo University in Uganda.

  54. I am 51 years and have studied towards a diploma in cost and financial accounting at ml sultan in 1983 to 1985 and a diploma in bookkeeping at university of natal.
    I would like to become a teacher but cannot afford the cost and would like to study part time.
    would I get credits for the subjects I passed cos I would like to be an accounting specialist as I am a bookkeeper at present and have tons of experience.

  55. hello i\’m owner of a gce advanced level in cameroun and i wish to follow my studies in The Funza Lushaka Bursary

  56. why you haven\’t option about information technology,ICT, Information sysem and computer application etc? so is a good to give our opportunites. ok thank you!

  57. Hi my name is Osman. I\’m live in Cambodia but i would like to pursue in bachelor of science[ HIV management]. due to financial problem i was not able to complete my studies.currently am at home doing white collar jobs to accumulate my school fees. I really want to apply for this important bursary. Sir/Madam, am waiting for your consideration.

  58. Hello,I\’m TEBOGO lindi from sekgosese ,to be honest teaching is my dream .So can u assist me with more information about this busary? Please I passed matric last year

  59. Bill N. Gaye is my name. I would appreciate where given the opportunity to further my education. I am currently a junior student reading Secondary Edcation at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University In Liberia, West Africa. My phone #+231775906809/+231880843440

  60. hi, am dennis chacha samson, i would like to pursue in bachelor of science[ HIV management]. due to financial problem i was not able to complete my studies.currently am at home doing white collar jobs to accumulate my school fees. I really want to apply for this important bursary. Sir/Madam, am waiting for your consideration.

  61. I\’m ntombzonke Mkhize I\’m doing matric this year so i want to study for teaching next year where I\’m I going to find form if I want to apply please help I\’m desperately need assistance

  62. Hello I\’m Bahatsi Amina Mary from RWANDA and I\’m a high school completer,i would like a business management scholarship in south africa.Great pressure for your good reply.thanks


  64. My name Morongwa dephney xaba 33 years old , i would like to find out about bursary for teaching. When can i apply,and where.

  65. I\’m mpumelelo @age of 17 i want to be a teacher so that i can make a change to a small children .if I succeed i let them to like to learn and finish school at the early age

  66. i am from Ethiopia which is found in eastern African continent it is under developed country .
    i just hold first degree in Economics in Arba- Minch and candidate of MA in leadership and good governance, Ethiopia. i need for further study that is MA degree program in Developmental economics and PhD International relation. please help me how i can get scholarship. the greatest problem which faced for further study is financial problem considering this please allocate and support me. i am waiting here dear. please help me how can i get scholarship.

  67. I am Vuyokazi Nompandana I would apply for Funza lushaka bt I do not have form.I really wish to be a teacher. Can u please help in order to apply.I had already passed grade 12 and N4 in electrical engineering but now I want to b a teacher

  68. I like to teach. Currently I am a classroom teacher in Liberia. I would like to be granted the opportunity to teach in your country.

  69. Am a Kenyan aged 29, I have an inborn ambition of being a teacher though my dream has been hindered by lack of financial breakthrough. Please help me fulfill my dreams.

  70. I am very poor I wish God can intervene so that I can get the funza lushaka bursary I want to study teaching so that I can help the community especially children at school.

  71. Thank you for the scholarship programs being offered at Funza Lusaka Bursary. Am more than privilege for full scholarship, if it is your really reach out to help those are in need. Espicially, financially down fall but they have the potential to archive in life to full file your visions. Than am available for further information you can call me on my email address richbokera24@gmail.com.
    thanks am, looking forward you.

  72. I would like to apply this bursary because I like to teachteach children at school .I will be great fully if you can include my passion in teaching seeking to become a teacher please.

  73. I am a long distance learner at Unisa doing my Bed on foundation phrase. I have a fees problem and getting the bursary will make my studying to be easy. Please help

  74. I would like to apply this bursary for teaching because I like to teach and assist other children at school,i will be greatfully when you can include my self to represence my passion in teaching im seeking to become a teacher please..

  75. I am a student at Unisa doing my Bed Foundation phase. I have 21 modules. I also registered 4 modules in this semester. I really need help on this bursary. Please help

  76. as per your claim and details regrading the matter, it has been found that your claim of funza lunshaka bursary of students scholarship for acquire teacher education must be knowledge.
    I\’m a teacher that teaches mathematics/physics which I pursue my higher teacher certificate (HTCs) at Njala university Sierra Leone.if your claim might be dream to Sierra Leoneans well let it come true to all us teachers that gives knowledge to our pupils.teachers are very great in schools. funza lunshaka bursary be greater privilege to us teacher in acquiring our Bsc in mathematics/physics because science teacher play great role in schools.
    your regards,

  77. I appreciate the offer but my focused is not education rather Development management. How possible is it for Funza- Bursary to grant me scholarship in this area? I obtained my bachelor in Integrated Development Studies.

  78. I m interested in traveling to a abroad country for my higher studies. But I don\’t have any financial support . my father is a a fisherman and my mother is a house wife and she is paralyzed now. My two brothers are schooling still. Off you can please lend me your hand to do my higher studies in abroad
    Thank you

  79. I come from Uganda and looking for a scholarship for diploma in technical education.Am glad that funza lushaka offers bursary for teachers.For sure i love south Africa its country that made me learn true history.if opportunity is there just give me chance to be there home of my dreams.

  80. I would like to pursue a career in teaching. I already have a Bachelor of Arts degree thus am looking to study PGCE.
    I hope Fundza Lushaka can assist my positive career move.


  81. I\’m Thondo Omakenge age 42 Congolese by nationality.I have a diploma in education and I\’m holding a degree in business administration,I\’m interested with Funza Lushake bursary s choolarship because I needed to continuer my studies for long time but I couldn\’t due to luck of fund, now if I can be sponsored by Funza Lushake bursary this will assist me to fulfill my drea and to bring my contribution for social and economic welfare of people in my country,in African and around the world.I in what Nelson Mandela said and I quote\

  82. hy I\’m Ayanda I\’d like to be the one of your learners please help with this scholarships I promise I let you down I\’ll try my best

  83. I am so glade and happy for such kind of opportunity, and so interested in such Scholarship as well….. It well be great if this organization can consider me. Thank you!!!!!
    Martin Lubari

  84. am augustine thube from kenya.am pursuing bachelor of edudacation at machakos university.am willing to learn but i have a problem with my fee. please help.

  85. I am Elijah Tamugo from Papua New Guinea, I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Science and Geography in Papua New Guinea at the University of Papua New Guinea. I am very much interested in getting this scholarship. Would this be possible for a candidate from Papua New Guinea in the Pacific?

  86. I am glad for this offer but how i wish even those who are doing bachelor of science in library and information science too were being considerd because i am doing that course

  87. I m Bongani i want to study the focullty of law in UJ but i have problem with so i will love to see u help me with a scolarship so that i furthur my education

  88. I\’m Thandeka I lost my parents at an early age so I ends up leave at school I dropped out in grade 11 with a reason so I\’m very interested to have your bursary I want to became an IT

  89. I was accepted to continue my studies at University of Papua New Guinea..Due to financial problems I took withdrew from school.. I believe this is my chance and greatest opportunity to appy for bursary..
    Indeed I want to become a good teacher and teach.

  90. I am nande Penelope jimta I am living with my older brother who looks after 3 kids and the money he pay can not afford to take me further with my studies so that\’s why I apply for bursary to go further with my studies my dream iz to become a teacher coz I like to be around childrens

  91. I lost my parents at an early age and my uncle has been my sponsor but he too is out of job now so I have no way to further my education.I will be more grateful if am awarded.I want to become a journalist

  92. Hi my name is Nompumelelo zuma I have N6 in farming management i am currently doing an in-service training at Umlazi V campus as a student educator in maintenance management and i am also doing practical training which deals with plant and animal production.

    can you please offer me a bursary because i want to do PGCE next year to further my studies.
    you can use the following email address or cell number
    mpumehzumamam@gmail.com or 0728620335

  93. Hello! I m Faustin Rwandan by Nationality, and need your scholarship. I m experienced as teacher in primary and secondary schools .above 8 years.
    I m completed my bachelor\’s degree in Human resource Management and want to continue my Masters study in education with scholarship of Funza Lushaka Bursary. I hope that my application will be considered and God blessing!

  94. Since I heard about this scholarship I thought that since I was born l wanted to become a teacher to lead children to their future so I really need this scholarship

  95. Dear Team Bursary,
    My Name is Shabu Filate saka , I am from Ethiopia. I am a graduate of B.sc degree in PHARMACY from Jimma University with five years of professional experience with different position. please help me secure a scholarship with your organization in 2018

  96. Hai sir.This is vyshnavy.k from guntur. please give help me from the funzalushakabursary.i am in need so please offer me a scholarship.

  97. Dear Team Bursary,
    I am Amos Onhan of PNG, am more than interested in the scholarship offer for a Bachelor degree in medicine. Am a Papua New Guinean, currently in Papua New Guinea with my family all in the community and find it very difficult to continue with my further education due to lack of fee.

    Thank you very much!!!


  98. Hi, My golden wish to receive a scholarship from yous at Bursary scholarships Board funding since really financially handicapped to study Tertiary and overseas to study medical course.

    please help me secure a scholarship with your organization in near future or year after(2018),

  99. Thank you for the message. However i am a Ugandan and already have a Bachelor\’s degree in education so i am a professional teacher. However, if there is an opportunity i would love to do a masters degree in education. Thank you

  100. Matriculated last year and am now on a gap year because am having financial problems. I have this passion of being a teacher am looking forward to get the application form.

  101. Hy, I applied UL for teaching and I didn\’t get respond how can I apply for funza lushaka.I passed matric last year with bachelor. Now I volunteer to teach learners at Nala primary.

  102. Helloo,Am Princess and am very interested of gaining a grant to further my education .thank you for this great opportunity .

  103. Halo, i have a degree now in social science from Uganda. i am finishing my Masters in November. i would love to do a PHD or Another Master worse opportunity comes.i need your advice. i think to me once money is there, the sky is the limit.

  104. I am looking for finance to further my studies from high school level. Can you please assist me to apply for this scholarship.

  105. Hello i would like to congrats for your service,i am indeed for this bursary, but am studying bachelor of science in software engineering. How can you help me?

  106. dear sir/madam
    i am sebuse thebe,i passed my grade 12 with diploma is it possible for me to become a teacher as your bursary offer only teaching.

    kind my regards
    sebuse thebe

  107. Hi, My golden wish to receive a scholarship from yous at Bursary scholarships Board funding since really financially handicapped to study Tertiary and overseas in fields of Teaching psychological courses and being a practioner in Decision Making.

    please help me secure a scholarship with your organisation in near future or year after(2018),

    kind regards,


  108. Hello,
    Its a blessing I revived this invitation in my inbox to apply for a scholarship with Funza Lusaka Bursary after long time struggling to get one, from Solomon Islands, a single mother(widow)mother of 3 kids and currently serving peacekeeping in my country.
    Financially handicapped, cannot expand in studies of psychological, stress and Trauma councillor studies in UK as registered for in November 2017. Please help me attend to that course as I love helping victims and people affected in that human disability mentally.I\’m a practioner in Cognitive thinking and smart thinking as a Trainer(Teacher) and a counsellor at the same time.
    Graduate from Regency college Australia-International English Test with credit pass. Certificate in Human Resources management.

    I wish and needed so much to extend my further studies in psychological science, cognitive and smarting thinking to a degree as a practioner. Please help me find one or consider me for a scholarship .

    I Have certificate as a Teacher/practioner in Decision Making and smart thinking. Wish to study more for psychological studies either in your country or another if you give me a scholarship, I\’m very grateful and thankful for your considerations now or in future at your discretion if I\’m to be offered a scholarship from you. would be very very much happy.

    Note-Please if I cannot get one scholarship from yous,can you arrange another for me in future. Through other means, would be very happy.

    Please send me a Bursary Scholarship application Form that I would fill in to see if I\’m qualify for me sponsorship/scholarship from your funding.

    Kind regards,


  109. Am interested in the scholarship offer for a PhD. Degree in History. I am a Papua New Guinean based currently in Port Moresby with my family all in the camp and find it very difficult to continue with my further education due to lack of Tuition fees.

  110. I\’m Kenyan male age 18 thanks to give the opportunity kindly how can iget scholarship here in Kenya through your institutions I am suppose to report on6to 15 September 2017 masai technical institute I do certificate in electrical engineering no money tell is it possible to assist me? Hope will consider me

  111. With all due of honour and respect I kundly request to be funded by funza lushaka busery to further my studies

  112. hey! my name is Esme Malepe and teaching is one of my dreams.
    can you please get back to me as soon as you see this message.
    I would really appreciate the scholarship.

  113. I willing to accept all of the rules and regulation governing this scholarship program, I wish to have this scholarship in other to complete the dream as a good students because I will never giveup to the end

  114. Hi, I\’m very much in need of the scholarship offer for a postgraduate degree in community development. I\’m Tanzanian man holding Bsc. in applied agricultural extension. But lack of tuition fees makes me unable to pursue the postgraduate degree.

  115. I need to do teaching , specialise in maths through my bursary, , if possible why not pay my funds in south Africa, rather than far from home, or study st unisa

  116. i just want to b a teacher..it has always been my dream..n my passion..i passed my matric in 1995.. n ddnt hv de previledge to go n study…its always been My passion..n my dream..

  117. Hi, Mark Anthony Garcia, I\’m looking for scholarship for Busines and Management , I want to finish my study but i dont have funds . I\’m residing here in the Philippines

  118. Good morning I would like to enquire about what I can do to apply for the scholarship and what do u need month.

  119. Hello ,I am Alemnew from Ethiopia I interested your Scholarship iam BA Degree in Educational Planing and Managment and I would like to Msc Degree in MBA

  120. Hi! I\’m Agisanyang Melodi I stay in kuruman northern cape I really need scholarship because I don\’t have money to pay my tuition fees thank you

  121. Dear i am birhanu tamirat from Ethiopia which is found in eastern Africa under developed country. Just i hold my First degree in veterinary science (DVM). i have great financial problem which faced me challenge. I need further study MSc in veterinary public health, microbiology, veterinary epidemiology and other related course. Please help me i need full scholarship. I was applied last time. Please tell me dear i will mail documents.

    Best regards

    Birhanu tamirat, Ethiopia

  122. I senamile Nkosi from uMkhanyakude
    I passed my matric last year 2016 with bachelor
    I wish to find funza lushaka basary to fulfil my teaching studies because in our days education is my life my bright future

  123. Am greatful for the opportunity which you have showed to us who donot have enough funds to contine with education so because of that, am aiming higher for your bursary and i will be happy if my request is considered

  124. Hellow,i have heard a lot of great news about your bursary.i am a South African citizen who graves to futher her studies (BEd degree in Foundation phase).I will be honoured if i get the bursary.

  125. I\’m interested inthe funza educational bursaries and I will be greatful if given a chance like this My number 0834906176

  126. I\’m Sylvia Ngcobo I\’m interested I like to study but I don\’t have funds I like Nurse / Assistant pharmacy

  127. hello ?i think we are all fine .
    i finished my studies in scientific section, i was first in the class, i very good in mathematics ,i\’d like to ask you a help .
    thank you to the best answer ,we wanna go to give me.
    Remain blessed

  128. Am a south African students and am doing my matric …I wanna be an English Teacher so May I please have form?

  129. Dear,
    Do you also offer scholarship for medical student like Bsc in palliative care

  130. Helloo dear i\’m Goshu Tesfaye from Ethiopia and I want to apply for this scholarship program please contact me with phone number +251917515166 or emal address

  131. am interested in the scholarship offer for a Bachelor degree in Education. Am a Kenyan based currently in Kenya i would wish to further my studies

  132. Truly I would be honored to be part of those who will receive the busrsury ,including the fact that am well interested in teaching

  133. am interested in that bursary am in grade now .I stay in dzwerani ,school is ndaedzo secondary I really need that bursary

  134. Hy everyone; i am interested in Funza Lushaka bursary; i am doing Bachelor of education at unisa and i don\’t have money to fether my qualification.

  135. good morning is it possible for a west African candidate to receive this offer, i am a nigerian currently studying biochemistry in ()Ahmadu bello university zaria am 300 level student .thanks u in anticipation of your reply.

  136. good morning ,though i read the requirement that applicant are expected to be from south africa so i have a little bit question? that is it possible for me to get this offer while i am from west africa nigeria to be specific i am currently 300 level biochemistry student from A.B.U ahmadu bello university zaria ,thanks u in anticipation of your reply..

  137. hello my name is yitayal abebaw from Ethiopia I have graduated public health officer at Kea Med medical university college since 2014 G.C and working at Family guidance association of Ethiopia which is a non governmental organization focusing on sexual and reproductive health of youth and adolescent hence I am interesting to study masters degree in reproductive health so as to get more and more knowledge about it and serve the more vulnerable population but I couldn\’t afford tuition fees so if you are interesting and selecting me I am glad and grateful.

  138. Hi Am Andiswa Kutuka I would like to Receive a bursary application form so that I will archive my goals am Still studying I am a grade 12 learner I apply this bursary for next year to find An opportunity to study hopefully that my comment will be welcome
    Thank you my Contact: 0603109879

  139. Hello am Michael uchebudike from Nigeria i graduate with a bachelor degree in English education and could like to pursue my career in education can I get the bursary form

  140. hello thanks for the mail … am interested in the bursary and ready to carry on if given the opportunity

  141. How marvelous is getting a chance to attend my master degree in education there in your country. You see I will consider myself put as at the top of the world. Give me the chance…..

  142. hello my dear
    i am from Ethiopia which is found in eastern African continent it is under developed country .
    i just hold first degree in veterinary science in Mekell University, Ethiopia. i need for further study that is MSc degree program in microbiology, veterinary epidemiology, veterinary public health and related course. please help me how i can get scholarship. the greatest problem which faced for further study is financial problem considering this please allocate and support me. i am waiting here dear. please help me how can i get scholarship.

  143. hello my dear
    i am from Ethiopia which is found in eastern African continent it is under developed country .
    i held first degree in veterinary science in Mekell University, Ethiopia. i am excellent student with good performance. i need for further study that is MSc degree program please help me how i can get scholarship .
    as you know dear African continent the greatest problem which faced for further study is financial problem considering this please allocate and support me. i am visionary man but financial problem is challenging for me. i am waiting here dear. please help me how can i get scholarship.

  144. hello my dear
    i am from Ethiopia which is found in eastern African continent it is under developed country .
    i will first degree in veterinary science in Mekell University, Ethiopia in this week.. i am excellent student with good performance. i need for further study that is MSc degree program please help me how i can get scholarship .
    as you know dear African continent the greatest problem which faced for further study is financial problem considering this please allocate and support me. i am visionary man but financial problem is challenging for me. i am waiting here dear. please help me how can i get scholarship.

    with best regards

    birhanu tamirat, from Ethiopia

  145. Sorry,I didn\’t know The bursary is dedicated only to South African citizens and students who already have a teaching qualification are not eligible

  146. Hello,
    I am very grateful for the update, but maybe if i may specify, i was admitted to pursue BSc in palliative care in Uganda, that is my need.
    your support will be appreciated.

    Kindly regards.


  147. Halow I am victory I passed my grade 10 with 32 points an I want the bursary to study the undergraduate nursing will I able to get it!

  148. I am Nomasango Nkawana fron flagstaff am a postgraduate not working am interested in pursuing PGC STUDY with fundza but when I click the link to apply online the link doesn\’t go through so that I can be able to apply, I would be very grateful if my application can be taken to consideration

  149. Hellow my name is silvia jendia james lado am 24 years from south sudan current living in uganda i was studying
    diploma in civil engineering but due to tuition problems i droped out i reaily need your help and bursary form thanks

  150. hi i am manish shah i completed master degree in chemistry and if i want to study doctrate in chemistry if i get good accomodation with free schlorship

  151. Good day I would like to ask yourl that\’s I\’ve got a brother who really pass well and I would like to get him a bursary but he don\’t have an email. How can we do it

  152. hi i am abiyu from ethiopia i have BSC in electrical and computer engineering i want to study masters degree in your country pls

  153. Taubah from Uganda I have a certificate ln education,is it possible for me to get that bursary and how do I access the application forms?

  154. I am a South African and l am interested in studying teaching because I will love to promote education to the coming generation and build the future of our country. I would like to study further next year after l have done my matrix.

  155. Hi,
    Am Chejuah R. Chea & I reside in Liberia, a tiny country on West Africa. Am interested in the program. How can I get started up?

  156. Hi am samwel Laizer from Tanzania am very interested in teaching I have credit in my secondary education I want to be a teacher but I have no fees

  157. Hi Irene Makwata,
    How are you by the way? I think you are one of the girls who are unmarried, not so? I am interested to know much about your particulars and start communicating. am single, a teacher by proffessional, a sena by tribe a Malawian by nationality and a holder of Bachelars degree of arts in theological studies.

    maybe you can become suprised where did I get your e-mail. Let me tell you that you once applied for Funza Lushaka sponsorship/bursary/scholarship. you want wanted to study nursing there in Kenya. so on net its where I got your e-mail, worry not.

    respond me as soon as you have read this document.
    Peter Zeka

  158. Sir am called Anjehoh Ngia Magdalene it will be a great honor if my application for bursary is granted

  159. I am a grade 12 I am writing this because I need to be supported by ur company financial I looking forward on doing my study\’s at university which is being a graphic design I hope you can be one with me making my life better have a better future thank you

  160. I live here in Burundi ,i finished my studies in scientific section ,i am very good in mathematics, but all my courses i learned in French, i am not strong in English.
    the reason why i look for free full scholarship ,helps me to go where English is taught ,after i speak it fluently ,i will search how i can learn mathematics in English.

    but my beloved, all those i said are so difficult to resolve with myself because i was born in a poor family, i am unemployed (i am waiting at hone thinking about my future)

    Dear friend,my eyes is on you, HELP ME ,i want my dreams come true.
    Thank you to all the best you wish us ,

  161. His I\’m Siyabonga duma from Durban I\’m already have a students number I really need this Bursary please help me

  162. Dear sir/ Madam, i am called kategaya johnson byaruhanga, from uganda i am here by requesting Bursary from you.
    thank you.

  163. Im interested to study postgraduate inEducation certificate i want to become a teacher..my adress mr A L Sinkela p.o.box8011 otjiwarongo Namibia….I will be gratefull if my requist be successesfull.im orphan suffering….


  165. Hello my name is Dimakatso Thabo I would like to apply for a bursary i am doing grade 12,I am a very energetic,responsible person, and a learner who is committed to her studies and future

  166. I am interested in the scholarship offer for a bachelor in education.I live in South Africa, Northern Cape Kimberley and my family is not privileged enough to pay for my further studies. I\’ll be the happiest person if I can get this scholarship because I\’ll be 1 step from achieving my dream.

  167. I\’m interested in the scholarship offer for a bachelor degree in education. I live in South Africa,Kimberley and my family does not have money to provide me to study.If I can get the scholarship I\’ll be very happy because I\’ll be 1 step from achieving my dream.

  168. Hello.I really need this scholarship and I can work hard for it.l will be happy if I get this bursary. Thank you.

  169. Habari. I\’m Mr. Charles, Assistant Lecturer from Tanzania. Is it possible to apply for PhD Scholarship in Funza Lushaka Bursary?

  170. Am Windy,I would like to get a bussary to further my education because I want to obtain a buchelors degree in Education so that one day my dream of becoming a teacher could come true

  171. its only for those who wish to pursue a career in education.
    Because me i did business administration at undergraduate,am i eligible for any post graduate sponsorship in my field of student like business mgt,banking or finance
    thanks okumu john from uganda

  172. Good afternoon I am Khayelihle Mshuqwana and I passed Matric last with a Bachelor Certificate and I would to study Bachelors degree in teaching . please help me apply for this bursary

  173. I am a South African I live rural areas in KwaZulu -Natal .I\’m stuying Bed intermediate and senior phase at UNISA I would like to have FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary. I only left with 11 modules to finish but it\’s difficult because of lacking in tuition fee.

  174. Iam Jillian from Papua New Guinea and am really interest to get these offer and always wish to get a scholarship overseas.

  175. am Anita Dama a Kenyan pursuing Bed arts kiswahili and history at pwa
    ni university in Kenya,currently in year four i am looking for a sponsor to finance my fees so that I can finish up. Am a needy student .

  176. hallo.I\’m a Kenyan citizen. taking a degree in actuarial science. can I get a scholarship or bursary?

  177. Hi my names are Refiloe Manana.I have been asking for a bursary since February. I am still a learner,doing my Grade12 at Kgatsheng Thabiso Secondary.I would like to ask again for the bursary.

  178. I am oculi simon peter degree holder of arts with education (geography/economics) I am interested on doing a masters on education and I am auganda based on pallisa

  179. I don\’t have fund please would you offer me to study in your country, a bachelor in food processing and preserving.

  180. My name is Lumanyu Paul a Tanzanian youth, I have graduated my form six study in 2017.I really want a scholarship from your country to study a bachelor in food processing and preserving. Would I kindly ask if is that possible for me to get that scholarship?

  181. Hello! This is Yihenew from Ethiopia. Your program is great because you will help people who can\’t pay their school tuition, dormitory, food, and other things associated with school. I am one of millions of students who I wanted to learn but I can\’t pay. So I like your programs. I would like to study Hotel and Tourism management, is it available in your scholarship program? Thank you!!

  182. Nonhlanhla pearl jule ,first year student at Sants private higher education ,,I would like to get a busary from funza lushaka

  183. I am interested in ur scholarship to pursue a bachelor\’s degree admin .lm a Zimbabwean holder of diploma in Education

  184. I wish to be selected to participate in the free scholarships program. I obtained my first BA Degree in Liberia, West Africa. A country that just came out of devastated war. God the Almighty will continues to uplift this program in Jesus Name. Amen

  185. My both parents past away and have passed grade in 2015 and currently studying financial management at esayidi yvet college

  186. I am Londeka Mkhize I would like to get the bursary because I want to further with my studies and I can\’t ,because have both patents and I am staying with my grandfather who is pensioner

  187. Good day
    i passed matric last year.I would also like the offer of getting this bursary which will be so much appritiable to me.Thank you

  188. I am interested in this scholaship offer for a bachelor degree in education and I pray each an every blessed day to having these scholaship to build up my career…thank you may god help me…

  189. Am interested in the scholarship offer for a MSc degree in Education. and find it very difficult to continue with my education due to lack of fund.

  190. Good morning. I\’m from Durban, South Africa. I want to study Bachelor of Education and desperately need a bursary or scholarship.

    DATE: 2nd/ 04/ 2012



    Dear Sir,

    I am by names called Nalumansi Sharon born from a single parent who
    passed away when I was 7 years old.
    A attended and finished by A level and I have failed to continue due
    to financial stand, since it was my mother struggling to pay my fees.

    Well, I am looking for somebody who can assist me pay my fees up to
    university level so that I can in future help the needy child like me.

    Currently, I am living a misery life as o am stack without continuing
    with education.

    Hoping for good result sir/ madam.

    Yours faithfully,


  192. I believe that everyone has a dream to accomplish some want to be doctors and some engineering ,but I found teaching as dream . Getting this busary could actually be a great thing that has ever happen to me…I would be honoured to be one of the people who get a chance to be give this busary
    Thank you

  193. send me the application form please a i am from malawi ad i hold a qualification of MSCE (O-level equivalent)

  194. I have been studying civil and building engineering at kyambogo university and I had finished second year of the course study which is for four years .I am not able to continue with the studies because of lack of tuition which is $150 per semester .any help of a grant is highly appreciated

  195. godday my name is Mr Sifiso Emmanuel Nkambule from Carolina Mpumalanga, Gert Sibande Region. I would like to be granted a Fundza Lushaka bursary to become a Maths Literacy, English, CAT, and Business studies, hope you will find me favorable. Cheers!!!

  196. I\’m a student teacher at Sants HIGHER PRIVATE INSTITUTION, I need bursary to finish my course please help.

  197. wow!!..my name is usabyimana Elie from Rwanda I think that this is the helpful university to undergraduate students to give them scholarships.thank you and I will be grateful I am sellected.

  198. Good morning am a matric am interested in pursuing a career in teaching
    May you please send me a bursary application form

  199. Good day I\’m yamkelani madazi I really need to further my studies but I\’m struggling with funds

  200. afternoon;my name is Junior\’ i ddint pass my matric but i am intrested in the bursary.can you please send me the applying forms for the bursary

  201. My name is Chrisante SEMATA,
    Nationality of Rwanda and I live into kigali
    and I have a Bachelor\’s Degree in Economics and I am looking for Masters in Business law or other Relating field. so I Request; can I get that opportunity of scholarship? Thank you

  202. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Awesome! I Heavily acknowledged and appreciated you for thinking of me. I never knew neither thought of you to count on me. Meanwhile, I am a single parent in Liberia, West Africa and, highly interested in becoming a student at your institution provided if you can kindly offer me a free scholarship for an under graduate or up to graduate education in Regional Science/Regional Planning.

    I have a very, very low financial status and seeking assistance for further education.


  203. Hi I\’m Bongiwe Bomvana I live in Eastern Cape in a small town called Molteno I have passed my matric in 2011 and I would like to apply for the bursary

  204. I would take these opportunity to ask Funza to fund me with a loen,m nt working and my parents are not working also.we survive with pansion money.

  205. I am Thmbisile Masote from Pretoria South Africa, i am willing to study further with Funza Lushaka bursary please help me to get the bursary I hope I will get one.

  206. I would like to get this bursary since I can\’t afford anything to complete my studies.my guardian is a domestic worker who earn nothing but only 800rand which help to put something on our tummy

  207. I really like to use the chance you offered And I am more than happy to study in your university and work with u

  208. Im interested in doing teaching im still looking for a space at varsity and i have grade 12 and NCOR (bridging level) to N4 in electrical engineering

  209. Hi i am iterested,i passed my matric last year 2016 with bachelours but i dont have money to further my studies.please help mi,my family cant affort to take mi to further mi studies…i beg u to help mi…i want to become someone tomorrow ant i want to take care of mi family also,to live like other families…please help mi..i am desparate to go to school

  210. Hi my name is Yaile Lerionka taking bachelor of education at Kenyatta university.. I need bursary to pursue it

  211. Hi my name is Lindiwe Ntuli from Orange Farm. I want to study teaching but I don\’t have funds so i would like to apply I\’ll be happy and grateful if I can get a response. Thank you.

  212. I need a scholarship/busery.
    I\’m doing grade 9 this year at Bomeni junior Secondary .
    I need a better education to build my future.I wanna study in Boarding school.

  213. Hello
    To dear sir or Madam,I salute and greet you all with your stuffs members in name of Jesus Chris.
    My is Victor Akech Deng Bol, from South Sudan I have interest to studies there in Bursary for Bachelor\’s Degree for scholarship.

  214. Am Thomson M\’bwana a Malawian by nationality,am applying for scholarship of the bachelors degree in education.

  215. Hello my name is Saif Rahman Siddiqui from Afghanistan I am graduated from school and I want bursary. Iam good In graphic design there for I want to be an international graphic designer please send me the form

  216. Thanks for the opportunity. I am interested and wish to apply for a scholarship. Kindly help me with general information.

    Best regard.

  217. Thank you for the information, am so impressed with you program. Bythen i would like to know if at all individuals or citizens from other countries are allowed to have a trial in application. For instance i personally would like to be one among the member, though am from Tanzania

  218. I\’m sibongiseni NDLOVU the one who is doing B.ed one at dut I\’m really interested on funza lushaka busarie.because I\’m from previously disadvantage family.it will be a great chance to get this busarie.il try to put more effort on my studies so that I can full fill my long term goal to become a teacher.thank u

  219. I like to get schoolarship BT I didn\’t pass matric .can I start with bliging course and after that countinue with my studies u are my last hope I really need to study .the money is also a problem please take me .

  220. I have been working as a caregiver for over fifteen years and i am 44 years now, can i be able to get a bursary

  221. hi good morning! I have lot of problems which cannot dissloved.so please help me to learn Accountancy degree.could you please send me an bursery application.

  222. I am interested in this offer and to aqurie a Bachelor degree in said field.
    I am a Liberian and a single young man who have the passion for teaching but finding it difficult in my country to achieve said goal.

  223. I am from Lesotho and I wish to study bsc education to get a degree,so I wish to apply for the scholarship.

  224. Hi!
    I am Hanif from Pakistan and I have cleared FSc(pre engineering) and now I want to continue my study.
    so I want scholarship. Is it possible? ?

  225. Am very interested in the opportunity for the scholarship,it has come in at a time when I needed it most.
    May I please kindly know how I may get the application details.

  226. I\’m Ncham Remedy Neng from Cameroon. I had a bachelor\’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology two years ago. I\’m a determined and hardworking person but lack the means to realize my dreams. Please, I need a scholarship to further my studies and I know that with your help and support , my dreams will be realized.
    Thank you David for this amazing opportunity that you and your committee have offered me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  227. My sister didn\’t pass her matrix so well but she would like to be a teacher. Am in grade 11 I would like you to send me more information so that I can also come

  228. Hello, my name is kiremere sem from Uganda.
    Am 41 years old from a needy back ground.
    Am one character is always interested in helping people in my community who are always dying of preventable diseases on how to avoid those unnecessary diseases and live long. I usually do this through teaching the community on practicing hygiene.
    I would like to do more than am able to do now but my education is low.
    Am bright at school but am kept out of school because of financial constraints.
    I finished o-level with very good grades.
    I did a certificate in medical laboratory technology and passed highly with a GPA of 4.27.
    My friend gave me your e-mail.
    Am requesting you to sponsor me because I want to do a bachelor degree in public health online but I lack the funds


  229. It\’s been a long time was applied this basariy .I want to be a teacher with BEd

  230. I am mapumba selma currently doing education at the International University of Management in Namibia, but i do not want to proceed to to tuition fund. now i would like to receive a bursary form to fill. I hope to have a brilliant opportunity.
    Thanks…my contact mapumbaselma@gmail.com

  231. My name is jason Mwenya.if you were to give me the chance of been supported by your bursary it would help me and my family as it will remove the heavy crisis currently on us.not only will it help me but also the people giving the bursary as they will not regret on there decision giving the bursary to me.and after that people who will be taught by me will find it so easy to understand as i give all my mind and efforts towards my work.am committed and very knowlegeble.Please i hope my request will be heard.

  232. I am interested in studying teaching and i dont have money to study further so can funza lushaka help with that and i also be glad to that opportunity

  233. hello, i would like to get this scholarship for a Bachelor\’s Degree in Education, am a Ugandan and live in Uganda. i would be grateful if am among the selected ones. Thanks

  234. please i need a bursary in nursing am a ugandan with a certificatein nursing and i want to go back for further studies that is i want a diploma in nursing

  235. Am Frank Obeng from Ghana. I have diploma in accounting(ACCA) and is a chartered accountant from chartered institute of certified tax accountants, Ghana. Am a very brilliant student but from a poor home so the level of education I want to pursue i cannot.
    Please help me pursue this ambition.
    Please I want to know if I qualify for the program and if I qualify, is it for the undergraduate or postgraduate. All my life I want to be a teacher ( lecturer ) but
    no help. Thanks, I know God will use this organization to bless me.

  236. Helo, am Ariaka Adrama Ashiraf from uganda.am looking for a scholarship in Bachelor of Medicine and surgery in any part of the world. i have a diploma in clinical nutrition.thanks my contact: aashiraf88@yahoo.co.uk or +256(0)771869049

  237. Good morning, I am looking for a bursary to achieve my dreams and study Medical Laboratory Science. Can somebody please help me brighten my future and make my dreams come true.

  238. Hi my name is mbuyiseni xulu I pass my matric on the of 2015 with diploma and I would gladly honoured if I may receive a bursary that will help me to go further with my studies since my family cant afford for me to go further with my studies

  239. thank first my name is hasan mahamed yusuf i need engineering scholarship which is master

  240. Hi,I would like to receive a bursary form in order to fill it and be able to get the opportunity of feathering my educational level

  241. Hello,
    Its an opportunity beyond borders. Hope to have such an brilliant opportunity. Thanks to veteran teacher scholarship program.

  242. I need to be a teacher I am already started studing please help application form for Fundza Lushaka Bursary to pay my fees.

  243. I need this Bursay I am a student for Sants Private College Instituition I need this Bursary please help my id number 7609040279086,My cellphone 0717457289.I need to application form please for this Bursary Funza .Iam struggling to pay my fees please help.

  244. Hello and Talofa !
    My name is Lasela, i\’m from Tuvalu. I am currently school at University of the South Pacific in Tuvalu studying double major in Economics and Information System (B-COM).
    And with all these i am humbling looking for a scholarship.
    Thank You !

  245. I will be grateful if I will be one of the selected students for the scholarship program in bachelor degree.

  246. Thanks for the updates but im i eligible for any other schicolarship because im acitizen in uganda but i finished my A-level with math,economics and Art,computer and Gp,thanks

  247. Hello am stellah Ugandan and residing in Uganda but I need a scholarship to study bachelor of arts in education

  248. Please help me to get a scholarship..coz I need to apply and I dnt know how to do it bt I want to study in a compus

  249. I would like to study English language I have got bechalor in English language so because of lack of money lam great need to this thanks

  250. I\’m Ntombenhle Gazu .I\’m currently doing Bachelor\’s of Education at Durban University of Technology. I\’m really in need for this bursary ,as I want my dreams to become a reality.I can be very grateful if I can be the who will get that opportunity. Thank you.

  251. I am a Liberian reading civil engineering and I am very interested in said scholarship ,because I want to become the best civil engineer in Africa.how can I get the form

  252. Hi I\’m interested, I\’m from Liberia that is my dream to become a educator, can you please drop me one from

  253. I\’m interested, that is my dream to become a educator and l\’m from Liberia can I receive this scholarship from.

  254. hey I\’m Penane Makhauta Christinah all I want is only an application form to fill in in order to be at the list of getting the bursaries because no one wishing to lose this opportunity….

  255. Thank you for big job you are doing,am Nkosivile in SWAZILAND,can it accomodate me while am in Swaziland.

  256. am interested to get this scholarship and I hope to have good education and i need your help

  257. I would like to join if possible because I have appetite to enlarge my knowledge in PhD in information technology

  258. I want to do nursing education, but I am not a south African residents, I am a Namibian. Will I qualify for this bursary

  259. Hi am Eric TARLUE from Liberia,
    I would like to be a beneficiary of this great opportunity in order to achieve my chronic teaching goal.
    I hold a high school diploma and some other documents.
    Please accept my entry bid and my foreign nationality should not be a stumbling block to my qualification.

    I would greatly appreciate an early response:

  260. hi I am abbdisalan from somalia, now I am completed udergraduate for nursing so i need scholarship for master degree

  261. Hi…I\’m interest in a bursary of teaching but if I may ask I\’m I allowed for correspondence.if is possible could u pls send me the application, thnx

  262. Hello my name is Okeoye I\’m a fresh graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Akure in Nigeria , Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology. Please I need a scholarship to Study more and to venture into Rice production and other Agricultural productions.

  263. I am a Ugandan student, offered Physics, Economics and Mathematics at my A-level.
    Having read the terms and conditions,I humbly wish to be granted a scholarship to pursue my academic goals.
    Thank you.

  264. Sir, my name is k.v.nagraj and i am studying B.E(ec) in r v college of engeneering bangalore india.shall i get schlorship in india?kindly inform.